Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Will Call When It Is Time

In cortesy of Wikimedia Commons
Photo  "Cell phone Sagem my202xby  Tomasz Sienicki 2006

My parents and I knew this elderly couple who lived down the street from us back some years ago. They were a very nice elderly couple and known by most of the neighborhood. I loved them both very much as the elderly man (Robert) taught me how to drive and his wife (Dorothy) taught me how to play the piano. Robert would also take me fishing with him and Dorothy was always making me eat food every time I went over.

A few years ago, Robert died. he just became ill and never seemed to get better and one day he just passed away. Dorothy had a very difficult time going through life without her husband as they were married 55 years when he died. One day I was over with Dorothy just checking up on her and making sure she had everything she needed. As a child they helped my parents raise me and I knew they loved me just as much as my own parents loved me and I had it in my heart to make sure that Dorothy was OK and I didn't want her to be in need of anything. My Mom and I came over and did the laundry and cleaned her house from top to bottom. Then we took her food shopping and out to eat with us before returning her to her home.

While we were still there in Dorothy's house the phone rang. I answered the phone and the guy asked to talk to his wife and it sounded just like Robert. I handed the phone to Dorothy and let her speak and she told me it was indeed her late husband talking to her. Now, my family and I were all in the room with Dorothy when her husband died and we were all at the service too. It was indeed Robert we all buried without a doubt.

Two weeks later Dorothy told us that her husband would call and tell her when it was time to join him in heaven. I didn't know what to make of that so I said nothing. However, a week later I was over at Dorothy's house with my mom. Dorothy had made so much food, and she told my mom and I to take it home and freeze it. We did as she asked then the very next day mom and I went over and we found Dorothy sitting in her chair with the phone clutched in her hand and her hand in her lap. She was dead. Her autopsy said she had died of natural causes. So I always wonder if her late husband was really calling his wife from beyond the grave. My Mom and I were the ones to clean Dorthy's house for the last time . the phone was on the table. I picked it up and took a look at the recent call list on the received calls. the last calls for the last week were restricted calls. So, we could never see who made the calls to Dorthy but Mom and I will always wonder if it was indeed Robert calling Dorthy from Heaven She did say the last time we saw her alive to take the food home with us and it would be the lst she could cook because she  was told by Robert that it was her time to join him So,there she was in her rocking chair with her phone in her hand laying on her lap. She had gone to be with her husband of 55 years. I am sure of that and I am also sure that it was her late husband calling her from hi spot in heaven. To me and my Mom, it just could not be anything else !

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My first Exorcism by Rev. Alaina Damewood

Illustration in cortesy of Wikimedia Commons 
"Healing of the Demon Possessed" medieval illustration of Jesus Healing the Gerasene. 

The Following story is a true account of demonic possession and everything in it is based on what actually made me become curious and begin my studies in the occult and demonic, it made me the exorcist I am today. I am Rev. Alaina Damewood and I grew up in the small town of Princeton, West Virgina. I was in middle school at the time learning what I thought was Wicca from a friend who had been studying the occult for some time, she really was a black magic practitioner. 

We had a friend who had been studying black magic who came over for a visit to see what we where working on with meditations at a friends house in Princeton. The male friend name Derik came up and said Alaina some strange things have been happening to me I think I am possessed by something and I want it out of me and I am leaving the coven I am done with black magic and quitting. I turned and looked at Derik and asked him how can I help you Derik? He said Alaina can you remove it from me. I looked at Derik and said we can try. So I had my friends Jenn and Megan form a salt circle in the middle of the down stairs basement so we could start the ritual to try to remove the demon from Derik. 

When we all started to call the elements while standing in a circle surrounding Derik. I put holy water that I carried on me from the catholic church on his head. The girls and I began to chant louder and louder to the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spiritual beginning. Derik looked up at me and said you are not a exorcist while having a demonic sounding laugh and said you can not cast me out of him. I looked at the spirit and said in the name of god the father god the son and the holy spirit I have the rite to get rid of you, it laughed at me. I grabbed the holy oil out of my left pocket put it on my hands and continued to pray to god and the goddess to remove the spirit from within my friend. 

The spirit in him looked at me while I was praying and said oh it is you and I am in trouble. Please forgive me for what I have done to your friend. I said you know the consequences of your actions in the other plain and I am sending you back to the hell you came from. I put my hands on Derik's forehead and said in the name of all things good be gone. Just then I felt a coldness come through the air, the girls fell to the ground leaving only me and Derik in the circle of salt . He woke up out of the trance and said Alaina where am I how did I get here what is the day I said Derik it is Thursday and we are at Jenn's house do you not remember?  He looked and said no, I do not, but thanks for what ever you did, I feel much better. 

It has been over 18 years since this took place at my friends house in Princeton WV.  My friend Derik is now a Christan minster and I am now a licensed exorcist for the order of Saint Michel and the order Saint Benedict for the reformed catholic church. I am also a certified minster in the states of WV and VA and I also am a registered Wiccan clergy and believe that both the goddess and the Christian god can save peoples lives from demonic forces. I sometimes look back and remember that I saved my friend's life that day and he is now a stronger person for it. 

As for dealing with the difference between black and white magic there are several signs any one can use to tell if someone is practicing black magic . The first is that if you feel a harmful energy surrounding the person, Second is demonic spirits give off smells of unpleasant odors and some people even get sick or mad when the person walks into the room. The first tell of a good person who practices white magic is the factor you will feel completely relaxed around the person and in some cases you will feel your stresses and issues of the day go away when talking to them. 

People like my self who practiced Wicca do prayers just like Christians to help heal people Wiccans believe in the three fold law and that if we do bad it comes back to us three folds once while we are alive , once when we die and once in the next life if we are forced to come back to earth. We pray to the goddess or mother earth to help heal all who need healing. As a exorcist, I use these tools to identify if a spirit is good or bad every time I go to do a case on people who claim to be possessed by demonic forces. I believe my experiences as a child and studying other faiths has made me a strong reformed catholic exorcist. 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moonlight and Mirrors in The Night

The Moon-mirror By PJ 2011

According to ancient western superstitions during the full moon It was thought that to sleep in direct moonlight caused madness or blindness. In time, the word, lunatic, from "luna", meaning Moon, and "tic", meaning struck, evolved from this belief. 

A well popularized Moon mythology of Europe is of the werewolf the shape-shifts into a wolf, at the appearance of the full Moon. Lesser known variant of the same mythology is that in the light of the full Moon it was said that a woman that lay in moonlight or who stare as the full Moon would become pregnant and give birth to a monster, possible even a werewolf that shape-shifts at the night of the full Moon.

The Moon was thought to be important to bring potency to the healing and magic powers of herbs were said to be at the peak during the night of the full Moon, this one probably has more credence than one would think, knowing that the night cycle of plants cause them to change how they flow water and nutrition's from the roots, and also cause the osmotic pressure that gives the plant fresh morning-dew when observed in the morning. Though they would do this at any night the extra pull of the full Moon should make them more potent, and also for practical reasons it is a lot easier to collect herbs during the light of a full moon than on a night of only starlight. This is also probably part of the stories of how the witches were traveling using their broomsticks during the night of the full Moon, out to collect all the magical and medicinal herbs.

One other interesting legend I came over is a twist on the bad luck caused by the breaking of a mirror which, we commonly know is supposed to mean 7 years of bad luck, but what I had not heard about before was you could break this curse if you take the mirror pieces outside and bury them in moonlight.

The Moonlight and Mirrors in Samoan Folklore
I found out that is a widespread practice among Samoans to cover the mirrors at night, and if one does not do so, they think there might be someone else other then yourself starring back at you. 

To put it in the words of Loa from Samoa. 
-"cover the mirrors at night as Nek Minnit Miku is said to be staring at you"- 

When it comes to the Moon, and moonlight, The Samoan mythology is deeply connected to The Moon, and I heard multiple accounts how one is not supposed to sleep with moonlight falling on ones face. Also how those that would let that happen would find themselves paralyzed unable to move or let anyone know as they can't speak, yell or force themselves to wake up. Which is why it is very important to not only cover your mirrors but also cover up the windows so the moonlight cannot cause you to become frozen in the night. 

In the words of Loa from Samoa about the topic of moonlight
-Yea that moonlight one is scary. Happened to my mum and sisters. And in New Zealand too.. Its called '' malu 'ia '' they said they couldn't move and like they were screaming but they couldn't hear themselves.. So ever since that i made sure my curtain is always closed!-

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Back in February of 2011 we were struggling and I happened to look at some magical and meditation candles in one of the local health food and alternative life style stores here in Honolulu Hawaii, we looked at a few of the candles they had, which promised to bring abundance, good fortune, money, tranquility and many other forms, these chakra candles had vivid colors and a pleasant scent so we decided to buy one of them and give it a shot.

This was on Saturday the 26th of February 2011 and we decided to go for a well scented indigo blue abundance candle, as we got home I quickly unwrapped the candle and placed it in a appropriate candle glass for burning, as the candle burned it filled our apartment with a pleasant scent and it also seemed to change the atmosphere on a deeper level, some would call this to align the flow of the internal and external cosmos, or in some ways fine tune your synchronicity.

After a half hour it was burning vividly and I decided to start working more on The Paranormal Corner blog, having it burning on the table behind me. as I moved on to the analytic blog tool I noticed there was a spike in visit numbers that had started to build up within the last 5 minutes, I watched and browsed trough the menus and found that the spike in visits was for a story about The most haunted hotel in Chicago, The Congress Plaza hotel, which we had posted a few months earlier with very few reader. As the candle continued burning for the next few hours I could follow a steady flow of visitors to the story on the Congress Plaza hotel.

Now this could just been pure coincidence but still no other story has so far been as successful as this one and its abundance of traffic from search engines all over the world is still growing, pulling more than a few thousand readers a month alone from search word hits.   

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mermaid of Finnmark

"The Land Baby" Oil Painting on canvas by John Collier 1899 
courtesy of wikimedia commons

My Aunt Hanna once told me about the time she and her husband encountered a mermaid while out fishing.

This all happened years ago but my Aunt Hanna remembers it perfectly, it happened of the coast of Vardø in Finmark Norway, were Aunt Hanna and her husband Gunnar was out for one of their usual jig fishing trips in a small open boat, this was one of several fishing spots over a natural underwater cave known for it's rich schools of fish. As they started hauling up their jig, Gunnar noticed there was something swimming just under the surface of the water, at first he thought it was a harbor porpoise which is a small whale common in this part of Norway. 

He altered Hanna of the whale, and they watched it swimming around the boat before surfacing, it was then they realized this was not a whale at all but what seemed to be a female, with blue gray skin and long hair, she also wore sea weeds around her neck as if it was ornamental. She stood still in the water watching them before returning back to the deep, hair fish tail was the last thing Hanna and Gunnar saw before the mermaid disappeared down into the depths of the ocean.  

To this day Aunt Hanna still swears that mermaids are indeed real, my uncle Gunnar passed away years ago so I never got to hear his version of their mermaid encounter. 

I have always been fascinated with mermaids and other merfolks, and also a adamant supporter of the water ape theory as part of our own human evolution. This is why when I recently I came across a program that in the best ways I so far have seen described the water ape theory and merged this with the mermaid mythos I was especially thrilled. 

The documentary below is fictional in nature but still sums up all the mermaid mythos and looks at the water ape theory as part of the human evolutionary tree like no other program I have seen before.

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