Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guardian Cows

Photo by PJ 2009, Cattle herd on the Island of Hawaii.

Growing up with cattle, I learned to appreciate the powers of cows, their strong maternal instinct to protect and ward of evils, things that are alive, dead and how they would protect anyone they considers to be part of their herd. Cows like many other animals have strong senses and they use these to keep themselves and others safe.

One of these cows even saved my life on several occasions, her name was Silkedokka, or if translated into English, The Silk Doll. My parents early on noticed that Silkedokka was more independent and strong willed than most cows, and she was given to me when I was 6 years of age. I adored her and she grew up with me, she would follow me where ever I went and this one time I was busy picking flowers not noticing another of our cows that happened to hate children, Now Silkedokka had a pair of horns that pointed down, with the tips turned inward, and she knew exactly how to use them. As the other cow, went on to charge me Silkedokka intervened using her horns as a pair of bumpers she rammed the other cow just in time to prevent me from getting crushed against the ground.

On other times our cows chased away spirits and circled around their young to protect them, I always felt safe among the cattle even with some of them having a mean streak I always knew the other cows and especially Silkedokka would be there for me if I needed.

Other animals are also known to work as totem or guardian animals example of this can be found in the entry Why I belive in Saint Francis by Reverend Alaina Damewood. Saint Francis is the patron saint of animals.

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