Saturday, July 27, 2013

When Animals Heal Humans Injury by Force

 Norwegian Red Cow with Horns, same breed as the one 
my mother and grandmother kept at their farms. 
Photo by Ernst Vikne 2009, Norway, cortesy of Wikimedia commons

My mother had problems with her back and spine for years, an old back injury from when she fell as a child while playing with her brothers and sisters at their farm.

The only solution the doctors had for her back problems were pain management, she had been to therapist, chiropractors, specialists of all sorts and even went to acupuncture and none of them were able to do more than short term relief but never able to fix the problem.

Now at the age of 53 something happened one of the cows for no reason gave her a power nudge strong enough to make her fly from infront of the cow all the way above the back of the cow and then about 5 yards until she hit the iron grates behind the cows that is used for removing manure. Never had her back looked this bad, it was purple and blue from the neck to the lower spine, all numbed up but not swollen. It also happened that she was scheduled to see the chiropractor later that week, which she figured would be a good thing so he could check out the injury the cow had caused to her already existing old back problems.

The Chiropractor was totally put out by the amount of brusing on my mothers back, and immidiately had her get some x-rays and see if there was anything he could do. When he returned with the new x-rays he had a big smile on his face, he could tell my mother her spine was no longer crocked, there was no sign of injury to the spine, so impressed was he with the change of the before and after x-ray images that he had several other doctors come over and look at them, and check out the impressive bruising on her back and spine. The now group of specialists could tell the muscle tissue on the back was healing normally, since that day when the cow smashed her against the wall her back has not been troubling her anymore. My mothers doctor even told her that she must have had some mighty angels guarding her because based on the amount of force her back had suffered in the fall it should have smashed it not streightned it out and healed the old injury from 45 years earlier.

My grandmother also had something similar happening to her, she had one year previous hurt her thumb on her left hand, making that hand less than half usefull, now one the bulls at her farm had a fierce look in his eyes, he kept staring at her hand, and as soon as my grandmother got close enough he bounced and pressed the thumb on her left hand against the railing of the bulls booth. As she welched out in pain the bull stopped reared and looked at her like, now you can go. Within a few hours my grandmother realized the thumb was no longer in pain and when she checked she was able to move it again, it was totally healed from the one year old injury, and she never had any problems with that hand or thumb again.

The last example is a experience I had myself as a child, I was my first day of chickenpox and our tomcat Pelle gave me this deep stare, he was the gentlest of cats and he was always with me wherever I went, he had never hurt me but this time he walked streight up to me stared me in the eyes and then at a peticular big pox on the middle of my nose. Lightning fast he struck it with his claws out and then walked away like there my work is done, your pox is done. within 24 hours of that my pox were gone, leaving me with less than 2 full days of the chickenpox, while all my cousins had it for almost a week and one even had it for 10 days, they were mad at me for being able to come over to visit when I contracted it after them and I now was already immune. I often wonder what was it our grey tomcat Pelle did, since he seemed to know exactly what to do like the pox blister on my nose was the main one and by "slaying" it he broke the pox and forced it back before its time.

Since then, I have heard many accounts of people's pets making them well again. In each account, the pet would look at it's sick owner in a strange way and then almost attack their owner by scratching them or, biting them or, kicking them and even licking them and then as magic, their owner gets well very fast. My question is, How do our pets know we are sick and how do they know what to do to make us better again ?

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Why do I believe in Saint Francis? By Reverend Alaina Damewood

Illustration in Courtesy of Wikimedia commons
Saint Francis statue at the Mission of Nombre de Dios
For years I questioned myths about saints , angles and animals have always intrigued me but I used to think they where all just myths . Until I started experience my own divine in counter about 6 years ago. It started as a normal day after getting out of a long day of doing ministry work at a local college some of my friends asked me to go with them to the store and out to eat. We went to a local store to pick up some things for their work as well as I went there to come up with things to get to actives for the kids at the colledge .

After getting out of the store we decided to walk to the other end of the shopping center to grab food before the friend who had been driving us dropped all of our friends back to where we needed to go to. We started walking when my friends Shawn and Adam stated : Alaina that bird is following you . I told them just to keep walking and maybe it would go away , so we continued to walk down to the place to grab food , as the bird kept walking behind me. We got to the door of the place we where going to eat at and the bird was still behind my feet .

Shawn turned to me and stated Alaina what are you going to do about that bird? I said I will take care of it I turned and looked to the animal and stated Saint Francis of Assisi you can not come into the eating place with us while your in a birds body . The bird started acting like a normal bird and then became afraid of me like a normal animal and flew off. I questioned to my self was that really Francis as I went inside the restraint to join my friends . After we got out all of us walked back up to the other end of the parking a lot and got into my friends car to be dropped off . I asked Shawn to take me back home first since I was the closets one in the area then take our other friends back . So Shawn agreed to drive me back first. The second we pulled up into the drive away to where I lived , another bird of the same type flew down off a tree and sat right on the top of Shawn's car. Then I turned and looked at Shawn with his face being in panic and I said what is wrong he said my car will not start . The bird flew off his car as I turned and said thanks Francis for the warning . This was my first experience feeling like the saint of animals was watching my back.

The second event occurred up in Huntington WV where I had went with another friend to get his girls so they could come down and stay a few days with spending time with my kids. We where over at a store and a bird was following his car . Then I turned and looked at my friend saying I think we need to pull over . My friend asked why , I turned looked at my friend and said I just have a feeling something is getting ready to happen. So we pulled over then he receive a phone call saying his girls where not going to make it down because there had been a family emergency . My friend turned and looked at me and said how did you know . I said the little bird who was following us since our last stop did not leave and keep flying beside us . Then my friend who was a devoted roman right catholic turned around and said are you familiar with saint Francis the saint of animals ? I said yes and I believe he was the one warning us about your girls. My friend looked smiled and said Alaina I guess the legends about him are true . I smiled and said I like to think so.

This is the reason I believe in saint Francis and other saints because ever time when I think he is not watching I have another bird or other animal does something to warn me about events . I also like to think all the other myths about , angles , saints are real to some degree to . Because every time something happens to me . I question who is going to help me now and it makes we wonder what else is real that we do not pay attention to because of people saying they are just myths.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Attacked by Black Magic

Illustration excerpt from Larger photo 
The Illustration is not of Black Magic just chosen for mood.

This is a true event of what happened to me back in early June 2013, at this time Ray had an upper respiratory infection that just did not seem to let go, I myself had continuous bleeding that did not seem to stop. My mother and grandmother were also very ill at this time. This is the direct recollection just after waking up about what happened as I was in my deepest sleep. I felt like something intruded into my dream. Below is the actual online communication I had with Jose Prado, a good friend of mine and frequent contributor to the Paranormal Corner, he is a very well trained Mage happens to be a very well trained Mage, and proficient in many occult arts.

I have worked with Jose before, so I knew he is excellent at his work. The facsimile is as it was with some spelling and grammatical errors fixed, the conversation lasted over a few days because of the time difference between Norway and Florida.

(June 5th 4 am Norwegian local time) Jose, can you look into something? last night it felt like there was something that tried to enter me while in dreamstate, I fought it off and said my prayers. This could just been all the stress i been under this week, but i figured it best to have you look into it too.

I need more information than that. Detail everything for me.

Sure, in the dream there were three people two female one male, they were chanting standing in circle like they were summoning something as i approached them i felt they all had offered themselves as vessel I started praying in the dream, and managed to force out what possessed the two females, before the male knocked me over.

Wearing black robes with red satanic pentagrams?

They were all wearing black robes with red symbols pentagrams, there were black candles lit ones placed inside and around the points of the pentagram. I have never had dreams like this before. I broke off and woke up, also as they were chanting it looked like there was a red mist coming out of their mouth. They told me to join them over and over.  They started to try to force me into also offering myself as a vessel. 

To me this felt like someone were doing a distance attack.

The dream is symbolic, symbolism for something. It's symbolic of Enemy Work, that is to say, someone or something trying to cause harm to your family.

OK, what are good ways to ward against this.

Something doesn't want us looking into this. I felt sick to my stomach just now. They got a protection binding against anyone trying to look into this. How many Occult enemies does your family have?

None that I know of. My mother said she believes her fiancees ex-wife might want to curse her.

Your best bet is having your home cleansed and blessed followed by amulets of protection.

She felt in the past like she tried to hex her, OK, good I´ll do that.

My spirits say it's her.

Ray is sick with respiratory infection, they put him on two kinds of antibiotics this Friday.

Go to a Sami Shaman and have her do a Divination to confirm it then bind the bitch. Damn. Is Ray gonna be OK?

Oh, also this happened around 3:33 at night, as I woke up from the dream which made me think it was a local since it felt like it was not time displaced but done right then.

Hmm they say 3 am is the hour of the Beast, inversion of the Trinity.

Yes, it felt like they started the ceremony at 3 am and then I broke it off at half passed 3. Haven´t felt anything similar to this since my father was trying to hex my mother back in 2008 after she left him for the guy she is with now, but he passed away in 2008.

Hmm do a Reversal prayer right now. Face East and ask the Archangel of the East to smite the ones doing it. Then face West and ask the Archangel of the West for Holy spirit.

OK. I´ll do that.

Good, you need To speak to that Sami soon. Let me know once you finished.

(Next day June 6th, 3:13 am) OK I am done with the reversal prayer and the house have now been blessed by a priest, and sealed against evil influences. I had a powerful Sami I know help me out, among them my great-grandmothers spirit she was a good witch and a powerful Sami widely sought after for her advice, herbal lore and healing.

(June 6th, 6:31 am) Perfect, if the bitch starts hexing you again, get her picture, surround it with Hemlock, and have the Priest do the St. Benedict prayer on it

(June 7th, 12:06 am) The hemlock herb doesn´t grow in this part of Norway, are there any other plants I could replace it with?

 (June 8th, 6:59am) Any plants that are powerful in magick can be used.

After I completed all the things prescribed, I no longer had the strange dreams, the bleeding stopped, and Ray finally managed to fight of the infection that mysteriously had seemed impervious to multiple antibiotics and my mother and grandmother returned back to good health. I have no doubt there was some very evil magic at work, I felt it deep into my soul. As a psychic one sometimes pick up on things that were meant to be kept secret, like in this case someone trying to hex all of my family. I would like to recommend further reading the entry of mine called Curses, evil eyes, Hexes and Jinxes.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Huaka'i Pō - The Nightmarchers of Hawaii

There are actually a few different kind of nightmarchers in Hawaii, depending what type of warriors the night marchers trail were originally made up of, there are also several variants of the legends on the processions and what would happen to those that encounter these wandering warriors of the past.

Many Nightmarcher trails are well known among these in Laie, and in the Manoa Valley. People report everything from hearing distant drums, barking of the warriors dogs, seeing the light of their torches farther up the trail, and some even say they have seen the night marchers marching with full warriors entire. There are many dangers that are supposed to be connected to being spotted by the Night marchers, and how the only way to avoid the dangers are to show total respect, and even then one are said to require a relative in the Nightmarchers procession in order to not be whisked away, or fall dead to the ground right were one stands.

The Night marches or in Hawaiian (Huaka'i Pō) travel through out the islands of Hawaii to do as they always done and, that is protect their home. They are the ghost of Hawaii's warriors. On the nights of Kane Lu lono, Akua or, on the night of kaloa they leave their burial grounds and they march all through many sections of the islands. The Nightmarchers  will march out to battles of the past and they will also march out to several of the places that are considered grounds. Hawaii's Night Marchers leave their final resting places about sunset and will walk and march the islands of Hawaii until sunrise. I have also heard of a few daytime sightings. Daytime sightings are usually only witnessed when the Night Marches are going out to guide and escort a dying relative to the spirit world.
Illustration Guerrier des Iles Sandwich. Drawing by Jacques Arago from 1819, 
depicting a Hawaiian Warrior wearing a helmet with a mushroom ornament crest.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Right before the Night marchers come upon one, You can usually hear their drums beating and there have been reports of hearing chanting, dogs barking and one can see the Night Marchers torch lights from a distance. According to legend it is best to leave the area when you see or hear any of these things in to save yourself form death if seen by a Night marcher. However, if you don't have time to escape the Night Marchers, it is said that if you lay down, face down on the ground it is a show of respect and that the Night marchers (might not) harm you. Some even say that lying face down prevents the Night marchers from noticing you. However, I would rather leave the area if I had time to get away.

If you live in an area near the Nightmarchers trail and you hear the chanting, drums torch lights and a foul smell. You must go indoors to protect your self. If the Nightmarchers sees you, the only way to avoid death is to be in the bloodline of one of the Nightmarchers. if a member of the persuasion knows you and you are related in that family then, no harm will come to you or so the legends say.

Some places that the Nightmarchers are said to travel is as follows...
On The Island of Oaho; Manoa Valley at the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus, Pali Highway in the majestic Koolau Mountains, at The Kamehameha Schools campus located in the Kapalama part, The Kualoa Ranch on the Windward side, Laie and at La Perouse Bay

The above mentioned are only a few of the places where Nightmarchers have been reported. However, there are many other locations where it is said that Hawaii's Night Marchers will visit. It is suggested that any night time visitors to any Night Marcher location, or even day time visitors, be very wary and alert!

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