Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Scent of Death

Illustration: Cemetery Carnations 

I have heard about how animals can smell death before it comes and as a psychic I know the strain one can feel by knowing more than one want about people, I have heard people talking how they would smell roses or baby powder as a sign of death, but nothing compares to what this one elderly woman had to endured in the span of her life. Here is her story;

For as long as I can remember there have been experiences that I at first tried to brush off as being of my imagination, but as time went by, this happened to me on so many occasions, I could no longer brush of the experiences as coincidences.

It is always the same, whenever death is about to brush by the person about to die, or someone close to them walks around carrying what I can only describe as the scent of death, I call it this not because it smell of the dead but because this is what those about to die carry around with them, a scent of carnations and earth.

This scent of death I have experienced on people that are about to die or have someone close to them that is about to die regardless of death by instant and unexpected accidents, terminal disease or acute and immediate health conditions. I still remember the first time I experienced this I was a young girl working in the fields at our family farm.  One of the other farm hands Harold smelled strongly of carnations and earth, nothing special about that but the scent was so strong it stuck to my mind, later he found out his father had died that day, I did not put much into "The Scent of Death" until later when I noticed the patterns.

Whenever I smelled the same mixed scent of earth and carnations, death was soon to revel itself. Countless times I smelled, this, and sometimes mixed with some erie premonition even before I noticed the scent of death. One experience especially comes to mind, my oldest daughter Jana called me up this day all in tears, the old family cat Princess had died, and I told her, do not cry over the cat, just wait and you will find your father at his bed, then the tears are in order. One week later I noticed the strong scent of carnations and earth, but this time it seemed to be surrounding me and my other daughter Lina that I happened to be with at the time. I then knew my husband had died unexpectedly while at home in his bed.

Another time which I did not actually connect to death was when the town church yard worker Jacob was standing in line in front  of me in the store, naturally he smelled of soil from digging at the church, the smell of carnations was not to unexpected either as he would be carrying a lot of flowers in preparation. Only later in the day I heard how he had walked back home to fix the roof of his house only to fall from the roof to his death that very day.

I must say this ability is a heavy burden, but I have had this with me for so long, at times I felt like I had to tell someone their loved ones were about to perish, only to hold myself back knowing that if I revealed what I knew it would only scare them and serve no good. At best I would be the bearer of bad news and my friends and maybe even my family would disown me. So, to this very day, I keep it to myself and hurt every time, I smell the scent of death.


  1. If you want you can go to a priest spiritual fr, married or monk Priest in the orthodox church, confide in him and ask for his prayers and advice in how to deal with this. I only know about orthodoxy so that is why I don't say other things. This way you will no longer feel Sad and burdened and can find out how to best deal with this

  2. That is sad to not be able to share your gift, albeit the smell of death is morbid. Maybe there is a time to be allowed to tell folks of an impending death near to them. I hope you do find some positives in your gift as well. I hope you have a balance of good and bad scents. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of FINALLY HOME, a Kelly Watson, YA paranormal mystery
    THE TIES OF TIME, a Kelly Watson, YA paranormal mystery

  3. I would like to thank you for this article. I have this ability to sense death prior to it happening as well. Up until now I truly thought I was alone in this phenomenon. I don't not smell it but literally hear a voice telling me that they are going to die and precisely when and much to my dismay it is most accurate. This has happened to me 8 times in the last 3 years. Like your lady in the article I have been utterly confused as to what I am to do with or about this information. I have only told 2 people about this happening to me, my husband being one. The only time I was really able to put my information to some good use was nearly 2 years ago a coworker and friend of my husbands was given two weeks to live due to finding advanced liver cancer. My husband was also ill at the time and asked if the Drs were correct about the 2 weeks because he was worried he would not be well enough to see his friend in time and wanted to do something special for him. Immediately I was told that he would in fact live for 3 weeks and 6 days. He literally died with in a couple hours of that time period. So it was a help to my husband to be able to do something special for his friend....but that is really the only good I see from knowing this kind of information. Two of the 8 have been close personal friends of mine. Words cant describe the feelings of knowing this information and having to keep it your own little secret.

  4. I enjoyed this article because I am one of those that have the Death Radar. I usually hear loud knocks and other sounds that I can't explain and I have dreams that indicate a death is coming. When a bird flies into my house, or pecks at the window, I hear of death. When dogs howl I have learned that either property is about to be destroyed or people will die. In 2006, our neighbor's dogs kept howling and I told my husband and our friend that someone was about to die. My husband didn't believe me, but the mother of the owner of those very dogs died within 2 weeks! In fact, those dogs howled a lot in 2006 and each time, I would hear of a death. There were 50+ people that I knew of that died that year. My Mother dreams of dead people before family members die and we both get crying spells that just come out of nowhere. In 1987, early in the year, I took a horrible crying spell and just sobbed and I thought my biological dad had died. But it turned out that on 11/9/1987 my step dad would die of a heart attack. Things like this have always happened around me, too.

  5. I can see this would be a burden. I am too imaginative and cannot usually distinguish between what I imagine and what I sense, so I have no such 'skill' as above. The only time I have sensed death coming was in 1997 when I got a strong sense that a famous person would die soon. Gianni Versace was shot, but I 'felt' this wasn't 'it' Then Mother Theresa died, but I still felt that wasn't 'the big one' that I sensed was coming. Then of course Princess Diana died. It felt like a storm building.

    If I did know a specific person was to die, I think I would try to encourage their friends or family to appreciate them, without spelling out my prediction. You wouldn't need to mention it afterwards, just know that people had not missed their chance to say 'I love you', etc.

  6. I can do this. It's morbid and unpleasant but I can smell it in your blood.

  7. My grandmother had the same encounter today twice. Once she was alone in her car and the other out to eat. Both just in a day. I have also come to find out that my great grandmother also smelt a strong smell of carnations and everytime a close loved one passed.

  8. Since I was a teen, I could smell a decomposed body smell for up to a month on people who were going to die. Strangers or family members, homicide or heart attack, car accident or suicide; they all smell the same. If death is imminent, it practically knocks me over.

  9. Sometimes I have a strong smell of carnations,but it`s never associated with death.I think it`s my mother or grandmother that died and came to visit me for they loved carnations.