Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Ghostly Hitchhiker

Several years ago back in PA. My friend and I took my new car out for a ride. We were just driving around and after about two hours of driving, I took my friend home and dropped him off at his house. The distance from town where we were driving around to my friend's house was six miles.

As soon as we got to the very edge of town, we saw a woman walking along the road. She was walking the same direction as we were driving and as we passed her I would say she looked to be in her 50's or early 60's. It only took a few minutes to get to my friend's house. As we pulled into his driveway, his father came out and asked if I could give him a ride to the service station in town as he had to pick up his car after having it worked on. I said that I would be happy to take him into town and he got in my car and we backed out of the driveway.

As soon as we were back on the road, we saw this woman walking along the road and it was the same woman my friend and I passed. I didn't say anything but, I thought, how could she have walked that far in just a few minutes and I didn't remember any cars going by my friend's house the three minutes we sat in the driveway, so I don't think she caught a ride from anybody.

This time she waved us down and asked if we could give her a ride into town. I  told her she was walking the wrong direction to get into town but, she looked very tired and so I said sure, hop in the back and we will give you a ride. She crawled into the back seat and we were on our way

In a minute we were approaching a sharp curve I started to slow down and as I  we approached the curve the women yelled for me to pull over now, she yelled pull off the road, our lives are in danger. Even though I had no clue what she was talking about, I did as she said and pulled off to the side of the road. As soon as we were off to the side of the road, a huge garbage truck came around the curve very fast. It was right in the middle of the road, The truck was going so fast that I could see the driver struggling to keep the truck under control.

As soon as the garbage truck had made it past us, I turned around to ask the woman if she was alright and to ask her how she knew that truck was coming because it was impossible to see around that curve. To my astonishment  and to my friend's father's astonishment, She wasn't there ! She was just gone. I even went back the way we came to see if she somehow got out of the car and there was no sign of her at all.

We were dumfounded, both myself and my friend's dad. With no clue as to what just happened, we turned around and headed back towards town . As we got to the very edge of town, there was this very same woman walking along the road again, headed out of town as she was the first time I saw her. I slowed down and I started shaking  and sweating  a very nervous type of shake as I drove past her. I was in that condition because, I didn't understand what had just happened or why it happened to me. However, I did and still do understand that, whatever it was that happened, It was in now way normal and, I believe this woman not to be of this world!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WW#6 The Psychic Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

Princess Märtha Louise is the oldest child of King Harald V of Norway. Princess Märtha Louise has been firm on creating her own career than living out her royalty, even going as far as letting her younger brother take the throne, in spite that the rules of succession were changed in 1990 from oldest male heir to oldest heir, which offered the two royal heirs to make it count from their generation or the next. And later, when she married Ari Behn, a commoner and author of books, she accepted to no longer have the rank of Royal princess, just princess. 

As a result of pursuing a career, Princess Märtha Louise is a certified physiotherapist who has also followed a career in writing of books and readings of fairy tales. In June 2007, she came forward announcing that she is and always been a psychic. She also has always had a gift of animal affinity, and she say hers gift has grown to where it is today.

This caused quite some stir in Norway, as many residents grew up watching the Royal Princess on TV all their lives and felt having a special connection with her. In popular polls, more than half of the people believed her when she said she is a psychic and was starting up an angel school to help others unlock their inner psychic abilities. Being a psychic myself knowing that the princess had the courage to come forward and follow her own ways felt like a blessing in its own, knowing that one now shared something truly special with the princess. Märtha Louise has had these experiences all her life, even though up to that day she had not shared it in the public press. 

The Princess' Angel School is called Asarte Education, and its main focus is teaching different forms of healing, readings, unlocking your own abilities and learning how to communicate with angels.

The Official Slogan of Asarte Education is 
"Use Angels and your own power to create miracles in your life" 

Not surprisingly, the harshest fire to her came from the clergy in the Norwegian Lutheran State Church, also known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. Some felt that since she was no preaching her own form of religion or spirituality, which in the mind of the clergy ran in direct opposition with their church, the princess denounce her membership in the State Church or face excommunication.

The Norwegian TV evangelist Jan Hanvold even declared the princess to be a agent of Hell. Princess Märtha Louise commented to this that had this been back in the middle ages, she probably would have been burned at the stake as a witch. 

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Psychich Abilities: Claircognizance - To be clear knowing

Claircognizance, or to be clear knowing is an ability that manifests itself in many forms it could be a feeling of inspiration, knowing or understanding something outside of oneself. Back when I grew up I was already a claircognizant psychic, instantly knowing things about everything around me, whether it was people, family, objects (see my entry on psychometry), nature, medical issues, health, or even knowing the answers to mathematical problems before one started on it.

My most common statement whenever I was asked how I knew this or that was I just know it, I could not explain where I got it from It was just there.

When it came to math, it did actually get me in some trouble with the teachers since I had a hard time understanding why they wanted me to write all the other parts in between the mathematical problem and the answer which I already knew the instant i took a look at it.  In the beginning I did just that, wrote the answer and went on to the next one, It was almost always right but I was still unable to explain to the teacher how I ended up with the solution. My mother described the same problem when she went to school as she is a claircognizant psychic like me.

As I grew older I used my psychic talent to give instant answers to almost any question more as entertainment, my friends loved to see if they could nail me catching me giving wrong answers or not finding one. Most of the time they had to give up on since more they were the ones that run out of questions. Other times I just enjoyed spooking my chemistry class by giving the answer to the exact amount of a compound down to the last mg or the answer to a tricky chemical stoichiometry equations by giving it when we started, write it down in the corner as proof and then go the slow and hard process of calculating it all which sometimes took hours. One time in particular, I remember that the answer was different than in my instant suggestion, and it turned out it was indeed correct but we had done the calculations wrong, and when we figured that out we ended up on my psychic suggested answer.

Often I will be filled with inspiration, I have always been very talented with drawing, writing, cooking, music, painting, photography and other forms of art, I never thought of this to be claircognizance, until I found out about this more unknown class of psychics but it sure put it in an interesting perspective.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Mischievous Spirit

In my place in Tromsø, there was more than my brother and I, we both noticed a spirit tenant, which we just referred to as the mischievous spirit. The spirit seemed to be more active when only one of us was home, but he would sometimes make his presence known with both of us there.

Several times I would wake up having my face covered with what felt like spider silk, but it was not, it was the very fine fibers of a madras I kept locked up when my brother was away for a few weeks, since he frequently used to alternate between staying at our moms and with me. It was quite annoying but happened at least a few times a week when I was alone, and never when others were in the house.

My brother experienced his bags of sweets mysteriously disappear and reappear on the table in the living room, and one time he got locked out of the apartment by our mischievous spirit guest. He had just walked downstairs to pick up his laundry and as he came up to open the door he could hear the key that was in lock being twisted as the door became locked. Followed by the sound of the already locked alternative entrance door through the bedroom unlock itself. As if the spirit was just toying with him proving it could lock him out and unlock the doors as is pleased if it wanted to. Naturally he wondered if someone was inside as he entered he found the apartment had no one else inside it. He instantly called me to share his most weird experience ever.

Something we both experienced were with the lights, and this happened so many times each month, regardless if it was the extremely expensive long life bulbs that are supposed to last one year or regular cheap light bulbs the lights would get snuffed out as if they were candles, or paraffin lamps. Sometimes we would have to buy new bulbs at least once times a week for the very same lamps, and this made me feel certain that our mischievous spirit lived back before electricity since it still liked to snuff out the lights like it did back in it's own time.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Planet X - Nibiru - 2012 - End Times

This is a oil painting of the Sheel Mountains, it came to me in a dream in 1997 and when I showed it and my new writing Xhian Xzthian to my psychic cousin she told me she recognized that place, since she had been there. So perhaps this is a landscape from Nibiru, or another Planet.

Nibiru is claimed to be the catalyst to the end of our world in December 2012. The claims of how this end will come is many and there are a lot of claims that Nibiru is a forgotten planet known to be of existence by the ancient Sumerian, and some even say that the ancient Egyptians knew about it too, under the name Vulcan. In our modern days there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the ancient civilizations, and a lot of clues that point to the fact that they seem to be more advanced than was previously thought.

Just like in the entry called Search for Planet Vulcan and Planet X where one look at the early scientific search for new planets in our solar system, amateurs and other interested in planetary bodies search out into the void, may this be with the keen mind of a psychic, non-mainstream archaeologists and explorers looking for the hidden mysteries of our worlds past, present and future.

Since I am myself a psychic, I do know that psychics are real. At the same time I am also a skeptic, I do believe that not every "psychic" is indeed psychic, and on top of that, there are many evil powers out there that do not always tell the truth. Demonic entities among others would often mimic good entities, like angels or even prophecy to say what they think they could get away with. The more havoc a demon or other evil entity could get a away with the better and what better than to trick a chosen few to spread stories of a soon to be end of the world. With this type of channeling of knowledge either from an ancient time, future or, extraterrestrial star systems one would basically have to still keep a open but skeptical mind and try to find out what the future holds for us.

In some ways Nibiru is the new Atlantis, bringing in ancient knowledge of a time even the most respected scientists in the field of archeology knew very little about. Many of the few surviving fragments of deciphered Sumerian clay tablets leave a lot to interpretations, and even if they do indeed talk about Nibiru as a now forgotten planet inhabited by alien lizard people, it is no way of knowing if those tablets was a ancient fiction story, part of some apocalyptic cult or part of the mainstream more down to earth Sumerian scholars of their time, and even then one have to look at everything in the context of it's own time, or one could very easily misinterpret things that never was even close to the reality they described back 6000-8000 years ago.

The claims are that Nibiru is real and kept secret from us by our own governments, the sources are psychics, Sumerian specialists, conspiracy theorists, the belief in the ancient wisdom, that the ancient Egyptians, Sumerian, Atlantians and ancient Mayans knew about the end of days, and it to be in December of 2012. One of the most used proofs of this is the fact that the Mayan calendar ending its current cycle on that date, which is true. What they do not also tell is that the Mayans calendar in form of its other cycles span out hundred of thousands of years into the future, and the cycle in question is just one of the larger picture.

Remember that in every generation from ancient times to now there seem to be a few doomsday prophecies that speak of the end of times in their lifetime, naturally the world has not come to an end yet.

I would highly recommend those that can to watch this episode on Hulu TV and the speaker David Morrison's ask a Astrobiologist site.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The White House: Lincoln's Ghost

When I first started searching for information into the hauntings of the White House, I thought it would be a fairly boring, and uneventful but as I continued I was positively surprised, I knew about rumors that Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States after he was assassinated April 15th 1865, still walk the halls and rooms of The White House, but had no idea how common his appearance had been throughout the centuries. And what really surprised me was when I heard that President Lincoln had a premonition about his own death and the president related that information to Ward Hill Lamon, which was a good friend of Lincoln.

Lincoln's ghost was very active during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt. He used the Lincoln bedroom as a study for his wife Eleanor. The former first lady never saw Lincoln however, she reported that while she was in that room she could feel a presence watching her and she felt that it was Lincoln. President Lincoln's ghost was reported by a young clerk in the Roosevelt administration. The clerk reported that he saw president lincoln  sitting on a bed and removing his boots. Sometime during 24 June - 11 August of 1942 Queen Willhelmina of The Netherlands while in a room at the white house as a guest of the Roosevelt's when she reported hearing a knocking on the door from the room she was at and when she answered the door, the queen said she saw President Lincoln from across the hall. Calvin Coolidge's wife has said she has seen Lincoln's ghost staring out of a oval office window.

Winston Churchill  stepped out of his bath while staying at the white house one night during WW2, very likely during his visit in May 1943, Churchill was walking naked from the bathroom to the adjoining bed room, He was indeed surprised to see Abraham Lincoln standing at the fire place in the bedroom.

In recent years during the Reagan Administration (1981-1989) there was some incidences related to the Ghost of Lincoln, Maureen Reagan, the daughter of President Reagan has mentioned that she saw the Ghost many times, and also their dog would refuse to enter Lincoln's bedroom standing outside the door barking.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreams of Tragedy and Impending Danger

My sister has a knack of dreaming of tragedy. Even as a child she would wake up and mention a dream  she had and in a few days it would work out. One time she dreamed that I was in a car accident and was in serious condition in the hospital as a result of that car accident and sure enough. three days after her dream I was indeed in the hospital, in serious condition from injuries from a car accident earlier that day.

We were both close to our Mother. My sister lived in another state then Mom and I lived in. Mom was elderly and sick in the hospital with heart and kidney failure. Sis called me at the house and while crying she told me she had a dream that our Mother passed away. I told her to calm down and that I would go right to the hospital and check in on Mom. The hospital was only a few blocks away and I was just there 2 hours before my sister called telling me about her dream and our Mother was not in good condition but, the doctor had told me he was confident she would pull through. I hung the phone up from talking with sis and as I reached for my car keys  so I could go to the hospital, The phone rang. I answered it shaking and trembling because I was afraid it was the hospital calling me. The call was indeed from the hospital and the nurse told me that my Mother had just passed away and I should come to the hospital to collect her personal belongings.

Another time my sister had a dream about our cousin who was expecting her first child, having problems with her pregnancy. About a week after her dream,  we received a phone call from our cousin's husband saying that our cousin had a miscarriage.

Through out my sister's life, she, at times, could dream of a tragedy or danger before it happens to a family member or close relative. If that ability is a gift or a real burden she says, she has not decided that as of yet.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Paranormal Phenomena: Phantomania

 Illustration by PJ 1999

Phantomania is a paranormal phenomena very similar to what is referred to as sleep paralysis. But unlike regular Sleep Paralysis which I wrote about in Sleep Paralysis and False Awakening, which has a mundane cause, Phantomania is when there is a supernatural and paranormal cause to the paralysis, another name for Phantomania is Psychic Paralysis.

Phantomania basically feels the same as Sleep Paralysis, but are often accompanied by scratches, bruises on the body of the one trapped during the paralysis, an experience that seem to fit the typical experience of Phantomania, this one An Evil Spirit, which was experienced by my friend Gary. I have myself experienced both Sleep paralysis and Phantomania, in my own experience I would be pinned down with problems breathing, though I never lost control and could at any point break loose from the Phantomania by either concentrating on breaking the paralysis or by slipping out of my own body in the form of astral projection as described in my entry called Projection of the Soul - Astral Travel.

Either way the results would always be the same, as soon as I broke the paralysis when I get back out of the bed I would find mysterious scratches and bruises on my body that was totally impossible to make myself due to the angle and shape of the scratches, the only difference when astral projecting first was that one would notice shadow like paranormal entity leaving in the blink of an instant. When i wake up by concentration everything would seem normal until one look in the mirror of ones back.

Not all ghosts and spirits has the ability to do phantomania, and it is sometimes seen in cases of the demonic. In Hawaii they have stories of they refer to as the chocking ghost which is very similar to the mara (demon witch) and sleep paralysis.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chicago's Most Haunted Hotel - The Congress Plaza Hotel

The Congress Plaza Hotel stands on Michigan Ave in the nation's windy city of Chicago. Reported to be the most haunted hotel in Chicago, it was built to house the travelers attending the 1893 world's fair and also served as the hotel for the first annual Chicago ghost conference.

The hotel had many famous guests over the years, and it is rumored to have once been owned by the notorious gangster Al Capone. There have been reports of seeing the ghost of Al Capone in the hotel,  and some even say that he used the hotel as his headquarters. However, there is no evidence to suggest Al Capone actually stayed at the Congress Plaza Hotel. Historians do agree that Al Capone began his days in crime in the old Metropole Hotel at 2003 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and in 1928, he relocated to the Lexington Hotel under the alias “George Philip” until October of 1931. It is possible he stayed at the hotel briefly under another alias (If you are interested to know more about other Displaced Hauntings read Displaced Hauntings - The Haunted Railroad Tracks)

The hotel has also reported to have other unexplained activity. Many of the recent guests have sighted a ghost the hotel staff call Peg Leg Johnny, a hobo that is said to have been killed there many years ago. There has been legends of many ghosts of the famous that haunt the hotel, as well as reports of appliances turning themselves on and off. Security guards also have reported hearing ghostly noise coming from the hotel ballroom only to find it empty and quiet upon investigation. 

One can also see a gloved hand sticking out of a wall. It is the hand of a worker that mistakenly got behind drywall during construction. The staff call it the hand of mystery. 

So the next time you are in the windy city, take a room at the Congress Plaza Hotel and experience Chicago's most haunted hotel.

For more information you could check out the official Congress Plaza Hotel website

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paranormal Phenomena: Vardøger

The paranormal activity that I have experienced is more than any other is what in Norway is called vardøger, a vardøger is a spirit predecessor and is considered to be a form of bi-location, and it is when one hear a person before they arrive, and it is said that this is their vardøger, spirit predecessor or spirit follower that appear a few minutes ahead of the person it is preceding. For some reason this type of phenomena seem to be typical in Scandinavia but almost unknown in the rest of the world.

Growing up everybody in my house would frequently hear the sounds of people on their way before they actually get there, the sound of the knocking on the door, removing of outer clothes, shoes and such in the hallway, and with experience one could even know exactly whom the vardøger is for, since it would follow the exact habits of is double. For example I would always hear my grandmothers vardøger as her entering the hallway, brushing off sand of her shoes, entering the inner hallway while carrying a pile of wood before entering into the kitchen refilling first the wood pile before opening the kitchen wood stove and filling it before it ever happened.

One would enter the kitchen to find it empty before again hearing everything in repeat as my real grandmother enters and does everything in order just as her vardøger did.

My uncles, aunts, brother, parents, other grandparents, friends of the family and even guests one had never met before would also have the vardøger enter or park outside in their car before their actual arrival.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Itching hands and Other Financial Old Wives Tales

In Norway there is an old saying that when your mouth start itching in the end this is a sign that money is on its way and with money, comes food and since food goes into your mouth it cause it to itch as a premonition of what is yet to come. Another one my mother and my grandparents always told me and anyone else they see letting this happen that they should never leave a loaf of bread on its back, it is supposed to be a certain sign, or opening up for bad financial times to come. In the US I heard they also talk about keeping loafs of bread on it's backside not because of money, but because of it being a symbol of life, and putting it on its back is putting your back on God.

When I went to the east coast of the United States I ran into others who believe  about money, and premonitions and omens thereof. My family here told me that having the palms of my hands itching and the cause was not of eczema, mosquito bites or other type of irritation, it was a certain sign that money would be on it's way. These types of sayings or old wise tales have always interested me, most of them have some grains of truth in them.

A modern concept in this category is chain letters that promise financial success, or financial disaster if one break the chain. Money seem to be a favored theme both back in ancient times, and in our modern world, as it is such a important part of our lives.

Here is another one I found interesting when I got to the US. Since I had never heard anything similar about it before, other than in Donald Duck cartoon stories. If you find a penny and it is heads up, it is a penny of luck, but it would not work its luck before you give it away to someone. This is a much more general saying but in our materialistic world money and luck is considered to be closely connected. This one is also about pennies and it is unquestionable true. Wrap a penny in paper and carry it with you and you will never go broke. True it is not much but as long as you have it with you it would be self-fulfilling.

Another one I found people talking about, if you keep picking up burnt matches instead of leaving them around one will find money. While  I am on the subject of burning, I also found one that goes like this, while peeling onions instead of throwing away the peel, burn it and you will never go empty handed.

Other sayings are more directed on what one could do on specific days like At Midnight of New Years Eve, while holding money in one hand, kneel down and pray and you shall have money the remaining of the new year. Or If you make money on Monday, keep it and the amount will increase during the rest of the week.

Shooting stars seem to be another universal topic, in Norway they are often surrounded by mystery and a promise to be able to grant wishes. Here is a different example of the powers attributed to shooting stars. If you see a shooting star, say Money, MONEY, Money and you will soon receive some.

The last example I am bringing up is this one, if you see bubbles in the rain, you will receive a lot of money. I would love to hear other examples of old wives tales, sayings or promises like the ones I brought up, as I mentioned before, I always found this interesting, and it does bring a deeper understanding how people used to think, and still do in the form of the modern urban myths, as talked about in my earlier entry 13th Myth or reality, though I think that in the cases when the sayings come true, it is more coincidental than anything else.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rogue Waves: The Serpents of the Open Seas?

An Ancient Viking Longboat "The Gokstad Ship"
Located in Oslo, Norway

I recall when I was about 9 years old I was in a discussion with one of my 60 year old friends, it was a discussion about the art of the viking ships, which had a serpents head and in the end a curled up serpents tail.

My reply to her was that I always though the art more resembled the breaking of humongous waves, and perhaps all the ancient maritime records spoke of ships destroyed by giant waves, and the ones that survived would in their explanations to people when returned home was that the waves caused by the serpents tails, caused their boats to be destroyed.

Offering a reasonable explanation to a ancient observation, from when our ancestors trying to describe something they did not understand. She did not like obviousness of my simple idea and how easily I would explain away the recorded stories of those of ancient times. Now in recent years I have learned about freak or rogue waves and they even started to talk about the same explanations I offered to my friend back a few decades ago.

Stories of the giant beasts of the sea being able to whip up a massive torrent of waves is a uncommon part of Norwegian maritime history. And only part of many dangerous things that could happen while navigating the open seas, with very little knowledge on how to anticipate storms other than the immediate observations, and how the same natural phenomena's would obscure the normal ways of navigation using the stars or the sun.

Tsunamis are as described in The Cause and Dangers of Tsunamis are another possible origin for some of the stories of the massive waves, as being already accepted as a fact, they could occur anywhere in the world, though tsunamis are not able to account for many of the freak waves since they would normally be present where the stored energy of the initial shock is able to build up in a wave, meaning on shallow waters.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekly Whisper #5 Haunted Places Honolulu, Hawaii

View of Honolulu, Hawaii from Waahila Ridge

In this weeks issue of Weekly Whisper I will present some haunted places in the city of Honolulu. Honolulu is the State capital of Hawaii and the 57th biggest Metropolitan area in USA. It is located on the island of Oahu, and has it's fair share of paranormal hot spots and hauntings just please remember these places are private property and you will need permission from the owner to enter. Also remember if you bring any lava rocks with you home from Hawaii, you might end up with The curse of the Lava Rocks.

Waikiki as seen from Waahila Ridge.

Honolulu seen from the slopes of the Diamond Head Crater

The Diamond Head Crater is a popular hiking destination, and there has been some reports of UFO's there, which are possible part of secret military experiments. Also there is a Diamond Head cliff were babies cry

The Diamond Crater as seen from Waikiki.

Waipahu Street
The sound of night marchers and distant drums are sometimes reported to be heard here, said to be originated from the bloody battles from when King Kamehameha I invaded Oahu back in 1795.
The Biomedical Building, University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus, Honolulu.

The University of Hawaii in the Manoa Valley has many known hauntings, ranging from Nightmarchers (Huaka'i Pō) eternal janitors in the various buildings to former students that still wall the rooms and dorms of what used to be their day to day place of being in life.

Hilton Hawaiian Village
Said to be haunted by a woman in red, and thought to be the ghost of Pele the volcano goddess. Pele has from other locations thought to appear in many different forms ranging from a young girl, old lady or a woman with flaming red hair, and usually dressed in red.

Pearl Harbor, world famous from the attack that brought USA into World War II,  the base at Pearl Harbor has many places still haunted to this day, with many sightings and sounds especially footsteps.
'Iolani Palace, Downtown Honolulu.
'Iolani Palace, The Palace was built in 1879-1882 in Downtown Honolulu, only a decade before the monarchy was overthrown in 1893. The 'Iolani Palace is known for people seeing shadows both inside and around the Palace grounds. Guards often also report hearing footsteps.

The Dole Cannery Signature Theaters
Built on the site of an ancient temple, at one time a bus filled with children crashed here, the voices from all the children that died here can still be heard.

Other excellent stories from Hawaii
A Haunted Condo-building in Waikiki
The Barking Dogs at Waimanalo
The Menehune of Waimanalo
The Leprechaun like 'E'epa on the Island of Kauai
S.K.I. REPORT #20091106-04 WHAT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW and here

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Am I Invisible?

 Photo PJ 2009

Sometimes when I was growing up I would wonder if I was invisible, there was so many times when I would walk in a room and no one would notice that I am there before I make my presence known, even photocell controlled doors would at times seem unable to notice my presence, one time in particular I was trying to enter a store with automatic doors, after trying to get the doors open for about 10 minutes another costumer walked over and they instantly opened, but when I would go towards it there was no response.

I have watched burglars walk right by me and not noticing me at all, the night campus security guards would check and secure the room I am in, while I am watching every step he would take, and then watch him leave again without noticing me at all even though he had to pass me both entering and leaving, this did not happen once but basically every night for months. The same security guard would locate and question every other student he found in the same room though. This has also happened when it comes to animals where I would walk at my normal pace, and the animal would neither see, hear or smell me before I am close enough to pick them up unnoticed, which at this point I often cause them quite a scare when they do realize that one has been able to get that close to them unnoticed, the same appears to be true when one is jogging, causing my friends to give me the nickname of the walking spirit, since I seemed to be able to appear and disappear in fully crowded classrooms with no one noticing that I came or left.

More so when I tested this on the infrared cameras I found that I could enter rooms witch had motion controlled lights and they would not be activated, I even tried to deliberately activate the infrared sensors by waving at them, and only after putting in a great deal of effort would the lights finally come on, making it easier to just walk over to the light switch in order to bypass the annoying in my case seemingly non-functioning motion controlled lights.

Sometimes I wonder if this is some of the same ways illusionists uses in their way of fooling people in their tricks, which must be why I have always been fascinated by magic, and the seemingly breathtaking ability they show off to make things disappear in thin air.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Paranormal Phenomena: Xenoglossy

Writing using the Xhian Xzthian alphabet.
(pronounced Chan'tchian)

Xenoglossy is the term for being able to speak, read or write in unknown languages, in my cases that I encountered involving Xhian Xzthian, Sumerian and Latin. One of what I would call a alien/UFO type of xenoglossy and the other of demonic origin.

The first example of xenoglossy I am going to bring up happened after I had just completed a new alphabet, which I called Xhian Xzthi, with all in all a total of 62 signs, of these including numbers, unique symbols, alphabetic sounds and special signs. I recall with surprise when I showed my new written text to my older cousin and her immediate reaction was to tell me that she had seen those symbols before, while in a alien spaceship. When she asked me where I had gotten them from I could only say that I did not really know, they had just come to me one day, the whole range of about 62 symbols and how to write with them.

Later a few years later I encountered a case of demonic possession (The Possessed Role Play Game Book and Miracles - The Gift of Tongue - Xenoglossy), which gave the enthralled one which happens to be a friend of mine with the ability to understand ancient Sumerian, and even spoke a few words of it. When I asked for the name of demonic entity, which was female to give me it's name it was one of the ancient Sumerian legends. I had read and heard about cases like this in popular literature and fiction and had frankly before that day considered it to sound too stupid or far-fetched to be true. Then when I tested him for Latin, he would be singing songs in Latin and was able to translate texts to me which I tested against their known translation which was true, and he had never taken any classes in classical languages or ancient languages of Mesopotamia.

There are also cases where xenoglossy has been reported as part of past life regressions or reincarnation, I have never encountered that myself but it have been reported numerous times. Another intersting case is Mary and the Quija Board which was an exorcism case done by Jose Prado

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Old Rusty Ford Mustang

Years ago I had a ford mustang. This mustang looked horrible, it was rusty all over. Rusty as it was, the car ran very good. However, my best friend always insisted on using his car whenever we went anywhere together. He always said he wouldn't be seen in my rust bucket. To be honest, I couldn't blame him. One day he and I were on our way to a concert about 100 miles away. We had to take my car because his was in the shop for repairs. The whole way to the concert my friend kept complaining about having to take my car.

After the concert we stopped at a fast food place for a bite to eat. On the way home my friend told me that if he ever died before I did, he would come back and haunt my car just so I would give in and buy a new one. We both laughed at that and soon we and my rust bucket made it home. My friend slept at my house that night because we got home late and he had to be at work in the morning. As he and I were ready for bed he told me again that if he dies before I do, he would come back and haunt my car so I would give in and buy another car.

A few weeks later my friend was killed in a car accident on his way home from work. I drove to his grave several times a week, Every time I would go to leave his grave site my car would not start. This continued for 2 weeks everyday. Until I went out and bought myself a new car.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Psychic Abilities: Forced Docileness

In this entry I would like to put focus on what I would refer to as forced docileness, which is an ability to instantly make people or animals become controlled and easily managed.

Luckily I have only needed to use the power of forcing docility less than a hand full times on people, with animals on the other hand I have used this multiple times, though the focus and effect is different and in many ways much less psychically exhausting may it be for wild beasts or the common enraged pet. Especially when one need to control an injured animal in order to help it, as it is well known animals in pain do not respond well to anyone picking them up.

Just like in the ability of animal affinity that was enlightened in a earlier entry, I also have animal affinity and considered the power of forced docileness to be a focused and extended form of the ability to naturally be in balance with life and nature around oneself. When I invoke this all I need to do is lift up the palm of my hand and send a focused thought of absolute calmness, and then next continue with the orders what I would want the people or animals to do next.

My mother also has this ability and I have watched her stop bar brawls by stepping over and instantly change two or more drunk men in the act of beating each other up instantly turn from aggressors to passiveness by one simple act of the mind.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Family Car

A friend, Ken from Massachusetts told me this one. I have heard of things like this before and I though it might make an interesting experience for the blog.

When Ken and his girlfriend got married, Ken's uncle gave them an old station wagon as a gift. Ken was told by his uncle that this station wagon was a special car. When ken ask him why it was so special, his uncle just said it was a car of love.

As most newlyweds Ken and his new wife got along great except for the occasional argument and that was mostly about money. The car ran good and they had no problems with it, except every now and then it would not start. One day when ken and his wife were arguing Ken and his wife were getting in the car to go to work. the car wouldn't start. They had the car checked out and nothing wrong could be found. So, the replaced spark plugs and the battery and a few other things because they really need the car to be dependable.

For the next three months ken and his wife got along great and the car always started  when they went to use it. Then one day Ken and his wife who worked the same place both got laid off from their jobs. Now they could have drawn unemployment however, Ken was to proud and he wanted to work for his money and so an argument began between Ken and his wife. Once again the car would not start.

They both all of a sudden realized that the only time the car would not start was when they argued. As long as they were getting along OK the car was running great and started every time then would use it. Now Ken understood what his uncle meant when he said it was a special car, a car of love. It was as if the car had a mind of it's own and every time Ken and his wife were  stressed at each other, the car just would not start.

In time Ken got a very good job and he and his wife bought a new car also, he made enough money at his new job that his wife didn't have to work at all. Even though they bought a new car they kept the old station wagon and used it once in a while, just as a reminder not to argue. No one knows why the car would never start when Ken and his wife would argue. Could it be that just maybe the negative energy ken and his wife emitted when they were arguing had some sort of an effect on the electrical system of the car or something like that? I don't know and I will leave that up to you to decide.

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