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Sage - Salvia apiana - cleansing of the soul and protection against evil spirits

Salvia apiana also known as White Sage, 
Image from Wikimedia Commons 

Sage (Salvia apiana) along with many other herbs have been used for centuries for spiritual  cleansing of the body and mind as well as the home and, also for protection. The herb we will concentrate on today is Sage. There are many different kinds of sage. The on that I will touch on today is white sage, also known as California white sage or sacred sage. White sage which we are talking about in this entry is not to be confused with Diviner's Sage (Salvia divinorum), Diviner's sage, which also is known as Maria Pastora and Seer's Sage is a related herb with psychedelic properties, and where used to bring visions when smoked.

White sage is said to be extremely efficient in cleansing the soul. It is also good form warding off any evil spirits that may be around you. Sage is also known to have many health benefits. Sage can be used for such things as relief from sore throats,  and colds and. it can also be used for internal issues. For more information on that you can visit

People have used sage for personal cleansing too. Sage helps in relaxing yet, bringing  more real energy to the body. For many years sage has also been used for group cleansing and protection and a feeling of well being. Many people have used sage to cleanse their house or apartment. More info and instructions on personal , group and, home cleansing can be found here.

Sage has enjoyed popularity around the world. people sometimes use it as  incense, it can be used as a tea or by burning and smudging it as it has been said that sage is good for whatever is bothering you.

One of the common use of Sage is to do a practice called ( smudging the seven directions ) When sage is smudged in the seven directions, one is more able to feel the calmness and relief and cleansing of the spirit and mind. If you are interested in smudging, you can find the info here.

Sage is a powerful tool, but it is a tool that can only drive away evil when used properly. It will drive away Evil spirits that are not connected to a place or spot; but if the spirits already have a foothold in someones house it will only serve to weaken them and purify the house causing them to have to retake the house again. It will not drive them away entirely.

It is only part of the solution but it is not the entire solution. I would recommend continuing to burn Sage in order to continue weakening it, only make sure you use White Sage and then have a Priest or Priestess bless it just to increase it's effectiveness.

Doesn't matter what religion the priest is, Pagan or Christian or Buddhist etc as long as its a Priest from a Benevolent religion. That wont drive it away but it will help to weaken it and burn away the negative energies that may be within the house. I recommend cleansing yourself as well. Either with the sage or using a simple technique.

There are many ways that work for cleansing both using sage and other ways here are some ways that Jose Prado has found to work well for him.

1) An Anti-negativity Grounding. A grounding is a technique most Magick users like Wiccans use to get rid of extra energy they summoned up from using powerful spells or rituals. If you have too much magickal energy it can cause problems because you might accidentally cause things to happen by sheer will even when you aren't trying to or you can call attention to yourself from spirits. What I have done is create a type of grounding that drains negative or dark spiritual energy out your body via the same technique.

Sit down in the grass usually barefoot and either puts both feet on the ground or the palms of their hands on the ground. Imagine your toes turn to tree roots and connect to the Earth or they place both hands or even one foot and one hand down on the dirt or grass and imagine the fingers/toes to become roots.

Then you pray to one of the Earth gods/goddesses and ask them to take your negative energy away from you and to purify it and send the purified energy to whomever they believe is worthy. That way you get rid of bad energy and get good karma for sending it to someone in the world. Plus its an offering to the Earth gods so you get some favor.

Another way to do the same thing is a shower cleansing where you imagine your under a mystic water fall and there is one golden tube connecting to your forehead and another golden tube connected to your lower legs. The outside of the water fall is cleansing the outside of your body from dark or negative energy while the tubes are sending holy water energy to clean you out from the inside out and the bad energy goes out of the lower tube down the drain to the Earth gods to do the same thing. Either one will work but try to do it at least once a day and you will see results.

This will help stabilize you from any residual negativity you may be picking up from the spirits. I think sage is worth looking into and reading up on the many different ways sage can help in ones spiritual life and well being.

ADMINISTRATORS NOTE... If you decide to burn sage, Pleas read all instructions on that are on or in the package. Sage embers burn VERY HOT and will catch carpet or paper and other objects on fire. Please follow all instructions on how to burn and smudge sage !!

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  1. I have been smudged with sage before partaking in Native American ceremonies.I love this process and using it in this context is wonderful and appropriate.
    I have also had my house smudged in hopes of ridding it of paranormal activity to no avail. Perhaps it may be effective in some cases but I am not aware of any.I think that investigators see people using sage on TV programs and automatically think that this is " a magical cure". It is my personal belief that the "ghosts" need to actually be moved, someone trying to clear a house must be able to manipulate the energy.In my experience I have not seen sage be effective in ridding a house of activity.Thanks great article.

  2. I got some organic white sage at the farmer's market and want to offer it to a neighbor whose husband recently died in their home. How do you burn? I have a dehydrator and can dry it (prefer to hang dry but air has recently become more damp here and sometimes too damp to dry) . thanks for your great post

  3. People, you may want to look into drinking sage tea whilst pregnant or breastfeeding as it can have an effect.