Monday, May 31, 2010

Sylvia Browne, Psychic and Medium

One of the most well known and talked about psychics today is Sylvia Browne. Below is the link to her official web site.

I have met this wonderful lady at the Hawaii convention center here in Honolulu a few years ago. I was attending one of her live presentations there and I was very skeptical of her claims to be able to see the future and communicate with the dead.

Now I am a believer in her claims. As I explain to you why I believe this women please remember that until I saw this lady in Honolulu, I have never talked with her or wrote her or emailed her in anyway. I also had no contact with anyone who works for her. Also allow me to explain to you that Sylvia Browne as never stated at anytime that she is always correct in her readings. No psychic is always 100 percent correct all the time. Psychics can see a vision and miss read what it means much as you might have a dream and think it means one thing when really, it means something different. Or, Someone may say something to you and for whatever reason you might misunderstand what they are saying. It has happened to all of us at times so why would anyone think it cannot happen to a psychic.

Some people have tried to debunk Ms. Browns for years and years but yet these people always seem to fall short of busting her as being a fake. the reason I believe her is very simple. At this event I attended, I as many others was given a chance to go up front and ask her (one) question. When it was my turn i simply ask her if she could tell me anything at all about my Mother. Now remember guys, I never had any contact with Ms. Browne before and I never had any contact with anyone who worked for her. This was my very first time in seeing this woman in person.

When I asked her to tell me something about my Mother, this is what she said..... Well in late march of the year 2000 You're Mother passed on after a very long Illness. She was in great pain and discomfort up until a few hours before she died. At that point she felt good but, just tired. less then an hour later she had passed on. She wants to know if you found the letter she wrote to you and you're sister in the family safe to be opened upon her death. She also said my Mother died of a heart issue but not a heart attack.

Well, her answer brought me to tears because Sylvia Browne was 100 percent correct. My Mother did die in late March in the year 2000. She was in great pain up until a hour before she died and at that point she did tell me and a nurse that she felt good but tired and she also asked for some juice to drink. The nurse brought the juice and my Mother drank it and a little less of an hour she said she was sleepy and she went to sleep and died in her sleep. My Mother's death was caused by heart failure. The doctor was there when she died and he stated her heart just got tired and weak and stopped beating. Also, I might point out that about a month after my Mother died I was looking at some things in the family safe and I did indeed find a letter written by my Mother addressed to my sister and I that said to be opened upon my death

I find it impossible for Ms. Browne to know all the details about my Mothers death unless of course Ms. Browne is the REAL thing and I truly believe that Sylvia Browne is indeed the Real thing.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is in from Raymond in Honolulu, Hawaii.
My aunt lived in the same house for 55 years. When her and my uncle got married they bought that house and lived in it ever since. My uncle died two years ago and even though I wanted my aunt to sell that old house and move to a newer on she said NO and kept the house her and my uncle bought way back when.

Things started happening shortly after my uncle passed on. You see, my aunt had a flower vase given to them as a wedding gift. It was a very expensive flower vase but. for some reason my uncle always hated that vase and always complained about how ugly he thought it was. On a few occasions I can remember him even trying to convince my aunt to get rid of the vase. My aunt refused saying it was a gift that celebrated their love for one and other and she would not get rid of it.

A few weeks after my uncle died my aunt woke up one morning and found the vase on the carpeted floor. the vase was unharmed and so she picked it up and sat it back on the table where it belonged.I was spending time with my aunt so i could make sure she was doing ok and that next morning when I walked into the living room the vase was once again on the floor unharmed.
I picked t up and placed it in the middle of the table so it would not be close to the edge. I took my aunt out for breakfast and then shopping. Then I returned to my home and let my aunt spend her first night alone since her husband passed on.

About 3 am in the morning my phone rang and it was my aunt. She was crying and said she didn't feel like she could stay alone so, I went over and calmed her down and put her to bed and I told her I would stay the night in the other room. She seemed a bit better once she know I would stay. As I walked out of her room and into the living room, I looked over at the vase on the table. i started thinking about all the times my uncle said how ugly it was and right before my very eyes,the vase flew off the table and right into the wall across the room. No one was even near it. My aunt woke up and started yelling that it was her husband doing it from beyond because he always hated that vase.

I cleaned up all the broken glass from the vase and threw it all away and to this day there has never been anything unusual happen in that house. Maybe my aunt was correct. Maybe my uncle could not rest in peace until that vase was gone for good.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mystic Spiral of Light in Northern Norway

I have gotten many messages from my friends back in Norway, about this spiral of light. When this spiral of light appeared in Northern Norway in the early morning on december 9 2009, it spiked both fear and amazement, and it was taped by a lot of people, I included two videos that I found. The Spiral was reported to been seen as far South as Trondheim and in all cities in the North that did not have clouds that morning.

 Even though scientists were quick to come forward and let everybody know that this was most likely a Russian missile that blew up in the atmosphere it has opened up for a lot of conspiracy theories about UFO and aliens all over Norway. Norwegians are used to light swirling around in the sky during the dark winter times, with the Aurora Borealis dancing about shifting colors and sometimes it is even reported to be followed by sounds similar to an electrical hizz.

Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern Lights, in Tromsø, Norway
I will leave this up to the readers to contemplate what this might have been, was it really a missile gone astray? could it really been caused by aliens? What does the Norwegian government really know?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Talking With a Dead Friend

This is the single strongest event in my life that propelled me into believing in the paranormal. I have always been interested in the paranormal since grew up in Gettysburg, PA, next to the Gettysburg Battlefield, but notting like after I had this most earth-shattering experience, and experiences that followed like The African Violets only strengthened my belief in the paranormal, I will also give my thanks to James for helping me fix the english in my entry.

Several years ago, I had a friend who I was very close to. We ran around together and we did almost everything together. Usually when you saw one of us you saw both of us. My friend had a key to my house that I shared with my family, as my family considered him to be part of our family and he could come and go as he pleased. The point is we were always together.

One night in early December, I was asleep and all of a sudden woke up at 2:12 am. I had a very strange feeling inside of me. I didn't know what was wrong with my friend, but I knew something was indeed wrong. I got dressed and went to my car and because our town had a few all night places that were open I started looking for him not really knowing why. After about two hours of driving around and looking for him with no luck of finding him, I returned to my home and got ready to get back in bed.

I got up and went to work the next morning, and I just had a very strange feeling inside of me all day at work. He knew when my break was and almost always called me while I was on break, but today there was no phone call from him. I was working a split shift that day meaning that I worked my regular eight hour shift then I had a three hour break and then went back to work to finish the next shift. I live only 10 minutes away from my job so I went home during my break and tried calling his house. His father answered the phone and told me he had not seen him all day but that was not unusual at all, so I hung up the phone and walked into my room and in my room I thought I heard him say “I'm sorry but I had to go. I didn't want to go but I had no choice”. I shrugged that off and just thought it was me being stupid. However, to be honest, we had just gone 16 hours without talking to one and other and for him and I, that was almost unheard of. I went back to work and finished the next shift, and it seemed like the shift lasted forever and the entire time I just could not help feeling so upset because I just knew something was wrong and very wrong at that.

After my shift was over I went straight home and ran upstairs and called my friend's house again. Once again his Father answered the phone and once again I aske if my friend was at home. His father replied by telling me “no he was not home yet”, and even he was getting concerned because by this time it was 11 pm. My friend's mother took the phone and told me she was going to start calling around to see if she could find him because even though most times he would stay at my house, it was not like him to not at least call home and let her know where he was and that he was ok. His mother told me that she had just assumed when he didn't come home the night before that he was at my place.

At that point, my friend’s mother said to me, “Hey, hang on a minute. The doorbell just rang and maybe it is him because he is always misplacing his key.” I said, “ok, sure”, and I heard her put the phone receiver down . About 30 seconds later, I heard my friend's mother scream so shrill that I could have sworn she was standing right beside me. My heart began to race as I now was sure, very sure that something was very wrong. I tried to hear what was being said but all I could hear was my friend's mother crying and she kept saying “NO ... there must be some mistake. Not my son.” Finally, my friend's father came to the phone and explained to me that the doorbell ring was the state police and my friend had been found dead about 2AM that morning and that he died in a car accident. For some reason it took the police almost twenty-four hours to notify the family.

Well, I was devastated to say the least, and the next few days seemed like a year for me, and I didn't even know what I was doing half the time. I remember my friend’s father asking me to help carry my friend to his final resting place and I did that. After the funeral was over, I collapsed and was admitted to the hospital for several days.

Eventually, life started to return to at least somewhat normal. About two years after my best friend’s death, I was at a convenience store in town about 11 pm. I paid for my stuff, and I was talking to the clerk in the store when I happened to look out the store window. In the store parking lot was my friend's car.

I started to walk away, and I heard my friend call my name. How could this be? I mean, he has been dead for two years. I turned around and there he was walking toward me. Starting to shake, I said, “Who are you? You are not suppose to be here.” He said, “Oh really? Well I though you of all people would be happy to see me dude.” I was the only person he ever called dude but he use to call me that all the time.

He told me that yes, it was really him and that he had come back to tell me something. He informed me that even though it was him, he was still dead sorta. but that he couldn't finish his journey without letting me know that he was ok and that he knew it was really rough on me and his family when he died but that we all had to go on and we would all be ok, that is was just his time. Through my tears I ask him if he was an angel. He said no not yet because I haven't been able to cross over because you and my Mom just will not let me go.

I put a photo of him and me in his casket at his funeral. He actually took it out of his shirt pocket and wrote something on the back of it and gave it to me. It said... remember me this way dude. I am sure no one was as close as friends as you and I were. I miss you but I have to go now. You do not need to worry because I will always watch over you) He then hugged me and then it was like I woke up or something. However, I was not asleep, the clerk at the store confimed that she saw me talking to a young man when I let the store Now even I thought I had a very real dream, I was not asleep, i was not even home at the time. However, when I came to myself I was sitting at the kitchen table, with the grocery bags next to me, in my hand was holding the photo I put in his casket two years ago, and I never even remember even leaving my car.

I told a very good friend of ours about this experience. She told me that I most likely really did see him and talk to him even though he was dead. She stated it happens all the time to people. She looked at me and said “I was at the funeral with you. I was with you by your side when you put the photo in his casket. So, how else do you explain him writing on the back of the photo and you having it after you placed it in the casket two years ago?” She stated, “of course you saw him and spoke to him.” She also reminded me that the photo I was holding was the the original and that no copy was ever made.

Now, that was about 11 years ago and even now from time to time, I will see or at least think I see his car go down my street. or, I think I will hear him say nope don't do that or there ya go dude. they were two of his favorite sayings.

Think I am crazy? Well, think as you may but, I know my friend is still with me. Also I am not the only one to experience something similar, The Phantom Cross by Otterbeme comes to mind.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Medical Psychic - Like a medical scanner

I got this email from Aleksei in Moscow, Russia, thank you Aleksei!
I have since I was a boy I have had an ability to know the nature of any ailment of myself or within my family, It is like a psychic medical scanner one see what is broken, hurt or damaged just like if one at the doctors. Both me and my mother have the same gift, so we use to check out what wrong first one of us and then the other, we always see same result and then we go doctor and they give us same answer.

We even fixed our pets with our psychic form of vision, one of our kittens once had hurt it self falling from a shelf, my mother picked it up and we both looked at it, it had gotten one of it's legs out of socket, we saw that it was not broken just out of place and could we were able to see exactly how to fix it. My mother pulled its leg and it moved back in place, the kitten looked so happy and could run around like it never had even been hurt, it not seem in pain anymore.

We have both done this many times and so far it has always been correct, exactly what we have seen in our psychic vision. The best one was when we saved our father from brain damage, He happened to wake up one morning having horrible headaches, dizziness and feeling nausea, we immediately know something was very wrong and we would not let doctors stop until they ran brain scan on him, since we knew it was no ordinary headache, the problem was because of a cyst stopping brain fluid from moving like it should and this was what was making him very ill and it would have killed him if we had not demanded it tested for what we both saw.

I read stories about others doing something similar, especially the great American psychic Edgar Cayce, he was not awake while doing his psychic doctoring like me and mother but still I find it having several similarities. 

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sometimes I See Things

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005
This comes to us from Shawn in Ohio
My Dad always insisted that our family take two vacations a year . The whole family together as both my parents were professionals and worked a lot and dad always said that vacations were the only time the whole family was together at the same time.

So when I was about ten years old. We loaded up the car and started on our vacation for that year. My Mom, Dad, and my older brother and I were all set to go and have a good time. It is important to note that this took place 40 years ago. As we were driving through Kentucky I began to get very tired and sleepy as it was in the middle of the night. I somehow managed to fall asleep in the crowed car but only slept for about an hour. When I woke up I heard my Dad complain that the gas tank was on empty as he forgot to fill it up before we left home.

My poor Dad was having a fit because he was so afraid we would run out of gas in Kentucky in the middle of the night. I said, "Dad don't sweat it coz there is a 24 hour store around the corner and hey sell gas. He asked me how I knew that as I had never been anywhere close to Kentucky before and I had also been asleep so if there would have been a road sign ( there wasn't ) I would not have seen it.

Well, sure enough when we rounded the next curve there was a 24 hour dinner that sold Texaco gasoline. After my Dad filled the tank and got us all some food and drink he asked me how I knew that. I informed him that I really did not know how I knew, I just knew.

Ever since then I somehow just knew some things before they happened. Mostly things that had to do with family members or real close friends of the family. I remember telling my Mother one time when I was twelve years old that if she wanted to see her sister again, she should go see her very soon because I just knew she was not going to be around any longer.

My Mother went across town to see her sister the very next day and she told her sister what I had said and her sister just laughed it off. However two days later her sister was killed in a car crash by a drunken driver.

It isn't always bad things I know a head of time . Sometimes It is good things too. One night at a store, I convinced my brother to but a lottery ticked from a new pack that the clerk had just opened. My brother went ahead and bought it but he insisted that the first ticket was never a winner. My brother needed fifty dollars to pay off a ring he was buying for his girl friend's birthday. He just couldn't seem to come up with that last fifty dollars. Once we got into my car he scratched the ticket off and it was a fifty dollar winner.

I do not always know what will happen but I sometimes know something will happen to a person. If I get a warm feeling about a person or event then I know it is something good that will happen. If I get a cold fear come over me then I know it is something bad. In cases of a person who will die soon I sometimes will see a face or get a few letters of that persons name. This is a gift I know, However it is not a gift I want but, God wanted me to have it so therefore, I will use it to do my best for my family and friends.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The miracle of healing - Prayers

This one is from my friend Colin in Hilo, Hawaii.

The effect of healing by faith and prayer is one of the best known type of miracle, and its effect is well known in all religions, even those that do not believe them self has been proven in blind studies to do better than groups not prayed for while being sick.

I wanted to share my story with you, I was suffering from the last stages of keto-acidosis where the blood turns almost black, I had double sided ear infections since my immune system was so weakened by the sickness that had been progressing for almost one year at this point, I was in and out of consciousness, as the body had lost most of its ability to transport and take up oxygen, every bite of food tasted so foul because of the acidity messing up the taste senses that one was to force oneself to eat anything, pure lemon juice tasted sweet and everything else sour. I so no improvement and I was slipping deeper and deeper into a spiral of getting worse and worse.

Then I had someone do prayer of healing on me from my church, and a prayer of comfort, suddenly I felt like a power filled me and I could again breathe normally, and within hours I was able to walk up right again after almost one year of barely being able to get out of bed and back again, the immediate improvement was so sudden and so unexpected that I have to put it in my faith that I know this was divine, a miracle of healing that I personally experienced. I never had any problems again with keto-acidosis and I am so grateful for being granted a second life.

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Psychometry - Object Reading and Flashes

This one is from TJ in Norway, sharing her experience with flashes of information when handling objects.
I have the ability to get glimpses or flashes of information when handling objects or even from people. Usually the flash of information is minor, and usually of an emotional nature, showing a glimpse in my minds-eye showing the people involved in a objects past, when it comes to people it is more complicated one usually get a flash of emotions of what they are going through at the moment. Other times it seem to be strong emotions that have not happened yet like death in immediate family.

I have even experienced flash of information while picking up a movie to check out it's cover where one in the briefness of a flash see the whole plot of the movie in an instant. for this reason I never pick up a horror flick unless I have emotionally prepared myself to handle the shock of getting all the horror in one flash. This is the only form of control I have, to be totally open in order to receive and recall more of an potential flash, or to close my self up in order to be protected of which one get very little or nothing. The psychometry is usually not triggered at all though, and very seldom do one get more than one flash from handling one object.

The most useful part that I personally have of my psychometry comes to flights, whenever I pick up an airline ticket for myself or someone else I have always gotten an immediate flash showing the course of flight from start to finish, this have even kept me out of harms way on two different occasions where I changed my flight due to the flashes.

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Don't Go Into The woods

Beto from Brazil sent this one in
A few weeks ago I started jogging. I always jog in a wooded area for about a mile. At the same spot I always hear a voice whispering ...stay out... No one is ever around but I hear a voice in a whisper telling me not to go into the wooded area any further. I have always listened and turned and jogged back the way I came from. I told a close friend about what I hear and she said it was all in my mind. So I felt she was correct and the next time I went for my jog I indeed heard the same voice in a demanding whisper warning me NOT to go deeper into the wooded area. However, this time I did not listen to the voice and I did jog deeper into the wooded area.

I jogged about 3 more blocks deeper into the wooded area and then I started to feel light headed. I was wondering what was making me feel so faint and the last thing I remember until I woke up on the ground about 4 hours later with scratches all over my body, It felt very sore the next couple of days. I visited my doctor and the scratches could not be explained. There was 40 different scratches on my body and the doctor said they looked like someone scratching using their fingernails.

I never went back into the woods after that. I do wonder who or what attacked me after I fainted and I also wonder what is in the woods that the voice do not want me to see.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Strange lights In My Bedroom

This one is from Dave in Hawaii.

 I was 16 years old is when it all began for me. My family and I lived in an old house out in the country outside of Honolulu. As I said the house was old but my Mom & Dad fixed it up really nice. I was asleep one night and was awakened by a strange sound coming from my bedroom. I turned my light and the sound continued but I could not find the cause. It seemed as if the sound was coming from nowhere like, just from the air inside my room then all of a sudden the sound stopped. I waited for a minute and then turned he bedroom light off again and jumped back into bed.

I was laying on my back in bed. I had my eyes closed trying to go back to sleep but I just had a strange feeling not a bad feeling or, a fearful feeling but, rather just a strange feeling. I opened my eyes and looked straight up and I saw a strange light. At first I thought the light was on my celling but then I noticed it was not on the celling but it was in mid air between my bed and the celling. This light was moving around and, my window shade was all the way down and no light could come in from outside. There wasn't much light outside anyhow because the street light was three houses down from my house.

This light had never been there before and my parents bought that house when I was eight years old so, I actually lived in the house for eight years and never before did I see any light in my bedroom. After three nights of seeing this light in my bedroom I told my parents and they would come into my room at night and they saw the light also. It unnerved my Mother very much and we checked everything we could but came up with no explanation for this light that moved all around in my room at night.

My Father did some checking with the neighbors and at the court house and he found out that back forty five years ago there was a sixteen year old boy who lived in that house and I was using the same bedroom that he used when he lived in that house. It seems the boy became very Ill and one day had died in that room.

I decided to try talking to the light. One night I told the light I thought I knew what and who it was. I told the light that since all it ever did was float around my room it was welcome to stay. However, It could only come out during the day and it could not keep me awake at night anymore. Well, after I told the light that.I could at sometimes see the light during the day on the wall or maybe on the carpet but, the light never showed itself again at night. I never felt threatened by that light and all was ok again after I said my say to the light. So, I am sure the light was the sixteen year old boy just wanting to stay in the house he lived in. He stayed there in life, I guess he wanted to stay there in his after life too. 

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleep Paralysis and False Awakening

This is a three part entry about dreams and astral projection from Nina in Tromsø, Norway this is the part about sleep paralysis and false awakenings, the two other entries are found here: lucid dreams and astral projections.

Part I Dream Paralysis and False Awakenings:
When I was a child I remember my first dream paralysis it was a horrific experience since I did not understand what it was, it felt like if a heavy invisible being had pinned me to the bed, making it hard to breathe, one could not scream or do anything. And I was sure I was not asleep which scared me even more. I asked my mother what this was and she told me that was the "mara", a term used in Norway which the Norwegian word "mareritt" comes from it is equivalent to nightmare, but actually means "to be ridden by the mare", a scary evil entity of the night.

This answer puzzled me and I asked my older brother, which said he sometimes experienced the same thing, and also frequently experienced waking up, only to still be in a dream but believing one waken up. I have actually never experienced a false awakening that have fooled me into thinking that I was really awake. However plenty of dreams that mimic reality which I will tell you more about in part two on lucid dreams.

The point is that something like a dream paralysis followed or combined with a false awakening could make you experience things that feels real but might actually just been part of your own dream reality. Commonly alien abductions, and many paranormal experiences might rather be of this nature rather than the real thing, having this said always remember to be sceptical even to your own experiences in a dream state even if they feel totally real, due to this very nature.

Another thing you might find interesting is Phantomania, or Psychic Paralysis, which is the paranormal equivalent to Sleep Paralysis.

Part III Projection of the Soul - Astral Travel 

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Lucid Dreams - An Alternate Reality

Illustration, "human eye floats in twilight zone portal against starry sky" - painting by Don Dixon for Jeremy Tarche

Here is Part II from Nina in Norway, I hope you like her explanations based on her personal experiences in the theme. Most people according to science would live their whole life never experiening a lucid dream, and if they did they might not have realized that they actually were dreaming. With my own reading into this I found about 10% experience lucid dreams fully.

Part II Lucid Dreams - An Alternate Reality,
When I was about 6 I had my first true lucid dream, It started as a dream paralyzis, where I figured this can not be real and refused to give in to the fear of what felt real to me, I focused and relaxed myself opening up myself to the experience to see where it might bring me, to my surprise it made me slip back into the world of dreams but a world unlike I had ever experienced before, for the first time everything was clear, I always had seen the world blurred due to bad eyesight so this was my clue this was different. I explored my enviroment which was my grandparents familiy home, everything seemed totally real, I could pick up any items, I felt the texture, I could smell, see and taste everything there as if it was real.

I decided to explore the home and opened a door that I had never seen before next to the steps, I entered it and found myself in the undergroud part of a mideval castle, it was all lit up by torches that I could actually feel the heat from the flames, and it smelled of musky moss, mildew and wet soil, and since I was still walking around in my nightgown I felt the cold stone floor on my feet. I explored and entered deeper until I got to another room filled with strange contraptions which I later learned to be a torture chamber. I didn't like this room and decided to wake up, at the very tought of awakening so I did, and unlike from waking up in a dream I felt fully alert as If I had been awake and I remembered everything as it was a real experience.

This was just the first of many lucid dream experiences, and I quickly found out I could not only decide when to awake but also control what was to happen in the lucid dream experience. As I grew older I was curious to see if the experience of time was the same in a lucid state and found it to indeed seemed time was moving at the same speed as in an awake state. By the time I was 7 I could enter lucid dreams by concentration, whenever I realized I was dreaming and focused to change into the lucid state, and by age 8 I knew how to enter my own lucid dream state anytime I wanted to by just lying down and focus my breath, look deep at a sorce of light to help me focus and with ease slip into or out of the different levels of dream states.

Due to this I have actually never experienced a nightmare since I would switch it into a learning experience control my fears and focus to solve or simply focus on waking up if I did not like the experience like with a dream filled with violence or too much graphic details into things I dislike.

Part I Sleep Paralysis and False Awakening
Part III Projection of the soul - Astral Travel

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Projection of the Soul - Astral Travel

This is part III of the entries on Dreams and Astral experiences from Nina in Norway. By age 9 I descovered a new state of dream reality, I found out that switching my focus while in a lucid dream just enough not to wake up I could make what felt like a pain in the chest followed by the feeling of pulling out of my own body as a free spirit. In this state I could float around watch myself or anybody around the house, it did not feel like any dreams I had ever experiened anytime before as I explored I found that I could move around by thought alone, I circled around the room a few times and focused on joining my own body again, of which I would get pulled back into it and awaken alert and thrilled with my new experience.

I had at this point read enough to know that this was an out of body experience, or a astral projection, and found that I could with ease slip into a astral state from any lucid dream state. What I found more interesting though was that I would experience the world around me differntly, one senced things as if they were mere thoughts and one could hear what seemed to be what anyone was feeling or thinking as it was ones own.

As an astral traveler I found I could feel no pain and no danger such as I could no fly in the blink of a second to any part of the world, and when seeing parts I had never experienced myself, when I looked them up they had indeed been there making me belive the astral travels to be more than mere advanced dream states but rather the actual projection of ones soul to travel in the multidimensional world our physical body exists in.

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Part II Lucid Dreams an Alternate Reality

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Three Year Old Miracle

This in from Josh in NYC

I had a friend who got married to a really nice girl. She was a sweet as can be the only thing about this girl was, sometimes she would get real quiet and go some where to be by herself. When asked why she does this, her reply would always be that she would get a feeling of doom or tragedy and she went to be by herself so she could try to figure out what was going to happen. Sometimes she could figure it out and sometimes she couldn't.

I understood that myself because I knew that when people get these premonitions and because most of these people are not trained enough to bring the whole scope of what is about to happen they, just get bits and pieces and they can not get the missing pieces of the puzzle. Now that does not mean these people do not have the gift. It simply means that they have not been trained enough to use their gift completely.

After about a year of marriage Josh and his wife Julie had a baby boy. The baby was named after his father. Little Josh was God's gift to his parents and believe it or not, little Josh also had a gift for the world.

When little Josh was 3 years old he started to act a bit strange at times. By strange I mean for apparently no reason at all. he would start to scream and cry and run to his Mother of Dad and clutch their clothes and hang on for dear life, all the time crying and screaming. Little Josh could never seem to say why he was screaming and crying or why he seemed so terrified . After seeing a whole host of doctors and having almost every medical test done on the child. It was determined that it was a behavioral issue and that little Josh would hopefully grow out of it

Julie started to notice things such as when little josh would act out like this,,he would cry himself to sleep and that within an our after wards, there would somewhere close by be a tragedy taking place. Examples of this would be, One time when little Josh would act out within an hour of his crying and screaming the neighbor's house burned down and a lady perished in the fire. Another time a school bus full of children git stuck on the rail road tracks and the bus was hit by the train. Most of the children got off the bus safely but, a few didn't get off in time and were killed. the list go's on and on.

Julie decided to have Little Josh tested for physic abilities and I am sure you all guessed it he has very good physic abilities. Josh is now 8 years old and he is being trained to sharpen and broaden his physic skills.

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