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Illustration of Paranoia and Despair
"And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why ye hear him?" -John 10:20

This entry was sent to the Paranormal Corner by Jose Prado, a reader of our blog and often a contributor. It details the case of an Ohio woman named  Mary, a 40 year old woman who suffered from mental disease and possession by demons. Part of this was described in the earlier entry by Jose titled, "Mary and the Quija Board". The following is his narration of the events which took place three years ago. 

In the modern century, belief in spirits of any kind much less the demonic variety has been systematically wiped out. After all, with all these fanatics around the country engaging in 'spiritual warfare' which is really nothing more than a rally cry to harm non-Christians why would anyone believe in them? Many think God/Gods have abandoned humans. For one woman, a woman old enough to have been my mother, Godforsaken had a special meaning. Mary, who was in her early 40's came from a large family and was subjected to sexual abuse in her childhood. it was around this time she began to perceive a large, dark, man-shaped shadow standing at the foot of her bed. 

Mary chalked it up to her imagination and would ignore it for most of her life.  In her College years, she began to seriously study Wicca and this way try to achieve some level of spiritual calm and peace. But one night some of her college friends and herself decided it would be fun to indulge in a Ouija Board session. This session opened up a spiritual gate and allowed spirits unlimited access to her body. From That time on her mental and emotional trauma sky rocked. Mary believed it was merely her condition worsening and sought professional help. 

Mary was so used to seeing nightmarish images hat she had learned to live with them and her fear. But now what she started seeing in her waking hours and experiencing in her sleep at night was so frightening that it made her earlier psychotic visions seem like pleasant dreams in comparison. She saw strange entities which surrounded her all the time. At first there was just one, her main tormentor who identified himself as Icobad Issac. He constantly mocked her, telling her she "was a crazy bitch whom no one would believe in much less listen to" and many other obscenities that are much to graphic to detail. 

Mary still had some measure of control and fought on for improvement. She married and converted to Catholicism to please her husband. She cut off many ties with her Wiccan friends to please him. She tried her best to adapt to her new religion and to be a good wife. Needless to say, it got worse. 

The demons began messing with her speech, making her speak in Latin, (speaking in tongues is common with demonic cases and is also known as Xenoglossy) and her paranoia grew to such an extent that no one would believe her. The demonic infestation progressed until they could fully control her body. They would make Mary take a knife and carve a cross on her wrist causing massive blood loss and then on another occasion make her carve an inverted cross on her other wrist. 

Sleep was Hell in itself. Sometimes the demons would sit on her chest at night suffocating her using psychic paralysis (phantomania) literally knocking the wind out of her. The doctors gave her stronger doses of medication and when that did not work, he suggested to place Mary in an institution many times. 

Mary's husband was skeptical to her claims of possession and attributed it to her being unbalanced. Then she started doing things that were odd even for a disturbed individual, things that to this day I have no knowledge of. But to convince someone that was sceptical that something was going on, it must have been a dozy. He realized something other than condition was at work here. so he swallowed his skepticism and went tot he Catholic church he belonged to and told them everything.

Listening to all that Mary had endured, the priests suspected she was the victim of Demonic possession. However they covered their basis first by getting in touch with Mary's doctors making sure if there was not a more scientific explanation for the phenomenon. There were still things however the doctors could not account for. I do not know how they began the Exorcisms, but eventually they were organized into tag teams of priests performing the holy rite. In one of these Exorcism, the lead Priest asked the entities in Latin what their names were. She spoke 13 names including Icobad Issac. She became so fluently in Latin that she knew how to read, write and speak it as easily as English. 

The Exorcisms would keep the spirits away for months only to resurface yet again. Mary's behavior would improve during these intervals when they were gone. Then when the demons returned it would start all over again. Making this into a routine repeated every few months. Mary questioned what little sanity she had left and then the spirits started telling her to kill herself. Mary considered this many times. One of the women in the church told Mary that she would go to Hell if she killed herself which only made her feel even worse. 

On Myspace I had a profile that I used for Role Play Games (RPG) but my RP  profile was also a profile I used to talk about and write articles on religion, politics and the occult. I became popular on there for my articles and a fellow role player talked to me about Mary, she sent me her profile link to speak to me directly. At the time I was not yet an Exorcist and it would be months later in the middle of another ghastly situation involving demons that I performed an Exorcism using what I had learned to drive away spirits harming a young girl. 

When Mary came to me I was stumped and spoke to a friend and mentor of mine, he told me of the Ouija Board's origins. That it was a spiritual tool used by Ascended Masters in Asia which worked by opening internal spirit portals in the users. Only the Masters were supposed to use and even then they always had attendants there to help them. I knew I was not prepared to handle this situation, so I gave Mary his number and he performed a Remote Exorcism over the phone, a technique he later passed on to me. (See Remote Exorcism another case with Jose Prado) He pulled the entities out of her body and into himself and then expelled them out and sent them to The Universe. 

My Mentor instructed her to light a white candle but all she had was, Sage, a powerful herb that would work even better. He told her to burn it and visualize a door closing, This was representing the portal. Then once closed he told her to seal it shut by visualizing that she barred it close with a red sword. Mary did as she was told and enjoyed a longer period of time being demon free. The Priests of the church believed she would no longer be afflicted, but the spirits returned, broke their way through the magic seal my mentor had placed there, and took possession of her body once more. 

Now they were even more angry and aggressive than ever before. Because of the distance, my mentor was not able to close the portal door all the way, only place a seal on it. She became worse over night and called me for help. At this point it was almost a year later and I had advanced in my training as a Mage and had since become an Exorcist. The catholic priests had abandoned her and tried to avoid her at every turn. Even the other Church goers abandoned her. My mentor could have tried again but he began to doubt himself and his abilities. I was his last possible resource, and I was not going to accept failure as an option.  

I defied the magical limits given me. Whenever my teachers said it can not be done I asked "Why not?" I experimented with different kinds of magicks and even combined them in mixtures till I achieved the results I wanted. As a Gnostic I am a type of Pagan that believes in all religions from Christianity and Voodoo to the Native American Religions and Wicca. I used the combined powers to get improved results. I especially learned how to cast spells across long distances and was proficient with High Magick (Ceremonial Magick that uses the powers of The Universe).  

I was originally planning to do the Exorcism with two other Witches at the time but the demons prevented them from being available for the Remote Exorcism. They began messing with my phone on a peaceful night with no storms or winds to screw up the signal. I knew I had to act fast or I would not be able to help poor Mary, so I began invoking the most ancient pronunciation of God's name. YHVH pronounced YAH-Hey-VAH-Hey Adonai (Lord in Hebrew) all together the name is Yahweh Lord or Jehovah Lord. From the moment I began to sing out his name. (Hebrew spells and chants are often sung since it believed by Catholics and Jews alike that God loves music so much a prayer will be heard from twice as fast if sung.)  

Mary's voice became deeper and she started growling like a rabid animal on the phone. I had performed a parelization spell to keep the spirits from fully controlling her body and to prevent them from hanging up the phone or hurting Mary, or her husband. I knew I could not turn back now. I said nothing to Mary in order not to alarm her but I got the feeling if I had waited to do this some other night I was going to wake up to a news report of her killing her husband and possibly herself. I called on a Heavenly water fall to flow from the sky and wash over Mary and her home, to cleanse all the darkness away. Within minutes the growling stopped and she said she had felt a calm and soothing energy upon her. When the water stopped flowing I knew it had weakened the Demons enough to render their powers ineffective.

Then I was wondering, how in the Hell was I going to proceed now? Before this, the other Exorcisms I had done were with spirits that were not attached to bodies. So it was easier in the sense that they had nothing to hold on to. But this time they had a prisoner. And Exorcisms that use force can take a toll on a person's body. Then it hit me. I would use a trap. Witches often use sacred symbols such as runes and segils to trap spirits or protect themselves from harm. 

In Western High Magick, spirits are usually bound in Magick Triangles with the Three Names of God in ancient Hebrew written outside the Three Corners (Solomon's Triangle). But instead of drawing physical symbols I drew with energy. I used a powerful visualization combined with the Invocation of Yahweh I used in the beginning, placed a powerful binding seal on her body that would only affect demons. Once this was in place I asked her to leave the spot she was standing in. This  let her move away while the demons were bound to the spot. 

Mary said she felt lighter. I asked her to call on her higher self to see if those were the only demons left. She said no. We repeated it and Four more were bound to another spot. Then we did this for a third time and the last three, including Icobad were finally out. What I saw in my mind was frightening and disgusting at the same time. Disgusting because the thought of these things having been inside of her was sickening. They each looked like huge, muscular, gargoyle-like creatures. Their upper bodies were wider and more muscular than their lower bodies and they had huge pelican like beaks. Red and black with a touch of green scales. 

When they were finally expelled the other witches called on the other line because power at both of their homes were down (one lived in Miami and the other one in a different state.) and both their cell phones were dead and refused to charge. One of them who was also a Seer later told me how she saw the demons in her mind and except for the green of their scales it coincided with what I saw. Icobad in one last act of defiance threatened one of the other Witches saying "he would tear out her tongue and shove it into her P****". We combined our powers and sent them bound in chains to the Goddess Nemesis, the Divine Goddess of wrath (Zeus' Right hand) for punishment. 

Then using a spell of Hecate the crossroads Goddess we ordered the spirit portal to be sealed shut for good. Mary said she could feel it physically close. The portal had been over her stomach. It has now been three years and Mary has never had trouble with demons and possessions ever again.  

I hear from Mary every once in a while and her husband as well. Mary started practicing Wicca again as she now sees Catholics as hypocrites because they gave up on her. I told her all faiths are one and to consider studying Catholicism with Wicca for better spiritual results. Mary still of course has her mental illness, but they now have her on less medication and no longer seek to hospitalize her. She is also looking into natural medicines and working hard to improve herself and her life. 

When I first met her I thought she was crazy. Mary openly told me that she had mental problems but one thing always stood out beyond all the incredulous things she sold me: "I know I'm crazy but I'm telling you something else is going on here too. Just tell me I'm crazy and I'll let them lock me up and throw away the key!" A crazy person who admit they are delusional and actually would rather thing they are crazy than possessed? I have never heard of such a thing. Mary was in her early 40's when this happened and had been possessed since she was 18. This poor woman had almost no one to help her much less believe in her for all those years. Friends and family included. It makes me wonder sometimes. Out of all those unbalanced individuals, how many are really possessed with no one to believe in them? I would rather not think about that. However, maybe that is the problem.  

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  1. WOW where did u find this guy? he sounds like the sylvester stalone of exorcists

  2. its so much easier to label people as crazy than it is to look at the bigger picture.
    i have just had a case where oppression by spirits have torn a family apart and have induced a breakdown. this is all to often the case and people are scared to come forward because they think we are gonna label them to.
    isnt time we looked at the bigger picture.

  3. I have different views on this ouija board thing. The "Spirit Board" which was introduced to the US in the late 1800's was used as a parlor game; for one got possessed. In the 1940's police detectives used them to help solve one got possessed. It wasn't until the 1970's when Hollywood presented 'The exorcist" and rumor was going around that the boy and his aunt were playing with a board and that's how it all started. Later the media announced that a board was never even used by this 14 yr old boy and his aunt. Using a ouija board is no different than the technology we use today to do spirit communication; digital recorders, witching rods, etc. You're sending out invitations to everything in the spiritual realm when you ask and start communicating with them. If you go into that playground unequipped, very bad things can happen. You will attract what you are...if you're fearful of the spirit realm, than do not go playing around with it. I believe negativity can attach themselves to people and oppress them, however possession I'm still struggling with. You can't mess with someones' free will, even God doesn't do that. I think there's been a big "ouija board" demonization that they're all somehow connected to 'the devil'. Funny how no possessions were ever reported throughout over 100 years of it's existence, until the 70's introduced by the movie people. If in your subconscious you believe it's possible to become possessed while playing with a board, you can co-create and manifest whatever is in your belief system. I have done spirit communication for almost 3 years now (repeatedly) have never used a board simply because I don't have one. You can make them..easily, with whatever products you have (even cut out pieces of paper). The Ouija Board has no demonic portal opening in and of itself...its just wood. A portal can be opened anywhere!! All it takes is you, an area of space, your will and intentions, and an invitation sent out, to an unseen world. Play carefully and responsibly.