Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Sacred Power of the Ti leaf

The Ti Plant, also known as Ki, Cordyline fruticosa
Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

This is another story shared by Loa and it is about the power of the mysterious Ti leaf, as experienced by her mother when she was a little girl.

One day my grandmother asked my mother to go pick ti leaves, so my mother went around looking for some. My mother noticed that the vacant house next door had an abundance of ti leaves growing in their backyard, so she decided to save time by picking all the leaves she needed there. She noticed that the ti leaves were planted in a circle and thought that was a little weird, but that did not stop her. When my mother got home, my grandmother was trilled to see all the ti leaves and asked my mother "where did you get them from?" My mother responded "Oh, I got them from next door." My grandmother's mouth dropped open and immediately called the medicine man. 

When the medicine man arrived my grandmother quickly told him him the situation and they both started rubbing my mother down with a special ointment that was made by the medicine  man. My mother was so confused on what was going on. She remembers that as night came my grandmother and medicine man  surrounded her in the living room and started to do their ritual. The medicine man chanted in a foreign language and my grandmother being a devout catholic, prayed. My mother remembers that all of a sudden all the windows and doors started rattling like someone was trying to get in,but my grandmother and the medicine man kept on with their ritual until it all stopped.

The next morning my grandmother explained to my mother that the ti leaves she picked were in a circular pattern for a reason. They were surrounding an ancient Hawaiian burial ground for evil kahunas (Hawaiian priest or traditional healer) of long ago. The Ti leaves that my mother picked were planted there long ago by ancient Hawaiians to keep the evil spirits from roaming free, so when my mother picked them she released those spirits.

That same day the medicine man replanted every single ti leaf back in its original place and did a chant of forgiveness. The spirits were back to where they belong and my mother till this day always tells us, her children "Make sure you get permission before picking ti leaves"

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Samoan Curfew

This is a true story that happened to Loa's father and her uncle back in their home island of Samoa about 40 years ago.

This happened to my father and his cousin back in Samoa when they were about 15 years old, and like any ordinary island child they loved to swim. In Samoa, they have a curfew for the village people to be in the house by 6 or 7 p.m. to do prayer. So around that time the officials of the village would ring a bell or blow a conch shell to inform that curfew was in effect. It was not only forbidden by law but was forbidden because around that time, the ancestral spirits would roam free and anyone could be "taken" at that time.

My father, being a trouble maker decided that he and his cousin would hide out on the beach so they could swim throughout the night. Well as they swam, they started to see the torches and knew right away that the officials were getting ready to enforce curfew. So they hid and kept the noise down until the officials went back into their houses. That was a stupid mistake.

While they were celebrating in the water for not being caught my father and his cousin started to notice a faint sound in the distance on the beach. They tried to look who it was that was making the noise but they couldn't figure that out. As the people started getting closer, they could see that they were chanting and holding torches so they assumed it was the officials doing another round of enforcing curfew. Then they noticed the people were wearing clothes of way back in the day and the chanting was actually of an older Samoan language that was hardly used. My father knew right away that something was wrong, so he convinced his cousin that they should hurry back to their house.

While returning home they felt for some reason like they were being held by some kind of force because these men kept getting closer and closer even though my father and cousin was running faster and faster. Eventually they reached home and my grandmother and some of the other elders of the family were waiting impatiently for them. As soon as they got there, my grandmother could see what had happening, so she quickly rinsed my father and his cousin off with fresh water to get the salt water scent away from them. She hurried as fast as she could because she could see the spirits coming closer and closer. As they were only a few feet away my grandmother just finished washing my father and cousin off. Then when see looked up the spirits were gone.

AT this point my grandmother stared crying. She beat m father and cousin and explained that the curfew was not only for the purpose of the officials but for the respect of the spirits that walked around at night. She told my father they had just disrespected our ancestors. And she explained how lucky they were that she was there to know how to handle the situation because this had also happened to her when she was a young girl. My father and his cousin from that day never broke curfew and till this day, they look back on that event and wonder what if?

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Never Be Mean to a Stranger

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

 This is a true story that was shared with me by Loa in Honolulu Hawaii, and it all happened to her grandmother's sister back in old Hawaii.

A long time ago, roughly 30-40 years ago, my great aunt experienced a life-changing event. My aunt was always known from what I have heard as the meanest person around. One day she was riding the bus home from work like she always did and as usual she was tired, grumpy, and anxious to get home. Well on her way home she met an older, homeless lady that asked her for a dollar. Like always, my aunt not only rudely refused the old lady, but she also had some hard words for her and went about her way, the old lady bitterly said to my aunt "That is going to cost you more than a dollar!". As her bus came to her final stop, she could see her husband, my uncle waiting for her like he always did and that is all she remembers from that day.

Well my uncle then told us that as my aunt exits the bus, he was there waiting for her as always, but this time it was different because as my aunt got off the bus, she suddenly collapsed. My uncle not knowing what was going on carried my aunt to her father. He then said that as they put her on the floor of the living room, she not only started speaking in a deep voice but was in a language they have never heard. My great-grandfather knew right away that my aunt was possessed by "something".

My great-grandfather called the family medicine man, my grandma who was a devout catholic, and some of the male family members to restrain her. As the medicine man came, he started doing his rituals and my grandmother started praying. As this session went on, my aunt started screaming in a demonic voice and she suddenly had such great force that it was hard for the men over 300lbs and 6 feet tall to hold this petite lady of 5 feet. After a few hours, she came to and without any knowledge of what just happened. My great-grandfather then told her what happened and that she could have died if it weren't for all these people that were there. She then explained the events of prior to her getting home and immediately my great-grandfather said. "That's why you should never be mean to a stranger."

Still too this today, my aunt cannot recall what happened that day, but I tell you this, she is probably my nicest aunt alive!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Smell of Cologne

I had a very close friend that died several years ago. I talked about my friend in the Talking With A Dead Friend entry.

My friend use to every once in a while wear cologne. I forget what the brand name of it was but I will never forget the smell of it. I do remember him telling me it was a very expensive cologne. I am sure it was because my friend one one of these guys that every hair had to be in place and his clothes always had to looked freshly pressed.

The cologne he at times would wear was really nice and I never have sensed the smell of it again since his death until late last night. I was sitting outside late night on the porch. I notice the scent of his cologne for the first time in 12 years. I looked and their was no one near me. I felt good about it but also felt lonely so, I went inside and up the stairs and went to bed. I tried to sleep but couldn't. I tossed and turned for two hours. Then all of a sudden, it seemed as if the scent of his cologne filled my bedroom. I got out of bed and turned the light on. looking around to see where all this was coming from. I went down stairs and the scent was every where. I knew at that point something was up but I went back upstairs and thought the only thing I could do was go back to bed.

As I walked into my bedroom, I saw a form, a smoky looking human form. the form looked like my dead friend and when I spoke it, It disappeared that quick.
I asked my friend to let me see him and to talk to me as he did the first time about 10 years ago but, this time, he didn't. He went away that quick, no reason or explanation at all he just disappeared as fast as he appeared and then just as fast, the scent of his cologne was also gone.

I guess, sometimes are loved ones that are gone from this earth, just want to come back from time to time to check on us and make sure we are OK.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

What is Paranormal?

We all hear and see so much today about the paranormal. I have found that a lot of folks get confused about what actually is and is not paranormal. I decided to do a entry about the term paranormal to hopefully help clear that situation for anyone who may get the definition confused.

The definition of paranormal is simply ... A experience that can not be explained by logic or by science. The paranormal comes in many different forms. There is Remote Viewing, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), UFO's, Aliens, UltraterrestrialsTelekinesis, ReincarnationsGhosts, Precognition, Demons and Angels only to name a few.

A ghost is a spirit or apparition, a dead person or animal, that can manifest it self to the living for what ever reason is feels it needs to do so.

Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is when one has the psychic ability to get information about a  person or object that is far away and cannot be seen from where one is at the time of that viewing.

Precognition is basically when one has foreknowledge of an event.

Extra Sensory  Perception  (ESP)
ESP is being able to perceive  information about things, places, people, events, without using normal senses to do so.

So, there you go. People all over this world claim to have had one or more of these situations happen to them. They do happen. I have had my own experiences with a few of them myself. the thing about them is They are for real but we can not explain them through science or logic. That makes all these PARANORMAL. We know what happens however, we don't know why or exactly what makes any of these situations happen.

There are many more events that are considered paranormal. However, in the interest of time I will save them for a later blog entries. Many events are at first considered to be paranormal later to be debunked, and be considered to be perinormal or determined to be a real phenomena, one example of this is EMF (Electromagnetic Field) which for a long time was not acknowledged to be a real phenomena at all by science.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perinormal Phenomena

Today let us examine the term Perinormal Phenomena. Perinormal comes from the words Peri meaning near and normal (near-normal). Basically, the term Perinormal Phenomena means it is something that comes up in an investigation that at first cannot be explained by science or logic by the investigators. Therefore that event, may be it a sound or a shadow or whatever, is labeled paranormal.

For instance, a very high electromagnetic field reading (EMF) may at first be considered paranormal. However, once the investigators have the electric system looked at by a licensed electric company employee, they can then tell that there is a logical reason for the high EMF reading and at that point it then becomes Perinormal and not paranormal.

A strange sound may seem paranormal at first and sometimes it indeed can be paranormal but there are times when the investigators by reviewing the evidence will be able to find the source for that strange sound and at that point that sound becomes Perinormal instead of paranormal.

So during a so called haunting, allot of things are labeled paranormal at first. However in doing the evidence review and other test, sometimes some things considered paranormal often become Perinormal. Another example experienced by a lady named Eva, later proved to be Perinormal (see Angel Feathers).

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