Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom Still Watches Over Us

Photo illustration by PJ 2010

About nine years ago I was sound asleep in my house. Well actually it was my mother's house but when she passed away ten years ago the house went to me. I did miss my mom a lot. When my older brother and my dad were alive and things would go wrong and money was tight, my mother was always the one that kept the family together and kept the family strong. She was indeed the monarch of our family. Since my mom has passed on, it is just my sister and I left to carry on.

As I stated, I was alone in the house and asleep. I had the strangest dream. In my dream I could see my mother's face with a worried, urgent look on it and she was calling me and saying ... You need to wake up! You are in danger and if you don't wake up, you will die and it is not your time yet however. your life will end if you do not wake up NOW!

With that last warning I did indeed wake up and I sat straight up in bed. I realized at once it was just a dream and I wondered why I would dream such a thing. Just as I was ready to lay back down and attempt to go back to sleep. I started to smell smoke and I jumped out of bed and look all around but everything seemed to be OK. At that point I opened the door to the cellar. As soon as I opened the cellar door, I realized that there was a fire down in the basement. I immediately ran into the kitchen and called 911 and then grabbed some towels from the hallway and made them wet and went down the steps into the cellar to see if I could get any of the fire out until the firefighters arrived.

To make a long story short, The firefighters were able to put the fire out and I did have to have the basement redone due to fire, water and, smoke damage  It was all taken care of within two months and it turned out that the fire was caused by some electrical malfunction down in the basement.

Since that night I have always wondered was my dream just a dream or was my mother trying to alert me of impending danger. My older sister and I have talked and she said she had a dream one night of our mother warning her over and over that she needed to go see a doctor. When my sister did go see her doctor, she discovered she had the very beginning stages of colon cancer and we thank God and mom that she was able to get that taken care of.

I guess our mother is still watching over her children  even though she has passed on. We Love and Miss you Mom!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Psychic Ghosthunter Twins

Illustration photo provided by PJ, Norway 2007.
The Moon which also shares a mysterious link with it's larger sibling Earth.

Here is another contribution from Nina in Norway.
After reading about The Mysterious Link Between Twins, I felt compelled to share the story about my own grandfather and his brother that also happened to be twins.

My grandfather and my grand-uncle did share a special link and also worked for years in the field of ghost hunting. Both of them had special abilities that helped them, while my Grandfather was claircognizant and had a instinctive ability to seemingly know what and how to take care of the spirit entities or haunting in question, his brother was clairvoyant and could see them, he described them to sometime seem quite opaque and other times almost as solid as you and I, especially if it happened to be a angered spirit.

Naturally the twins would be called on to take care of hauntings, and help lost family members spirits find their peace, lost spirits that was very common because there was so many that would get lost at sea in the harsh Nordic Sea, which also gave the life blood to the people of Northern Norway.

Like explained in The Mysterious Link Between Twin, my grandfather and his brother also shared a mysterious link, that seemed to make them able to seemingly communicate without use of words, and even when apart they would know what state the other one was in. Like when my grand-uncle passed away my grandfather immediately knew he had passed over.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

High-Tech Angels?

Illustration by PJ 2011 - High-Tech Angel

This is in from the clairvoyant Nina of Norway, sharing some stories about angels using modern technology.

Something I have frequently heard from friends and family is how angels contacted them, not by means of direct visit but by use of modern tools like cell phones, computers and The Internet, this made me wonder are some angels more tech-savvy than others, and have they taken advantage of the new possibilities that our more technological life opens up for them.

Back before computers became common many of my relatives talked how they seemingly had gotten mysterious messages in the form of phone calls warning them about coming events or that they needed to check on the baby in order to prevent it from ending up as another crib-death.

A few years ago one of my best friends Anne-Lise described what she was 100% sure was an angel that had chatted with her online, and that this mysterious stranger even told her it was indeed a angel and it just wanted to help her out. Answering informing about her medical health, and what needed to be done in order to save her.

About 9 months ago while working on a story for this very blog, something mysterious happened to me too, someone I had never seen, heard or had on my friends-list in Facebook suddenly requested to add me with a short message that the paranormal corner group had disappeared, at this point there was another Facebook group by the name of Paranormal Corner, and behold the paranormal corner group that I also was a member in had suddenly and unexpectedly with all of its thousands of members gone missing.

I checked around and after a few hours I decided to make a new group called Paranormal Corner, and made the mysterious stranger also a administrator since he seemed very interested and helped me get started. Then just as mysteriously as he had appeared he was gone, and it made me think again. Do angels sometimes take use of our own technology in order to help us out in small or large ways?

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Brother

Illustration photo by PJ 2010.
Sometimes those that pass before us visit us, like if our world is separated by this fence. One side is ours and the other is the world beyond.

This is another one from Chris in Hawaii.

I am the oldest of the kids in my family. My mother was expecting once before me but, she had lost the baby. Two years later I was born and 5 years after that my little sister was born. You could see the hallway from my bed room and in the hallway was a computer. One night I was in my room and I looked out into the hallway because I heard voices from out there. What i saw was this.... I saw my three year old sister talking to the computer screen. I ask her what she was doing and she said she was talking to someone.

I didn't think much of it at all because she was just a small child and I thought she was just playing pretend or something like that. However, a while later I saw her walking up the hallway with her arm raised just as if an adult was holding her hand but she was alone.

I went out into the hall and ask her what she was doing. She responded to me with this... I am walking with our brother. She then said ..he is just here to make sure we are all OK. Now my little sister never knew that mom lost a baby.  I told my mom what I saw her do and my mom starting watching her. My little sister was indeed talking to someone as she walked up the hallway. This happened about three times and then my parents had the house blessed and it never happened again.

Other stories that are similar to this one:
Nana is Watching over us
I Love You Nana
Sightings of Deceased Family Members
Talking With a Dead Friend

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Haunting at the 147th Gettysburg reenactment

This one is from Matt

When I was back in Gettysburg for the 147th Gettysburg reenactment my dad and I went out to the real battlefields south of the town. As we walked down cemetery ridge towards the Pennsylvania volunteers monument to make a video I thought I saw a group of confederate reenactors charging towards the angle  as we walked. Thinking they were just reenactors I took out my camera to take a picture but when I looked back they were gone. In the two seconds it took to get my camera out, they were nowhere to be seen. I was already shooting the video. 

When we went to the angle I asked some of the nearby tourist if they saw a small group of confederates charging the wall. They all said no. When I played the video back, I could hear this group of confederates charging but could not see any of the group. Right then I knew I had seen something paranormal and it still lingers in my mind about who's regiment and who's division they were with.

I guess I always knew of paranormal activity at the Gettysburg battlefield because of all the accounts one hears of such things going on there and around the town itself However, I never went out looking for anything like that at all. So I also wonder why was I the person to experience any paranormal activity at all. Why did this group of confederates choose me to see this and to experience this.

For more information on hautings and other paranormal activities at the Gettysburg Battlefield, read The Hauntings of The Gettysburg Battlefield.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Visit From My Ex-Girlfriend's Dead Mother

This one is in from Chris, in Hawaii

My ex-girlfriend's mother had died several years ago due to cancer. I myself have never met her. I only know of her from what my then girl friend has told me and I have only seen a few photos of her.

A few years ago, My girl friend was spending the night at my house. we had some food, watched a funny movie and then we both fell asleep. After sleeping about 4 hours I woke up because nature called. I laid there to make sure I was awake enough to be able to walk to the bathroom and I got a very strange feeling came over me. As I turned over to  get out of bed I looked up in the darkness of the room and what I saw almost made my heart beat right out of my chest.

What i saw was a women standing at the side of my bed. She had long hair and was dressed in very dark clothes. There was some light coming from my computer so I could see somewhat. This woman had big eyes and she was looking down at me. I was so frightened, I didn't move for a long time. Then I got up enough nerve to reach to my bed stand and click on the light and at that minute all i saw was a shadow disappear.

I went to the bathroom and then returned to be wide awake at this point but in time I felt I could go to sleep again. I rolled over to my favorite sleeping position and once again this women was there looking down at me. Once again I laid there afraid to move at all. Then I finally reached out to click on the light again
and I saw what looked like a gray or black dust just disappear into the air.

The  next day I told my girl friend about my experience that she just slept through and she just looked at me and said. yesterday was the anniversary
of my mom's death and she comes around like that every year just to see that I am OK I guess. However, I had a bad feeling about it all. To make things even more  interesting a few nights later my girl friend and I were out to diner with her sister and her sister's boy friend. My girl friend's sister stated to that the very night I had my experience her sister was being chocked by an unknown, unseen force. Needless to say, I slept for the next few nights with the lights on.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Faith Linked - The Mysterious Link Between Twins

I am sure we have all heard about twins feeling each other's pain. Of which the twin can feel his brother's/sister pain. This is a phenomena that so far, cannot be explained by medical science. This is not the same as a mother being able to tell when something is wrong with her child when the child is not even in the mother's presence. That is known as a mother's intuition. However, I do feel that the link between twins is something similar but yet stronger then what we call a mother's intuition.

I will give you some situations that people have told me about as to where one twin could indeed fell the others pain  and emotions is called twin telepathy

I knew a pair of twins back home and the one twin was in a car accident and was very seriously injured. Mark and Bobby were both 13 years old. Bobby was in a car accident and Mark was at home with their parents at the time of the accident. Mark became very ill all of a sudden and complained of pain all over and he kept telling his mom to call and check on Bobby.  His parents helped him into bed and his mom went to the other room to call the doctor. As his mother reached out to pick up the phone, it rang. When she picked it up and answered it, it was a nurse at the hospital and she explained that Bobby had been in a very bad car accident. The twins mother said they would be right there thinking that once they arrived at the hospital she could also get Mark treated for whatever was making him have so much pain. However, when she went back into Mark's room, she had found him to be OK, just nervous and once they arrived at the hospital and the doctor explained that even though Bobby was indeed in serious condition at the time, he did expect Bobby to make a full recovery. Mark was once again his own self. During the two month period that Bobby was hospitalized, Mark was able to say at the beginning of each day when he woke u, If his twin would have a good day or not  and, he stated he just could feel like he was Bobby and he knew if Bobby was OK or not.

There also has been much written about one twin thinking of the other and that other come to find out has received good news or has won large amounts of money. However, most time when one twin fells something about the other twin it usually is something serious and and bad that is going on with the other twin.

I came across a web site with some more information on twins for you if you would want to check it out. The link is as follows and will give you even more information about twins.

There are two types of twins, first we have fraternal twins and then there are identical twins. Even though the telepathy can happen between fraternal twins as well, most of the time it happens between Identical twins much more even though of all the twin births in this country per year, only 8 percent are that of identical twins.

Documented Cases of Identical Twins’ Telepathy

There are many examples of this psychic connection between twins, including these:
  • A three day old infant makes his mother aware of twin’s life-threatening situation in time to save his brother’s life.
  • Adult twin sisters, one living in Belgium, the other in the US, were chatting online and discovered they bought the same pair of pants on the same day from the same retail chain. One had cramps at the moment her sister went into labor and her sister dreamt she was holding a baby at the time her twin’s daughter was born.
  • A four-year-old girl burned her hand and her twin has an identical unaccountable blister in the same location on her body.
  • Five year old twin girls were in different stores with their parents. The father thought both were with their mother and left the store, leaving one of the sisters behind. Her twin became agitated and acted like she was in a hurry to go somewhere, then suddenly calmed down. When the family reconnected, the parents learned that the twin reacted to her sister’s distress at being seemingly abandoned and was relieved when her father returned.
  • A man slumped into a chair, holding his chest, at the same moment his twin brother, thirty miles away, was shot to death.
  • There have also been cases of twins who were adopted shortly after birth and were raised by families in different geographic locations. Some were aware of the sibling’s existence; others weren’t. When they discovered each other and met, they found they amazing similarities.

An Experiment with Identical Twin Children and Telepathy

Although both experiments were filmed for TV shows and didn’t adhere to the scientific method, it appears that there is validation that the results showed the chances of the results being coincidences are in the one in a billion range.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Brother Remembers

This one is in from Judy

We originally started our evening out heading for the "Tunnelton Tunnel". It's a mile long railroad tunnel reported to be haunted. We arrived there right before dark. As soon as we arrived, one of the girls took out her "new toy". She had received an IPHONE with the Ghost Tracker radar. Her app printed out the words and also says them out loud. As soon as it was turned on, across at the river appeared an orb and words started popping up. "man, danger, attack, hearing" were some of what it said. Of course, with just 3 females this startled us a bit but we decided to check it out anyway. 

I did an EVP which was scrambled all the way through. We got to the sight and in front of us sat this dark, imposing tunnel. With the words echoing in our head, we decided not to trek further into the tunnel on our own. Didn't feel like we were getting "good karma", so we decided to look elsewhere.  We drove on down the road intending to look for an old mansion and a graveyard but missed them both!! ugh... It didn't look like it was going to be our night!!  We drove on into Bedford, with my friend using her GPS trying to look up an address to find a park. No such luck, it kept saying the park was right in the middle of an intersection! Remind me to second guess that GPS purchase!! lol...We had driven past a huge cemetery several times but thought nothing of it. Finally, we decided to stop in there. 

We did our usual EVP's, and walking around, even stopping at a couple of mausoleums, where one of my friends knocked on the doors saying "hello, anyone home?" Now what would we have done if anyone had answered? I would have peed myself!!  The Ghost Tracker started popping out words again, "Rome, citizen, meant, herd" so we decided we must be talking to someone of Italian background. We started searching with no luck. We stopped for a few minutes when my friend said something is pulling me down there, where we had seen some shadows, so we headed in that direction.  First tombstone I came to was written in complete ITALIAN!!! Awesome!! So we started looking some more and I was walking along the back side of one that caught my eye. A verse was on the back, "May the wind always be at your back, etc", an Irish proverb.  I walked around to the front, and saw the name McKinney. Michael Shea  "Mikey"  I turned to the others and said this is my husband's best friends nephew! He had been shot at Ball State some years before by the police. 

The Ghost Tracker right then had an orb pop up with the words "Rose and layer". I said, Mikey, do you want me to tell your Uncle Steve something? He loves you and misses you! We didn't get anything else after that.  I was shaking as I left and immediately contacted Steve. I asked him where his nephew was buried. The thing is I had no idea!! I really didn't!! He verified it was in Bedford, and that November 8 was the 7th anniversary of his death. I told him what happened and he was shook up as well.  He called me the next day and told me that Mikey's sister's name is Rose!! Her birthday was the following day and she was in town from Texas to celebrate her birthday with family in Bedford!  That wasn't the first time Mikey had visited either. His grandpa was in the hospital in Louisville during The Kentucky Derby. The grandpa told Steve that he needed to bet a horse in The Derby. He asked why? He said cause Mikey is there in the corner and said we need to! Steve says okay, what horse? Mikey says the number 5 horse. Steve bets the number 5 horse and guess what horse wins The Derby? The number 5 horse!! Amazing!  This is why I love doing what I do!!

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