Thursday, December 16, 2010

Melissa's Birthday

Hi my name is Melissa and I would like to share something with you. First of all I love this site, many of the stories touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes. This past summer I lost one of my Best friends in the whole world, my Mother.

Ever sense I was little I can remember her telling me about the night that I was born. I guess that my Auntie Joan was over visiting and her and my Mother were playing cards at the kitchen table when my Mom went in to labor with me. My Dad was at work, so they called him and told him to rush home because he had to bring my Mom to the hospital. While on the way there my Mom was in the back seat and my Auntie was yelling at my Dad to drive faster, but he couldn't go any faster because there was a BLIZZARD going on and the roads were snow covered and very icy.

Well everyone got to the hospital ok and I was born on December1, 1981. Like I was saying, I lost my Mother this past July due to cancer, but the night before my birthday, before I went to sleep I actually prayed for the first time since she died. What I said was this, "Mom if you are up there and you can hear me, all I want for my Birthday is snow, big fat pretty snow flakes." Then I went to sleep not thinking a lot about it.

But when I woke up the morning of my Birthday it was snowing, and they were big fat pretty snow flakes. Some people will tell you that it all has to do with the weather patterns in the mid-west this time of year. But I like to think that she is up there watching over the family and I and, sent those just for me. Thanks for giving me the chance to share with you.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black Liquid Fear and Black Soul Mist

A friend of mine experienced all of his fears and phobias turn into black liquid that trickled down his body and went away never to return, even-though he described this happening in his mind the result was real. I have myself also felt something similar but for me the fears, trauma and despair seemed to evaporate and turn into a black mist as it left my body.

I have heard other people describing similar experiences that happened to them, some while asleep and others while awake. It seems to be similar to what has been described as the spirit worlds effect on our mind, among nature people and that they were able to control this trough use of trances, rituals and in some cases psychedelic fungi, herbs and mixtures to induce the state of mind they needed to affect the spirit world that borders our own in our mind and dreams.

In my friends case he was fully awake, and had gone trough a phase in his life that opened up his inner spirituality to new possibilities, and thus gaining the new insight needed to turn his fears and phobias liquid and dispose of them. In my own case I was fully awake also and I had not been on any drugs of any sort, but I was at that time very ill, as the black mist left me I felt fully rejuvenated and was better than I had been for 8 months within almost an instant. And to this day the blackness that seemed to dwell in me just like in my friend never returned.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sheena's Christmas Angel

When I was a kid my family lived in Connecticut. In our community there were no rich people. My family however, had it better then most. Three doors down from our house lived a family that was not on welfare or anything, but I can say at the end of each month when all their bills and rent were paid there was no money left over at all and some months there was not enough money to pay rent, all the bills and buy food.

In that house lived a family with two kids, Jason which was 12 years old and my best friend and Sheena which was 5. Now, I remember one-year things were so thigh that they had no money for Christmas. I still remember how Jason’s Mother borrowed $20.00 from my Mom so she could buy her children each one small Christmas gift. Since Jason’s Dad could not afford a Christmas tree he went out and found a big branch cut from another tree, put a string of lights on it and an angel on the top.

On Christmas Eve afternoon Jason and Sheena’s Mom sat in the living room of their very modest home looking at the poor excuse of a Christmas tree crying because she wanted Christmas to be special for her kids. She was so sad and heart broken.
Sheena walked up to her Mother and crawled up in her lap and gave her Mom a big hug asking her why she was crying and her Mom replied because we have no food left and I wanted this to be a Happy Christmas. Upon hearing that, Sheena told her Mother that she shouldn’t cry and that this would be the best Christmas ever. Her Mother asked Sheena how she could know that and Sheena replied that the angel told her so. Shocked by what she had just heard Sheena’s asked her what angel and Sheena pointed to the so-called Christmas tree and said that angel mommy. Not wanting to discourage Sheena, her Mother forced a smile and said that’s right honey; this will be the best Christmas ever because I have you and you’re brother and daddy.

Later that evening when the whole neighbor hood was at midnight Christmas church Service Sheena and her family sat through the entire service as well as did the other neighbors that attended the service. When it was over Sheena had fallen asleep and her Mother carried her out to the old car they had and Sheena’s brother and dad followed.

When they arrived home Sheen’s Mom walked into the house to find that in the kitchen there was food. So much food that they could eat for a week. There were pies and cakes all sorts of vegetables and milk and juice. Also in the fridge was a huge turkey just waiting to be cooked in the oven. Shocked and surprised, she took Sheena to her room and put her to bed and returned to the kitchen and her son and husband stood there in awe.

They all three walked into the living room and found a 6ft tree all decorated and with plenty of gifts under the tree. Sheen’s Mom remembered what little Sheena had said about the angel and, as Sheena’s mom looked up at the angel, she saw a glow leave the top of the tree and float to Sheena’s room and stay there. Sheena’s Mother began to cry tears of joy. No one ever found out where the tree, gifts and, food came from. So, you see my friends there are really angels, always looking out for us and protecting us. We just have to learn how to let them into our lives.

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