Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Phantom Phone

Illustration Rotary Phone, in courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This story took place when I was very small and, has been retold to me. something happened to me during my very early childhood, I must have been about the age of four, so even though I do not recall this specific event myself  I do recall several others from the house from I grew older. Now my Grandparents were some of the few that had not installed a phone in their house yet and the house were already back then ancient and well known in the area for its high amount of paranormal activity.

This all started in the afternoon, while two elderly ladies from the neighborhood were visiting drinking their cup of coffee with myself, and my grandmother present as she happened to be baby sitting me for the evening while my parents were away for work. All of a sudden we would all hear the loud and clear sound of a phone ringing, my grandmother grabbed my hand and the two of us walked over to the part of the house the sound was coming from, the phone kept ringing and ringing and we walked outside towards the household workshop where the sound became even louder.

Now I looked up at my grandmother and told her not to be scared, it was just the spirit of the house, bringing message that they too were looking forward to watch as the house got a phone installed so all of the family could talk. With this my grandmother settled and we returned back to the two elderly ladies that still were present drinking the coffee in the kitchen.

They both turned towards my grandmother and wondered if she had figured out what the ringing sound was all about, I looked up at them and said loud and clear it was just the spirit of the house, saying we should have a phone. Spirits have their own way of letting us know what they want in this house. they let us know in different ways when they are happy or not and what they want. With this the two elderly ladies rushed down the last of their coffee, and hurried back home, they did not want to stay one moment longer in the house, they had heard it was haunted but had not put too much credence into the myth of our family home being haunted. Now they knew for sure.

I must add that several of my grandmothers family members had been wishing for them to add a phone to the house so they could talk, since they were living far away. This seemed to be the way of the House showing its own way of the phone. Sometimes the energies of a place can manifest itself to make the wishes of those that dwell there come true, and this must been one of those times.