Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lost and Found - After My Mystic Vacation to Maui

 Blue and white Hawaiian style luggage with hibiscus, plumeria and turtle motif.
Photo by PJ 2012, Honoulu, Hawaii. 

Another story by Nina.
This happened to me a couple of years ago, It all happened after a most successful vacation to Maui in Hawaii. I am not going to bore you with the details of my vacation but I will include this because it is of importance to the story.

After one month on Maui, I had been very lucky shopping and filled one medium sized suitcase with all sorts of trinkets, my travel clothes, a couple of beautiful muumuu's, soaps, bath salts and other vacation memorabilia, I did not however include any lava rocks as I already knew about the stories of bringing bad luck from taking rocks from Hawaii. My other larger suitcase which I bought on Maui one I filled with books of religious importance, I have always been a big fan of Mother Theresa and one of the days I felt drawn to a second hand shop located near my hotel, it was there I found works by Mother Theresa, scriptures written in Hawaiian, and a few other rare religious books which were of importance to me.

On my way to Norway my luck ran out, as our flight had been delayed from New York into Europe we lost our connecting flight in Frankfurt, and they ordered all that was heading to Oslo to board another day flight that was leaving in 20 minutes, and not to worry about or luggage which would be shipped after us on the night flight. 

I was not to worried about my luggage though I felt certain that it would take a while before I saw both of my suitcases again. The smaller one filled with gifts, memorabilia and trinkets was found and delivered to me after one month. My larger luggage piece, filled with religious literature and some of my most fancy dresses were not to be found anywhere. 

One month, two month three month passed and nothing, then on one morning sixth month after my return, I was walking to the bathroom still half asleep, as a piece of paper stuck to my foot, I removed took one more step and it was back stuck, a third time I removed it and again one step later it was plastered to my foot, I figured oh well I guess I have to read you then, to my surprise as I held up the piece of paper it was the lost luggage claim from six month earlier, with all the numbers and information on it. 

I figured this have to be sign, as I continued my morning routine I knew something was about to happen, just as I was getting ready to call up the airline my phone rang, it was the airport in Oslo, they had located my luggage in Frankfurt earlier and shipped it to Oslo and it was now on its way to Tromsø, they also informed me that they were arranging the airport in Tromsø to deliver my long lost luggage and told me they would deliver it to my door before 4PM. on the same day, at this point my hearth was pounding. 

I thanked God for keeping my luggage safe, time flew by so fast that day, and just as promised 3.51PM was my Hawaiian motif luggage delivered, it looked almost as new as when I put it on the plane back six month earlier, just some minor wear on one corner, I opened it and it was like opening a piece locked in time, nothing inside seemed to have shifted or moved, with tears i pulled out the various religious books that I had found in the second-hand-shop in Maui. 

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