Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Scratches

 "Three Claw Marks" by TriiipleThreat 2011, in courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This entry was shared with us by Jussi in Finland, Europe.

This stretch over six years, the first time was in the summer of 1999 and the last time in the summer of 2005. Over these six years I would at regular intervals find mysterious scratches on my back, always in the pattern of three scratches and always on the back of my left shoulder, in a downward angle towards the spine. At first I thought I had somehow scratched myself, and even tried to see if I could somehow have made the scratch in my sleep with my own hand, I found the angle to be impossible for me to replicate but didn't' think too much about it, the scratches healed normally and soon there was not even a slightest mark showing where they had once been. 

Then a few weeks later I came out of the shower and as I looked in the back behind me into the mirror there the the scratches were back and again exactly as described before, this time I started thinking perhaps it somehow was my sun pendant that I wore around my neck, it did have some kind of sharp edges and could have moved to the back of me and be making the marks one at a time as I would roll around in my sleep, again I tried replicating the scratches using my pendant but found it could not even break the skin or that deep of a single scratch unless one used much more force than I was capable of doing. Also again the placement of the scratches was odd compared to where my pendant would be if it moved to the back, and for it to recreate the exact same three scratches so well aligned to each other twice in a row. 

As the scratches healed It left my mind again until the third time this time I was not even wearing my sun pendant and I noticed them as woke up putting my hand on the back of my left shoulder, thinking not again, I checked my bed to see if there was anything in the bed itself that could made any marks, but nothing, there was no marks of blood on my white bed sheets either. This time I also started feeling more, there was like a dark presence was in the room, and It was stealing my strength.

The fourth time the three scratches appeared my lush plants started to mysteriously die, and while asleep one would sometime wake up from the sound of growling. Look over at the plants and see them shaking, and moving as if something was there hiding inside the thick leaves, and within it there was a deep darkness that would not go away even when the lights were on.

I turned to the holy bible for strength and this seemed to ease things as there was no appearance of new scratches for months, winter turned to summer and I even traveled to the United States to visit some friends, then it happened again as I woke up at my friends place in the States, he was shaking me "Jussi, Jussi! There is some marks on your left shoulder, did you scratch yourself while  asleep?". I went to the bathroom and checked sure there they were again, the same three deep scratches, and not I was not even in Finland, which is my home country. The scratches healed quicker though, within just 2 days they were gone, only to return deeper on the third day. IT was also followed by an episode of me turning paralyzed unable to move for 24 hours, pinned to the bed I just slept like never before, it was like a great force was just draining every bit of strength for me, and then all of a sudden it was all gone again. 

I returned to Finland and a few months went by with no new episodes, I even moved out of my dorm to a new place before the three scratches returned with a vengeance, this time my new room mate actually witnessed it happen while I was asleep, laying on my side, and as my roommate Olavi moved closer to wake me up he realized I was also levitating just slightly above the bed. "Jussi! I can't believe my eyes! something is going on! You were hovering above the bed!!" He said in Finnish, and then he went on telling me about how he watched the three scratches appear out of no where, and as he moved closer he had noticed I was levitating. So I told him about all my other previous incidences of the scratches, and he convinced me to have the church come in and give me a blessing. 

After the blessing things were quiet for about three years until I moved out of the place in Finland and to a new place, it was almost as if each time one moved out of a new prepared sanctuary what ever which was taunting me with these scratches were able to reach me again. only to be kept on hold until again new opportunities opened up after new changes. Finally in the summer of 2005 I were able to find a permanent closure using a combination of burning incense, candles, prayers and deeper rebuking of what had been the shadows of myself and then move on with my life. I got married and I have never had another incident of the scratches since then. 

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