Monday, February 28, 2011

An Interesting True Empathic Psychic Experience

I used to be a skeptic of all things psychic in nature.  That all changed with the tragedy of 9/11, where I witnessed my own psychic experience.  It was late August 2001 when my girlfriend started saying three things repeatedly.  Something bad is going to be happening in New York City, the Liberty Tree, and some place in Pennsylvania.  She would recite these three things over and over again, getting more frantic as she did. All my friends and I just thought she was crazy.  It kept getting worse and more frequent up to the night of September 10th. 

That night my girlfriend and I walked the neighborhoods all night while I tried to calm her down.  Just as I got her calm, it came on the news about the twin towers, which sent her off the deep end once again.  With the shock of the incident, I didn't really piece together what she had been saying for the past three weeks.  But when I did the shock was tremendous.  She had accurately predicted the 9/11 incident including the plane going down in the Pennsylvania countryside. This experience changed my life forever.  I can no longer be skeptical about psychic experiences all though I don't have complete answers of my own.

James D.

Editors Note: 
There was recorded a very significant increase in psychic predictions of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and one of our friends (Nina of Norway) also had experiences in the months and weeks ahead of 9/11, for her story check out:  9/11 A Norwegians Foresight Story

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cherokee Screech Owls

Screech Owl Feather

I have a friend that lives in my building. One night he and I were talking outside and he told me about experiences he has had with screech owls. Now, my friend is two thirds Cherokee and the Cherokee legend says that they believe that the screech owl acts as a consultant to keep them in line and that a screech owl could also bring on sickness as a punishment. Also the some Cherokee women would bathe their children's eye in water with owl feathers in it because they thought it would help the child stay awake.

In my friends case he would at times see screech owls and. He told me that the owl would speak to him but that he could not understand what it was saying and also, that he would respond in a language that he didn't understand either.

The one thing that he did understand and know for sure was, Every time he would see a screech owl and would speak that strange language with it, someone he was close to would die within a few days. He told me that a screech owl had made it's home in a large bird house that his son built in the back yard. The owl only stayed in the bird house for about a week but the one night the owl was screeching very loud and my friend went into his strange language mode and then the owl was gone.

Two days later my friend's wife was talking to her mother on the phone and all seemed well. However, during their phone conversation, my friend's wife's mother died. she never said anything about feeling ill at all. She just died while talking on the phone. Since his mother-in-law was a very healthy women and not over sixty years old an autopsy was performed and the report came back as cause of death undetermined.

Another time he saw a screech owl and in a few days his best friend died. Yet another time three days after he saw and heard another screech owl, his cousin died a very fast and unexpected death. My friends cousin was laughing at a joke that was just told and he very simply dropped dead.

Believe me when I say to you that when my friend sees a screech owl, he becomes very worried about himself and his loved ones. Even though there are a few cultures that consider the screech owl to be a good omen or a protector  of fertilely and power. My friend only sees sadness and death when he sees and hears one.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ronnie's Credit Cards

Illustration by PJ 2011

My younger cousin Ronnie is a real good guy. He is smart, kind, and would never do anything to hurt anyone. However, Ronnie always did have one major problem, Ronnie could never save money. If Ronnie had a nickel in his pocket or in his bank account, he just had to spend it somewhere. This always caused a rift between Ronnie and his parents. As Ronnie became of age, he applied for three different credit cards and, he was approved for all three of them. Well Ronnie was on top of the world. Little did he know that in less then two years from then, His world would come crashing down. He went out and  maxed all three of the cards out. As it turned out he couldn't afford to pay the credit cards off.

Well, Ronnie's dad became very angry and even though his dad knew it was not the best thing for Ronnie, His dad paid all three of Ronnie's credit cards off for him. He tried his best to get Ronnie to understand the importance of saving money and not spending every cent he made. About two weeks after Ronnie's dad paid his credit cards off for Ronnie. His dad had a heart attack and died. The death of his dad really upset Ronnie and he knew at that point he had to straighten up and fly right because he knew if he didn't, he would sink and sink hard.

Ronnie did well for about six months and then a little at a time  he got back into his old ways. All three of his credit cards were maxed out again. Ronnie didn't know what to do and a bankruptcy was out of the question. He tried to borrow from the bank but they turned him down for a loan. One night when Ronnie went to bed he spoke to his dad by way of prayer and ask him what to do and he told his father he was so sorry for getting that far in debt and if he could get out of debt this time he would never again get in debt and  then he just fell off to sleep.

When Ronnie woke up the next morning, he got ready for his day and as he grabbed his wallet to see if he had any money for his morning coffee, he noticed all three credit cards were not in his wallet. He looked around and on a table  he saw all three credit cards cut in half. When he went for the mail, two of his credit card's had a zero balance on his statements.

He knew his mother couldn't have paid them off as she really had no money to speak of. Even though ronnie still had one credit card balance to pay off and he did over time. Ronnie is sure that somehow his dad paid the credit cards off even though he had passed on and no one can prove he didn't so, I have heard of stranger things happening. Ronnie never again had any credit cards. However, his dad made sure he knew the importance of saving his money.

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Weekly Whisper #1: The UK Shadow Seekers

In short tell us about the UK Shadow Seekers
Managed by Steve and Susanne Taggart and assisted by Vinny Brindle, the UK Shadow Seekers (UKSS) are a Not-for-Profit, Volunteer-based team of experienced investigators, who invite the public to join them, as they investigate the history of strange occurrences reported at some of the UK’s most haunted locations and more importantly, at a reasonable price.

With a team of 16 experienced staff members, we are qualified to a high standard, including Officers covering Health and Safety, First Aid and Fire Safety.

We are also founders of KTPF (Keeping TheParanormal Friendly) Paranormal Community which also runs the events directory, Paranormal Events 4U.

What is the reason for your interest in the paranormal?
Personally to find proof of life after death, but like everyone, watching paranormal programs and films has peaked our interest and made us want to find out for ourselves.

How long have you been doing this?
The UKSS started back in 2007. Steve and I actively started to investigate the Paranormal and Spiritual field back in 2005 but collectively we have over 30 years experience within the Team.
Where are your located?
Tameside in Greater Manchester UK

Our readers would love to hear you share a key experience.
One such venue, the Roe Cross Inn in Mottram-In-Longdendale, where we had glasses being thrown. Until a census was found and we discovered that there was a landlord missing from the list of tenants mentioned on a plaque in the pub. We had picked up on a name previously and this name matched. After that, no more poltergeist activity happened, but there other things still happening there.

In your opinion what is the hot-spot of your region?
This is a very hard question to answer as any venue can be a hot-spot at any given time, but our favourite’s are Hyde Town Hall, Knottingley Town Hall and Morecambe Winter Gardens as there is always something happening.

Do you have a facebook group, website, email, or other means for those interested to reach you if they have any questions?
Our website is where you can find out more about us, our events and other topics

Our group on Facebook at UK Shadow SeekersParanormal Group or follow us on Twitter @UKShadowSeekers.

Also at where you will find a broader interest within the Paranormal including Cryptozoology and Ufology.

Any other comments, advice, words of wisdom or such you would like to share with the readers?
The trick is to always be prepared to look for an alternative reason for what is happening and if one can not be found then what you are left with must be the truth.

Warning: With Tameside’s Resident Paranormal Group your involvement during our investigations is important, as we aim to give you an insight to being a ParanormalInvestigator.

So When Booking With Us, Be Prepared.
Tameside's ResidenParanormal Group invites you to help investigate alleged haunted places, at prices you can afford. Go on... Do something hauntingly different!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Half a Face

Illustration "Half a face" by PJ 2011

This one is in from Charles and it really made me think about what some people go through because of what they experience or at least in some cases what they think they experience. I can only guess as to if this story is real or just in the mind of Dale who was Charles's brother

Charles and Dale were two boys that were born two years apart. Charles being the oldest of the two took care of his little brother just like all older brothers do and since the boys were the only two children in the family they very close. Both boys had a very good relationship with their mother and Charles had a good relationship with their father however, Dale and his dad just did not get along.

From the time the boys were very young their father just treated Dale different then the way he treated Charles. Dale would always get the blame for things even if he didn't do it and his dad was somewhat mean to him in other ways also, their dad would hit Dale and slap him. Push him around and always call the boy names and yell at him. It seemed no matter how Dale tried to gain his dad's approval, It just wasn't meant to be.

Dale wanted to ask his dad why. Why did his dad seem to always favor Charles and what could Dale do to make his dad proud of him too just as he was of Charles. Dale really wanted his dad to love him but he was always afraid to ask his dad why or what could he do to gain his dad's approval.

When Dale was 17 years old and Charles was 19 years old, their dad suffered a heart attack and died. AS the boys and their mom worked to make their life as normal as possible without their father around, things seemed to be going good. Until one day about two years after the death of their father,Dale started to become very quiet and spent most of his time alone in his room. He and his brother stopped doing things together because Dale seemed to have lost in all interest in most all activities. One night in the middle of the night Dale went into his brother's bed room and woke him up. Dale told his brother his troubles. He told Charles that he kept seeing their dad's face and that it was a mean face. He went on to say that he felt that he saw only have of their father's face because he felt their dad died hating Dale . Dale was afraid his dad came back to punish him again e he liked to do when he was alive.

Dale was actually in tears as he described the turmoil he was going through seeing his dad but just half the face. Dale felt like his dad still hated him and would never let him alone. As Charles attempted to calm Dale down some and make him understand that he really was not seeing his dad's half face. He tried to make Dale understand that it was just  his emotions playing a trick on him because Dale was still looking for an answer of how could he please his dad even now.

Charles tried his best to comfort his younger brother but it Dale just got worse and cried harder. In between his tears Dale kept asking Charles if he knew why their dad hated him so much and then, the unthinkable happened. Dale ran out of the house and took off. Charles jumped in his car and took off after Dale. After  about three miles, Charles was caught up with Dale and was right behind him flashing his lights for Dale to stop and pull over. Dale did slow down as if he was going to pull over but then, he stomped down on the gas and drove the car off the cliff an action that took his life

Now, I will let it up to you the reader as if  Dale was only acting on his emotions and just thought he was seeing half his dad's face or... was Dales dad really coming to visit his son and if so was he trying to kill Dale from the grave?
Was Dales dad's spirit that evil that he caused Dale to drive the car off a cliff?
You decide.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ganding - The Evil Curse From Northern Norway

 Illustration PJ 2011, 
The closed fist is important in Ganding

Even today in the northern part of Norway there are Sami, and Norwegians that use Norwegian form of cursing someone called Ganding, both Vikings and Sami where known to be no strangers to use of ganding, though with Christianity and the notoriously ferocious witch-hunts that hit Northern Norway more than most of Europe, most of these malicious forms of black magic and even more so the use of healing was stomped out during the which trails of the1600th and 1700th centuries, of which estimates places to about 21% accounted to ganding, with 4% diabolism and the remaining 76% use of healing magic, herbs or other mysterious practices which still survived fairly intact in the Sami population.

Most people have streaks of both good and evil, and my father was at times filled with meanness, often followed with him swearing and at times he performed gand. More often than most the targets of the ganding would be the neighbors that had happened to trigger his nerves with some usually trivial stuff followed by having them placed in gand, he was even proud of it and at times bragged that he had put many down from their high horse after getting struck with a series of bad luck after he placed them in gand.

My father also told the stories how his uncle once placed someone in a catatonic stage for 10 years using a gand, which very specifically worded that the target would be unable to speak or move until 10 years had passed, and that this was just one of the cases of ganding that his family could do. Though frankly I never believed there to be much credence in these accounts back when I was growing up.

My mother believed herself to be one of those struck with one of the more potent of my fathers gands after she left him a few years back after a few decades of marriage, and she asked me to use my faith in Jesus Christ to help her break the evil curse that she felt had been ruining her life and put her in the deepest despair, both financially, with no work and series of mysterious sicknesses that the doctors could do nothing about. Needless to say I did what I could and the gand seemed to be broken, and things are still improving in all parts of her life.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Curses, Evil Eyes, Hexes and Jinxes

Illustration by PJ 2010

I think as long as there has been people on this Earth there has been curses, to my knowledge every culture have them, and even our modern society still at least in part still warn us about the taboos (like in Samoan Curfew, and The Sacred Power of the Ti leaf) that might cause your luck to turn badly. Which is why I would like to bring a few examples of well known curses and forms of bad luck.

The closest to an attempted curse must have been back a few years ago when a homeless person totally at random stopped me at the street and gave one erie statement, that he would see me three more times, and the third time I would be decapitated, being a psychic I found that an odd statement to make, but who knows what goes on in a crazy persons mind, still it does make you stop and think.

Greek Evil Eye Talismans by Guruharsha, Shop in Boston, USA

The Evil Eye, the most well known to be using the evil eye are the gypsies, how much of this is actually real and how much is more the cloak of superstition and fear among those that were not gypsies themselves I do not know, still the effect seems to be as real as any, many people all over the world still fear for getting handled the evil eye from strangers that they might have insulted. Also it is common in several of the Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece and Turkey) to wear charms and talismans to ward of the Evil Eye. Another One good example of the evil eye would be the story that was shared with us back a few months ago called Never Be Mean To A Stranger.

A Hex is more direct use of spells (or witchcraft) rather than just evil will to do harm as ganding is powered by or the supposed powers of the evil eye. In a hex one often using ritualistic magic in order to do harm, objects like in the hexes in voodoo mixing both religious, and magical aspects for the purpose of placing a hex on someone. In Attacked by Black Magic I describe how my family and I were hexed, and then broke this using reversal prayers and binding to repel the evil. 

Ganding is a type of malicious hexes that is well known in Northern Norway, especially among The Sami people (indigenous norwegians). Basically this involves someone reading a curse over someone handing the equivalent of the evil eye, making them followed with bad luck usually in the form of a disease. My father was one to frequently putting ganding on those he did not like, but I was never sure how much of the neighbors bad luck was just coincidental and how much could actually have been bad luck from this type of curse. Though my Mother did believe she was put under ganding after she left him. Ganding is in many ways the directly opposite the norwegian type of healing called lœsing (blood-stopping) which my mother does.

Jinxes are more random strains of bad luck that may be caused by ones own ill-doing, may this be angering nature as something causes the curse one example of this is the Hawaiian and Icelandic Lava Rock Curses, or the negative energies attached of some numbers like described in the entry 13th Myth or Reality?, I think we have all experienced times where one feel jinxed, where things keep piling up as fate brings more troubles in your path.

In Norway we have a saying, "En ulykke kommer sjelden alene" (directly translated this means An accident is seldom arriving alone) basically meaning the same as "Misery loves company". The common rule is one would expect to see three cases of strikingly bad luck in a row and usually within the same day.

So to conclude keep yourself safe and do your best to avoid yourself to become the subject of a curse, or a random jinx.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Relatives Friendly Spirit Visit

Not to long ago I [Nina] had an experience directly connected to a close relative that passed away suddenly and unexpected and this experience happened a while after I had completed a ceremonial prayer with burning of incense and candles in order to ease his crossing over to the afterlife.

As I was walking to work I suddenly would notice a familiar smell from growing up in the Norwegian town of Vadsø, the strong odor of the large local fish oil and fish flour factory, which back home is called to be the scent of money. Anyway even-though this was strange since I never smelled this outside of Vadsø before and I was no where near any kind of fishery industry, I did not take much notice of it other than being peculiar.

Then while at work I got this strong sensation of being watched and the feeling of a presence. Instinctively I knew this was my dear relative that had come over to let me know he was OK and that he had appreciated the light I had placed for him earlier. And also getting some rest from all the mourning that was still going on at home, and just to be sure to make sure that I knew he was really there he took a poster of figs down from the wall, he always loved figs so much so to me this was indeed a confirmation and greatly lightened up my spirit too.

After this it felt like he left and went on to visit others of his relatives. This was confirmed by my mother that also had him visit her and my brother later that very same day.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Empty Room in the Attic

This another experience shared with us by Nina of Norway on behalf of her good older friend TJ which also is Norwegian.

This happened when TJ visited an old friend named Oscar, upstairs Oscar had a empty room that TJ had in all the 20 years of knowing him, never been up in. TJ did not recall anymore why Oscar brought her up there because this was about 10 years ago.

As TJ and Oscar entered the empty attic she was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of despair, sadness and feeling of being trapped TJ was sure this must have been the feelings of his wife that had passed away years before she even met Oscar. She started crying and quickly left the room and as they did, all turned back to normal. Oscar asked what happened and TJ told him that she had just felt like she had been filled with the feelings of someone that used to live in that empty room.

Oscar confirmed TJ's suspicions and told her that used to be his wife's room and that his wife had been troubled with anxiety and depressions for years before she passed away, and also that neither him, his son or his daughter would spend very long time in the room because it always made them feel uncomfortable there.

Then TJ suggested that she could try to open herself for channeling and let her work serve as a vessel for his wife so she could let this part of her that was still dwindling in this empty attic room could pass over into the light, she reentered the room and after a few minutes she looked up at Oscar and said that she felt that his wife had finally found her peace, and that everything was OK. Oscar entered the room and confirmed that it felt light, and the seemingly darkness that always lingered there was gone, his son and daughter also on separate occasions mentioned that their mothers old room seemed different and that they no longer felt bogged down with sad emotions when passing trough it on their way to the storage attic behind it.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Psychic Abilities: Social Affinity - Empathy

Empathy is the psychic ability to sense emotions, most have this ability in more or lesser degree and it is a necessary ability in order to function socially. In its weakest form it is able to help us detect peoples intentions in its higher forms it could be quite overwhelming where the empath is able to directly feel the others emotion, and in large crowds this emotional noise is described as quite overpowering. In other words Empathy or Social Affinity is the same as Animal Affinity, and similar to Animal Links, but with a focus to knowing the emotions of people rather than the animals.

Many of my psychic friends are empaths, and like me prefers they to avoid the extra stress that large crowds and especially highly stressed and agitated crowds would cause them in the form of emotional overflow. With training one have been able to build up a form of psychic shield making it easier to prevent most of the emotional noise to affect ones well-being.

When it comes to ghosts and other spirits empaths are adept at sensing their emotional distress, and often help bringing information about what might be keeping them from crossing over may this be anger, sadness, loss, fear, despair, confusion, faithfulness, stubbornness or other mixed emotions that has kept them on our side.

Another of my friends shared how he had literally felt the distress of one of his friends girl friend, and could in detail describe her emotions that had been imprinted into him. This is fairly uncommon but sometimes people could work as a emotional magnet and carry with them this imprint from one person to another, then often all of this stored emotion is shared in one instant flash.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anger Triggered Premonitions

Being a psychic sometimes bring glimpses of a future one do not want to see come into effect, often in the form of a flash of information showing a near possible future, which would be put in effect if one follow trough with a emotional response like pushing someone.

So far I have always backed away whenever I see this kind of premonitions, since one would hate to see a loved one injured because of a rash act in the heat of the moment, like giving someone a push which could have caused them to fall and get seriously injured even die. Perhaps if more people would see the cause and effect before it actually happens such heat of the moment accidents would been less in our world.

A few times I have used premonitions in self-defense, one example of this happened in Norway a few years ago, a group of three guys followed me and was making threats, I ignored them and followed my same walk while they followed, and this was during the winter so it was really slippery. In the premonition I knew that the leader of the three would come forward in front of me trying to trip me and in doing so I could easily disable him by pushing my leg a few inches to the side in the instant he would do so, and behold, as the premonition came through I could without any effort trip the guy that was trying to trip me, causing him to slip and fall on the ice, and the other two joined him falling while trying to help him up. The three thugs never tried to approach me again.

My mother has also described similar premonitions and how she used it to break up bar brawls between guys two and three times her size, knowing exactly what they were going to do and how to counter it in order to make the premonition cause both parts to be immobilized with almost no effort, and also at the same time causing the bullies to be paralyzed in surprise.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Old Teddy Bear

When I was really young, I think I was 5 years old. We lived out in the country side were there were no other kids around my age to play with. My mother sensed my loneliness and for my birthday a few weeks later bought me a really cool teddy bear. The teddy bear could say words and answer questions. It could say Yes, No, How are you, and I have missed you.

As I grew older I stopped playing with the teddy bear and I asked my mom to please save it and not throw it away. I remember she wrapped it in newspaper and put it in a box to be placed in the attic. The years went by and I forgot all about the teddy bear. When I was 25 yeas old my father died in an accident. My mother didn't want to live way out in the country alone with just her and I. So we sold our house and moved into the city. As time went by and, we became settled I found a good job and my mom found some good friends and all seemed well.

At that point, I thought about moving out but then, I figured why would I want to do that. I mean mom had the entire first floor to herself and I had second floor. I while I was working I would come home, check in on mom. Whenever I was not working we would have a meals together and the rest of the time stay upstairs in my own floor.

One night I had to work over for a few hours and I didn't get home until past 10 PM that evening. I could see that my mom's bedroom light was on so, I just went upstairs without disturbing her. The next morning I went to check in on her and she was not breathing and he body was cold to touch. She had been dead for hours.

After the funeral and giving myself some time to grieve, I cleaned the attic out and got rid of all the stuff up there and for some reason, It hit me that my old teddy bear was not there. I went through everything and it was not there. I didn't think anymore about it and had all the items in the attic given to different charities around town.

A few weeks later, I returned from work and as I was going up the stairs, I heard talking and I recognized the sound as that of my old teddy bear. As I entered my room I thought I had lost my mind because sitting on the top of my bed was my old teddy bear just chatting away. This time he said a new line and that was... I will always be here if you need me! I have no clue about where he was or, how he got here. I hadn't seen him in years. I just can't figure it out however, I am sure that line of I will always be here if you need me is my mother's way of telling me she will always be here for me if I need her.

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