Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guardian Angel

Kongsbakken High School on-top of the hill,
the concrete steps are in the very left part of this picture

This happened one cold October morning in downtown Tromsø, Norway. I learned an important lesson this day, to never try to use a outdoors stair with nothing to grab onto if the steps happen to be slippery, the Kongsbakken stairs are now upgraded with railings on both sides, at least in the upper half, making them safer but still very dangerous to use when covered by invisible ice.

This all happened as I was taken totally off-guard unaware of the invisible layer of ice that covered the steps from top to bottom. When I realized my mistake it was already too late, my speed down to the next step escalated, to my surprise I did not lose my balance and continued to the next step, for each just at the point of losing my balance it felt like something was there with me pushing me back whenever i was about to fall backwards, and thug me just enough to prevent me from falling forward or to either side, step by step all the way down the long steps with no way of slowing down, startled I looked up wondering how I was able to pass this ordeal not falling for so many steps in a row. Reaching the first flat midsection my hope increased of being able to stop, but no my speed was to high and I slid right over to the next section of steps. I am amazed that my feet could move that fast, they never skipped a step and I actually managed to get down to the larger flat section where the steps is crossed by a path, and continued down on the side of the steps for the rest of the hill this was one of my most bizarre and scary experiences.

When I think about it I have never broken a single bone in my body, and I very rarely fall when walking on even the most dangerous ice, think this is because of being protected, and that we all have our personal guardian angels that help us out when possible.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Animal Affinity

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

This is from PJ in Honolulu, Hawaii,
I do not know what makes some seem to have a natural talent with animals, or as I like to put it, animal affinity, perhaps animals sense something beyond our normal human ones, the one thing I do know is that I have always had a way with animals of every kind, they seem to instantly trust me both wild and tame alike. Something very similar to this is Animal Links. Social Affinity or Empathy is also similar but instead deal with humans social interactions.

Like when I was about seven years old I remember my parents had been struggling for a good while with one of our young extremely stubborn cows, she refused to move in any way and it did not matter how much my mother and father pleaded, tried to scare her, pushed, prodded or pulled, she would not budge one single inch. Then when they had a break before getting ready to try again I went ahead, grabbed a handful of green leaves and held it in front of her, her eyes lit up, peaked with interest of what I might have in my hand, as I moved backwards she followed willingly into the fenced area.

This ability has made it possible for me to experience wild animals up close, like when I was visiting my grandmother back in Norway and a fox spiked by curiosity came all the way up to me and I knew it was not going to do any harm. In Hawaii I experienced the extremely skittish mongooses curiously stopping by to check out my shoes while walking home, and I was just keeping my normal walking pace, just stopping when the mongoose came up right in front of me. 
Since I did not have my camera with me that 
day provided this mongoose photo from 

No later than two days ago I had the opportunity to relocate a gecko that had found its way into our 8th floor apartment, usually geckos are quite skittish, and when my room mate had tried to catch it earlier it was running around like crazy, the gecko had settled on-top of a note-wheel as I approached it it did not budge so I went ahead picked up the note-wheel, placed it outside our room door on the floor and told it to wait there until i got my shoes on and was ready to carry it out, closed the door and returned a few minutes later and it was still there on-top of the note wheel, I picked it gently up and it kept a keen eye on me as i carried into the elevator and down outside into the grass.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

In The Attic

This one is from Derrick in Minnesota.
When I was 16 years old and lived with my parents our house was almost always full, one weekday afternoon when I got home from school, I was all alone in the house and that was a strange thing. School was almost over for the year and it was somewhat warm out. As I watched TV in my 2nd floor bedroom I heard footsteps up above me which only could be in the attic. I thought my sister or cousin might be up there so I didn't let it bother me for a few minutes. The footsteps continued and there was  also knocking sounds. I honestly though someone was playing a joke on me so I went up.

As I entered, the noise stopped and the attic was empty. My parents never stored anything in the attic and I looked around and saw only an empty room. For some reason I began to feel ill and uneasy and I ran down steps and into the bathroom on the 2nd floor. I felt as if I was going to pass out and then in a minute I was ok again except for my shaking. I heard my mom come in and I asked her why the attic is empty, and told her what happened, then she said she always felt uneasy there and since we didn't need it anyway it was left empty.

My dad figured it might stop if we sealed the attic door shut, but the footsteps and knocking continued on and off for about 3 more months and my dad said he was thinking about having the house blessed. However, before that took place, all the commotion stopped. That was when I was 16, I am now 26 and married with children. My parents still live in that house and as far as I know the noise in the attic never returned.

We don't know what it was but, I think it somehow made me sick that day and my dad always said anytime he was up there he would get a bad feeling inside him. We do not know why it all stopped, we are just happy it did.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Powder

This one in from Beth from New Orleans, Louisiana.
I have long heard that when you notice a smell of baby powder and there is no baby around, usually that mean someone you know have died. It has happened to me many times, and each time, within an hour of the baby powder smell someone I know died.

When I lived in Austin I woke up at 3AM and there was a strong smell of baby powder in my room. Since I lived alone, with no baby I immediately knew that what it meant, and within a few minutes of waking up, I heard sirens, which stopped over at my best friends house doors down the street. I found out some hours later that my best friends father suffered a heart attack in his sleep and died before the ambulance reached the house.

Another experience I want to share with you happened while I me and my husband were on our honeymoon, we had been saving for years and had enough to do both Rome and Paris for two weeks each, it was so beautiful, just like a dream. Then two weeks after returning from the honeymoon of our dreams, my life changed forever. My husband was working late at the office. I was getting ready for dinner, I went to our bedroom to change clothes, suddenly I felt a very strong smell of baby powder. And at this instant the phone rang and I answered. I was told that I had come to the hospital immediately since my husband had been involved in a car accident. I went to the hospital shaking and worried. I smelt the baby powder in the car all the way to the hospital, and when I arrived, I was told by the emergency room doctor, that my husband just passed away about two or three minutes before I arrived.

Editors note: Similar experiences has also been described to us in the entries "The Scent of Death" and "Mystic Roses by Otterbeme"

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mystic Telephone Ringing and Footsteps

When my partner and I lived in Tromsø, Norway, we lived in an old house with 4 floors, including the empty basement, the 1st floor where we lived, Our landlord apartment on the 2nd floor, and the empty 3rd floor attic apartment.

Most of the time the landlord was not there because he and his wife owned another house about 45 minutes away. One day the landlord came to our apartment to tell us that he and his wife were going to Finland for a few weeks to see family and he gave us his cell number in case of emergency. Now that cell phone was the only phone he had. He had no phone in his apartment, basement or the attic.

About a week into his trip, My partner and I started to hear a phone ring  and it sounded like it was coming from his apartment on the 2nd floor. We both heard footsteps coming from the 2nd floor as well. However, when we went up to the 2nd floor all the doors were shut and locked. As soon as we would go back down stairs to our apartment we would once again hear a phone-ring, but with a different ring tone than what we were used to hear from the landlords cell, and hear foot steps. This continued everyday for another week and before called the landlord in Finland to tell him what we were experiencing.

To our surprise, he informed us that he too had heard footsteps and a phone-ringing when his apartment had no one in it. He also informed us that he himself hears footsteps and mystic phone ringings that seem to be coming from his kitchen, steps or the attic while he is there. However, when he walks into the kitchen or up the attic he sees no one.

Hearing a phone-ring and hearing footsteps continued on and off until we moved out about a three years later.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Hauntings of the Gettysburg Battlefield

The Battle of Gettysburg July 2. 1863

Gettysburg, Pa. is one of the most haunted towns in the United States if not the world. It is safe to say that there are places all over Gettysburg that are haunted. Some of these hot spots are; Devils Den, Rose Farm, Triangular Field, Culps Hill and Cemetery Hill.

The Devil's Den

Actually, Devil's Den was haunted even before the battle of Gettysburg, Native Americans reported a battle there, and that is why the name Devil's Den was given to it. People have reported being approached by apparitions at Devil's Den as well as being touched while at this location. I myself have been at Devils Den and each time have felt as if I was being watched and two times have seen a purple haze on the top of the rocks. A Purple haze has been reportedly seen all over the battlefield.

The Rose Farm

Another place that is one of the most haunted places on the battle field is the Rose Farm. The Rose Farm was used as a makeshift hospital after the battle. Very,very many soldiers died at the Rose Farm and most were buried outside the farmhouse in rows. There has been many reports from both visitor and locals alike who say they have  seen apparitions there and people do warn others not to go to the Rose Farm or Devil's Den. I have been at the Rose farm and I have seen partial apparitions on two occasions both  times outside the house around the area where the soldiers were buried.

The Triangular Field

The Triangular Field has been reported by many to be haunted it has long been said and, I myself have experienced that electrical equipment will not work there. Things such as cameras not working, batteries of all kinds suddenly drained of power, radios stop working there, both car and two way radios. I remember a time when my friend and I went to Triangular Field to check it out for ourselves. We took three photos and the camera itself did work at first but then died on us a few minutes later and also, on our third trip there our car battery did indeed die on us. My friend had his own dark room and when he developed the three photos, they all three came out  with just a blue/gray color to them. NO photo, just a solid blue/gray back ground with no photo at all.

The Culps Hill

Culps Hill and Cemetery Hill. It is reported that at both places one can smell vanilla and peppermint from the scented handkerchiefs the locals would put across their mouths and nose in the days after the battle. If they didn't cover them then, they would throw up  due to the smell of dead bodies rotting in the hot July sun. Also there have been reports of locals and visitors seeing ghost in the form of a huge mist or haze wondering the hills. I have been both places and I have never smelled anything unusual However, I have indeed seen the strange mist. Another place where there have been reports of phantom regiments is up Cemetery Ridge.

Cemetery Hill

If you want to find out for yourself about these places, go visit them and spend some time, if you dare. You can see things and hear things as well as smell things at the battlefield and, around the Gettysburg area all year long. However, because of what ( I ) think is residual energy on the battlefield, Most of the activity tales place in the summer and especially during the first week of july because the battle of Gettysburg was fought on July 1st-2nd and-3rd. I have heard that many National Park Rangers who patrol the battlefield over the years have actually asked for transfers because of the ghostly activity on the Gettysburg Battlefield !

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Barking Dogs at Waimanalo

It is well known that animals have keen senses, both in the form of the standard five and also very likely a few other that we don't have. My friend Jeff told me about this experience he had while living in Waimanalo, Oahu in Hawaii.

In Hawaiian folklore, it is said that if one put the water from the eyes of a dog into one own eyes one would be able to see what the dogs see, may it be ghosts, or other beings of the supernatural.

One time our dogs started barking and barking while running in circles around something, but there was nothing there, however at times it looked like there were the light of a lit cigarette in mid-air in the circled area that the dogs was running around.

I think this was another example of the menehunes using their ability to turn invisible to humans, however dogs and other animals are not fooled that easily.

You could also read more about the menehune in Jeff's other story, The Menehune of Waimanalo, Another interesting story is about the menehune like 'E'epa which are similar to leprechauns in The Leuprechaun like 'E'epa on the Island of Kauai.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

When my life flashed before my eyes

Back about five years ago I was extremely ill, suffering from emphysema, weak heart, swollen liver and severe metabolic acidosis all caused by ethylene glycol poisoning which brought me so close to death that it caused me to have my life flash by my eyes.

I had heard about this phenomena before and had often wondered about it, anyway my experience was extremely detailed though it limited itself to looking at all aspects related to everything I had, seen, learned, heard and though in the field of biology, human physiology, medicine, herbs, chemistry and biochemistry, like if my mind was accessing every aspect of my life that could hold information useful to saving my own life. After it browsed through my own life it continued back beyond my own birth, into the life experience of my mother, Siw, with the same limited aspect, continued on to my grandmother, Marie, and even back to my great-grandmother, Lydia, which actually was a great healer and herbalist back in her time. (For more on my connection with my great-grandmother Lydia read: Guided by Lydia, the Spirit of My Great-Grandmother)

The wealth of ethnobotanical information was so immense but still depicted in absolute clarity and everything was available simultaneously, so when the reverse flash was over I instantly started writing down the note on what I had learned, and was able to make myself a cure using everything in the flash and came up with a solution using pure lemon juice which bypasses the part in the glycolysis severed by the ethylene glycol poisoning by entering directly into the Krebs cycle. Use of salmiak salt to shift the body from its ever worsening cycle caused by the poisoning into producing Urea, which also help removing part of the CO2 and CO which was building up in my blood and muscles, due to lung damage. And a mixture of 100% cocoa melted in rice milk, sweetened with honey, real licorice, natural vanilla beans and a dab of olive oil to help it dissolve, which helped stabilizing the liver functions, stabilized the heart beat and blood-chemistry enough that my body could start the repairing it had been unable to get started on for months.

Within hours of starting on my newly discovered natural method for healing myself I felt a lot better than in months, it still took months to fully recover but It did work exactly as the knowledge within opened up to me through my near death experience of seeing all the information in the flash of a moment.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Purple Mist

Purple Haze Wonderful Night Images

Purple Haze Wonderful Night Layout Graphic

This is the Purple Haze Wonderful Night layouts graphic from

This one is in from Dustin in Gettysburg, PA
I am sure most of you know that every year over the 4th of July weekend in Gettysburg Pa, there is a re-enactment of the battle of Gettysburg. My two best friends and I were always civil war buffs and we took part in the reenactment every year. One year my friend and I got out to the battlefield a day early and right about dark we set up camp and built a camp fire and waited for our other friend, Alan, to arrive. My friend and I were sitting around the fire drinking iced tea while we waited and we were talking about a lot of different things. As my friend, Tommy, and I drank our iced tea and talked shop while we waited for  Alan I started to get this strange feeling deep inside of me.

We had camp set up at devil's den and we decided to take our lanterns and walk up on the rocks for a bit. We ere both wondering where alan was and why he was so late. We walked all around Devil's Den for about 30 minutes. As we returned to the camp site some other re-enactors  were starting to set up camp right beside ours. While talking to them, I noticed a purple mist right in front of me and I swear I saw Alan's face in the mist. I shut my eyes and when I opened them his face and the mist were gone. A few minutes later as I was talking to my Tommy, I saw the mist again and also Alan's face.

At that point one of the other re-enactors had asked Tommy and I if we had heard about the accident out on route 15  just south of town. We said no but that we did hear sirens a few hours ago. The guy we were talking to said there had been an accident and one fatality there earlier in the late afternoon. Once again there was the purple mist and Alan's face in the mist. I asked Tommy if he had seen it and he said I was crazy.

I went to my car and drove to Alan's house and no one was there. I then drove past the hospital and at the very end parking stall right beside the street, I saw Alan's girl friend's car. I pulled in beside it and walked into the emergency room waiting room. Once inside, I saw Alan's girl friend and his parents all sitting there in tears. Also with them was a police officer and, it was explained to me that Alan was the fatality  in the accident out on route 15 earlier that day.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pregnancy Precognitions

Illustration from the body first Pregnancy site:

Hello everybody this is Nina, since I send in so many stories, I have been given guest account access. Anyway back to topic I have always had this special connection with pregnancies, I know when someone is pregnant even if I have not met them in a decade, or even across the Globe.

Back a few years ago one of my associate professors in Tromsø, Norway, was pregnant, and while holding our Friday lecture, she was excitingly telling us that she would give birth in about 4 weeks, and how everything was going so well with her baby, at that instant I looked at her and got this feeling, no he won't he is going to be born before the end of this weekend she never told us the sex of the baby either, then on Monday we got a surprise substitute teacher in because she had to be rushed to the hospital, the Saturday evening, and gave birth to the healthy baby boy Sunday morning.

Another time some friends of mine were having a baby birth raffle, and they wanted me to pick out a date on the calender too, this was 3 months before her estimated date for her pregnancy, after some time I finally went ahead and picked the date, 21st of April, which was about 3 week too early according to the estimates. Not surprisingly thats the date her baby boy was born.

The last of my many pregnancy precognitions that I going to share with you happened about 5 years ago. Out of the blue I got this feeling that my cousin in Sweden was pregnant, she has always been somewhat of a psychic too so when I got a email from her asking if I was doing OK (I was sick) I replied asking how the pregnancy was coming along, in her reply I got confirmed that indeed she was pregnant, the doctor had just confirmed it to her the day before, and that she had not even told her boyfriend about it yet. 

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A Stormy Dream

Several years ago my mother told me about a dream she had and, that it worried her. She stated that in the dream our house was destroyed by a storm and that she wasn't sure if anyone in the family survived. I listened to her as she told me all about it. However, I didn't worry about it too much as my mother, sweet and awesome as she was, always was one to worry.

About 3 nights after she told me about her dream I was not spending the night at home and my father was at his graveyard shift job about 20 miles away from our home. That night, there was a tornado (we almost never had tornadoes in our part of Pa.) However, that night there was one and needless to say it touched down in our yard and our house was destroyed. Except for the one room my mother and the poodle were in. My mom was asleep in her room and the poodle was with her and it was the only room that was still standing of our house.

As soon as I heard the news on the radio the next morning I jumped in my car and rushed to our house but a mile away I could drive any further due to trees across the road so I walked the rest of the way. As I approached our house, all i could see was downed trees and parts of our house and the neighbors house strewn all over the place, I looked at our house and saw that only one room was still standing and it was my parents bedroom. I ran up to what was left of the house, my heart beating wildly and trying to see anything that would let me know that my mother was still alive. there were emergency crews all over the place as well as police cars. One of the paramedics told me there was a lady trapped inside the house. I looked in the window and saw my mother and the poodle sitting on her bed.

It took what seemed like forever to get my mother and the poodle free from the twisted mess that use to be a house but when they were finally able to free my mother and, after a medical check was done to assure she was OK, my mother was taken by police car to my older brothers house and I followed in my car.

later that night I was talking to my mother and she looked at me and told me that she tried to warn me about it because she saw it in her dream a few nights before. I never again doubted my mother's ability to tell of  impending danger  by way of her dreams and to be honest, it was truly not the last time she knew of something before the event took place.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Prayer Rock

 Photo by PJ 2010

My Mother carried with her a small rock that is placed in a small cloth sack and tied shut with a silk ribbon. I can remember when I was just a little boy of 5 years old or maybe 7 years old I kept seeing this sack and sometimes when we would leave the house I would see my mother slip it into her purse. One day I remember asking Mom just what it was. She also told me that someday it would be mine.

I didn't pay to much attention to her words about it because as a child all I saw was a small rock. At that age I had a very hard time thinking that a rock could make any difference in my life. However, Later my Mom told me that the rock was blessed by an angel. Now how that came about and how my mother knew that it had been blessed by an angel I do not know. Mom just always seemed to know that.

As I grew up my mom started to have serious health problems and ended up in the hospital several times. To make a long story short, each time the doctors said she would not make it due to her diseased and very weak heart. However, each time my mother went to the hospital I grabbed her prayer rock and took it out and started praying for her recovery. My mother had a love for life and I didn't want her to die young, so when this started to happen she was only in her 50's and each time she went to the hospital her heart was weaker then the last time.

It seemed like the prayers and the prayer rock worked. As my mother did recover and lived to be 80 years old before she passed on. I now have the prayer rock, as she said I would and believe me there has been many many times that I have used it.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Haunted Farm House

Back about thirty years ago in Gettysburg, Pa when I was just starting to explore the paranormal, a friend of mine was a noted paranormal investigator in the area. Although, back then, the paranormal field was very small and not a very popular field to get into or at least in my area of the country it wasn't. At any rate, my friend invited myself and another friend of mine to go on an investigation with him and a few of his colleagues. This farmhouse that we were to help investigate was owned by my investigators friend's family from way back long before the battle of Gettysburg. Now this house was not on the battlefield as we know it today but was close to it.

My investigator friend (Frank) was very eager to go into this farm house and try to find out at-least some of what was reported to be going on there. One particular hot and humid Friday evening in the middle of August, Frank and his 4 man crew and my friend and I drove to the property and back the Long Lane to his family's farm house that had not been occupied for over 50 years. Even though it was nine in the evening and dark, you could tell that the farm house was in bad shape. As we entered the house with our recorders, cameras, flash lights and, lanterns, we all decided to stay together in the house and not spread out. The inside of the house was all cob webs and smelled moldy.

In the kitchen area of the house or at least where and old time stove was, there was a cellar door one that opened up when you lifted it up. and that was about it for that area. off from the kitchen was a sitting room and  there was a wooden chair in that room and a small table that was really in bad shape. and an old, what looked like what used to be a rug. The upstairs was just two rooms a large one that was the master bedroom and a much smaller room. As we were in the kitchen area I swear to you, the cellar door would at times open just a bit by itself and slam shut. We had a hard time getting upstairs due to the steps rotting and breaking but, we made it up there anyway. The smaller bed room was pretty much intact and nothing much seem to happen there. However, in the master bedroom. it was cold and this was in the middle of August and there was a feeling of fright, despair, and sadness. My friend and I and two of the crew got a very sick in our stomachs and had to leave the area right away.

We headed back down stairs and we all saw the cellar door open and slam shut a few more times and that was it for my friend and I. We went and waited in the car until the rest of the crew and Frank came out. it only took about two minutes for them to leave after we did.

The very next day while researching the farm house, we all discovered that back many years ago, the family that lived there was murdered. A man and his wife and a small child. There bodies were reportedly buried in the cellar.   

Frank always knew that there was a family murdered there but he didn't know exactly when or why. We all knew that when we went in but we never expected to feel the fright and sadness and despair we all felt in the master bedroom and to this day I feel that the cellar door was opening and slamming shut because the bodies were buried in the cellar. That my friends is what spiked my interest in the paranormal.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Magic Music Box

This is in from Marion in Fort Worth, Texas.

I had an aunt who had a wonderful old time music box. It was one of the types with a wind-up key and when you wind it up it will play music for several minutes. Since most ladies had a music box to keep their jewelry and forget-me-nots, and my aunt was no exception. She played the music box everyday and my uncle and cousin and a few other people would tease my aunt saying that if she did not stop playing it as often as she would wear it out long before his time. She would just smile and continue to run the key and listen to beautiful music.

Five months ago my aunt died. She died in her bed and her last wish was to hear her beloved music box. I took it over to her side, and when I went to wind it up for her, it started playing music before I was done winding it up. I put it next to her and put her hand on the box, and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled and then she was gone.

My uncle and cousin thought it would be good to bury the Music Box with her so that she could always listen to beautiful music for all eternity, so that the Music Box went to the grave with her. Now, five months later, when I go to the house my aunt lived in I hear the Music Box. Not only do I hear it, but also my cousin and uncle do so too, just like many other people who have been to the house after my aunt died. The pastor noted that he heard the music when he was checking on my uncle and cousin after my aunt died. This has been going on for the last 3 months. I think that my aunt is in heaven, and she looks down and look over the house and family. I think this because, none of us feel fear, when we hear the music, in fact, it gives everyone a safe, peaceful and secure feeling.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hero, the faithful dog

This is a story from Petter in Norway.
This is a recap of what happened after my black Labrador, Hero, died when he was 11 years old, and it spans over a period of 10 years. I have always been very skeptical and have never believed in reincarnation, but sometimes one would wonder.

In life Hero was a very normal black Labrador retriever and he used to follow me everywhere, faithfully having a daily chore of escorting me to my school bus, and waiting until It picked me up, He would make sure I was protected where ever I'd go. Then about 1 year after he died of old age, one of our cats gave birth to a female black kitten. In all our years this was the only time any of our many farm cats got a black kitten. Jokingly we remarked hey she looks a bit like Hero, she even have his white flag shaped spot on her chest. We named the kitten Euphra and she was always a bit odd, I never heard her meow and she would run not like any of our other cats, and we often said jokingly she must be a reincarnation of Hero, since her behavior was more like a dog than a cat, but still always considered this to be more a coincidence than anything else. (see Petter's other post in this blog about coincidences)
A few years later Euphra passed away and I moved to Tromsø to study, I always walked a lot, and during the first year I often saw this one kid about 7 or 8 years old playing along in this one part I passed while walking to or from the University. Then one day the kid stopped me and asked where my dog was, he insisted he had seen me walk by with my dog almost every day now for over a year. I told him he must be mistaken since I did not have any dogs, though I do walk by almost every day. The kid was very persistent and continued telling me what the dog looked like even describing the unique flag shaped white spot on his chest, a perfect description of Hero my old dog from years earlier. It does make you wonder if there really are something more, and if so it seemed my old dog Hero was still with me even 10 years after he passed away.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

June 2008 - The Shining - Book of Luck

Photo of The Shining by PJ 2011

I just got this e-mailed to me from Sarah in Boston, Massachusetts, after reading the story about the possessed role play game book, she felt compelled to share her own book related experience with us.

This happened to me back in 2008, because my mother was too ill to work and my salary was not enough to pay everything for both of us we were $400 short to pay our monthly rent. I felt depressed, but since I have always loved books, I thought maybe it would cheer me up some by walking over to the second-hand bookstore across the street from our apartment. While I was checking out a shelf I felt drawn to a book that looked brand new, it was protected by a plastic wrapping, but the style was older, it was a book I already knew well, The Shining by Stephen King, who happens to be one of my favorite authors.

When I examined it closer I noticed it said, "A new novel by the author of CARRIE and 'SALEM'S LOT" which got me thinking excitingly, hey that cannot be TRUE, this is NOT a NEW novel, AND the cover is different on than The Shining that I READ before. I could not find any pricing on the book so I decided to ask how much it was, to my surprise, the young clerk told me that he would sell it to me for $10, just what I had on me at the moment. So I seized the moment and bought the since I had a suspicion that this might be a first edition book, still unopened and in mint condition.

When I got home I checked it out and got it confirmed that this was really a first edition of "The Shining" from 1977 the very same year that I was born, I did not hesitate and placed it up on e-bay for online auction, I was overwhelmed by happiness when the auction ended at $501, enough to cover the rest of my rent and have some left to take care of my mother. Soon I was contacted about a new better paid job, and I truly believe that all these sudden events of luck came with the book as an answer to our prayers.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Blessing from my dead Mother-in-Law to be

Photo by PJ 2007

I had never met my mother in law, since she passed away a few years prior to meeting my significant other. This happened in his hometown of Gettysburg, Pa.

During my second night staying there with my soon husband to be, I got this dream that his mother came to the bedroom, she spoke to me in my dream, and appeared to me as I had seen her on his family pictures. The dream was brief as she told me her full name, including her middle name which no one had ever told me, she said how happy I made her feel, seeing that her son had found the one he would be with, and told me that she was so proud of me, and that she knew I was the right one for her son, the final words was to watch over her baby boy, and she leaned forward and gave me kiss on the cheek, and a hug.

At this instant I woke up, I felt the spot on my cheek that she kissed me at, and It felt like I had really been given a hug. I told my fiancé what I had just experienced that night and shared the message and the full name she had given me to let her know it was really her. He looked at me with disbelief in his eyes but he soon accepted what I shared with him because there was no doubt in my soul that this was really the blessing for our marriage from his diseased mother.

Later that same day we visited her grave, and I got this feeling of inner peace, I think this was my mother-in-law touching my soul again, confirming the dream and for giving our respect at her resting place.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dowsing for Water

This willow branch found on the Photo dictionary site, is a suitable dowsing rod, one would usually remove the leaves to make it easier to handle, but this is not necessary to make it into a good Y shaped dowsing rod.

While I was still living in Norway, I had a chance to visit and watch my friend TJ in Vadsø show me how she could do dowsing for water using either a Y shaped willow twig or two L shaped bent iron rods, after 50 years as a water finder she got this down to an art.

She told me how when she was a young girl the family tested her and her brothers to see whom would be able to help look for water for their farm, by using a willow twig shaped as a Y only her and one of her brothers gave any response when doing this type of dowsing, she also told me that she has tried different types of wood, and found that the young fresh cut off twig of a willow bush work the best for as a branch based dowsing tool, but she could do much more with metal rods, oh and that dry twigs do not work.

TJ has helped different villages, friends and family build wells with her dowsing ability, and I would not believed how well she could do this unless I had witness this myself. She even give the directions of the water under ground, if it's still, running, how much of it and how deep one would need to dig to reach it. Explaining that the rods are affected by the magnetic currents of the water, causing the willow rod to point down at water, and the metal rods cross or opens up in a W, it also work on other things, like finding people, or determine strong magnetic field in your home. TJ also told me that not everybody would be able to do dowsing, some seem to be totally unable to do so while others are born naturally talented.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Going Up Hill

Illustration: David McKinney's

When I lived in Gettysburg, PA. There was a town about 35 miles south from us called Fredrick, Maryland. Folks in Gettysburg would go to Fredrick all the time for concerts, shopping and so on. The big story there was that if on a certain road going out of Fredrick, you would come to a hill. A pretty long and steep hill. The story go's that if you drive your car to the foot of the hill and turn your engine off and take your foot off the break, your car would start to go uphill.

One nigh while down in Fredrick, my friend and I decided to give it a try. We parked at the bottom of this hill and shut off the car and took our foot off the breaks and allowed the car to drift back a few inches til it cane to a complete stop. We made sure the gear shift was in the neutral position and then my friend and I just sat in the car very still and waited for something to happen.

After 5 minutes sure enough the car started to slowly go uphill. It went very slowly. Once we were past about the 1/3 mark on the hill we put on the breaks and started the car and backed down to the bottom because we didn't want to go the entire way to the top of the hill because we didn't know what or who was waiting for us there and after all we had our proof that the legend was correct.

I don't know the exact story as to why this happens. I had heard that many years ago some teenagers were killed in an accident as they topped the hill in their car. True or not I do not know. However, I do know that if you go to this road and try it you will start to go up hill. I have been told that not all cars will go up hill there but that some do and the one we were in most certainly did start to go up hill.

we didn't go all the way up and I would NOT recommend anybody go all the way up. No one knows what is waiting at the top of the hill and this was many many tears ago and to be honest I think the road is closed off now. However, it was an experience I can tell you that.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Wade Massacre in Idaho

This one is in from Christi, it's an experience she had while working in Idaho more than a decade ago. Thank you so very much for sharing.

I was living and working in Idaho back in the mid-90's and was driving my company truck between Boise and Caldwell. I looked over into an alfalfa field and saw about five covered wagons. I pulled over to take a look since the area wasn't far from the old Oregon Trail.  

As I watched, the women and children came out of the wagons and began to run toward the cottonwood trees along the creek. There were men under the wagons firing their rifles just as fast as they could. I saw, what looked to be, Blackfoot or Shoshone warriors emerge from the trees and charge the wagons. The battle ensued and I saw one woman and a couple of kids actually make it to the trees. The firing stopped and the native people faded back into the tree line.  I drove on and continued my day. 

A few days later, I mentioned the incident to a friend that is a native of the area.  He took me a country mile around to the back side of the creek on an old dirt road and showed me a brass plaque that talked about the Wade Massacre.  Seems that I had a front row seat to the event that happened over 100 years prior. 

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