Monday, September 13, 2010

Paranormal Phenomena: Xenoglossy

Writing using the Xhian Xzthian alphabet.
(pronounced Chan'tchian)

Xenoglossy is the term for being able to speak, read or write in unknown languages, in my cases that I encountered involving Xhian Xzthian, Sumerian and Latin. One of what I would call a alien/UFO type of xenoglossy and the other of demonic origin.

The first example of xenoglossy I am going to bring up happened after I had just completed a new alphabet, which I called Xhian Xzthi, with all in all a total of 62 signs, of these including numbers, unique symbols, alphabetic sounds and special signs. I recall with surprise when I showed my new written text to my older cousin and her immediate reaction was to tell me that she had seen those symbols before, while in a alien spaceship. When she asked me where I had gotten them from I could only say that I did not really know, they had just come to me one day, the whole range of about 62 symbols and how to write with them.

Later a few years later I encountered a case of demonic possession (The Possessed Role Play Game Book and Miracles - The Gift of Tongue - Xenoglossy), which gave the enthralled one which happens to be a friend of mine with the ability to understand ancient Sumerian, and even spoke a few words of it. When I asked for the name of demonic entity, which was female to give me it's name it was one of the ancient Sumerian legends. I had read and heard about cases like this in popular literature and fiction and had frankly before that day considered it to sound too stupid or far-fetched to be true. Then when I tested him for Latin, he would be singing songs in Latin and was able to translate texts to me which I tested against their known translation which was true, and he had never taken any classes in classical languages or ancient languages of Mesopotamia.

There are also cases where xenoglossy has been reported as part of past life regressions or reincarnation, I have never encountered that myself but it have been reported numerous times. Another intersting case is Mary and the Quija Board which was an exorcism case done by Jose Prado

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