Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Whisper #1: The UK Shadow Seekers

In short tell us about the UK Shadow Seekers
Managed by Steve and Susanne Taggart and assisted by Vinny Brindle, the UK Shadow Seekers (UKSS) are a Not-for-Profit, Volunteer-based team of experienced investigators, who invite the public to join them, as they investigate the history of strange occurrences reported at some of the UK’s most haunted locations and more importantly, at a reasonable price.

With a team of 16 experienced staff members, we are qualified to a high standard, including Officers covering Health and Safety, First Aid and Fire Safety.

We are also founders of KTPF (Keeping TheParanormal Friendly) Paranormal Community which also runs the events directory, Paranormal Events 4U.

What is the reason for your interest in the paranormal?
Personally to find proof of life after death, but like everyone, watching paranormal programs and films has peaked our interest and made us want to find out for ourselves.

How long have you been doing this?
The UKSS started back in 2007. Steve and I actively started to investigate the Paranormal and Spiritual field back in 2005 but collectively we have over 30 years experience within the Team.
Where are your located?
Tameside in Greater Manchester UK

Our readers would love to hear you share a key experience.
One such venue, the Roe Cross Inn in Mottram-In-Longdendale, where we had glasses being thrown. Until a census was found and we discovered that there was a landlord missing from the list of tenants mentioned on a plaque in the pub. We had picked up on a name previously and this name matched. After that, no more poltergeist activity happened, but there other things still happening there.

In your opinion what is the hot-spot of your region?
This is a very hard question to answer as any venue can be a hot-spot at any given time, but our favourite’s are Hyde Town Hall, Knottingley Town Hall and Morecambe Winter Gardens as there is always something happening.

Do you have a facebook group, website, email, or other means for those interested to reach you if they have any questions?
Our website is where you can find out more about us, our events and other topics

Our group on Facebook at UK Shadow SeekersParanormal Group or follow us on Twitter @UKShadowSeekers.

Also at where you will find a broader interest within the Paranormal including Cryptozoology and Ufology.

Any other comments, advice, words of wisdom or such you would like to share with the readers?
The trick is to always be prepared to look for an alternative reason for what is happening and if one can not be found then what you are left with must be the truth.

Warning: With Tameside’s Resident Paranormal Group your involvement during our investigations is important, as we aim to give you an insight to being a ParanormalInvestigator.

So When Booking With Us, Be Prepared.
Tameside's ResidenParanormal Group invites you to help investigate alleged haunted places, at prices you can afford. Go on... Do something hauntingly different!!!

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