Sunday, October 31, 2010

His Mother's Wedding Ring

I once worked with a young man that was married and had one child. His name is Danny. We became instant friends at work, when we went out we would be taking his wife and my gf along and do things like bowling, movies and BBQ's. The four of us became very good friends.

I didn't know this at the time but, Danny's mother had been murdered several years ago when he was like 7 years old. At this time he was a 27 year old outgoing, friendly, and caring person. On night Danny's wife called and was asking for help. She told me that all day long Danny had been walking around talking to his dead mother and she could not seem to bring him out of it. His wife was very concerned and said that if either her or their little girl would say anything to Danny, He just ignored and continued walking all around talking to his deceased mother. His wife was beginning to think that Danny was loosing it. My girl friend and I went directly over to Danny's house. Once there we found Danny walking all through the one story home talking to what seemed to be his deceased mother.

I walked over to Danny and ask him if he was OK and I put my hand on his shoulder, he just kept on walking and talking like I was not even there. He would walk around and talk to her and then would be quiet as he waited for her reply. Now Danny did not do drugs and, he didn't drink either. I ask his wife if he was on any medication and she answered no.

I kept hearing Danny asking his mother about a ring. I quickly called his sister who lives in another state and ask her if she knew what he was talking about. Her answer was that when their mother was buried, his sister put a ring on her finger for her to be buried with. She put the ring (The mother's wedding ring) on her finger right before the casket was closed and locked, several people saw this. His sister also told me that after the service, Danny said to her that his their mom had promised him the ring. His mother told him that when he became older she would give him the ring for good luck & love in his life. It really was the only thing Danny had to remember his mother by.

I still thought Danny was loosing it  and I told my girl friend to call 911. As she did that, she came back from the phone call asking what was this ring she found on the table beside the phone. When Danny saw the ring he started to cry and just kept thanking his mother for it. The ambulance arrived and did take Danny to the hospital and he was diagnosed with having an extreme anxiety spell.

Now here is the thing... Three days later when Danny's sister arrived she confirmed that the ring  my girl friend found was indeed their mother's wedding ring. However, their mother was indeed buried with the ring on her finger.

So, how did the ring get there on the phone stand? Was Danny really talking to his mother and was she really answering him back? All I know for sure is  as I stated before, Danny;s sister did confirm the ring my girl friend found was indeed Danny's mother's wedding ring. We also know, the ring was on his mother's finger at the time of burial.  guess we will never know where that ring came from.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Paranormal Phenomena: Poltergeist

Photo by PJ, New York, 2008
Some reported poltergeist activities has been known to cause pianos to play random tones. But only occurred when the teen-aged daughter was home.

If you were to look up the meaning of the word poltergeist in any paranormal glossary, you would find that the term in German means a noisy spirit. I never understood why that meaning was given to the word because, a poltergeist is not really a spirit or a haunting at all, even though it is considered to be paranormal.

Poltergeist activity is usually brought on by a persons ones own mind, caused under stress of some sort such as fear, anger, or, a strong feeling of helplessness. Not every person will have the experience. As a matter of fact, it happens to very few people. Although, for a person who does indeed have these experiences, they usually have them more then once in their life time. A poltergeist experience can make light bulbs explode, noisy knocking sounds, make electrical equipment malfunction and, make objects move or levitate without anyone being near the object.

I went all through Jr. and Sr. high school with a girl who when she became very stressed out, has actually made every light bulb in the room she was in burst and, also, made the radio beside her bed come on.

That sort of experience is very real for some people. The bad part of that is, people who do have a poltergeist experience, have no control over it. It happens when it happens and cannot be controlled and happens to female teenagers more so then to males. It has been debated though if the poltergeist phenomena is because of spirits harnessing the energy from emotionally teens or if the teens themselves have telekinetic abilities without knowing about it.

For instance this happened a few times to my mom, as described in When Your Energy Make Objects Fall and sometimes the cause is of someone in emotional stress as in this entry called Telekinesis and Poltergeist Activity. More about how the poltergeist phenomena might work is explained in the entry about Electromagnetic psychokinesis.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Case of Paranoid Telepathy

Photo by PJ, Norway 2001
Lets start with the part when everything became bizzare. I was asking a friend of mine what was wrong and he kept saying. "They are out to kill me, they are out to kill me!" It all happened too fast to realize what was going on, but then it all makes sense, the instant he shares with me that he had taken ecstasy Mixed with his alcohol intake and who knows what else might have been in the pill he was now in a paranoid phase, and he could hear the others plotting against him being killed in his mind.

Now lets back up a bit to one hour earlier in that very same night, my friend already had a bit too much to drink and had managed to step on quite a lot of the party guests toes, both on the dance floor and with offset words while under the influence. I had just stepped out over to the neighbor building to pick up another of our friends to help remove him from the party before he made even more of a fool out of himself, when we returned, and asked the closest guest where our friend was located he told us that he think he had seem him last heading towards the bathroom.

Half way up the hallway we hear a scream, and what sounded like something falling bringing parts of the room with itself the inside of the small bathroom. With the help of another guest we manage to unlock the bathroom and find our drunk friend passed out on the floor covered in dust and debris from the ceiling, it looked like he had literally tried to climb out of the bathroom by climbing through the ceiling using the sink as a stand, slipped and caused part of the very same ceiling to collapse down on him. We dusted him off and asked if he was OK, he answered us briefly, and seemed unharmed, and cooperatively followed us as we began extracting him over to the neighbor building to let him sober up, away from the party that he already had made a pretty good mess out of.

But no later than we get him half way down the hallway towards the exit he spots one of the other guests a mutual friend of all of us, which waves at us, clearly enjoying the party, our friend break loose from our supportive grip, and does a 5 meter long ferocious sprint while screaming and with a closed fist jump up and hit our friend in the face. Before we again catch up with him and prevent him from battering our other friend even more.

After this it became more bizarre, I had not had anything to drink and neither did my other friend which got involved. As a telepath I already knew there was a lot of anger in the minds of the other guests and while my friend went on rambling about what he thought the others was doing I noticed his thoughts were rambling on, and I felt he tried to read my mind too, I responded instantly by shouting in my mind for him to stay away from my thoughts, he jumped back in response. I was certain that what he experienced was real, in some level it had opened up his mind to hearing the angry thoughts of all the ones around him, not being use to this and in an already paranoid state he became convinced they weren't only thinking about killing him, but was actually trying to do so.

The next few hours went on working on calming him down, repeatedly using forced docileness and convince him that no one was out to kill him, after I managed to get him away from the party to one of the other buildings where my other friend helped him we were finally able to calm him down. At one point he even asked me if I thought he was crazy. To that I responded, you are obviously not in your best state of mind, you will feel better when you sober up.

All of this must seem impossible to someone that does not have telepathic or even empathic abilities like myself, but I can assure you this was no joke. It was as real as it could get. Eventually he calmed enough down that we were able to bring him home, the next day he had forgotten pretty much everything of the happenings of the night before.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Spooked Out By the Rose Hill Cemetery

The Rose Hill Cemetery in Hamilton Ohio.

This is a story from Sandy in Hamilton, Ohio.
My mother had a paranormal experience when she was 16 she told me that she and her friends were out joyriding in her friends car, my mom had said this was on a friday night, around 11 or so, like most teens they got bored and decided to go up to Rosehill Cemetery which isn't far from my home, mom also stated that the friends car was parked close to the huge black iron gate on the other side there was a lighted cross. 

She said her and her friends were talking and she had said that she felt someone tapping on her shoulder and when she turn around there was a apparition of a girl dressed in the 50's style clothing. She stated her friends saw it too and they were so scared that the got in the car and drove home. Although theres a story of a young girl who was walking to a prom and was hit by a car, I don't know if It's the same girl who knows, but however, I do go to that cemetery a lot and it still creeps me out, I always feel like I'm being watched.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ancestral Memories

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2009
The Diamond Head Crater, Oahu, Hawaii, a place I recognized immediately from what I had seen as a child and up.

Several members of my family has experienced what one would have to call ancestral memories. For instance my mother told me as a child, again and again she had seen this open landscape in her mind, filled with berry marches, shrubs, bushes, streams and lush plants of all sorts.

Then ehen she became an adult she moved to what is still her current place of living, in Northern Norway. She immediately recognized the landscape she had been seeing all these years. She had never seen it before other than in her mind, and she had not even ever met her grandfather but she knew this was where he lived, haunted wildlife, gathered berries and went fishing, she felt like she had actually come home.

I have myself had similar experiences, when I first went to Oslo as a 17 year old I immediately recognized the older parts which several of my ancestors used to dwell inn, I recognized the streets well enough that I was even able to orient myself showing my aunt which had not been there either how to get around the city. went abroad I suddenly found all these places my seafaring ancestors has been to before me, I was able to recognize it as images of areas that I had seen in my mind before, not pictures in books but real landscape, memories with smells, sounds, the feeling of the winds attached to them. Some of them I even painted as a kid in great details, down to the type lava rocks that does not exist in Norway.

Was these experiences reincarnation or past life regressions? Perhaps ancestral memories are part of the same or they might be different, could it even have been remote viewing or other psychic phenomena involved, possibly. To me it felt like the information was from my relatives of the past, not some disjunct existing person not related to me in any way.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

My family has a long history of Ghost Hunting

 Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005
A family is like the rocks of this wall, every rock is part of a larger whole, if one remove a few rocks the wall would change, perhaps making the wall crumble, perhaps the rocks took a different path becoming the foundation to a home, or never left the nature it used to part of. 

Growing up in a very active house, surrounded by a family which took spirits for granted. I knew from a early age about all of these stories of those before me and how they used to encounter, seek out and help the spirits of anyone which requested them to do so.

The most prominent ones were my grandfather and his brother (The Psychic Ghosthunter Twins) on my fathers side. While my grandfather knew spirits, my grand uncle saw, together they were quite a team and very well known for their talent. They found their ability to sense spirits when they were just a little boys. Not only did they know and see the spirit, but also knew how to help them, chase them away if it was being troublesome or even give them sanctuary in case of nice spirits that were being pestered by the new inhabitants of his or her old home. Which is one of the reasons my grandfather's home had so many spirits to begin with. Whenever there was a haunting they were called to help, I never met my grand uncle but my grandfather kept on taking care of ghosts long after their ways split apart. Even at the age of 94 my grandfather still helped settle the restless ghost of his son-in-law when it was scaring his newest great grand child.

I do not know if there was others before my grandfather, in my family but I am pretty sure there was a few, seeing how common the ability of psychic talents and spirit sense seems to be among my close current living relatives.

I also have Ghost hunters on my mothers side, my mother being one of them, even though my mother never searched out ghosts they usually came to her and she helps them out. And her grandmother, my great grandmother were also a known source when it came to handling ghosts. So put it mildly, I have it in my blood.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

His Mother In the Mirror

My brother-in-law and I were always kind of close and, one day he told me this story. At first I just thought he was grieving in his own way but then one day I caught a quick glimpse of what he was talking about.

My brother-in-law came from a large family. He basically took care of his mother and the other kids once his father became old and, he did a very good job at it.

His mom passed on when she was 84 years old and up until the very end she was very active and and of sound mind. I knew his mother and she was a very sweet lady. I never saw my brother-in-law grieve. One night while he and I were driving down the road he told me his story.

He told me that sometimes when he walks past the mirror in the up stairs hallway, His mother appears to him in the mirror. As i stated in the beginning of this article, I simply thought it was his way of grieving over the loss of his mother. I listened to his story and I told him it was all because he missed her and, that in time he wouldn't see her in the mirror.

Then one afternoon I was at his house and I went upstairs to use the bathroom.
I was not even thinking about what he told me a month earlier but, when I came out of the bathroom and walked back down the hallway to the stairs, I passed the mirror and I saw his mother for just maybe two seconds in the mirror and then she just faded away. I didn't say anything to him about it but, about an hour later his sister came home and went up stairs and we heard her scream. he and I ran up the stairs just in time to see his mother smile and then fade away into the mirror again.

He hugged his sister and told her not to be upset because it was just mom making sure we are all OK. The three of us talked about it for a while and then it was never brought up again except for once in a while he would smile and just say. I saw Mom today.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Skeptic Psychic

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

Those that knows me, know that I am an open-minded skeptic, what far fewer know is that I am also a strong psychic, since this is something that I do not flaunt in my everyday life. Though it did not always use be this way, back when I was younger (Read: Growing-up as a psychic) I did not always understand that not everyone around me was psychic too.

For those that like to put someone in a neat box I am a strong Claircognizant Empathic Medium and Healer. But more so than a psychic I am foremost a skeptic, whenever I have a vision, vibe or experience I always go trough a long array of alternative possibilities in my mind and If I find any alternative possible non-paranormal solution or a way to check up on my experience in a controlled manner I would do so. My friends considers me to be one of the most down to earth and logical people they know. Also I think one always should keep ones mind on what one want to achieve, and what I consider to be my goal in life, to make it better thus, if I see a way that I can help in anyway I do.

As a young psychic child I went through a period of my life when I studied everything I could about the paranormal, while also at the same time studying religions and science of all sorts. At this time I actually refused to read fiction since I considered it to be of little use. It felt good to explore oneself and at the same time find examples that one was not alone in the world with the gift, other than in my immediate family, since my mother, grandfather, and several of my aunts and cousins are psychics. Though none of them actually studied the field like I did.

During my early studies, I read and tried out all the different fields from A to Z, or A to Å in the norwegian alphabet. Some parts I did not dwell into was anything that I considered to be questionable, dangerous or would open up doors to evil, like conjuring of spirits, Ouija-boards, demons, or fields that I had a hard time understanding how they could see it to possible have a influence in ones life, like the significance of the numeric values on ones name in the field of numerology.

Later in High School I was confident enough that I would do readings for at first friends and later anybody at my school that was curious in my hometown of Vadsø in Northern Norway. Mainly focusing on my favorite tools, palm reading, tarot cards, and using my natural ability to notice and see things of past, present and future. What shocked me when I first started doing readings was how easily people would basically accept almost anything and give feedback in the readings, adding additional information that I had not gained using my own psychic ability. This is what is often referred to as cold readings information, while what my ability provided me with is called hot reading information. At this point I got confirmed my own skeptic view of the paranormal that many people, especially those that do seek those that claim to have ESP (extra sensory perception) would also be those most easily fooled by any psychics that would be either using all cold readings or hot readings with various degrees of cold readings to make their readings more sensational than it otherwise would have been.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Miracles - Gift of Tongue - Xenoglossy

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2008

 This experience, the gift of tongue was something a close friend of mine experienced. His experience was not like when Pentecostals speak in tongue and fall into a trance babbling words which have no meaning, contributed to be by the divine inspiration of the holy ghost. In my friends experience, which was for a period of three month five years ago, given the gift to read and understand any modern or ancient language, the scientific term for this is Xenoglossy.

It all happened when suddenly a voice spoke in his mind, telling it had a gift of knowledge for, the gift of understanding languages, and this gift was only a small part of the greatness he could gain by the power of the divine. Naturally he did not believe this to be so, but over the next days I noticed my friend was singing songs in ancient Latin, and when I helped him with translating it was indeed ancient nursery rhymes, hymns and such.

I also helped him test the gift by reading ancient Aramaic and Sumerian texts that had been translated and was available online as pictures, and with the translation, in every case he seemed to accurately read the texts with ease like he knew those languages fluently. I am no scholar of languages but in a few of the texts it even seemed he found the wording in the translations were indeed slightly off, which he claimed was because the scholars had mistranslated some of the words and sentences.

When it came to modern languages he described that it felt like the illusion of languages was removed, he wrote letters in Portuguese and said he could hear the true meaning in any spoken word regardless of what tongue they where spoken in, he especially remembering listening to a group of Chinese youth that were chattering among themselves and even-though he had never studied mandarin Chinese he knew what they were speaking and what type of Chinese tongue this was.

The voice that spoke, which also gave it's name soon proved not to be the good it claimed to be, but even after he denounced it and refused to accept its "gift". He described how he had to work really hard to avoid using the gift of tongue until it slowly dispatched into normal language skills. When I checked the name with him it proved to of an ancient Sumerian entity of evil, demonic, I will not repeat the name and avoid remembering it because such evil could be awakened if one open up the door that was to shut back 5 years ago. This is in part of another of my entries, The Possessed Role Play Game Book.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Mother's Ghost

Photo by PJ, Norway 2006
My friend George from New Mexico shared this story with me.

One night not to long ago, I could not sleep. Everything seemed OK I guess, I just couldn't sleep. I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and on my way back to bed I heard a voice call my name. It was just a whisper but it was my name. I looked around and saw no one. I crawled back into bed and attempted to sleep but, I had no luck with that.

Once again, I heard a voice whisper my name. It was a female voice. I sat up in bed and turned the light on. As I looked around once again I saw no one. for some reason I was not afraid but, I was curious as to what I was hearing. I laid back down and this time I let the bedroom light on.

I was laying there and a few feet away from my bed is a rocking chair that was my Mother's when she was alive. She has been dead for 10 years. As I looked in the direction of the chair I saw my Mother sitting there. I sat straight up in bed and I was in a state of shock I think. She was not transparent, her body looked as if she was alive.

She told me to stay in bed that, she had just come to tell me something. She wanted to tell me that she was OK and she was very happy where she was. She told me that she knew I was worried about her but, I shouldn't worry. She blew me a kiss as she use to do when I was a little boy and then she was gone. I didn't sleep at all that night  but it was worth loosing a nights worth of sleep.

My Mother also told me a few other thing that, I for now will keep to myself. I am writing this to let others know that when we loose loved ones, They are not really ever gone and their love stays with us.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Curse of the Lava Rocks

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2009

I think it is safe to assume that, most people that have ever been to the garden state of Hawaii has some knowledge of the legend of the lava rocks. For those  who are not aware of this legend, I will explain it to you in as much detail as I can.

In Hawaiian mythology one have a Fire Goddess that is the creator of volcanoes. She protects the volcano islands of Hawaii and the lava rocks that came from volcanoes on all islands of the state. Her name is Pele. As legend has it, if you take a lava rock out of Hawaii, Pele becomes angered and you will have bad luck in your life until the rock is returned to it's rightful place. It is also illegal to take lava rocks away from the islands.

I have a friend who, was hiking on the big Island with his Mother and I. His auntie lived in California. She thought Hawaii was so beautiful she wished she could take a little bit of Hawaii home with her and she did just that. she packed one of the lava rocks and took it home with her. She did not know about the legend so she thought nothing at all about taking the rock home to California. Once she got home, her bad luck started. She lost her job, her car was stolen, her rent was increased and she became ill. All with in two weeks of being home. She called her sister and as they were talking about things her sister asked her if she might have taken a lava rock back home with her. When she said yes, she did take one home, her sister told her to mail it back to her at once and she explained the legend to her.

Now, she did as her sister had asked and mailed the rock back to her in Hawaii.
Once the rock arrived here it was taken and put back where it was taken from. My friend's Auntie started to have good luck again almost right away. Her illness was gone, she found a great job and, she was able to find a nice place at lower rent then what she was paying. Also, within a week after the rock was returned, she met the man that would become her husband. So if you go to Hawaii, go ahead and admire it's beauty and have a great time. Just leave the lava rocks here where they belong. I also found out that Hawaii is not the only place where taking volcanic rocks are supposed to bring you bad luck, the Island of Iceland in Europe has the same happen to them though they do not have a volcano goddess as in Hawaii they have a belief that the land itself would curse you, it is also illegal to take rocks from Iceland just like in Hawaii too.

You can find more information on the lava rock legends and read about what some had to say when they returned the lava rock to it's rightful place after their.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Psychic Abilities: Plant Affinity

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005
Monstera deliciousa, widow-leaf or also known as Swiss cheese plant, is the first plant that I found to have an affinity too. I have never lived anywhere where I do not have a Monstera.

Plant affinity, is in may ways similar to animal affinity and it is the ability to feel connected to plant life, in its weakest form it is the natural ability often referred to as having a green thumb. As one get more in tuned with nature and with ones own abilities plant affinity could expand into much more than being able to be naturally attuned to making plants grow and flourish.

The shamans connection to find, discover and using plants to cure to diseases is one off the higher forms, other is as in the case of me connected to my own ability as a psychic claircognizant where I would at times gain deep knowledge of a new and to me unknown plant in the instant I pick it up, just as when it comes to flights and psychometric flashes [stories: A Fatal Flight, One Scary Flight: Detroit - Amsterdam and Psychometry - Object Reading and Flashes].

These flashes bring details as Latin name if already classified, local name, traditional names and alternative names in different languages, which when I think of it must be a lesser form of xenoglossy. Other pieces of information that I often get is the biochemical composition of the plant, its potential use as remedy against aliments, and its historical use if any.

The ability also provides information into plant physiology, and a special perceptiveness when it comes to noticing anything with and connected to plant life, which I use to check and control if it seems reasonable. When it comes to information of ancient Norwegian and Sami herbalism, I feel is shared with me from my great grandmother which was lifetime herbalist and healer, as her ancestors before her. 

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