Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Scent of Death

Illustration: Cemetery Carnations 

I have heard about how animals can smell death before it comes and as a psychic I know the strain one can feel by knowing more than one want about people, I have heard people talking how they would smell roses or baby powder as a sign of death, but nothing compares to what this one elderly woman had to endured in the span of her life. Here is her story;

For as long as I can remember there have been experiences that I at first tried to brush off as being of my imagination, but as time went by, this happened to me on so many occasions, I could no longer brush of the experiences as coincidences.

It is always the same, whenever death is about to brush by the person about to die, or someone close to them walks around carrying what I can only describe as the scent of death, I call it this not because it smell of the dead but because this is what those about to die carry around with them, a scent of carnations and earth.

This scent of death I have experienced on people that are about to die or have someone close to them that is about to die regardless of death by instant and unexpected accidents, terminal disease or acute and immediate health conditions. I still remember the first time I experienced this I was a young girl working in the fields at our family farm.  One of the other farm hands Harold smelled strongly of carnations and earth, nothing special about that but the scent was so strong it stuck to my mind, later he found out his father had died that day, I did not put much into "The Scent of Death" until later when I noticed the patterns.

Whenever I smelled the same mixed scent of earth and carnations, death was soon to revel itself. Countless times I smelled, this, and sometimes mixed with some erie premonition even before I noticed the scent of death. One experience especially comes to mind, my oldest daughter Jana called me up this day all in tears, the old family cat Princess had died, and I told her, do not cry over the cat, just wait and you will find your father at his bed, then the tears are in order. One week later I noticed the strong scent of carnations and earth, but this time it seemed to be surrounding me and my other daughter Lina that I happened to be with at the time. I then knew my husband had died unexpectedly while at home in his bed.

Another time which I did not actually connect to death was when the town church yard worker Jacob was standing in line in front  of me in the store, naturally he smelled of soil from digging at the church, the smell of carnations was not to unexpected either as he would be carrying a lot of flowers in preparation. Only later in the day I heard how he had walked back home to fix the roof of his house only to fall from the roof to his death that very day.

I must say this ability is a heavy burden, but I have had this with me for so long, at times I felt like I had to tell someone their loved ones were about to perish, only to hold myself back knowing that if I revealed what I knew it would only scare them and serve no good. At best I would be the bearer of bad news and my friends and maybe even my family would disown me. So, to this very day, I keep it to myself and hurt every time, I smell the scent of death.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Saved by the Spirits by Jose Prado

La Virgen de Regla (The Virgin of the Rule) Cuba´s Christianized 
version of the Vodoun Sea Goddess Yemaya. Lady of the Ocean, 
Protector of children, mothers, pregnancies, and sailors.

You may not believe me, but this actually happened today. For some time now I've drifted into depression and lack of faith, mostly in myself. But it's been effecting my spiritual life.

I had reached such a lack of faith in humanity in general that I actually began to hate humans. I know it sounds ridiculous but I had become racist against my own kind and likened us unto consumeristic parasites who refuse to change. I stopped my spiritual studies and lost touch with my practice. I'm a Pagan high priest by the way. People look to me for answers as they do their other priests but lately I just wasn't feeling in touch with the Spirits.

I started suffering from insomnia about a month or two ago and just a low morale in general. Today in the late afternoon, about 5:33pm when I woke up from lack of sleep in the prior night, I woke up to my older neighbor banging on my door because her Granddaughter stopped breathing and was having convulsions. The first thing I saw was the little girl not even in first grade yet, in her father's arms saliva dripping from her mouth, she looked like a corpse. The man screaming, begging for help to save his daughter. I F***ing flew to my sister's room, told her to call 9/11 and come help me.

A neighbor asked for ice water (Spanish remedy) to snap the child out of the convulsion. She started breathing but shallow then I heard a voice in my head, in my own voice, say "Call the spirits to save her,"

Even though I'm a spiritual person I'm also skeptical and asked "What can they do?," It suddenly didn't sound like my own voice anymore, it sounded like a man's voice now very irritated saying

"Shut the F@#$ up and do it!"

I didn't argue further, I called on the spirits and right away I saw Angels of light appear around the girl and calming the people down, they started healing her. My head still hurts from what I saw. I saw with my physical eyes their light, it was like staring into the sun at point blank range. And they looked different from the pictures I've seen. Some had multiple heads or faces others had animal heads. One looked like a Lion another like a bird of some sort and a whole host I couldn't see because there were too many.

They were different species but of the same choir I think. But the wings were all Dove like. And they had auras on their heads, they must have been Halos, that looked like a beautiful golden sun set. Then for some reason an impulse rose up in me to call on the Sea Goddess I worship, Yemaya. I screamed Yemaya's name in my head and asked her to save the child.

Yemaya is an African Goddess of the Sea. In Cuban Catholicism and Santeria she is synchronized with the Virgin of Regla. The Goddess is worshipped in many religions and considered the protector of children and mothers. I saw what looked like an entity made of pure water but in the shape of a woman start descending from the air above us.

The spirit who I believe was Mother Yemaya herself put her hands in the girls back (literally inside her back) and things started changing. She inhaled deeply and the color returned to her. So today I offer thanks to the Goddesses and Gods, to the spirits, and to the good people I proudly call my neighbors. Even the UPS man dropped what he was doing to call and help. The cops came in less than three minutes they had to send another ambulance because the first one got a flat tire.

By the time they came, the girl was well. They took her to the hospital and now she's safe and stable. I looked at one officer and said

"I'm glad you guys came,"

He was a young guy possibly early twenties and replied, "It's calls like these that make me wonder if I can do my job,"

He walked away. I've never liked many cops. I'm a socialist and anti-government. But today I didn't see a uniform, or a government, or an ideology. Today I didn't see stupid, petty people caught up in their own BS to notice the world around them. Today my friends I saw the beauty that is still inherent in each and every one of us. Today I saw why the Gods still love us.

My faith in humanity has been restored, and my faith in the Gods and spirits made even greater. I wish I could've stopped that officer and told him "No brother, you did your job today,"  but I was helping the Grandmother, using my abilities to calm her down. I will never, ever doubt the spirits again. You may not believe me but I'm telling you I saw it. No matter what religion you believe in know this : there are divine powers out there, they are with us, and they love us.

Praise be to the Divine Ones.