Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly Whisper #3 Peach State Paranormal Investigations (PSPI)

The Peach State Paranormal Investigations Team (PSPI)
Peach State Paranormal Investigations (PSPI), located in Warner Robins, Georgia, was Founded by Warren Hammond along with his wife, Patricia, and Group Manager, Joni Clements. Having been active in other groups, they felt it was time to forge ahead and branch out on their own

Bringing combined experience of several years to the table, PSPI founders have worked hard to build a mature, cohesive, professional team that together investigate “all things paranormal” in Central Georgia. With a strong Investigator-in-Training program in place we are also working on building strong investigators for the future.

Like everyone else, PSPI members have all had experiences that they can’t explain. Interest in the unknown, personal loss, unexplained occurrences and the search for answers all drive the PSPI Team Members in their love for investigating the paranormal.

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Peach State Paranormal Investigations is very excited about some upcoming events ! The biggest is that we are hosting a couple of investigators from Scotland. Darren and Graeme investigate with “The Elite Paranormal Investigators” and we are most excited to have them join us for a full, fun-packed week while we investigate -and we have a full packed schedule to cover from Private Residences, Huge Historic Site and a few Cemeteries! This is Paranormal Cooperation at its finest!

Hot Spot: The Windsor Hotel in Americus Georgia. The PSPI Team recently held an investigation at this beautiful, historic site and were not disappointed with the evidence we collected. From Photos to EVP’s and a colorful past this location would be a delight for any team to investigate.

Sharing of sites & contact information
Right now, you can find out team on Facebook by looking under
Peach State Paranormal Investigations 

Peach State Paranormal Investigations 
We are also working on a website – which should be up soon.

We can also be contacted anytime at:

Final tag-line
Paranormal Investigation is a little off the beaten path of what most consider “normal” activities. We are not Kooks or oddballs – we are real people – just like YOU - that are searching for answers. We are just doing what everyone talks about with their most trusted friend - looking for answers to unusual or Paranormal Experiences.

PSPI is always here for our clients. If you have questions, concerns or need our assistance – please contact us using the information above. We provide confidential services free of charge.

Editors Note: Saddly enough Joni Clemets which we were in communication with for this entry on PSPI was found dead in her own home in February of 2011. May her memory rest in peace.


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