Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House Blessings - Your Home is Your Temple, A Sanctuary for You

This is my account of the power of house blessings, and the peace of mind one could have in ones home when it is kept physically and spiritually in order, and as such protected against evil forces of all sorts.

In Tromsø a few years ago I felt like my home was becoming desecrated, there was this one heinous video circling on the web showing people getting murdered in the most horrible way, and my boyfriend kept watching them all over all day, whenever he had friends over his first action would be to show the uncensored video which one could not see in fullness on Norwegian TV.

Soon he would be watching the site more and more, it kept building up his hate, and it felt like it was spreading filling the home, making it defiled. Then after one week of pleading him to stop I went ahead and did a house blessing. At this time, one of his friends was over eager to be the next one to see the murders in all it's evilness. I left them alone in the computer room and moved over to the South corner of our kitchen and started praying, I prayed for protection of our home, to keep evil out of it in all it's forms, to bless our home and bring back the sanctity of mind and sanctity of our home. It felt like a spark of positive power spread from the Kitchen and illuminated our home pushing out any darkness that was working it's way in.

After 15 minutes or so it felt like our home was spiritually rejuvenated again, and soon after my boyfriend and our mutual friend came over to the kitchen. I asked them if they had seen the video, the reply i got pleased me "No, for some reason we spent the last 15 minutes trying to get it up, it would not load anymore, strange since it worked perfectly all of this week before". Not only did he never mention the site after the blessing it seemed to be like it had been removed from his mind since he did not try to watch any of the videos again.

This is not the only time that I have experienced the effect of house blessings, but this is the most instant and deep lasting one I have experienced. Here there was not used sage or incense for the cleansing, as in the ritual of Smudging (Read entry Sage used for cleansing of the Soul and Protection against Evil Spirits)

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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Evil Up The Road

Back when I was a child my family lived on a very populated road about 4 miles outside of town. It was just off the main highway. If you followed this road about a mile and a half from the highway, you would come to a left turn onto a side road.  That side road was just a dirt road that was not paved. There was only one house back that road. I was always being told by my older brother and older sister as well as both my parents to never go back that road for any reason. My Mother always said that there was some kind of evil back that road.

Through the years I heard many of neighbors say stay away from that road as well. That was until one night not long after I got my drivers license.  My friend and I were out driving around just because we could. I had my license and my parents bought me a secondhand car and I could drive when and where I wanted to. I picked up my friend who lived about three blocks from me and we drove into town and hung out with a few other friends.

As we headed back home that night, my friend said he wanted to go back that road. I told him no way and that he as well as everyone else in the neighborhood has always said stay away from that road. As we got closer to home he finally managed to convince me to take that left turn and drive back the road of evil, as people in my neighborhood called it. I had to admit even though I was scared still, I always wondered what it was that was so evil back that side road and who lived in the only house back there because we never saw them whomever it was.

We made the turn and it was just a few minutes after 10PM. We drove past the short dirt lane where the only house on that road stood and we could see light in only one window of the house. We drove another half-mile or so and we came to the end of the road, a dead end. As I turned the car around, I got this nervous, sick feeling in my stomach knowing that we had to drive this road once again to get off of it. My friend looked at me and said that he didn't know what it was but that, he felt strange. I started to drive faster and right before we reached the short lane where the old house stood, we both saw what at first I thought was an elderly lady along the road.

As we got closer and I slowed down a bit we could both see that this woman was transparent. You could see her but you could also see straight through her. What we were seeing was an apparition. Her hair was long, straggly and her skin was as white as snow and it seemed that there was blood on her face and many other places on her body I stopped the car and we both looked out the passenger side window. She turned and looked in at us and then just disappeared right in front of us while she was standing there.

We took off and didn't waste any time. I was driving down that road like i was in a race car and to be honest, it is a wonder we made it to the end of that road alive and as I stated earlier, I had just had my drivers lichens two days prior  to this experience. I was not by anybody's definition, an experienced driver. Given my inexperience behind the wheel and as frightened as we both were, we are truly lucky that the car did not wreck with both of us in it. After what seems like a long time we came to the end of the road. We turned left and got back on the main road and went about a half mile and I pulled over and I was breathing hard. I looked over at my friend and he asked me what the hell was that we saw?  Then he stated, it had to be a ghost and then said please let's just get home. I started to pull out back onto the road and I checked my rear view mirror for any oncoming traffic and, as I looked in the mirror, there this woman was, sitting in the back seat of my car. I yelled for my friend to look in the back seat, as he did, she just disappeared into thin air again. Weeks later we both told our parents about our experience. Even though both my parents and his were upset that we even went back that side road. My friend's parents  told us both that about 50 years before my friend and I were even born, there was a gruesome murder back that road and a elderly women was murdered. They told us that this elderly women had been stabbed,shot and,beat up. My guess is, the woman we saw was the woman that was murdered on that road. I think her ghost walks that road at night. I can tell you one thing, My friend and I both to this day have never and will never go back that road again for any reason !

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Young Spirit Haunting

Photo by PJ 2005

Back years ago I was in a hospital with a friend of mine visiting her child whom was there due to a rare kidney issue. My friends little boy was very sick and not expected to make it. We were told we could stay as long as we needed.

It was midnight and I was worried about my friend as she was very tired and under so much stress that I suggested we leave and I would stay at her place with her just in-case she needed to return to the hospital anytime over night. My friend said she would much rather stay with her son because he was so sick. I agreed and we both pulled up chairs by his hospital bed and sat down to wait out the night. At some point we both fell asleep and I woke up at 3 am. I was sitting there thinking about if I should go to the gas station about two blocks away and get my friend and I some coffee. She was still asleep and I didn't want to wake her.

Right then I heard what seemed to be a child running down the hallway right outside the door. As I stood up and put my jacket on, I hear the footsteps  running back the other way. on my way out I stopped at the nurses station to tell the nurses that if my friend woke up and asked to please tell her I went for coffee. As I was walking down the hallway with the coffee, I once again heard the foot steps and this time they ran right past me.

I checked in at the nurses station and I inquired about what I was hearing. I told them that I could swear I heard running in the hallway a few times  and that it sounded like a small child. At first the nurses just looked at each other and said nothing. I figured it was something they were not willing to discuss so, I took my friend's coffee into the room. A few minutes later a nurse came into the room and asked me to step out in the hall for a minute. I did as she asked and she went on to explain what I was hearing was the spirit of a young child that died in that hospital many years ago. She told me that the fact that I was hearing the footsteps and running out side the room meant that it was a good sign that my friend's son would be ok. I asked her how he could be OK when just hours ago we were told he was not expected to make it. She looked at me and said she just felt he would be ok.

The about five hours later there was some improvement in his condition and over the next days he kept improving. In one week my friend's son was back home and in two weeks he was just like any other 4 year old. I went back to talk with the nurse and she told me that ever since a young boy died in that room many years ago. Staff would at times hear him run up and down the hall. When they would hear this it always seemed that some small child was in that room and not expected to live. However, if they heard the running whoever was in that room and whatever was wrong with them they lived and made full recoveries. In addition, my friend's son told her weeks later that when he was sick that he dreamed that a young boy visited him and told him not to worry because he would be well again soon.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I See but I Don't want to

Illustration by PJ

This the retold story from my 22 year old friend Jean from Tennessee, and she gave me permission to present her story to you. -Gary

I was just like every other happy well adjusted girl in their 20s. All except I knew things. I even saw some things that I didn't want to see. When my dad was killed in a car accident, I saw that two days before it happened. I even told him what I saw and he drove that day anyway and he was killed in a car accident.

I had a boy friend when I was 20. we actually started going out when I was 18. He was the love of my life. However, when i was 20 I was eating with a good friend of mine at Burger King one afternoon, all of a sudden, I got a picture in my mind of my boyfriend kissing another girl. Exactly eight days later I walked in on my boyfriend and another girl kissing and they were in a very comprising position.

I was also able to see where my mother lost her job when I was only 15 years old and she did indeed  get let go from her job  due to downsizing. I knew ahead of time that my aunt would have a heart-attack.

All my life I could from time to time see some tragedy that would happen to me or a family member. The problem is, It is always something bad that I see, never anything good or happy. For that reason, I would rather not get these visions. I do not have to be asleep. They are not dreams it is that all of sudden I will get a picture in my head and what ever it is I see will soon happen!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

An Evil Spirit

When I was 20 years old, I was staying at a female friends house over night. She was truly my best friend and she kept saying she heard strange sounds at night and felt a presence in her bed room. So, I agreed to spend the night with her and see what if anything out of the ordinary would happen. I agreed  to sleep alone in the bedroom and my friend Tina would sleep in the living room.

Tina and I both went to bed at the same time and it was around 11pm. As I entered Tina's bedroom I walked around inside the room looking at everything, in the closet and under her bed and all around the room, All looked normal so I latched the bedroom door from the inside and crawled into bed. I think I fell asleep in just a few minutes.

I know I had a strange dream. A dream of gray clouds and the sound of a strong winds. I could feel the wind on my face and then at 3 am I woke up in a cold sweat. I sat up in bed and looked around. I had let the light on so all looked OK but yet I felt a strong presence in Tina's room. I could see nothing abnormal about or in the room but yet I had a strange feeling that I was not alone in that room.

I laid back down and closed my eyes and then I felt the bed shake and I felt like something was heavy on me and holding me down. So heavy that I had great problems breathing. I  felt whatever this was try to choke me  Then just as soon as it started it stopped. I lay there trying to catch my breath and sweating. It was like I could not move. I fell back asleep and woke up about two hours later. I remembered everything that happened in the hours before. As I got out of bed and walked past the full length mirror, I could see scratches on both my legs. (Read entry on Phantomania for more information on this phenomena)

I do not know what evil spirit it was in Tina's room that night. However, that very day I and a friend moved Tina out of that house and let her stay in the extra room at my Mother's house until she found another place to stay.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fear: Hornets are Dangerous

The Norwegian Hornet, which usually is called Wasp

Ever since I was a kid I had this fear of hornets, not because I had heard that it would really hurt if one got stung, but because I had this deep feeling inside me that these small aggressive bugs had the ability to kill, that even one or two of them could be dangerous.

Back then I did not know anything about allergies, and that it was possible to be deadly allergic to something, I grew up dealing with hornets every summer, but never got stung, and as I grew older I learned to control my fear, even to be able to study them as they fly their way from flower to flower, or landed on my arm or jacket for a while before heading back to their busy day collecting and building their hive.

Then when I was 20 I was stung by one for the first time while picking up some dry branches searching for rare mushroom for a biology class, it made me feel woozy, lightheaded and, weak until the next day but nothing more came out of it, I did know now that the first sting usually never trigger a severe allergic response and that this would not be the time to confirm or disprove my long fear of the deadliness of hornets stings.

Dividalen in Troms, Norway

The real test came about two years later, I was again out on a full week biology field trip collecting rare plants, mosses and grasses for a higher botanical diversity class, way up in the mountains in Dividalen, close to Tromsø. On the second day we went up and I started feeling strange, a hornet had somehow gotten caught underneath my shirt and my backpack, stinging me in the lower end of my spine. As we continued up I noticed my eyesight started to go blurred, and the eyes was no longer able to adjust to direct sunlight, since we were already high up in the mountains, with no way of contacting anybody with use of cellphone since there was no coverage of the area, I figured it would not let the others know that I was not doing to well.

We continued ascending up to the top, and as we were getting ready to return back to the camp we had made up at the summit, my heart beat was starting to slow down dangerously low. Still I managed to will myself to placing my feet in-front of the other one step at the time. I even lost balance one place but since the forest was so dense none of the others noticed, I got up and continued walking, supporting myself on one tree at the time, I looked down and noticed I had a twig half an inch thick standing out of my upper thigh, I felt no pain, so I went ahead and pulled it out, there was no blood and no pain, most of my concentration was at this point focused on keeping my heart beat from slowing even more down, and making sure I was not lagging too far behind the others, only one guy was behind so I knew I was not last.. yet.

Finally we all got out of the dense forest, and I asked one of the other girls to check my back for me, it was totally swollen from my tail bone all the way up to the top of my neck, making me look like I was hunchbacked. At this point it had been about 6 hours since I was stung, and I was starting to feel better again, so there was no need to cancel the field trip because of a few minor bruises, the wound in my thigh had closed up and I decided to go to sleep to the next day to see if the swelling had gone down. The very next morning the swelling was almost totally gone, only a few months later did I tell them how sick I had actually been on the field trip.

This is just one of many personal warnings that I have received and so far all of them have held true when it comes to things that are of danger, of use or of danger to those close to me, keeping myself and others safe both from internal and external dangers.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Fatal Flight

Actual Photo of the retrieved parts of the plane that crashed outside of Mehamn, Norway

As mentioned in my earlier post One Scary Flight: Detroit - Amsterdam "I have always had a special connection with flights, and have always seen them in details from start to end". Unlike that event which was recent, the story I am sharing now was my first time that I remember of receiving a flash of information about a flight, when I realized that I actually was able to see things to come. A story still shrouded with mystery, when a plane crashed with a still unidentified flying object in the sea outside of Berlevåg and Mehamn in Northern Norway.

I was just a kid back then, my mother had just been with me to the hospital in Tromsø to have my tonsils removed, and we were now on our way back to Vadsø, and had just landed in Hammerfest. Our next flight was a small propel plane, I had been on those before many times already on this very same route, since it was a common route when flying from Tromsø to Vadsø. Involving multiple airports and short flights between those, I always loved the feeling of flight, both landings, take-of and watching the world below. But this time when I asked my mother to see the tickets and she handed them to me, I held them briefly, looked at her and asked if we could take another flight home. I remember I felt quite uneasy about this flight and as we walked up to the reception desk I remember telling my mother again that I didn't think we should be on this plane, she didn't say too much but went ahead asking the receptionist lady if there was another flight that would take us from Hammerfest to Vadsø this day. When she responded that there was one direct flight available and we would only need to wait another 30 minutes extra I felt really relived, and keenly asked my mother if we could take that one instead, and that I wanted to use the extra time to see more of the current airport.

Time passed quickly and we got home to Vadsø even before the original multiple landing flight we were supposed to be on would have reached our final destination. Later that evening I remember watching the news with the rest of my family, and they were reporting that the very plane we would had been on had crashed in the sea, with no surviving passengers or crew. This was the moment I realized that I could actually make a difference and even change the life of those around me, it scared me, but at the same time I felt happy that I had saved my mother, and sad that the others did not make it since they did go on the flight I felt so uneasy about.

The information of this flight has never been unclassified, there was some speculations that the crash was caused by a military plane from the British air force that happened to be in Norwegian airspace at the time. and this is the reason why it is kept classified to this day, some would even go so far to say that it was an alien UFO.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Earthquake Headaches

For years both my mother and I would experience mysterious headaches that were different from our other headaches. Then we started seeing a pattern emerging, these specific signature headaches appeared in both of us simultaneously before major earthquakes, usually within 1-3 days before and up to the earthquake themselves released its bound energy.

With this we started making notes trying to see if there was something here in correlation between our headaches and the earthquakes around the world. To our surprise a pattern emerged, pointing too and making us indeed think that these specific headaches was indeed earthquake related.

The headache itself feels more intense just before an earthquake, and it is like a feeling of more than one headaches at once, cutting into the spheres of the brain, crossing and spreading almost like it is pulsating in a quake. If the quake is strong or close it affects the strength and frequency of the headache, and also changes according to the direction, while a regular headache does not behave like this, being constant regardless of direction one is facing. I have only once actually been in a quake strong enough to be felt, and just before the quake itself it was different, like the quake was centered in the middle forcing me to seek to go outside, away from any structures, it made me feel nauseous, something I almost never becomes, it lasted till after the quake passed and just as sudden disappeared when the quake was over.

I think that with training, I should be able to actually put the earthquake headaches to use, giving general direction where they might be, strength and perhaps even how far away. Especially if one is able to back it up with my mothers own earthquake headaches, or others. Who knows, this might become an important field within earthquake research or at least paranormal research in the future. And I think it is closely linked to my  electromagnetic psychokinesis ability.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Haunted Primary School Stage

This is one of the scariest experiences that I've had in my childhood, and it was experienced not only by me but by all of my 5th grade primary class of 23 students back in Norway. It all started one windy cold autumn day during recess, usually we were not allowed to stay inside the school between classes, but since the teachers had declared the weather outside to be bad enough that we could play inside instead.

I do not recall how this started but I do think it all began with a dare from some of the boys to the girls, we had all heard that our school was supposed to be haunted, and the best spot would be in the basement bomb-shelter behind the school stage, and it was to us known as behind Amfi, which was dark and a part that none of us had ventured to before.

I stayed in the sloped entrance area about 15 yards up from the school stage, with 4 of my friends, we had a perfect view as 15 of our friends disappeared into the dark, and the rest stayed at the stage preparing to enter in to join the exploration towards the bomb-shelters. Then all of the sudden we heard screams from the darkness, and watched our friends running towards us in panic out of the dark, but their faces did not look normal, it was like they were wearing a gray mask making them look inhuman, and it was not only me that saw that. All of us up in the entrance had the exact same experience of the event happening only 15 yards away from us. 

When we all got upstairs I noticed and brought to attention that my friend Tordis' left hand had a deep rift in it and was covered in blood, he was one of those that had gone deepest into the area behind the stage, but was unaware that he had been hurt before we brought it to his attention. More-so when we as a group described what had happened, both the girls and the boys in the darkness had heard a deep voice speaking to them, there, and they had felt a presence that filled them with fear and caused them all to run back up in panic. None of us ever went back behind the stage.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Shadows in the Basement

Our house in Norway was a 4 story house counting the basement. The basement contained a toilet room, a sauna, another large room with a bathtub our water heater and a sink in it, a laundry room and a storage room. There was also a room with a large food freezer in it.

Almost as soon as we moved in to the house we began to hear noises down in the basement. At first, we simply thought the noise was just because the house was old and it didn't bother us much at all.

Then one day I was down in the basement to get some food from the freezer and as I went to leave, I saw a shadow. It was a dark shadow and it seemed to have a head. I stopped and looked at the wall where I saw this shadow and it was gone. As I walked top wards the steps, I saw it again and I noticed both times I saw the shadow I would hear the noise. As a matter of fact, hearing the noise was what made me look and see the shadow.

I told Petter when he came home and he said he had also seen the shadow the day before but he just thought he was seeing things. However, the very next day he and I were both in the basement at the same time and we both saw the shadow at the same time. This time there was no noise with the shadow. days and weeks went by and almost every time we would go into the basement we would see the shadow.

At one point the shadow would go up and down the basement steps. I didn't like that at all and it got to the point where I refused to go into the basement alone.
The noise stopped altogether in the basement but, the shadow continued. it would walk across the floor and show up on the walls and go up and down the steps almost as though it was of some kind of intelligence.

I didn't like it at all and neither did Petter  but there was not much we could do and I think that even though it has been 6 years since we moved out of that house and back to the states. I will never walk into that house again. I always got the feeling that this shadow was something not good. Every time we saw it it made us feel like we wanted to move away from that house and we didn't feel at peace until we moved out.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Electromagnetic Psychokinesis

Back when I still was a teenager, I found out that I had the ability to affect electrical equipment, if I was stressed out I would frequently make computers crash or do things on their own without even pressing the keys, seemingly randomly, and my mother found herself doing the same thing causing computers or other electrical equipment close by to malfunction, when stressed, or angered.

As I grew older I experimented and found out that I could actually control electrical gadgets by mere thought, this would be enhanced by touch. One of these earliest types of experiments I tried out with my mother, was on electrical temperature meters, and tools for measuring electrical energy in volt, amp and ohm. It was surprisingly easy to make the values on such electrical meters to increase or go down by holding the probes and concentrate on which values one wanted to alter.

In later years I found that I was able to actually sense electromagnetic fields emitted from electrical household items, plants, people and this also seemed to solve another mystery that I had been growing up with, related to pains all over my body when there was high amounts of aurora borealis, which actually do alter the electromagnetic spectrum in Northern Norway where I grew up. Another phenomena that I noticed was that I would after these electromagnetic storms be more charged, and one would frequently release visible sparks when getting close to or touching objets or people, making both jump from the instant jolt.

With time I learned to focus what I think is the electromagnetic field that my own body generates, and use that to alter electrical equipment in a form of electromagnetic psychokinesis, with this I have found phones to complete dialing numbers before I have actually punched in more than the 4 first didgets, magnetic key locks to unlock by mere focusing on putting in the key card and punching the code by focusing my mind to mimic the brief signature electromagnetic change that I felt and remembered when actually using the magnetic key cards and combinations. This same minute change in the electromagnetic energy of a building at night I have even been able to use to feel when someone enters a building like the night security at the University.

In some ways i think the key to understanding telepathy, telekinesis and many other psychic phenomena's and spirit phenomena's lays in the field physics field of electromagnetism.

Other stories that would bring more depth into this subject is Telekinesis and Poltergeist Activities, and the experiences described in the story When Your Energy Make Objects Fall.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Visits from my Dad

Photo of Chesapeake Bay by Eileen, Pa

Todays entry is from Eileen in Gettysburg, Pa
My dad raised us with the help of our Grandmother after my Mother passed away from cancer. I was nine and the rest of the kids were younger. We had a pretty rocky relationship for quite a few years until just before he passed away at the age of 52. He drank alot and I was as a few people pointed out, just like him, pigheaded and stubborn. We battled each other but loved each other too. The parent's curse is true, he got one just like him. I really missed him after he passed. I would go to the phone and dial his number before I realized he wouldn't be there to answer it.

I was in the middle of a dilemma about something that would be life changing for my family. I constantly worry about things and I was in sort of a panic about what I really wanted. The time to make a firm decision was getting close and I still hadn't decided what I wanted to do. 

My dad came to me in dreams sometimes. I don't remember what was said but I would remember he had come to visit. This one night though, I remember it very clearly. He knew I was having a hard time deciding what to do and I remember him looking at me and saying, "Go ahead and do it, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain". I know there was more to that visit but those words are the only ones I remember. I know that I made my decision then and fell back into a nice sound sleep. That is how we came to live out in the Gettysburg area of Pennsylvania on a small farm.

The only other time I have seen him that clearly was during the day. We had one car and I would take my husband to work and I would have to drive through the battlefield to get there. I was driving down Steinhour Ave. just at the beginning of the National Park. My son in the back seat. As I drove down the road I see this guy thumbing a ride. I did a double take, I swear it was my Dad. He had hitchhiked where we used to live as if he could not find a ride. There was no traffic as I did a u-turn in the middle of the two lane road. I was going back to pick him up but when I got there, he was gone. I was really upset and disappointed, but on the other hand, I was glad to see him.

I haven't seen him since then, that I remember but I do have a constant reminder of him. My youngest son is the spitting image of him. He had the looks and the same attitude. I swear he is Dad reincarnated. My son was born with no hair, no eyebrows or eyelashes and in his baby picture, he is shooting the bird. My dad was bald and had at one time singed off his eyebrows and eyelashes while relighting a water heater. My Dad's favorite saying was, "What goes around, comes around", and I believe it has.

Other entries from Eileen: 
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deepfreezed: The Grendels of Area 51

Many think of Area 51 being a place with secret research into UFO's and aliens, but there are so much more going on in all fields of classified research projects, and among these, research into cryopreservation. This was brought to our attention by someone that has been in touch with those that work at Area 51, about a incident that happened in 2005.

According to the source, US researches found a few Grendels frozen in the ice of Antarctica. The Grendels are said to be dragon/frog like, their eyes are illuminating and reflects red, and I was even given help making the sketch depicted above. Grendels have the ability to be frozen solid, without tissue damage to it's cells, and therefore are the perfect research target for anyone that want to unlock the technology to get functional cryopreservation that could be used for space exploration.

In 2005 the scientists of Area 51 went ahead and thawed up three of their Grendels, but was surprised by the viciousness of the Grendels, and the fact that they seem to have psychic abilities, being able to communicate with each other telepathically and even read the minds of people. When the first one woke up it went on a rampage killing both scientists and guards in the laboratory, the alarm was sounded and all security, and military personnel was called in, even the perimeter guards which usually never are allowed to enter the core of Area 51. Unable to subdue the Grendels, they had to stop the Grendels by sealing them into one of their subterranean areas, under Groom Lake which the Grendels still are, thriving and increased in numbers laying egg-pods, living of small critters, and hibernating between meals to this day.

Could this be true? Does this story have a grain of truth in it, Are they actually Grendels in Area 51? and if so, could they actually have broke loose and settled a colony in the subterranean tunnels of Area 51, sealed off because they are still not able to remove this Grendel infestation. Could there really even exist a beast like the Grendel with the ability to be fully frozen in the ice of Antarctica and then come to life when thawed out? I found the topic interesting enough that I would share it and let the readers themselves come to a conclusion.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly Whisper #3 Peach State Paranormal Investigations (PSPI)

The Peach State Paranormal Investigations Team (PSPI)
Peach State Paranormal Investigations (PSPI), located in Warner Robins, Georgia, was Founded by Warren Hammond along with his wife, Patricia, and Group Manager, Joni Clements. Having been active in other groups, they felt it was time to forge ahead and branch out on their own

Bringing combined experience of several years to the table, PSPI founders have worked hard to build a mature, cohesive, professional team that together investigate “all things paranormal” in Central Georgia. With a strong Investigator-in-Training program in place we are also working on building strong investigators for the future.

Like everyone else, PSPI members have all had experiences that they can’t explain. Interest in the unknown, personal loss, unexplained occurrences and the search for answers all drive the PSPI Team Members in their love for investigating the paranormal.

Story, sneak-peak, investigation
Peach State Paranormal Investigations is very excited about some upcoming events ! The biggest is that we are hosting a couple of investigators from Scotland. Darren and Graeme investigate with “The Elite Paranormal Investigators” and we are most excited to have them join us for a full, fun-packed week while we investigate -and we have a full packed schedule to cover from Private Residences, Huge Historic Site and a few Cemeteries! This is Paranormal Cooperation at its finest!

Hot Spot: The Windsor Hotel in Americus Georgia. The PSPI Team recently held an investigation at this beautiful, historic site and were not disappointed with the evidence we collected. From Photos to EVP’s and a colorful past this location would be a delight for any team to investigate.

Sharing of sites & contact information
Right now, you can find out team on Facebook by looking under
Peach State Paranormal Investigations 

Peach State Paranormal Investigations 
We are also working on a website – which should be up soon.

We can also be contacted anytime at: peachstatepi@cox.net

Final tag-line
Paranormal Investigation is a little off the beaten path of what most consider “normal” activities. We are not Kooks or oddballs – we are real people – just like YOU - that are searching for answers. We are just doing what everyone talks about with their most trusted friend - looking for answers to unusual or Paranormal Experiences.

PSPI is always here for our clients. If you have questions, concerns or need our assistance – please contact us using the information above. We provide confidential services free of charge.

Editors Note: Saddly enough Joni Clemets which we were in communication with for this entry on PSPI was found dead in her own home in February of 2011. May her memory rest in peace.


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, Illinois

 Orb by the Bachelor's Grove by N.L Mennella

Todays article was sent to us by N.L Mennella, in Midlothian, Illinois

Six years ago, I decided to check out Bachelor's Grove, the famously "haunted" abandoned cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois. I've lived near it all my life but never saw it, despite all its haunted claims. From a lady in white searching for her child to mobsters bodies being thrown in the pond;  this place had many a story.

I was a complete skeptic of the paranormal at the time but tried to stay as open minded as I could. I brought my 35mm camera and my digital and took off.  It has been told that you will get evidence of any kind when shooting photos at the Grove, no matter what. Well, I was there alone during the daytime and all I was getting was mosquito bites and heat rash while taking photos; I decided to investigate on a hot humid July day.  I was there for a good hour when it started raining, so I headed back to the parking lot on the other side of the cemetery.

I got to the middle of the woods and decided what the hell, even though I don't believe in spirits, let me thank them for letting me "visit."  So I stopped and said "thank you."  I started to walk again and suddenly heard whispers. I turned around but no one was there. I started walking again and heard the whispers again, this time a little louder.  I stopped, turned and said, "Is someone trying to communicate with me?"  Silence.  As I walked away I swore I heard "welcome..."  I just shrugged it off and went to have my film developed.  It was probably just some kids playing around the area or on the local bike path.  It was a little strange but nothing to set me running.

I had my film developed and brought it home. All the pictures where of the tombstones, pond, trees-nothing out of the ordinary.  As I was putting them away one picture of the pond caught my eye.  A strange orb is seen floating above the water.  I studied it and studied it, but I couldn't explain it.  Was it a spirit?  Did I actually catch a "ghost" on film?  Or was this a fluke, a malfunction of the camera or the film?  I was baffled, and I am to this day.  Here is the picture;  I will have you decide. I have been to Bachelor's Grove half a dozen times since, but have not captured anything else on film.  Hmmmm....
Maybe this was the spirit saying you're welcome?

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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Paranormal Life

Illustration by PJ 2007: The Birch Tree, symbolizing life itself

Hi! My name is Pamela. I live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband of 18 years, Guy, and our 3 dogs. :) I was born and raised in New York City. I grew up in a house in Queens that was buzzing with paranormal activity for all of my childhood.

First of all, my grandfather passed away on April 16th, 1962, of a stroke. My mother, a nurse at the time, was at his bedside when he died. I was born 4 years later, on the same day. I lived in the house with my mother and my younger sister, Cookie, upstairs from my grandmother. We didn't know for many years that the room we slept in belonged to our great grandmother, who died in her sleep in the same room.

My family has a history of foreseeing the future in dreams, and feeling and seeing things other people can't. You might call us, hyper-sensitives. It has taken years for me to accept the fact that this is what I am. I have had so many experiences that I don't know where to start but I've learned why they happened; there was an incredible amount of anger and tension in my house. My mother and grandmother did not get along at all....they would go for months without speaking. My mother was an alcoholic and suffered from depression. My grandmother was sick with diabetes and high blood pressure, and she survived breast cancer. 

At age four, I saw something white float across the hallway; it looked exactly like the spirit that floated down the stairs in the movie "Poltergeist." I told my mother, and she believed me but she didn't try to investigate what I saw. I wasn't frightened by it either; I was more fascinated than anything else. 

Things continued to happen all through my childhood, but the worst places in the house were the attic and the basement. The washing machine was in the basement, and whenever I was done with the laundry, I always felt the need to run out of there, like something was behind me about to get me. And I'd slam the door and lock it. The vibe in that room was very uncomfortable and most evil. The attic always seemed as tight as a tomb; even with the windows open, there didn't seem to be any air flowing there. All there seemed to be was residual tension with all the relics of my mother's unhappy past; her wedding gown, her shoes, my cousin's uniform and boots from when he returned from Viet Nam....Cookie and I loved to play in the wedding gown, but it always seemed to break my mom's heart just a little when she saw us in it.

As I got older, more started to happen. I heard dishes being banged around in the kitchen as I tried to sleep. About the same time every night, my mom and I heard banging on the walls in the living room. I was taught about the Bible and how God would protect you from these kinds of things if you prayed, but most of the time I was too paralyzed with fear to remember when these things would happen. The scariest thing that happened was when I heard heavy footsteps coming down on the attic stairs, down the hall, towards our room. I was so terrified I ran down to my grandmother and told her someone was in the attic coming to get us, and I had left Cookie upstairs. Cookie slept like a rock, she never heard a thing! But Grandma, up in age now, went with me all the way upstairs with her flashlight and a fireplace poker, and banged on the walls of the staircases, yelling at whatever was bothering me to come out. It was deadly silent, but just being with Grandma made me feel safe. We checked on Cookie and she was okay. I could feel that whatever was there was gone. She drank a hot cup of tea with me, and then she gave me her Bible and told me to sleep with it under my pillow that night. Whatever it was making all that racket that night didn't come back again. 

Three months after I turned 18, my grandmother passed away. I saw her sitting in the living room like I had my whole life one day, only to realize that she was already gone. It all made me wonder if all the things that I'd seen and felt in that house was all just my mind playing tricks on me. No....it's all just sound proof to me that there is something that goes on after we pass this life. I was with both my mother and my grandmother when they took their last breath 21 years apart, at the same time of day. Nothing is a coincidence to me....part of the reason why I was put on this earth was to see them through. 

I don't experience much anymore, but I still feel things when people talk to me or if I go into a place I've never been, if I see a picture, and I still have prophetic dreams. I'm also thankful that my mom and grandmother didn't dismiss me when I told them I saw or felt things....I'm so glad they believed me. People need to open their minds more; children are so open to these kinds of things happening to them, and they can feel so desperately alone when they don't have their parents' support. 

So, that's my two cents. Thanks for listening!!
"Art never dies. Energy never dies. Love never dies." - Amerie

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Dead Soldiers at Jeesiöjoki Bridge into Sodankylä

The Bridge over Jeesiöjoki into Sodankylä, Northern Finland

Here is a contribution experienced by TJ when she was on vacation, visiting Sodankylä in Finland earlier this year. Sodankylä, which actually translates to the war village in English, is one of the most important towns in Northern Finland, and a crossroad where the larger river Kitinen on the eastern side of Sodankylä split up into the stream of Jeesiöjoki on the west side.

My experience here was felt when passing over the bridge across Jeesiöjoki, going into Sodankylä on the road that crosses in from Rovaniemi, as I crossed the bridge I got the feeling of fallen solders watching me, then the lost spirits of these fallen soldiers started following me, I told them firmly in Finnish that I was not the light they were seeking for, they stopped, but one could feel them watching, the horror of the soldiers battle filled me and it put me in a state of disappear.

Then when I returned to go back home and crossed the same spot I felt them again but this time they did not follow, since I had instructed them that I was not their light. The horror of what happened at this battle still is with me now two months after my experience while on vacation in Finland.

When I checked it out later I found out that it must have the soldiers that fell in the battles fought there in 1944 during the Second World War. This is not the first time I have had experienced things like this, I have found that spirits seem to want to follow me unless I inform them not to do so, but the experience while in Finland was one of the strongest ones I have experienced in all my years.
Other stories in the Paranormal Corner by TJ in Norway.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Living in Massachusetts part #2

If you missed the first part of Eileen's story Living in Massachusetts part #1 you could read it here.

We lived in that apt for about 2 years and over those years a lot of little stuff kept happening. My husband worked nights and I was there with my young son. I never felt uneasy but I really was homesick for Pennsylvania. There was a small family owned store about 5 houses down from us. I would go there for stuff like milk and eggs and bread in a pinch. I would go out the front entrance and walk down the sidewalk when hubby was home at night. The street light was always on. I never noticed it being out. I did this a few times before my husband mentioned something odd to me,He said, that streetlight only comes on when you go out on the front sidewalk and goes back off when you are in the house. I said you're kidding, he goes I am not. The next time before I went out the front entrance I looked out the window and the light was out. When I finally unlocked our front door and went out on the porch it was on.

We became friendly with the two families that lived on the second and third floors. On the second floor was a young family with a husband and wife and two small children, a boy and a girl. Anne was a stay at home mom like myself so a lot of times we would take the kids out to play together. We would be in the back yard, where we made a play area for the kids, or we would go to the dam to swim. Anne and her husband were having a rough times and anytime they would argue, the kids would start to cry and the TV and or the lights would turn on or off, The volume of the TV would go up and down like it was trying to drown out the arguments or the kids crying. It happened even if the TV was not plugged in.

We were up at their place for New Year's Eve the last year we lived there and the discussion came around to the weird things that were happening in the house.

I was babysitting for the lady on the 3rd floor at night while she worked. I had her 11 year old daughter down on the first floor to sleep. Her mom would come and get her in the morning. She always locked the door to their apt and one day she came in to get her daughter and was really pissed off. I asked what was wrong and she asked me why I kept letting her daughter go to the apt while she was working. I said I haven't ever let her do that. She looked really confused and said that all her knickknacks were moved and some were laying on the floor and this was not the first time. I told her I honestly never let the girl go out of the place while she was in my care.

So we were talking about all these things when the guys start to joke around that we should get a Ouija board. I said No Way. I didn't want to go anywhere near one of those things.

My husband and I went back downstairs and were sitting in the living room and were talking about all this stuff. It was a cold night but not at all windy. On the windows I had long heavy drapes on the two front windows and on the one side one. There was a porch on the house and a large rhododendron plant at the corner of the porch where the one window was. As we sat there and were talking, the subject was back to the Ouija board when all of a sudden just ONE panel of the 84 inch drape moved straight out from the wall. It was parallel with the floor and ceiling for about a minute. It slowly floated back into place as both myself and husband stared at it with open mouths.

After a minute or so my husband goes, Did you see that?  I shook my head. He says that up till that happening he really didn't believe in this stuff but It made a believer out of him that night. He went over to the window to see if there was something that could have cause that one panel to float like that. There was no wind coming in the window, nothing attached to the drape itself. He even went out on the porch to check the other side of the window. Nothing!

That was the most dramatic incident that happened to us in that house and we moved out not long after wards. To say the least, it was interesting.

Another entry from Eileen:
Visits from my Dad

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13th Myth or Reality?

Photo PJ 2010

I have always been skeptical to the alleged unluckiness' of Friday the 13th day and of the number in general, I have never myself experienced any mishaps happening on Friday the 13th, and I have yet to meet anyone whom have actually been able to tell me a story that would prove it to be so, still fear of the number 13 or Triskaidekaphobia is one a fairly common phobias, btw the phobia for Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia.

On the other hand if something ever where to happen on Friday the 13th I would remember it just because of the very nature of the superstition, I have had a few accidents happen in my life on other days, but neither one of these I remember the date, or even what day of the week it was. Unless it happened on a day special to me.

I have some friends back in Norway that believed fully in the dangers of Friday the 13th, and would do whatever they could to avoid doing anything that might put them in danger, even staying away from work, and make sure they would not need to go to the store. When I think about it these were also the same that build their whole day around newspaper horoscopes, which I would put it being a bit extreme superstitious since those horoscopes in general are too generic to be of any real use.

I found it interesting when I realized that in some countries, like in the US they even removed the 13th floor out of buildings and when I realized that planes miss the 13th row, in order to avoid scaring those with the real phobia of the number. Still, in Hawaii some buildings do actually have a 13th floor.

What my friends really do for Friday the 13th is take advantage of it  Since they found it they could get much cheaper tickets, on almost empty planes this day. So far they have only shared the great luck and advantages they had from this day, I would love to hear examples of 13th related accidents or mishaps though.

There is no doubt that one could have bad luck on Friday the 13th, since the mass psychology of it changes a large number of peoples behavior, and some might even end up in the very accidents they might try to avoid because they are too afraid of making mistakes. So keep yourself safe, as you should on any other day of the year.
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