Monday, November 28, 2011

Animals Ability to Sense Paranormal Activity

Photo by PJ 2009 Cattle Farmland on the isle of Hawaii

Most animals have senses that are much more keen than our own human senses, and many of them have senses that humans do not even have. It is well known that many animals know when there is something paranormal with them, from a common house cat hissing or following something unseen passing trough the room. Dogs, horses, birds and I am sure a lot of other animals also have the ability to sense things that most humans never would. I have myself watched as my cat respond to what would been a spectral hand trying to pet it's back making her crunching down and move away.

Felines are well known for senses among these a superb hearing, excellent sense of smell, known electromagnetic sensory abilities, low light vision which probably makes them able to see things even in regular light that we never would. When we surveyed our house for electromagnetic fields (EMF), we found out that the cats preferred to sleep in all the hot spots and all the cold spots in the electromagnetic field much as they love to bask in the sun or sleep close to a warm oven in the winter they also seemed to pick their sleeping areas according to the EMF, EMF is known to spike up with paranormal activity though consistent EMF fields are associated with our electronics, wirings and water pipes, proving that at least cats have the ability to directly sense EMF.

Canines are also well known for a multitude of great senses from their superb sense of smelling, possible electromagnetic sensory abilities and a superb sense of hearing, several polynesians that I know claim that the wetness of a dogs eye make them able to see ghosts and if a human ever would wet their eyes with the dogs eye wetness they too could see what the dogs do.

Avians have very strong electromagnetic sensory ability as this is part of their natural navigation, using earths own magnetic fields as a form of GPS, birds also have a wider field of perception in the form being able to see in the ultra violet spectrum of light, which humans and most other animals do not have, many of them also have a excellent sense of smell.

Equines are naturally skittish and often refuse to cross into areas that have high EMF fields, they have superb senses in hearing and smell, but have a limited sight in low light making them even more dependent on using their other senses.

Bovines are smart herd animals and since I grew up on a farm I always had plenty of opportunity to notice how the cattle handled the paranormal, being a sensitive myself I would already know if I had sensed something and the cows, though mostly seems to ignore things of the paranormal definitely know it is there, and they act protectively of their herd if they feel the entity is harmful or evil. I always felt very safe with the cows around me since they would quickly ward off any evils as a herd, circling around those they want to protect and chase away anything evil.

I am sure all animals exhibits some senses capable of noticing the paranormal and if you have any examples of animals that I did not include in my entry that you would like to share with the blog feel free to contact us at

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ultraterrestrials! Visitors From Other Dimensions

Photo in courtesy of wikimedia commons, 
K. Franklins, Hat Creek Radio Observatory
SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, perhaps SETI should be supplemented with SUTI, a program searching for Ultraterrestrials?

The term ultraterrestrial covers creatures, beings and entities that are not of this dimension, examples that by some considered as ultraterrestrials are angels, demons, orbs, rods, ghosts and even some mythological plants and beasts like unicorns, fay, centaurs and leprechauns that may at some point have been able to cross into our dimension, or been seen by some from our realm as they blended through parallel dimensional dreams. Some even think that alien UFO visitors might be of a ultraterrestrial origin rather than extraterrestrials.

Angels and Demons as Ultraterrestrials
These opposite forces of good and evil seem to have several traits that could be explained as visitations of a multi-dimensional type. Both seem to be able to enter our realm in more of a metaphysical state as they seem to be beings of force and energy.

Mythological Beasts and Beings
In this category you have all the large beings mentioned within different cultures mythology (unicorns, dragons, mermaids, cyclops, minotaurs, pegasus, leprechauns, e'epa, menehune, leviathan, satyrs, and some semi-inteligent animals, like the cat like Ullgolthr and Rallurgh.) These are according to some, beings that actually used to co-existed in our reality but was later prevented from freely crossing the dimensional veil. (For other explanations of Mythological beasts read the entry Unicorns, Camelopardalis and other Cryptids.)

Plants, Vermin and Other Lesser Creatures
Much like in the category above these co-exist in the borderland of the dimensions and sometimes or used to be present in our realm before the veil was closed. Examples of dimensional beings of this order are the elusive rods and orbs, invisible to the human eye but sometimes captured on film. Most of these are easily debunked as bugs or specs of dust, though some might be dimensional visitors.

Ghosts and Hauntings
Ghosts are similar to angels and demons, all of them being incorporeal, though ghosts do not possess the power of higher beings, they do have the ability to seemingly exist in our realm, at least partially. This would also explain why ghosts are so hard to capture since they are not fully part of our world anymore, and many of them have not crossed over the veil.

Dreams and Astral projections
In some cultures dreams are thought to literally be traveling into a separate world, another dimension made out of pure thoughts, this would make the dreamer an ultraterrestrial traveler. Astral projections are by definition ultraterrestial travel as ones soul enters into the Astral dimensional plane that are theorized to blend in with our own reality, making the astral traveler present in our world but still unattached in spirit.

The Veil
The Veil is the very fabric of time, energy and space thought to separate our realm from parallel multidimensional realms that intersects our own reality, psychics are thought to be sensitive to the weaknesses within The Veil and thus able to sense and see things that are close to the other side of Veil or even partially intersected into our material universe.

UFO's as Visitors From Other Dimensions
This is referred to by some ufologists like Jacques Vallée and Dr. Josef Allen Hynek as the inter-dimensional hypothesis which instead of having UFO's as extraterrestrial visitors consider aliens to be from a different reality or dimension that coexist alongside our own reality. Dr. Hynek was one of the key researchers for the US government into the UFO phenomena under project Sign (1947-1949), project Grudge (1949-1952) and Project Blue book (1952-1969).

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Held Down (An Unwanted Visitor in the Night) by Obake Hunter

Photo by PJ 

Held Down (An Unwanted Visitor in the Night)
was written by Obake Hunter on Thursday, October 20, 2011

Years ago I lived in an old house nestled in the hills above Kalihi and in it was a ghost. We used to have friends over from time to time and soon enough they too saw the spirit in question, and since he was such a frequent visitor in our home we soon gave him the name Henry so he would feel like part of our family. 

Henry never did bother anyone although our overnight guests were forewarned about him. Even with that in mind they were always startled by the glowing white presence that would be standing in the room when they woke up in the middle of the night. One time a friend of mine, who was playing cards with us, actually saw him walking into one of the bedrooms. He had had a few drinks but I think he more or less sobered up right after that.

Henry never really bothered anyone, in fact he seemed to be going about his business like most spirits are want to do, popping out of nowhere and walking thru our hallways and stuff, I was even open minded enough to realize that in some very real way this was his home as much as ours maybe he was the former owner even!.

The years went on and all was the way it should be with life being very peaceful even with Henry showing up pretty much all the time except for two nights when something else came to visit our home. It was late into the evening the lights were off and we were all pretty much fast asleep when I Felt something pull me up to the surface from the comfortable tides of pleasant rest.

My room was as silent as can be considering the late hour and for a few moments that's all that was there with me until I felt someone pressing down on my body making me feel helpless. Groggy and terrified I managed to look off to my right and there was a large shadowy shape of a person watching me. My mind tried to slip back to that comfortable place where whoever this was could not get me. Oddly enough the moment I thought that and I slowly began to drift back to sleep it released me. 

Not long after that on another night it happened again, but this time the presence was much more insistent with scaring me and since I was greatly alarmed I had no choice but to face this dark presence. By instinct I started to pray and the dark figure eased off again and in a few more seconds the room went from a silent negative zone to a tranquil state.

To this day I recall those years living with a ghost who became almost like a shy friend and always a welcomed presence. And then I pause and wonder what that other spirit was on those two fright filled nights while living in that haunted house. And what it would have decided to do with its forceful intentions if left unchecked. 

In Hawaii we have a certain type of wandering ghost that likes to frequent both our fire stations as well as people's residence and they have a habit of pressing down on unsuspecting victims and also choking them thus the nick name of "choke neck" If that's what it was I’m glad it didn't get that far with me...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dreams of a Lost Cat

Anndre' and Andre'a

This entry was given us by Nina in Norway. And it is similar to the Entry Psychic Abilities: Animal Links. This happened to me a few years back while I was still living in Tromsø, Norway. In our home it was my brother, I and the two cats Anndre' and Andre'a, while Andre'a had lived in the house for a few years, his younger brother Anndre' was new to the place and within the second week he went outside and became lost. 

This is when I started to have reoccurring dreams, in the first dream I found myself looking for Anndre' and I found him, but he was unable to follow me back, he was scared wet and cold, hiding in a shelter not to far away. The very next day I walked there, and to no surprise there was Anndre'.

Later the next week Anndre' got lost again, he was a farm cat after all, and not used to the city, with cars, big buses and lorries. He would panic and run off at the first loud noise and not know how to get back home. Anyway again as I fell into a dreamlike sleep I saw Anndre' lost, this time he was farther away, but in the dream I somehow knew that his older brother Andre'a knew where he was and would bring him home if I asked him to.

So this time before I let Andre'a out in the morning I asked him to search for his younger cat brother and bring him safely home. Two days passed and each night I dreamt more, the first night I watched as Andre'a searched, miaued for and finally found Anndre' close to a spring of running water. The next night I again dreamed about our two cats working their way home, and watched as they were getting closer, and when I woke up I knew they both would be home the very next morning.

At the door to no surprise were sitting outside waiting for me to let them in, Anndre' and Andre'a I still remember how beautiful but cold that October morning was. 

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