Friday, December 23, 2011

The 'Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii - A Palace Were Royal Ghosts Still Walk

Photo of 'Iolani Palace at Night 2011 By PJ

The 'Iolani Palace is located in downtown Honolulu on the island of Oahu, it was completed in 1882 under the rule of King Kalakaua and when he died in January of 1891 his sister Lili'uokalani became Queen. She was to the best of my knowledge the last royal to live in the 'Iolani Palace. We know so well the sad events that took place while she was Queen and she was a very beloved Queen of Hawaii, eventually she died of a stroke in 1917. Sometime after that date the U.S. government moved in and used the 'Iolani Palace as headquarters until 1969. After that the Palace was restored to as much as original condition and is now open to the public for tours.

Photo of 'Iolani Palace at Night 2011 By PJ

Some say the Queen is still at the Palace. There have been many reports by both employees of the Palace, guides and tourist alike of strange things that happens there. I and friends of mine have heard so many things that supposedly happen at the 'Iolani Palace, and the surrounding Palace grounds that we wanted to go there and see what we could find out for ourselves. We went to the Palace at night and talked with one of the security guards. He was very helpful and insightful of the happenings at the Palace. Even though we could not enter we felt like we knew the Palace like the back of our hand after our conversation with the guard.

Photo of 'Iolani Palace at Night 2011 By PJ

Here are some of the things he was kind enough to let us in on. In the blue room of the Palace, is a piano that is locked in a glass case. The security guards do not have the key to that glass enclosure. Yet at times, the guards can hear the piano playing. Not a song but, just keys being pressed in random order. Now, it is not one of the pianos that will play on its own with no one pressing the keys. Someone must be stroking the keys to make any sound. They of course have security cameras there and when they zoom in to the piano, no one is there and no keys are being pressed down but yet, the piano music keeps playing.

 Photo of 'Iolani Palace at Night 2011 By PJ

Another fascinating piece of information he gave us was, at night all the doors are sealed. About 30 minutes after the sealing the alarm goes off in the Queens bedroom and when the guards go up and check, the seal had been broken and the door to the Queens bedroom was open. The guards will of course reseal the door and about 30 minutes later, the alarm goes off again.

The Queen was known for her love for her people and her love of cigars. Yes, the Queen did smoke cigars.  At times I and many other people have smelled cigar smoke on the Palace grounds and by the Queen's statue across the street when no one was smoking at all. I can only assume that is the Queen's way of saying she is around.

 Photo of 'Iolani Palace Gate with 
the Royal Seal at Night 2011 By PJ

The Palace has a few towers on the top of it. The guard said that on more then one occasion he would be outside at night in the wee hours in the morning, he would look up at the tower beside the imprisonment room and there would be a very bright light in the tower. Now, there is nothing strange about a bright light, except there are no lights in the towers. None of these experiences happen every night but, they do happen often. There are often voices and foot steps heard in the Palace at night when only one person is there.

Photo of 'Iolani Palace at Night 2011 By PJ

He also told us that several people have reported seeing a lady dressed in an early last century style black dress, both in the Queens dressing room and in the next door office that the Queen worked. The Lady is assumed by many to be Queen Lili'uokalani, but since she only appear in the corner of your eye in a split second none have been able to say for sure whom the mysterious Lady in black is.

Photo of 'Iolani Palace Auxiliary Building
at Night 2011 By PJ

Not only the Palace itself but also the surrounding compound and auxiliary buildings are also known to be haunted. Another lady that we talked with mentioned that she has herself observed mysterious lights and heard things she could not explain when working late at night and while closing, she also told us that it was common knowledge among those that worked there to share other similar stories.

Photo of 'Iolani Palace Auxiliary Building
at Night 2011 By PJ

I do hope the Queen's spirit is still at the palace. It is her home. She loved the people of Hawaii and they loved her. I myself believe the Queen is there still looking after her home and her people. That's the way it should be.

Photo of 'Iolani Palace at Night 2011 By PJ

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Don't Disrespect The Spirits At Judd Trail

Photo by G. Poole 2011, Mysterious Mist next to the Judd Trail Sign

On the beautiful island of Oahu, there are many breathtaking sights. One of these breathtaking sites is a hiking trail by the name of Judd Trail. This trail runs along the ridge of the Ko'olau Range and ends at the Pali Lookout. The view during the day as one is hiking Judd trail can be breathtaking and beautiful

However, at night, in the dark there is more to the story of Judd Trail then most people realize. A friend of mine, Megan, went to Judd Trail with two of her friends. Her friends sat at the beginning of the trail while Megan decided to take a walk on the trail and see what she could see even thought it was 3 am. Judd Trail is not a long trail by any means, It is just short of a mile. However, at places along the trail there some obstacles such as rock climbing, and at one spot you have to walk on the stones in the creek to get on the other side of the trail.

Megan kept walking until she reached the water fall, well out of sight from her two friends. Once at the water fall, Megan started to feel very strange inside. A feeling of total shock came over Megan. She felt nervous and very afraid because at the water fall, it became bright as day. She explained to me that it was just as light as it would be at 12 noon. Megan looked up to the sky to see what was going on and when she looked back down in front of her she saw an elderly Hawaiian women walking her dog coming in the direction that Megan was standing at. Megan was very shaken up by all this and she started to run away from the woman and the dog back up the trail to her friends.

As soon as Megan reached a spot close to where her friends were it became dark again. This frightened Megan even more. She continued to run  and jumped in her car where her friends were waiting for her. Her friends who were unaware of what just happened asked what was wrong but Megan couldn't even speak. As her friends tried to calm her down, Megan looked out the car window just in time to see this elderly women walk right through the car as if it weren't even there at all. Megan said the lady looked very angry and yelled something in Hawaiian  as she went through the car  Megan and her friends  who were both very afraid and spooked by this elderly Hawaiian lady. They could see this lady and her dog on the other side of the car through the window yelling at them and when they tried to start the car to get away, the car would not start until the Hawaiian lady and her dog just seemed to vanish in mid air.

Megan has told me she will never go to Judd Trail again. I told her that she more then likely did something to disrespect the spirits there. Judd Trail is a very sacred place to the Hawaiians and the spirits that dwell there. Judd Trail is their home and it should be treated with respect just as we would want anyone entering into our home to treat it with respect.

I have myself been to Judd Trail many times and yes, I have indeed seen and heard things there so, I have no problem with believing the experience that Megan had while at Judd trail.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Animals Ability to Sense Paranormal Activity

Photo by PJ 2009 Cattle Farmland on the isle of Hawaii

Most animals have senses that are much more keen than our own human senses, and many of them have senses that humans do not even have. It is well known that many animals know when there is something paranormal with them, from a common house cat hissing or following something unseen passing trough the room. Dogs, horses, birds and I am sure a lot of other animals also have the ability to sense things that most humans never would. I have myself watched as my cat respond to what would been a spectral hand trying to pet it's back making her crunching down and move away.

Felines are well known for senses among these a superb hearing, excellent sense of smell, known electromagnetic sensory abilities, low light vision which probably makes them able to see things even in regular light that we never would. When we surveyed our house for electromagnetic fields (EMF), we found out that the cats preferred to sleep in all the hot spots and all the cold spots in the electromagnetic field much as they love to bask in the sun or sleep close to a warm oven in the winter they also seemed to pick their sleeping areas according to the EMF, EMF is known to spike up with paranormal activity though consistent EMF fields are associated with our electronics, wirings and water pipes, proving that at least cats have the ability to directly sense EMF.

Canines are also well known for a multitude of great senses from their superb sense of smelling, possible electromagnetic sensory abilities and a superb sense of hearing, several polynesians that I know claim that the wetness of a dogs eye make them able to see ghosts and if a human ever would wet their eyes with the dogs eye wetness they too could see what the dogs do.

Avians have very strong electromagnetic sensory ability as this is part of their natural navigation, using earths own magnetic fields as a form of GPS, birds also have a wider field of perception in the form being able to see in the ultra violet spectrum of light, which humans and most other animals do not have, many of them also have a excellent sense of smell.

Equines are naturally skittish and often refuse to cross into areas that have high EMF fields, they have superb senses in hearing and smell, but have a limited sight in low light making them even more dependent on using their other senses.

Bovines are smart herd animals and since I grew up on a farm I always had plenty of opportunity to notice how the cattle handled the paranormal, being a sensitive myself I would already know if I had sensed something and the cows, though mostly seems to ignore things of the paranormal definitely know it is there, and they act protectively of their herd if they feel the entity is harmful or evil. I always felt very safe with the cows around me since they would quickly ward off any evils as a herd, circling around those they want to protect and chase away anything evil.

I am sure all animals exhibits some senses capable of noticing the paranormal and if you have any examples of animals that I did not include in my entry that you would like to share with the blog feel free to contact us at

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ultraterrestrials! Visitors From Other Dimensions

Photo in courtesy of wikimedia commons, 
K. Franklins, Hat Creek Radio Observatory
SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, perhaps SETI should be supplemented with SUTI, a program searching for Ultraterrestrials?

The term ultraterrestrial covers creatures, beings and entities that are not of this dimension, examples that by some considered as ultraterrestrials are angels, demons, orbs, rods, ghosts and even some mythological plants and beasts like unicorns, fay, centaurs and leprechauns that may at some point have been able to cross into our dimension, or been seen by some from our realm as they blended through parallel dimensional dreams. Some even think that alien UFO visitors might be of a ultraterrestrial origin rather than extraterrestrials.

Angels and Demons as Ultraterrestrials
These opposite forces of good and evil seem to have several traits that could be explained as visitations of a multi-dimensional type. Both seem to be able to enter our realm in more of a metaphysical state as they seem to be beings of force and energy.

Mythological Beasts and Beings
In this category you have all the large beings mentioned within different cultures mythology (unicorns, dragons, mermaids, cyclops, minotaurs, pegasus, leprechauns, e'epa, menehune, leviathan, satyrs, and some semi-inteligent animals, like the cat like Ullgolthr and Rallurgh.) These are according to some, beings that actually used to co-existed in our reality but was later prevented from freely crossing the dimensional veil. (For other explanations of Mythological beasts read the entry Unicorns, Camelopardalis and other Cryptids.)

Plants, Vermin and Other Lesser Creatures
Much like in the category above these co-exist in the borderland of the dimensions and sometimes or used to be present in our realm before the veil was closed. Examples of dimensional beings of this order are the elusive rods and orbs, invisible to the human eye but sometimes captured on film. Most of these are easily debunked as bugs or specs of dust, though some might be dimensional visitors.

Ghosts and Hauntings
Ghosts are similar to angels and demons, all of them being incorporeal, though ghosts do not possess the power of higher beings, they do have the ability to seemingly exist in our realm, at least partially. This would also explain why ghosts are so hard to capture since they are not fully part of our world anymore, and many of them have not crossed over the veil.

Dreams and Astral projections
In some cultures dreams are thought to literally be traveling into a separate world, another dimension made out of pure thoughts, this would make the dreamer an ultraterrestrial traveler. Astral projections are by definition ultraterrestial travel as ones soul enters into the Astral dimensional plane that are theorized to blend in with our own reality, making the astral traveler present in our world but still unattached in spirit.

The Veil
The Veil is the very fabric of time, energy and space thought to separate our realm from parallel multidimensional realms that intersects our own reality, psychics are thought to be sensitive to the weaknesses within The Veil and thus able to sense and see things that are close to the other side of Veil or even partially intersected into our material universe.

UFO's as Visitors From Other Dimensions
This is referred to by some ufologists like Jacques Vallée and Dr. Josef Allen Hynek as the inter-dimensional hypothesis which instead of having UFO's as extraterrestrial visitors consider aliens to be from a different reality or dimension that coexist alongside our own reality. Dr. Hynek was one of the key researchers for the US government into the UFO phenomena under project Sign (1947-1949), project Grudge (1949-1952) and Project Blue book (1952-1969).

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Held Down (An Unwanted Visitor in the Night) by Obake Hunter

Photo by PJ 

Held Down (An Unwanted Visitor in the Night)
was written by Obake Hunter on Thursday, October 20, 2011

Years ago I lived in an old house nestled in the hills above Kalihi and in it was a ghost. We used to have friends over from time to time and soon enough they too saw the spirit in question, and since he was such a frequent visitor in our home we soon gave him the name Henry so he would feel like part of our family. 

Henry never did bother anyone although our overnight guests were forewarned about him. Even with that in mind they were always startled by the glowing white presence that would be standing in the room when they woke up in the middle of the night. One time a friend of mine, who was playing cards with us, actually saw him walking into one of the bedrooms. He had had a few drinks but I think he more or less sobered up right after that.

Henry never really bothered anyone, in fact he seemed to be going about his business like most spirits are want to do, popping out of nowhere and walking thru our hallways and stuff, I was even open minded enough to realize that in some very real way this was his home as much as ours maybe he was the former owner even!.

The years went on and all was the way it should be with life being very peaceful even with Henry showing up pretty much all the time except for two nights when something else came to visit our home. It was late into the evening the lights were off and we were all pretty much fast asleep when I Felt something pull me up to the surface from the comfortable tides of pleasant rest.

My room was as silent as can be considering the late hour and for a few moments that's all that was there with me until I felt someone pressing down on my body making me feel helpless. Groggy and terrified I managed to look off to my right and there was a large shadowy shape of a person watching me. My mind tried to slip back to that comfortable place where whoever this was could not get me. Oddly enough the moment I thought that and I slowly began to drift back to sleep it released me. 

Not long after that on another night it happened again, but this time the presence was much more insistent with scaring me and since I was greatly alarmed I had no choice but to face this dark presence. By instinct I started to pray and the dark figure eased off again and in a few more seconds the room went from a silent negative zone to a tranquil state.

To this day I recall those years living with a ghost who became almost like a shy friend and always a welcomed presence. And then I pause and wonder what that other spirit was on those two fright filled nights while living in that haunted house. And what it would have decided to do with its forceful intentions if left unchecked. 

In Hawaii we have a certain type of wandering ghost that likes to frequent both our fire stations as well as people's residence and they have a habit of pressing down on unsuspecting victims and also choking them thus the nick name of "choke neck" If that's what it was I’m glad it didn't get that far with me...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dreams of a Lost Cat

Anndre' and Andre'a

This entry was given us by Nina in Norway. And it is similar to the Entry Psychic Abilities: Animal Links. This happened to me a few years back while I was still living in Tromsø, Norway. In our home it was my brother, I and the two cats Anndre' and Andre'a, while Andre'a had lived in the house for a few years, his younger brother Anndre' was new to the place and within the second week he went outside and became lost. 

This is when I started to have reoccurring dreams, in the first dream I found myself looking for Anndre' and I found him, but he was unable to follow me back, he was scared wet and cold, hiding in a shelter not to far away. The very next day I walked there, and to no surprise there was Anndre'.

Later the next week Anndre' got lost again, he was a farm cat after all, and not used to the city, with cars, big buses and lorries. He would panic and run off at the first loud noise and not know how to get back home. Anyway again as I fell into a dreamlike sleep I saw Anndre' lost, this time he was farther away, but in the dream I somehow knew that his older brother Andre'a knew where he was and would bring him home if I asked him to.

So this time before I let Andre'a out in the morning I asked him to search for his younger cat brother and bring him safely home. Two days passed and each night I dreamt more, the first night I watched as Andre'a searched, miaued for and finally found Anndre' close to a spring of running water. The next night I again dreamed about our two cats working their way home, and watched as they were getting closer, and when I woke up I knew they both would be home the very next morning.

At the door to no surprise were sitting outside waiting for me to let them in, Anndre' and Andre'a I still remember how beautiful but cold that October morning was. 

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Phantom Cross by Otterbeme

Photo by Andreas Praefcke "Gold cross necklace with pearls and gems" courtesy of wikimedia commons
As a child I loved to play with the jewelery in my grandmother's jewelry box.  One day I noticed a small golden cross that I had never seen before. It was slightly bent, but it looked as if it could be straightened without harming it. I wanted to wear it and ran to my grandmother to ask her permission.

 When she saw what I was holding, she sank into a chair, looking pale and held it tightly in her trembling hand.  "Nana, what's wrong?"  I asked.  She sat quietly and then turned to me with a tear in her eye.  "This is a very special cross, it was given to me by a very, very dear friend.  I haven't worn it in years.  Not since she died in a fire when we were just out of school."

Nana took a deep breathe, I could see that the cross brought back sad memories.  I sat quietly waiting for her to continue.  She looked and me and gave me a weak smile.  "It was a very odd experience.  You know that I'm a little different in some ways, I've mentioned I smell roses when someone close to me has died."  I shook my head in affirmation.  "Well, a few nights before my friend passed away, our dog barked all night.  My family was very superstitious and when the dog howled three nights in a row, they believed someone would die. That night a strong sent of roses woke me up and shortly thereafter we found out that my friends house had been on fire and she had passed away from smoke inhalation."

Nana paused and glanced at the cross again.  She turned it over to show me the back, on which were engraved her initials and those of her friend.  "You see the initials on the back, this was my graduation present from Leigh.  She had our initials engraved as a gift and I promised to always wear it."   Another tear slipped down her cheek.  "Leigh was like a sister to me, when she passed away I was devastated.  I wanted to put something special in the coffin with her, so I placed this cross in the coffin with her.  It meant so much to both of us."

Nana sat quietly for a moment.  I looked at her and when she didn't say anything, I asked, "If you put it in the coffin with her, how do you have it now?"

Nana was quiet a moment and then said, "This is the strange part.  My sister was there when I placed the cross, so was Leigh's mother.  We were standing there when the coffin was closed and taken to the church, and then to the cemetery.  As far as any of us knew and believe, the cross was buried with Leigh."

A year to the day that Leigh died, our dog howled again all night.  I remember feeling frightened and ill and ease during the night, but the sun rose and it became a lovely day.  I got ready for work and as I left the house I stepped on something that was lying on the doorstep.  I noticed something shiny and bent to pick it up.  It was the cross I had laid in the coffin with Leigh, this very same cross I am holding today."

Editors Note: This experience has a lot of similarities with my own experience as described in the Story Talking With a Dead Friend.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mystic Roses by Otterbeme

Picture Baby Roses by Bugeja Kurt and cortesy of wikimedia commons 

My Nana was a very special woman, with special gifts. I lived with her for most of my childhood, and I always wondered how she knew before hand who was on the  phone, or that someone would be visiting, or when I was in trouble.

One morning I woke early and came downstairs to get a drink of water.  I heard gentle sobbing and followed the sound, my grandmother was sitting in the darkened living room crying.  I rushed over to her and put my arms around her, "Nana, what's wrong?"  I asked in dismay.  She looked up at me, face red and blotchy from her tears and said, "Someone close has died."

I immediately panicked, and asked, "Who died Nana?"

She wiped her eyes on her apron and said, "I don't know yet, but I smelled roses during the night."  Nana wiped her eyes again, and I knew someone close had passed, Nana always smelled roses when someone close to her passed away.  The phone rang, startling both of us.  We looked at each other and Nana answered the phone.  I heard her say, "Oh no, Jim, not Florence."  She sank into the chair beside the phone and tears started down her cheeks again.  I realized that my great-aunt Florence had died.

As I grew older I saw less of my Nana.  She had a stroke and ended up in a Nursing Home, I visited as much as I could.  She had lost most of her memory and rarely knew who I was, but on one of my last visits she happened to see my graduation picture.  I was leaving the room and I heard her say, "MY Shelly "  I turned quickly back to her bed and saw that she was looking at the picture.  By the time I got to her she didn't know me again.  It was very difficult for me, but I knew that deep inside she loved me and I would always be in her heart.

I was in nursing school during this time and had a very hectic schedule.  I had been insisting that my boyfriend take me to see "Gone With the Wind" which had been released again and was only showing for a short period of time.  He finally agreed on the last night it was showing and we got to the theatre for the last showing.  During intermission we went to the lobby for snacks and had just settled back into our seats for the second half of the movie at nine p.m.   Not ten minuted into the film I had an overwhelming scent of roses, it was so heavy it made me nauseous.  I looked at my boyfriend, and felt something was terribly wrong and insisted he take me back to the dorms right away.  He looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.  "Are you crazy," he hissed at me.  "You've been on me for a month to see this movie, now you want to leave in the middle of it."  I insisted, and he was very angry but took me home.  All the way there I felt sick and worried but I couldn't identify why.

When I got to the dorms, our house mother was waiting for me.  She came up and placed her arm around me.  "  Let's sit down dear, I'm afraid I have bad news for you."  I knew before she could tell me, Nana had passed away.  She told me the news and said they had received the call about nine ten p.m., approximately the same time I had the experience of the roses scent.

I have lost other family members over the years, but have never experienced the scent of roses with any of the other.  I know in my heart, that was my Nana's way of letting me know she loved me and would always be with me.

Editors Note: I have heard similar cases of someone knowing when someone close in the family has passed, like described in the entry The Scent of Death. In my family it is not the scent of roses but that of Baby Powder, as described in the entry of the same name.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reincarnation and Past Life Regressions

A child in Germany that just learned to talk that has knowledge about the waiawi uli'uli and all its uses in Hawaii might be an indication of reincarnation.
Photo "Waiawi Ula'ula" by PJ 2009 Kaiwiki on "Big Island" Hawaii

To consider a true reincarnation story the child has to be consistent, and the possibility of a vivid imagination would have to be ruled out. In real reincarnation stories the children are consistent and do not change when one interviewed in more detail. 

Past life regressions, which also point to reincarnation, is when one under hypnosis is reliving events that probably happened in a previous life. I have myself always been suspicious of anything brought up trough hypnosis, may this be in the field of alien visits as part of UFO investigations, multiple personalities or as mentioned here past life regressions. 

Sometimes reincarnation could be attributed to psychic traits in the child, and one need to determine if the unexplained dreams, skills or knowledge are from having a psychically gifted child pulling out the knowledge from a spirit companion, or if it is experience signs of reincarnation.

Traits that are often attributed to reincarnation are unexplained phobias or fears, unusual talents or giftedness, reoccurring vivid dreams or nightmares, knowledge of items, plants, machinery, or a process from another era that could not possible know about. Children knowing things of specific events and personal information from people that lived before them. Searching for items or a person they believe they had or know but you know the item or person never existed. Repeatedly drawing reoccurring scenes, events, people or items that are not a part of their daily life and which they should and could not be aware of.

I would say that when the child openly talking about the life they had in a different time, especially if the child insist that is real experiences that they had themselves and one can rule out an external source like an angel, spirits, friends, family or radio and TV, it is worth looking deeper into the possibility of the child experiencing traits of reincarnation.

Traits of Xenoglossy
When a child show traits of Xenoglossy like spontaneously talking an unknown language this could indicate reincarnation. Xenoglossy could also be indicated when the child is found speaking in a foreign language or with an accent they have not been exposed to. Suddenly speaking with more clarity and with a broader vocabulary than used on a daily basis or show a spontaneous ability to read and write without being taught how to do so.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

UFO Above The Garden

Illustration in courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Stefan-Xp

This is in from my good friend Matt Syson. Matt lives in the United Kingdom and, he wanted to share his story with us. Below is Matt's account of his UFO experience

No videos, no pictures and, not really anything to write home about, not that anyone would take my word straight off the bat. The other week, on the night of the announcement that the speed of light barrier was broken at CERN, I was having a ciggy in the garden (back yard for our American friends) and I was facing away from the house and my mate was facing me.

We were talking B.S. like normal, talking about life and the universe etc... When suddenly I saw something about 200 ft upwards in the sky. Not at all high, the first I thought it was one of those lanterns because all I could see was this orange glowing moving along and, I told my bud to look and he turned around quickly.

After another second of viewing this, we both stood up completely amazed, as this orange blob of light started to revel what it was attached to. A large cubic shape but, with rounded edges began to appear. The whole craft or what we could see of it was translucent, we could even see the stars through this object but, they stars seem to be distorted.

It carried on for about another 4.5 seconds and then it completely disappeared. The craft mad no sound and did not disturb anything, No wind, No bright flash of light, No nothing. It didn't shoot off very fast. This was a UFO. It traveled in a very straight line and vanished into nothing. We stood there amazed and kicked ourselves for not doing something.

The thing is, since that night, I have felt something close in my garden when I step out for a ciggy. I now hear strange noises. the third night after this happened, there was a low sounding scratching at my garden gate yet, no animals were around at all. I have always been very good a picking  things up sense wise and have kept silent about this but, I really feel that now i must revel what my mate and I saw that night.

I also have noticed some strange going ons last night when last night  as well when I was out in my garden. Whatever happened out in my garden that night, I believe was a big mistake for them to let us see the craft. I do not think they were to expose their craft to us for the brief moment. there is no way any type of
of military craft.

I just thought I would share my paranormal experience with you all.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Daughter, A Paranormal Magnet

Image Reh Springt courtesy of wikimedia commons 

this story is from Otterbeme

My daughter has been a magnet for all kinds of paranormal experiences through the years.  The first time I was aware of anything different about her was when she was in first grade.  We were living in a rural area around Cochran, Pennsylvania. There were very few houses around us, mostly fields.  Right after we moved into the trailer, I noticed that my collection of knick knacks kept being moved around the house during the night.

I would wake up and find them in different places through out the living room and dining area. I blamed my daughter and asked her not to play with them, some of them were antique and I didn't want them broken.  She denied moving them, but she was the only one in the trailer with me, except for my partner, and he worked nights.

This went on for a few months and I actually punished her for this, grounding her to her room for a few hours at a time.  She insisted that she hadn't moved them and there was someone in the house at night.  I thought she was making it up, or at least was not going to admit to moving them because she enjoyed playing with them and looking at them when I was with her.

One night I was coming out of the bathroom and started towards the kitchen area, it was raining and seemed much cooler in the hallway as I went towards her room.  As I went past her room, her door slammed shut.  I reached for it and tried to open it.  The door would not open, I became very frightened and called out to her to open the door.

She was crying and telling me she wasn't holding the door.  After a few seconds I was able to pull the door open and found her crying on the bed.  "I told you someone is here," she sobbed.  I looked around but couldn't see anyone and searched the trailer as well.

That night my daughter slept with me and when we woke up the knick knacks had been re-arranged again.  I asked her to tell me about what she saw at night, all she could say was she saw shadows but they were nice.  She thought the door got stuck because I wouldn't believe her about the knick knacks.  After that, I believed that she wasn't moving my things around.  We lived in the trailer for a few more months and I accepted that something was moving things around, but they didn't seem to be hostile, just mischievous.  Since then I've learned about poltergeists and figured that is what it was.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

SPOOKILAU at the Mission Houses Museum, Saturday, October 29 2011, 6 p.m.

Dive into the world of the paranormal as real world ghost hunters, Spooky Kine Investigators, share their equipment, techniques, stories, and experiences at one of Hawai`i’s most historical sites, the Mission Houses Museum.

Spooky Kine Investigations is one of Hawaii’s premier ghost hunting & paranormal investigative groups whose goal it is to provide understanding of the paranormal through the application of scientific and cultural techniques and widely accepted investigative procedures.

Visitors will enjoy local foods from some of Honolulu’s most popular lunch trucks, presentations on the Mission Houses Museum by Dr. Thomas Woods, and The Science of Ghosts, and Compositing Ghosts with Spooky Kine Investigators. Participate in two mini-investigations with actual ghost hunting equipment inside Hawai`i’s oldest house and nearby cemetery, and discuss Hawai`i’s Supernatural with guest Joe Punohu. Spookilau sponsored by the Mission Houses Museum from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, October 29th, $10 admission. Tickets can be purchased online at

Mission Houses Museum • 553 South King St. • Honolulu, HI 96813

SPOOKILAU at the Mission Houses
Museum, Saturday, October 29, 6 p.m.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part I The Dawn "Deedee" Murder Spot

Entrance to Auloa Street on foot, from Pali Highway. Courtesy of Kaleo, UH publications

This one in from my good friend Joe  of Oahu Ghost Tours.

Kionaole/Auloa Rd...
the Kaneohe Morgan's Corner, the place where supposedly workers found over 1,000 human skulls while building it, known by many many ghost hunters as a "Kapu" place, even for ghost hunting.  This is one of my personal stories of the happening on that road one night. While being a guide for 26 people.

As we got out of the vans that night and started up Robert, my friend and coworker, wishes me luck and tells me to be careful tonight. I figure same ole, same ole, shaking bushes, hot spots, foot steps, and possibly the usual running back to the vans. It is amazing how many people try to convince themselves that the footsteps and rustling they hear is only "the other guide who is supposedly watching the van *wink *wink". As if we would venture out into that area alone, as if we would actually hide alone in the bushes.

As we start up, away from the only source of light on that road, a solitary streetlamp, I can't put all the memories of that place out of my mind. Even watching the vans by yourself OUTSIDE the place can get creepy, with the voices coming out of the bush and constant breaking of twigs, as if someone stepped on them. I'm the lucky one, going up with 26 people into a very dark place... at least I'm not by myself.

We go around the first turn and then start to relate a story of a tragic murder back in 1974, the murder of a young girl from Kailua named Dawn "Deedee" , at the place that was supposed to be where her body was found face down in the mud with a bullet through her head. As I start telling the story I notice how hot and humid it is, you can see the humidity forming on the foreheads of people and glistening off whatever ambient light my flashlight provides. As I get halfway through the story I notice there is a cold spot to my left, extremely cold. This was enough to make me pause and get chicken skin but I choose not to say anything about it, figuring that this is the ghost of Dawn and that she would prefer if I didn't let 26 people stick their hands into her area to feel the cold spot. 

Try as I might to keep this to myself, there was a local girl in the group who stopped me and tells me "That girl that you're talking about?  She's on your left right now, looking at you and listening to you". Great, there goes any secrets. This girl apparently looks as shocked as I do, she just realized that she had the gift to see ghosts. What a place to start seeing ghosts! I look towards the cold spot and tell the cold spot to please correct me if I'm telling something wrong, or please let me know if you would like me to stop telling your story. Nothing happened, except now people moved over and started feeling the cold spot everywhere until, inevitably, it disappears. As I finish the story and allow the people to ask questions or take pictures for like 2 minutes, I notice that this local girl isn't saying much, or moving much.  Her boyfriend comes up to me, panic clear in his voice, saying. "Brah.... someting wrong wit my girlfriend! She not moving cuz! Brah help her!". He pulls me through the crowd up to her, and realizes that the air around her is now freezing cold. He starts freaking out more "Brah, she's freezing! Look! You can see her breath!" as he shines the light in her face you could see the misty smoke coming out of her mouth every time she exhales.  I ask her if she's okay, and she just shakes her head slightly. I ask her if she wants this entity to leave, and she nods slightly. Panicking now, I have no idea what to do... I'm a storyteller not a priest! I follow my gut and listen to my senses. They're telling me that this isn't a ti-leaf waving, salt throwing, yelling in Hawaiian, moment. This entity is Dawn, and she's a good ghost, lonely perhaps but nothing evil that I should repel. I ask out loud for Dawn to please leave this girl alone, telling Dawn that this isn't the way to make friends, and she's scaring the heck out of this girl. Immediately the cold spot leaves. Truly an awesome experience, and seeing as how we have had an experience with the paranormal, I look at the group and ask them if they're ready to leave now? I always try to leave it up to the group, so if anything happens, its not my fault. They (even the girl who just had the experience) look up excited, and say. "Lets keep going!".

You would figure that logic would win out... if A, then B right? If there are ghosts here, which we have clearly witnessed, then what about the stuff I told them before? What about the people that have gotten choked, at least once in a month, at the location where Dawn was found murdered (she was choked before she was shot)? What about the heavy, oppressive feeling hanging in the air, as if ready to suffocate you? I silently curse for giving them the option, and then sigh and cautiously lead them up the old abandoned road further in.

Read on for The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part II, Kaupe, The half-man half-dog cannibal

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The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part II, Kaupe, The half-man half-dog cannibal

Entrance to Auloa Street on foot, from Pali Highway. Courtesy of Kaleo, UH publications

This one in from my good friend Joe Punohu of Oahu Ghost Tours.

Kionaole/Auloa Rd... 
the Kaneohe Morgan's Corner, the place where supposedly workers found over 1,000 human skulls while building it, known by many many ghost hunters as a "Kapu" place, even for ghost hunting.  This is one of my personal stories of the happening on that road one night. While being a guide for 26 people. if you missed the first part click on the colored text for The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part I The Dawn "Deedee" Murder Spot entry

As we start walking, the place really becomes alive.  Bushes moving, branches breaking behind us.. on our sides... the heaviness increases with each step. The group seems to be loving every step of it, feeding off of it, as if they convinced themselves that this is a haunted house-type ride and everything is fake, after all nothing bad can happen in Hawaii right?  I stop to tell them the story of Morgan's Corner, about Terese Wilder's murder, etc. etc.  As I'm about 3/4 of my way through the story, the local girl grabs me by my wrists and pulls me over to the other side of the road without a word as to why. I shrug it off, I'm here for the sole purpose of storytelling and I'm going to finish this story as fast as I can. If I go looking for stuff, I may just find something. If i look for something every time i go up to a certain place, then it gives them the right to come looking for me. In fact, it was here a few years ago with a bunch of friends that I made the flashlight rule which goes, "The light is for seeing where you're walking... not for looking at whats shaking the bushes, cuz you look, you might see".  That night, years ago, we did see... an old lady's face about 7  feet high in the air above the california grass. 

I finish the story about Ms Wilder, and then ask the girl why she moved me.  She tells me that she saw something moving in the bushes as I began the story, and it kept coming closer and closer in the bushes, she pulled me to the side when she saw it step out of the bushes and walk right towards me less then 10 feet away. I gulp as I see the people to either sides of her nodding in agreement, fear clear on their faces. I dare to ask for the description of this 'shadow'.  She tells me that this shadow stood about maybe 7 feet tall, darker then the pitch black, since she saw it moving in the bush, and was a man for most part... except for his head which resembled a dog or wolf.

Now my jaw literally drops open and fear begins to take a hold inside. The people who saw this apparition, don't understand the full meaning of it... the WHO it is. Before I ask them if they are ready to go back to the vans yet, I decide to tell them a little bit about this shadow whom perfectly fits the description of the infamous half-man half-dog cannibal, Kaupe. I tell them that at one time, Kaupe filled the entire island with terror at the mere mention of his name. As I'm done relaying what information I know about him, I then decide to ask the group what their wishes are... we have a 3rd location not too far away, or we can turn around and head back.  As always I leave it to the group. I'm a bit shocked when a few of the people in the back (who didn't see the shadow) decide that this haunted house ride isn't over!  They want to continue... the people in the front are clearly undecided, but choose to go with the group. At this point I call Robert at the vans and tell him to get the vans started up, turned facing away, and leave the doors open, to allow for a faster escape. Reluctantly, I take them up.  I figure that I need to test my courage as well if I'm going to continue doing a job like this. 

As the bushes start to shake a little here, a little there, and as a branch breaks, falling down right in front of us...  I look at the group and think "This is what they want... no one can complain about being scared".  As we walk up I ponder the foolhardiness of the group, myself now included since I continue to take them up.  I say a few silent prayers for safety and protection and continue towards our final destination. Read on in The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part III The Infamous Trees of Morgan's Corner

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The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part III The Infamous Trees of Morgan's Corner

Entrance to Auloa Street on foot, from Pali Highway. Courtesy of Kaleo, UH publications

This one in from my good friend Joe Punohu of Oahu Ghost Tours.

Kionaole/Auloa Rd... 
the Kaneohe Morgan's Corner, the place where supposedly workers found over 1,000 human skulls while building it, known by many many ghost hunters as a "Kapu" place, even for ghost hunting.  This is one of my personal stories of the happening on that road one night. While being a guide for 26 people. if you missed the first part click on the colored text for The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part I The Dawn "Deedee" Murder Spot entry or The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part II, Kaupe, The half-man half-dog cannibal.

We arrive at "the tree".  One of the infamous trees that makes Morgan's Corner so infamous, I say "one of the trees" because its the tree that seems to make the place haunted.  We have over 12 Morgan's Corners on this island.... all because of "the tree".  I start the story about the tree.... the couple whom decades ago were making out parked under it.... when it started to rain .... seeing the car battery was dead the boyfriend leaves alone to find help and..... CRAAAAAAAAACK!  A big branch snaps in half in the back of the group and we all jump.  I walk to the back of the group, making sure that any branches breaking were done by people in the group, and that all sounds are accounted for.  As I get to the back of the group however, all the men are now white-faced with a look of shock.  I ask them who broke the branch, and they all point into the bushes behind them....

As I walk over to investigate, to find the culprit, I keep the flashlight off because I really don't want to see what might be in the bush. I lean over, with my face about a foot away from the leaves, scanning the ground for something that I can't see... when from over my head.... less then a foot away from my face..... I hear a loud, unceasing, dark growl emanating from the bush. The chicken skin rushes across my body as the blood flows to my head, making everything seem as if it were slow motion. In a split second, options run through my mind in what I should do, not excluding turning around and screaming all the way back to the van. I realize however, that this is my test. This is my initiation, to see whether or not I can handle this job. I start throwing salt at the bush as I'm whacking the bush with my ti-leaf and yelling Hawaiian words at it. The growling turns into snarling and picks up in volume as the bush shakes more violently, the nauseating heat above my head builds and the horrible odor coming from the bush intensifies. I yell louder and throw more salt, as the growling and snarling picks gets louder and it appears as if the whole side of the mountain is now alive and threatening to swallow us whole. 

Common sense finally kicks in as I see that the yelling, salt and ti leaves are provoking it rather then deterring it. I stop what I'm doing as the growling continues, I look at the bush in front of me, and I say loudly and clearly, "I come here to tell stories, nothing more. I come to share the other side of Hawaii with people who are interested, and if you want to hurt us then shame on you, we are doing nothing to harm you!  If you want us to leave, then its not me you have to scare, its the group. They are the ones who control how far in we go, so they are the ones you have to convince to leave!" I hear a guy behind me ask "What did he just say!?". I turn around, and head back to where I was before I was interrupted, to continue the story. I find myself having to almost yell over the growling as I finish my story, not for long though, because about 5 seconds later people started to run away saying that they want to leave. I was the first one out. As I jump over the concrete barrier keeps out more then cars, I hear a loud *CRRRACK* in the back of the group and girls screaming. I run back to see whats up, to find 2-3 girls on the ground with cut up knees from falling. They told me that as they went around the turn, some enormous dark shadow jumped out at them, breaking an entire log, and then disappearing into the shadows once again. That log as far as I know is still there, broken in half. 

As we leave the site, a lady in my van asks me "Do you know why that happened?".  I tell her I have no idea why... she continues, "Its because you stopped smoking.  Didn't you?".  There is no way for this lady to know that I had quit smoking for 3 days prior to the tour. She continues, "Because you quit smoking... they can come closer to you now. Smoking tobacco is exactly what the Native Americans do... its called the Peace Pipe, an offering of peace to the spirits". Well there went quitting smoking, I went straight to the store and bought a pack of cigarettes. Talk about a unique reason for not quitting. 

Also as an added note, I credit my reaction to the growling to the many years I've rode a motorcycle.  There are two types of people in this world, those who react and then think about it later, and those who think about it and then react. On a motorcycle if you are the former, you're dead. Example of this is when a bird flew into my helmet and almost knocked me off the bike at 30 mph. If i freaked out I'd be another statistic. Instead I slowed down, pulled to the side, put down my kick stand, then I freaked out. 

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