Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WW#6 The Psychic Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

Princess Märtha Louise is the oldest child of King Harald V of Norway. Princess Märtha Louise has been firm on creating her own career than living out her royalty, even going as far as letting her younger brother take the throne, in spite that the rules of succession were changed in 1990 from oldest male heir to oldest heir, which offered the two royal heirs to make it count from their generation or the next. And later, when she married Ari Behn, a commoner and author of books, she accepted to no longer have the rank of Royal princess, just princess. 

As a result of pursuing a career, Princess Märtha Louise is a certified physiotherapist who has also followed a career in writing of books and readings of fairy tales. In June 2007, she came forward announcing that she is and always been a psychic. She also has always had a gift of animal affinity, and she say hers gift has grown to where it is today.

This caused quite some stir in Norway, as many residents grew up watching the Royal Princess on TV all their lives and felt having a special connection with her. In popular polls, more than half of the people believed her when she said she is a psychic and was starting up an angel school to help others unlock their inner psychic abilities. Being a psychic myself knowing that the princess had the courage to come forward and follow her own ways felt like a blessing in its own, knowing that one now shared something truly special with the princess. Märtha Louise has had these experiences all her life, even though up to that day she had not shared it in the public press. 

The Princess' Angel School is called Asarte Education, and its main focus is teaching different forms of healing, readings, unlocking your own abilities and learning how to communicate with angels.

The Official Slogan of Asarte Education is 
"Use Angels and your own power to create miracles in your life" 

Not surprisingly, the harshest fire to her came from the clergy in the Norwegian Lutheran State Church, also known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. Some felt that since she was no preaching her own form of religion or spirituality, which in the mind of the clergy ran in direct opposition with their church, the princess denounce her membership in the State Church or face excommunication.

The Norwegian TV evangelist Jan Hanvold even declared the princess to be a agent of Hell. Princess Märtha Louise commented to this that had this been back in the middle ages, she probably would have been burned at the stake as a witch. 

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