Thursday, April 19, 2012

Displaced Hauntings - The Haunted Railroad Tracks - San Antonio, Texas / Salt Lake City, Utah

 Illustration in courtesy of wikimedia commons
Photo by Patrick Feller from Humble, Texas  

Sometimes paranormal events happens in places and locations that are not connected, one example of this is the sightings of Al Capone at the Congress Plaza Hotel, that are rumored to one time be Al Capone's base of operation. This also reminds me about a paranormal experiment that I read about a few years ago. Here a group of researcher and a medium worked on conjuring an artificial spirit (it was scribed for them in great detail beforehand), a being that never existed, but as the experiment continued on they reported the artificial haunting to mimic the ahead of time descriptions of this very non-existing spirit that they were supposed to summon.

Back a few months ago I watched a story about the haunted railroad tracks near San Antonio, Texas. It was a investigative news show but, I just can not remember what one it was. I researched it a bit and what I found was the following;

Many, many years ago somewhere around the late 1930s or 1940s a school bus with ten children and the bus driver were crossing the railroad tracks near San Antonio, Texas at an intersection of the San Juan Mission. The bus became stalled right over the tracks. A train came along and couldn't stop and plowed into the school bus, killing all who were on that bus. Since then it has been reported that if you drive up to the tracks and stop and put your car out of gear or even turn your car off, The children spirits from that school bus will push your car over the tracks to safety. Not only that but, it is said that if you put some powder on the back bumper, you can see hand prints of the children that pushed your car up the small incline to safety.

Other strange things have been reported at the accident site. Things like taking photos and when the film is developed you can see figures that were not there when the photo was taken. Some people have heard children crying, some people have actually had car trouble on the tracks and were pushed to safety by an unknown force.

The reporter in this news show did indeed put powder on her car's back bumper and then drive up to the tracks. She stopped her car and turned it off. She was indeed flabbergasted as her car started to go up the small incline and across the rail road tracks and toward the curve on the other side of the tracks, and most amazing of all was a small hand print in the powder. I saw the show myself, I can't explain what I saw. As far as I am concerned, There are spirits of 10 little children there helping people across the rail road tracks. They also mentioned how the names of those ten children are still remembered as street names around the rail road tracks where this horrible accident happened.

What is more interesting is that the story seem to point to a real accident that happened miles away in Salt Lake City, Utah in December of 1938. The names of the signs in the area San Juan Mission Railroad are actually named after the developers of the railroad tracks, and they never perished in any accidents.

This make me wonder how could the hand print appeared on the back of the reporters truck. Did they fake it for the sake of the show? or had some of the spirit kids over in Salt Lake City that somehow transferred themselves to help out not only in cases of possible railroad track accidents far away from their real place of horrific departure, summoned by the growing legend itself? or does this have more down to earth explanation.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lost and Found - After My Mystic Vacation to Maui

 Blue and white Hawaiian style luggage with hibiscus, plumeria and turtle motif.
Photo by PJ 2012, Honoulu, Hawaii. 

Another story by Nina.
This happened to me a couple of years ago, It all happened after a most successful vacation to Maui in Hawaii. I am not going to bore you with the details of my vacation but I will include this because it is of importance to the story.

After one month on Maui, I had been very lucky shopping and filled one medium sized suitcase with all sorts of trinkets, my travel clothes, a couple of beautiful muumuu's, soaps, bath salts and other vacation memorabilia, I did not however include any lava rocks as I already knew about the stories of bringing bad luck from taking rocks from Hawaii. My other larger suitcase which I bought on Maui one I filled with books of religious importance, I have always been a big fan of Mother Theresa and one of the days I felt drawn to a second hand shop located near my hotel, it was there I found works by Mother Theresa, scriptures written in Hawaiian, and a few other rare religious books which were of importance to me.

On my way to Norway my luck ran out, as our flight had been delayed from New York into Europe we lost our connecting flight in Frankfurt, and they ordered all that was heading to Oslo to board another day flight that was leaving in 20 minutes, and not to worry about or luggage which would be shipped after us on the night flight. 

I was not to worried about my luggage though I felt certain that it would take a while before I saw both of my suitcases again. The smaller one filled with gifts, memorabilia and trinkets was found and delivered to me after one month. My larger luggage piece, filled with religious literature and some of my most fancy dresses were not to be found anywhere. 

One month, two month three month passed and nothing, then on one morning sixth month after my return, I was walking to the bathroom still half asleep, as a piece of paper stuck to my foot, I removed took one more step and it was back stuck, a third time I removed it and again one step later it was plastered to my foot, I figured oh well I guess I have to read you then, to my surprise as I held up the piece of paper it was the lost luggage claim from six month earlier, with all the numbers and information on it. 

I figured this have to be sign, as I continued my morning routine I knew something was about to happen, just as I was getting ready to call up the airline my phone rang, it was the airport in Oslo, they had located my luggage in Frankfurt earlier and shipped it to Oslo and it was now on its way to Tromsø, they also informed me that they were arranging the airport in Tromsø to deliver my long lost luggage and told me they would deliver it to my door before 4PM. on the same day, at this point my hearth was pounding. 

I thanked God for keeping my luggage safe, time flew by so fast that day, and just as promised 3.51PM was my Hawaiian motif luggage delivered, it looked almost as new as when I put it on the plane back six month earlier, just some minor wear on one corner, I opened it and it was like opening a piece locked in time, nothing inside seemed to have shifted or moved, with tears i pulled out the various religious books that I had found in the second-hand-shop in Maui. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guardian Cows

Photo by PJ 2009, Cattle herd on the Island of Hawaii.

Growing up with cattle, I learned to appreciate the powers of cows, their strong maternal instinct to protect and ward of evils, things that are alive, dead and how they would protect anyone they considers to be part of their herd. Cows like many other animals have strong senses and they use these to keep themselves and others safe.

One of these cows even saved my life on several occasions, her name was Silkedokka, or if translated into English, The Silk Doll. My parents early on noticed that Silkedokka was more independent and strong willed than most cows, and she was given to me when I was 6 years of age. I adored her and she grew up with me, she would follow me where ever I went and this one time I was busy picking flowers not noticing another of our cows that happened to hate children, Now Silkedokka had a pair of horns that pointed down, with the tips turned inward, and she knew exactly how to use them. As the other cow, went on to charge me Silkedokka intervened using her horns as a pair of bumpers she rammed the other cow just in time to prevent me from getting crushed against the ground.

On other times our cows chased away spirits and circled around their young to protect them, I always felt safe among the cattle even with some of them having a mean streak I always knew the other cows and especially Silkedokka would be there for me if I needed.

Other animals are also known to work as totem or guardian animals example of this can be found in the entry Why I belive in Saint Francis by Reverend Alaina Damewood. Saint Francis is the patron saint of animals.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things About Easter Most People Don't Know

 Easter Bunny and Eggs from Wikimedia Commons

by Jose Prado  

This is a small Summary from a much larger article I wrote called the Pagan Origins of Easter. Here's a small over view on what was discussed there.

While children go on their Easter Egg hunts most people seem not to have forgotten it's original origins. While most people think it is a purely Pagan holiday, it is a season with both Pagan and Jewish roots. The name 'Easter' comes from an Ancient fertility Goddess who seems to exist in various religions and cultures under different names. Known as Ostara, Eostre, Ishtar, and Aster, this Mother Deity was a renewer of Life whose energies came at their peak at the time of the Spring Equinox. 

Today, Wicca and other Pagan groups celebrate this holiday as Ostara. According to Germanic legend, Ostara wandered the forest one day during Spring and found a bird whose wings were frozen. In order to save the poor creature, she enchanted the bird and transformed her into a Hare. But because she had once been a bird, the Hare did not give birth to live young but to children who hatched in Eggs. Then 500 yrs ago when Dutch immigrants settled in Pennsylvania they brought with them the legend of male Hare (presumably a descendant of the female Hare of Ostara) named Osterhas or Oschter Haws (not sure if that is the correct spelling) who visited good children and gave them eggs to eat. Basically, a Spring Santa Klaus. Later he was changed from a Hare to a Rabbit and became the Easter Bunny. 

Pagans had an ancient fertility symbol of three Hares who chased each other in a triangle. The sign of the Tripple Hare is based on the Triquetra, a Trinitarian symbol of the moon that symbolizes the Tripple God and the Tripple Goddess. Pagans believed that all things would die and be reborn around this time mystically. And Sex is a personification of life and death. During intercourse, Millions of sperm die and only one survives so from death comes life. It is a total renewal of all things. 

Pagans knew this and would perform all manner of ritual including sex magic in order to channel the powers that are unleashed around this time for spells and worship. The Hebrews also had their own celebration called the First of Fruits (recorded in the Bible) in which the first and choicest fruits were harvested. They also believed in magical energies that were released around this time.

In fact, it's believed the reason Jesus of Nazareth the Ascended Master and Deity manifested in the flesh died in March and was able to return from the dead was because the energies of the First of Fruits. Pagans also believe that the God dies and is reborn from death around this time like the Phoenix. Ever hear the term 'mad as a march hare'? The reason for that is due to the fact that mating season for the Hares happens in March. 

So whether you celebrate Eostre with Sex, Chocolate Eggs, Eggs in vinegar, or Fruit just remember to pray to all of the Gods and Goddesses and give thanks for this renewal of Earth energy.

Blessed Be and Ache my Brothers and Sisters