Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekly Whisper #4 Terry Dietrich

Tell Us About Terry Dietrich.
I love photography,  I have for a very long time.  I got involved with the paranormal about 7 yrs ago. I was at the Jenny Wade house in Gettysburg, Pa and got some Orbs in a photo. There was a medium there and I ask her about them. From there one thing led to another and we became very good friends and, I learned a lot from her. The more I learn, the more open I became and my interest also grew. I now go to Gettysburg just about every weekend and go on a investigation just about every Saturday night with one group or another.

Please Tell Us About Some Of The Experiences You’ve  Had

One experience I had was a Sat. night at Devils Den. It's a big pile of boulders on the battlefield. My wife and I were walking around and three ladies past by they had black hupe skirts on and black bonnets, carrying lanterns with candles in. As they past I waited until I thought they could not hear and ask my wife if she noticed anything odd. She said no but ask why I said that, I told her not one of the ladies were living. I can sometimes pick up on that. We turned and the ladies were just standing there staring at us. It was a look I'll never forget.  I know there was no way they could have heard me. As we walked around people were talking about these ladies saying they would not show up in a photo and if you got near them they just vanished in thin air. 

Devil's Den at the Battlefield: Ladies and Orb

I did get a photo with one of the Lady's (above) You see one lady standing there and the lantern on the ground. Later two of the ladies were walking in front of us and I took a pic only the flame from the candle showed up. If you look where the ladies should be there is a orb (below) I have had many things happen but that night was very strange.

Devil's Den at the Battlefield

Sach's Bridge - Walking Apparition

One place I go too a lot is Sach's bridge it's just out of town. It's a covered bridge that was here during the war there have been many sightings and evps, all forms of paranormal things happen at the bridge. Two photos that are among my favorites are from there. I got this figure on the bridge walking in front of me (above) and a horse with a rider going in the bridge (below)

Sach's Bridge - Horse with Rider

In the area that I live in Gettysburg is a very hot spot. People ask all the time where is the best place on the battlefield to get something paranormal to happen. I really don't think there is one place better than a other. I believe if you just go out looking, keep a open mind, show respect and have patience and, any where is good.

Can You Tell Us A Little About The Equipment That You Use.

My equipment is very simple. First Is a open mind. I believe that is very important. If you’re with a group or alone. Also have respect for those around you living and in spirit and for your surroundings try to leave things the way you found them. Cameras I use a Nikon D50,Canon SD1200 IS, and a Olympus D-535.I also use a Olympus WS400-S recorder,  I use a K2 meter now and then. The most used piece I have is my Dowsing rods there cheap and very useful. You really don't need to spend a lot. You can use a cheap point and shoot I've even used disposable and had results.

Do You Have A Web site Or Web Page That You can Be  Reached At ?

For those interested I have a Facebook page @!/profile.php?id=759249263 and I'm also on MySpace @ 

What Would Tell Someone Who Wants To Get Started
With Paranormal Photography Or Paranormal Investigations In General?

As I mentioned earlier I think the most important thing to have are; a open mind, respect and, patience. Just go out and have a good time. Most people I run into are very friendly.

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  1. The bridge photos are especially amazing. I zoomed-in and took a closer look at the sole figure & it appears not to be wearing a war uniform of any kind. Interesting!