Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When You Know Something Is Wrong

Some years ago I lived in Lubbock,Texas. A very good friend of mine was a reporter there for a local television station and also my friend doubled as a camera man. A lot of nights I would ride all over Lubbock with my friend as we searched for something news worthy. Nothing but shoplifting and drunk driving ever really happened, a few fist fights now and then but all and all, on the nights my friend worked it was usually pretty quiet and boring.

One evening right before dark my friend picked me up and we were going to stop at a fast food place for some food and be on our way driving across the city looking for something news worthy. As I got in the car, I got a strange feeling. I looked over at my friend and said that I felt something had happened somewhere in the city and that I felt it was a horrible thing and that we would not be bored at all tonight. My friend just looked at me and said "yeah right".

We weren't even finished our food when my friend got a call from the station to go into South Lubbock, the station gave her the address and off we went still not knowing why we were told to go to that address. As we arrived we saw a lot of flashing lights from an ambulance, police cars and the coroners van. What we had been sent to was a murder scene.

If my memory serves me well, it was the home of either a school teacher or a principle. The deceased was a women laying on a bed and only dressed from the waist down. To this day I do not know if they ever found the killer(s).

That was not the first time i could sense trouble. Once I was in my room and i could tell that something was wrong with the light fixture that hung from the ceiling. It had been there for many years and all was always OK with it but I knew something was wrong. About an hour after I got the feeling that something was wrong with it, it came crashing down to the floor.

Another time I had a very strong feeling that something was wrong with my sister. I didn't know what was wrong but I did know something was not right.
My mother called my sister later and found out that earlier that day my sister suffered a miscarriage.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Black Stone

Note: this is not the black stone from the story

Another shared with us from Nina in Norway,
When I was about 11 years old I walked outside and suddenly felt a strong attraction to go down the side of the road, as I moved down the side I felt what I was supposed to find was underneath the rocks, I started moving them until a perfectly smooth jet black stone appeared. I picked it up and felt an instant connection, and it fit perfectly in the whole palm of my hand.

At home I tried to find out what type of rock this was, but none of the many books with pictures of rocks had anything like it, and when I did the scratch tests none of the hard rocks, stones, quarts or even emerald that we had at home made any scratches to it. Years went by and I finally got a diamond to test on it, which was only able to make a small scratch into the surface.

However I early noticed that this black stone seemed to have the power to drain sorrow, anger and other negative emotions, I would just hold the stone in my hand and almost instantly feel better inside. Followed by putting the stone in spring water and let it dry in the sun, which seemed to remove all the negative emotions that It drained me for. 

Later one of the first things I did when I started at the university, was to show it to the professors in geology at the university of Tromsø, several of them checked it out even using a microscope before one of them told me to visit one professor that should be able to know what type of rock this was, so I did. It was a rock of volcanic origin, and there are no volcanic rocks in Northern Norway at all, and it is still a total mystery how it appeared, this far north.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Menehune of Waimanalo

Thicket of Strawberry Guavas, Photo by PJ

I just got this story from Jeff in Hawaii, Oahu.
When I was 18 years old I lived and worked at a banana farm up in the mountain ridge of Waimanalo, whenever we moved deeper into the forest we felt like we were at the mercy of the Menehunes, which in Hawaiian mythology is described as a people, as dwarfs in size, living in the deep forests and hidden valleys of Hawaii, the Menehune are though to sometimes shape-shift and appear in animal form.

Higher up the nearby old hiking trail we had a secret off beat spot which one could only get to by crawling through a 10 feet thicket of forest before entering a area of Strawberry Guava which was about 25 long in order to get to our spot of pakalolo. This time I was up there all by myself and it was 5pm, I had just entered the area of Strawberry Guavas I got this odd feeling of being watched from behind, and a strong feeling of a presence, as I turned I noticed a black dog about 12 feet away staring at me, at first I thought it was a wild dog, but I also had this eerie feeling it was something else, and what happened next I have no rational explanation to, I watched as the black dog moved 6 feet to the right towards a strawberry guava with a trunk about 1 inch thick as I watched the dog move behind the tree it did not come out on the other side. I walked over to the tree where the dog disappeared and could not find any trace of it.

Another time while I was up at the same path with a few of my friends we all got this eerie feeling of a presence, and we heard a distant soft drum beat, we moved over to a stream nearby again feeling more eerie as we looked over the edge we spotted what looked like a yellow tribal feather flume. At this point I got this feeling something ominous was about to happen, as a branch fell over us, we started running and I stumbled over some ancient barbed wire, ruining my pants and as I was there trapped I felt like something was breathing heavily in my neck. I we ran quickly back to the trail and returned home, scared, bruised and battered but luckily only lightly harmed.

You could also read more about the menehune in Jeff's other story, The Barking Dogs at Waimanalo, Another interesting story is about the menehune like 'E'epa which are similar to leprechauns in The Leuprechaun like 'E'epa on the Island of Kauai.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund, Norways most famous psychic

Photography of Anna Elisabeth Westerlund taken by Trygve Indrelid

By Nina in Tromsø, Norway.
Anna Elisabeth Westerlund has a very special place in my heart, I read her autobiography Synsk? (Psychic?) as a very young girl and found it to very suiting to know that I was not the only one with this kind of ability. She was a remarkable woman and believed that being psychic was a gift one should not use to make wealth or for personal gain of as this would be abusing it.

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund realized by age 11 that she had the ability to see more than those of her own age, in later years she helped the Norwegian police in several murder cases, searches for lost people and also did investigations in other parts of the world among these some of the Pyramids in Egypt. Her ability was well documented as she took part in many para-psychological experiments in her life to test her clairvoyant abilities, and even in death she donated her brain to research. She stated that she felt that the psychic ability was located in the frontal lobes of the brain and draw a sketch for the future research of her brain.

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund was born 4th of October 1907 and passed away on 12th of September 1995, her brain is kept at the University of Bergen were it was dissected, there was not found any abnormalities but I do feel that the medical technology at the time of her death was not good enough to determine what causes the psychic brain to operate on a different plane. Later CAT scans of other people with psychic abilities has shown unusual activities in parts of the brain.

One of those that did test Anna Elisabeth while she was still alive was the very doctor that later performed her brain autopsy, Dr. Inge Morild, Medical professor at the Department of Pathology at the University of Bergen, for his first meeting he brought a small piece of glass 1cm by 1cm large containing a pinkish tissue sample from a person. Dr. Morild handed her the tissue sample and asked her what it was. She held it in her hands for a while and told him that she associated the sample with a lot of blood, light blond hair, a rock and a young girl in a meadow. Dr. Morild was truly impressed as she had described both the location the young girl was found, her hair color, and the rock used in the brutal murder. There was no way Anna Elisabeth could have known this.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Guardian Angel

This is from Bruce in LA. California.
When I was growing up my parents was always telling my brother and I about angels, how the angels would look out for us and protect us. One night just a few years ago I was involved in a car accident. The accident was not my fault but they still had to use the jaws of life to free me from my car. I was banged up pretty bad and I didn't know it at that moment but, the damage to my right leg was really severe.

In the emergency room they did what they could to fix me up and admitted me to the hospital for my injuries. I was told the next day that my right leg would have to be amputated, all the doctors said there was no way to save it. I just would not hear of that. I couldn't see going through life without my leg. I started thinking about what my parents always told us boys about angles and I started to pray to God of all my heart to help me keep my leg.

To my surprise after praying all day and most of the night. Then around 1:30AM one of the night nurses came in my room to up hang up new medicines. We were talking when all of a sudden. I asked the nurse if she could scratch my right leg for me because it itched really bad.

The nurse told me there should be no feeling in my right leg what-so-ever however, but she did scratch it through the bed sheet and then we both could see a soft white light shining from under the sheet. The nurse pulled the sheet off from my lower leg and the light just seem to sit on my lower right leg. We were both speechless and after a few seconds the soft white light just floated away and disappeared.

That next morning when the doctors made rounds he came in and looked at my leg and to my surprise the doctor said I damn well do not believe this but Bruce, you're leg looks as if it is healing. they did more test on my leg and the results showed the bones in my legs were back together and the swelling started to go down some that very day. I started getting the itching again as I gained more feeling to my leg. They now they call me the miracle patient. The first test showed the legs was crushed. Bones broken and the whole 9 yards. The second test and x rays showed the leg to be healing very nicely.

The surgery to amputate my leg was canceled and to this day, I do have a limp when I walk but I still have both my legs. I think God sent an angel to look over me and answer my prayers. All three doctors who were taking care of me said they have never seen anything like this before.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ghost of Taneytown Road

I come from Gettysburg, PA. Gettysburg is a medium sized town in south central PA. According to the travel channel Gettysburg is supposedly one of the most haunted towns in America. I guess that is due to all the people that died during the civil war and the battle of Gettysburg.

One night I got a call from a friend of mine ( Tom ) Tom lived up the street from me and he asked if I could come over. I said OK and went right over. When I got there Tom opened the door to let me in and I swear he was white as a ghost. I asked him what was wrong and he just said get in here so I can lock the door. Now this was in winter, three days before Thanksgiving. Once inside and a nice hot cup of coffee in front of me I once again asked Tom what was wrong and if he was ok.

Tom sat across the table from me and he was shaking. With trembling lips, he looked at me and told me he wrecked his car because he saw a ghost. Now, the problem with that was that my friend Tom did Not believe in ghost at all. Well he didn't believe in ghost until he saw one that day anyhow.

His account of what took place was this. Tom said he was driving on the Taneytown rd. Taneytown rd is a road that goes out onto the Gettysburg battlefield and there was a major battle fought there during the battle of Gettysburg. Tom stated that he was on a straight stretch of road and was coming up on a curve. Right before he went to negotiate the curve he heard a sound come from the back of his car. Tom looked into his rear view mirror and saw a confederate solider sitting in the back seat of his car. Tom went on to say that this solider was just sitting in the back seat of his car and it frightened Tom so much that he lost control of his car and ran off the road into a field.

His car had only slight damage to it and Tome was more shaken up then injured. The police report only stated that he lost control of his car and did not say for what reason. One thing to note here is that, as far as anybody can tell, Tom was the first to have that experience and I am sure that I am the only person he told about it because of his fear of people thinking he was crazy if it got out. However, since Tom's experience, several other people have come along and said the same thing. yes, there have been several more accidents at the same spot over the years and most people say that they saw a confederate solider sitting in the back seat of their car.

As for Tom well, he still has a car but to this day, Tom will NOT drive on the Taneytown road.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Out Of Body

This is a nice recount of Sean's experience. Sean lives in Rhode Island.
I had a good friend when I was very young maybe around 10 years old. My friend Bret and I were both full of energy and wonder. Like most kids our age we never thought anything bad would ever happen to us. One day Bret and I were both in a hurry to get across the street to his house because his dad was going to take us camping. for the weekend. Both my friend and I were usually very careful crossing the street but that day all we had on our mind was our first camping trip that we had been looking forward to for over a year.

With sleeping bags and pillows under our arms we darted off the curb and out onto the street and right into the path of an oncoming car.. Bret was a little in front of me but, the car couldn't stop in time and the car made contact with both of us. I was in the hospital with both a broken arm and a broken leg. I kept asking about Bret and, finally they told me he didn't make it. Bret had head and internal injuries and he died three days after the accident.

I was heart broken over Bret's death but I guess because I was a kid i got over it or at least I thought so. For some reason when I turned 14 I started thinking about Bret more and more. When I would get ready for bed at nights I would think I could feel Bret pulling on my arm as if he wanted me to go some where with him.

One nigh about 3 months after I turned 14, I was in my room getting ready for bed. I felt Bret's presence very strongly. I went to bed but it seemed to take forever to fall asleep. Then, something happened, I felt a slight pain in my chest and all of a sudden I was floating. I looked down and see myself sleeping in bed and I knew I was having a out of body experience or a OBE. As I looked upward I saw Bret there with his hand extended towards me. I took his hand and it seemed that we were floating. We floated to a place that I really can not describe and we landed in what appeared to be a field. In that field we hugged and talked for what seemed to be hours. I was so happy to see Bret again and I could tell he was very happy to see me too.

Then he said he had to go back and I had to go back too. I felt another sharp pain in my chest and I woke up feeling very tired, good but tired. At first I thought I had a very vivid dream but I noticed that in my hand was a leaf that I picked up and held as Bret and I were talking. This went on and happened a few more ties over the course of 2 years. Then for some reason to this day it has never happened again after that. I pressed put the leaf in a plastic bag and I have it in between 2 books to this very day as a reminder of my OBE with Bret.

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The Angel

This in from Mitchell from Long Island, New York.
When I was 12 years old I had a 3 year old sister. She was a very smart girl and a real joy to be around. Our parents were not very religious and we didn't attend any church at all. There was to the best of my knowledge never a discussion about God or religion in our home.

To make a long story short my 3 year old sister Beth was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She was in and out of hospitals for weeks on end and finally sent home to die. One afternoon our Mother came out of Beth's room crying and she told my Father and I that she was reading Beth a story and all of a sudden Beth stopped her and said That's enough mommy. Mom said she asked Beth if she felt OK and Beth informed her that she felt good. When my Mom asked why she didn't want her to finish the story Beth replied that the angel was now here and Beth said can't you see her Mommy?

At that point My Mom & Dad and myself walked into Beth's room and she was gone. Her little lifeless body laid there as is she were asleep but, she was not breathing. My Mom screamed and was crying as was I. Dad ran into the living room to call an ambulance but, it was too late Beth was gone from us.

No one knows where Beth learned of angles because it was never mentioned in our home. However, after Beth was buried, Mom,Dad, and myself started to attend church every Sunday. I guess Mom and Dad figured if Beth saw an angel then there had to really be angels.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What We Dream

What we about dream while sleeping depends on a lot of things. How our day has gone and if we are under a lot of stress at the time of the dream, our love life and so on and, so on. What our dreams really mean I think is up for debate. There are many folks that say they have the answer to that however, I doubt that they really do. We do know that everyone dreams and that we only remember a very small amount of dreams. We dream almost every night but we do not remember most dreams. I think it is safe to say that if we didn't dream we would go insane. Dreams are a way our minds release stress and heal ourselves as we sleep.

I will share with you one experience I had with dreams just a few years ago. I was living in Norway. i was getting ready to move back to the states when one night I had this dream of a young man. In my dream all I saw was his face. Nothing else at all. I didn't know where it was that he was at or what the reason was that I saw him in my dream. I did however feel that I had that dream for a reason ( even though I did not know the reason) I also felt that it was important I find him because you see , I didn't know this young man at all. All I had to go on was in my dream he appeared to be Asian.

As I said, I was getting ready to move back stateside and was busy preparing for that so, I didn't think too much about it after that. Once I moved back to the states, on my 2nd day here in Hawaii. I was walking down the street and saw a coffee shop so since I love a good cup of coffee I went it to get a cup. The clerk had his back to me and when he turned around, There he was in real life. That face, It was the young man I dreamed about. I was so speechless I could hardly order my coffee.

Over time he and I became friends and even though it has not always been a smooth friendship and part of that is my fault. We still remain friends even though we hardly get to see each other at all these days.

So there you have it. What it means exactly I am not sure. However, I am sure he is the person I dreamed about.
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Thirty Six

My mother was a very good and wonderful woman. She had two sisters and one brother. I never got to meet my uncle. He died long before I was even thought of. As a matter of fact, I don't think even my sister or brother ever got to meet him.

Mom never talked about him much at all. She talked about her sisters all the time but hardly ever did she mention her older brother. One day I just ask her why she never talked about him. She said because he in a way had really frightened her when something he said when they were both kids came true.

My Mom and her brother and sisters were raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As children growing up in the city they did the things city kids did for fun. My mom couldn't go out and play with her sisters and brother one day because she was sick. I think she was 8 years old and her brother was 10 years old. her brother brought her an ice cream from the corner store and my Mom ask him why he never got sick at all. He never even had a cold and didn't get the regular childhood diseases. to be honest about it at 10 years old the kid had never missed a day of school and had never been sick.

When she asked him why he never was ever sick he told her it was because he was going to die at the age of 36. She asked him how he knew that and he stated he just did, he just knew. He would from time to time tell my Mom that through the years and she would respond by telling her brother to stop talking like that. She told him he was as healthy as anyone she has ever seen.

Flash forward a few years and mom's brother was in the military and when he got home he married a really nice girl. My Mom had also married by that time and her and her brother just lived one city block from one and other.

About two months before my uncles 36th birthday he told Mom that he wouldn't be around much longer and she said she yelled at him to stop talking like that and my uncle said OK, wait and see.

A little less then two weeks before my uncle's 36th birthday a knock came on my Mom and Dad's apartment door. When Mom went to answer the door it was my uncle. he stated he had a very bad headache and ask if he could come in and lay down for a while. M mom told me she put him in the guest room and gave him some aspirin to take and my uncle refused it saying he just needed to lay down. At that point Mom told me she noticed he was all sweaty and shaking. She called the doctor and the doctor came to the house ( Yes, it was that long ago ) the doctor had my uncle admitted to the hospital. My uncle was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. he hung on for over a week and died on his 36th birthday!

How he knew nobody can seem to answer. However, my uncle always said he would only live to be 36 years old and he did die on his 36th birthday.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Haunted Family House

Another great story from Nina in Tromsø.
This is about the house that has belonged to the family for five generations, and of which several of the family members are thought to still walk and watch over from beyond, we have never had any ghost investigations done on our home since we find it to be of no point we know they are there and they interact with us in so many ways. Even though there have been some that have offered to do so since they have heard the stories of our home.

The first story I am about to share was told to my by my own grandmother, when she was a little girl she saw a man passing the kitchen window, he was dressed in odd outdated clothes, and as she described his appearance which happened at midday to her aunt, it almost made her aunt faint, and she told her she had just described her uncle that passed away many many years earlier, my grandmothers granduncle Hartvik. My grandmother said she never saw granduncle Hartvik again but she did experience him in other ways, throughout the years.

These family ghosts are known to be very protective of the family, and have known to act hostile to those that has not been accepted into the family yet, which bring me to the second account I will share from our family house, back when my Mother, Siw, joined the family by marriage she moved in to stay while her and my father built their own home to live in, the family spirits grew restless and actually tried to force her away from their home. This was witnessed by my grandaunt, granduncle, grandfather and both my parents so I am sure their account is accurate, and the force the family spirits could put on display surprised all of them. At first the things were minor, things getting displaced, feeling of discomfort, restless walking in the attic, stairs, hallway and knocking on the doors and walls. Within a few weeks it escalated to objects being slinged, and even boards nailed stuck was ripped off. Until Siw had enough and very forcefully spoke out saying that she was there to stay and rather than using all this force of anger to try to scare those to join the family they could use it to protect, of which it all changed.

Last I will share my own personal experiences from years of living in our family house, one of my first memories is of the house spirits as I always called them flickering with the lights when they wanted attention, knocking on the doors, or stumping of feet to alarm that guests was on their way, usually within 15 minutes before their actual arrival. I never felt afraid and used to play around as if they was there around me, I never saw any of them myself, but I felt their emotional murmur of joy when seeing their so many great grand child playing around in the place they too lived their whole life. I felt there was about seven spirits present in the house when I grew up there, all of them with their different personalities, some of them stayed mostly in the kitchen making sounds of baking, cooking and cleaning, others one could hear running around the steps, and hallways as those of playful children, which there were many that died in their early years. And again others were more bitter, quick to anger and moody like I think felt like the spirit of my ancestor Hartvik, which also died there in the house.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Called to Get One Last Goodbye

This one is from Nina in Tromsø, Norway.
One Sunday during church prayer I got struck with a strong emotional feeling that someone in my family was in danger, and it struck me to tears, I felt that I had to get back to them before Thursday because otherwise I would be to late to see the family member again, I did not know whom it was about at this point just that it was someone in immediate family.

I went ahead and booked the first flight back home that I could take on such short notice which was Tuesday, with everything in order I went back home to find that my grandfather was very ill, and not surprisingly he passed away the thursday like I felt back on the Sunday in church, I was not the only family member far away that called this way some of my cousins and uncles was too.

The warning gave me the chance to travel back in time and for that I am ever grateful, my grandfather was lucky enough to pass away with all of his children around him, and even a few grandchildren and great grandchildren there to say one last goodbye.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

My meeting with Jeane Dixon, the Psychic

I hear so often that when a psychic makes a call and if it does not turn out just exactly as the psychic said it would, then you hear what a fake this person claiming to be a psychic is. Well my friends, that is just not the case at all. First off we have to understand that a prediction is just that a prediction. it does not mean that it will happen exactly as stated by the person making the prediction. Some of the best known psychics the world over have had predictions that came partly true. This happens because when a psychic sees something that ends up as a prediction, there are several things he or she sees. It is not like they see exactly that will happen.

One could write whole books including all the predictions that Jeane Dixon made which came true and all those that came true half way or not at all, being one of the most famed psychics of the 20th century. but my story is not of the media famed well known predictions, but a reading made to me and a friend directly, one which came true in every way, just as Jeane Dixon predicted.

A friend and I decided to make an appointment with Jeane Dixon to ask her a few questions. We went to Washington DC and talked with Jeane Dixion. It was NOT a pleasant reading at all. My friend and I were looking to start a business together and we simply wanted some good advice from Ms. Dixon and we knew she was doing readings for Nancy Reagen at the time and we thought that was good enough for us. During the reading, My friend was asked to leave the room for a few minutes. he did as requested. During that time of him being ut of the room Ms. Dixon told me that someday I may indeed have my own business but that my friend and I would never be in business together.

I ask her why she said that and she replied to me that she saw his life in grave danger. It would be related to a sporting type accident. Now, she did not actually say he would die but she did say his life was in grave danger She said she saw this happening the last two weeks of November or the first two weeks of December. We called my friend back into the room and we talked to him about this. My friend said that if he saw any danger he would indeed be careful but until that time he was just going to live his life. This was the later part of October. November came and went without and bad things happening. However, towards the end of the first week of December. My good friend had an accident as he and another friend of his were four-wheeling. They both died in that accident. It was well within the time limit set by Ms. Dixion.

This situation should act as proof that every psychic can be right and wrong at the same time or partially correct or not correct at all. I agree that there are many fakes that claim to be psychic. However, I know Jeane Dixion was not one of the fake ones. I am very sorry that she was correct but it did prove tome that this lady had a God given gift. A lot also depends on how strong the person is towards his or her powers, how that person handles their power and how well trained they are in dealing with their powers. Most psychics never see what they predict as from start to finish. like a movie or video. Most will only see bits and parts like flashes and they have to sort it all out and put them things in order. So, my friends, that is the main reason for a psychic to be wrong or at least partially wrong. however, being wrong does not mean they are a fake.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Toby the angel

This one is in from Donna in Littlestown, PA.
A few years ago. My best friend became very Ill and was in the hospital for about eight weeks. She had some rare lung condition is all I was told. During her stay in the hospital she was very ill. Then one night, she stated showing signs of improvement real small subtle signs of improvement. This had the doctors, her family and myself very excited because each day she seemed to get a little bit better.

Now my friend was restricted to her hospital bed. The doctors told her she was way to weak to be out of bed at all. One day the nurse told her Mother she saw Jenny come out of her room and start running down the hall. Once the nurse caught her and had her back in bed she told the other nurses and doctor that Jenny seemed so strong and fit and that it was very strange to have someone with this lung condition to be able to walk much less run down a hallway. The doctor agreed and he ordered a mild sedative to keep jenny a bit more calmer and said that if she got out of bed again he could order her restrained for medical reasons because she really needed to get all the rest she could. (I am sorry guys but I was never told the name of this lung condition) The doctor said he could if needed put her on a stronger sedative to make sure she would not get out of bed.

Over the next weak jenny did stay in bed but she started yelling at everyone and the nurse and doctor caught her on a few occasions talking to as she put it a young man named Toby. Now the strange thing was this... There was absolutely NO other person in her room when these things occurred. jenny was starting to just go bonkers for some reason or at least that is what we all thought. the doctor even had a mental health professional come talk with Jenny and all her meds were gone over to see if they could cause her to have this friend named Toby that really did not exist and the mental health official stated there was nothing wrong with Jenny as far as mental health went. jenny's meds were all given the OK to continue use of. However, she just seemed to get worse as far as her mental health.

One night at about 2 am jenny rang for the nurse and when the nurse went into the room ,Jenny told her to make sure and let Toby in when he came to see her. the nurse played along thinking she might get some information about this friend called Toby that, as I said ...did not really exist. except in Jenny's mind. Jenny told he nurse that Toby was an angel and that he was coming to take her to heaven that very day. The nurse told Jenny that she was improving and if she listened to what the doctors were telling her then she would know she was improving and soon she would be healthy enough to go home. Jenny said she was going home to her real home with Toby. The nurse told Jenny to stop talking like that and walked out of the room. 5AM jenny's emergency alarm that was hooked up to her went off. The nurses and a doctor all ran into Jenny's room. Her heart had stopped and she of course was not breathing. All attempts to bring Jenny back failed and she was pronounced dead.

A few days after Jenny died and to this very day the nurses and patients that go into the room that was jenny's during her hospital stay hear a young mans voice saying that Jenny is now ok. What I find strange is that jenny was the only one who could ever see or hear Toby. Now that she is gone, even patients who never knew Jenny hear Toby saying she is OK.

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