Monday, September 20, 2010

Paranormal Phenomena: Phantomania

 Illustration by PJ 1999

Phantomania is a paranormal phenomena very similar to what is referred to as sleep paralysis. But unlike regular Sleep Paralysis which I wrote about in Sleep Paralysis and False Awakening, which has a mundane cause, Phantomania is when there is a supernatural and paranormal cause to the paralysis, another name for Phantomania is Psychic Paralysis.

Phantomania basically feels the same as Sleep Paralysis, but are often accompanied by scratches, bruises on the body of the one trapped during the paralysis, an experience that seem to fit the typical experience of Phantomania, this one An Evil Spirit, which was experienced by my friend Gary. I have myself experienced both Sleep paralysis and Phantomania, in my own experience I would be pinned down with problems breathing, though I never lost control and could at any point break loose from the Phantomania by either concentrating on breaking the paralysis or by slipping out of my own body in the form of astral projection as described in my entry called Projection of the Soul - Astral Travel.

Either way the results would always be the same, as soon as I broke the paralysis when I get back out of the bed I would find mysterious scratches and bruises on my body that was totally impossible to make myself due to the angle and shape of the scratches, the only difference when astral projecting first was that one would notice shadow like paranormal entity leaving in the blink of an instant. When i wake up by concentration everything would seem normal until one look in the mirror of ones back.

Not all ghosts and spirits has the ability to do phantomania, and it is sometimes seen in cases of the demonic. In Hawaii they have stories of they refer to as the chocking ghost which is very similar to the mara (demon witch) and sleep paralysis.

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  1. I heard this story myself ~from my mother when I was an adolescent ~who was told it by her mother when she was growing up on the south.The woman would oil up by the full moon;the skin she hid under the bed til sunrise/she chased her skin to re-enter screaming "skin don't you know me".......

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  3. Phantomania is NOT a sleep paralysis. It can happen during the day, it can happen at night, when you are wide awake. ONLY the DEMONIC Spirits have this ability to pin you down, paralyze you, suck the breath out of you, of shape-shifting, etc,.