Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black Liquid Fear and Black Soul Mist

A friend of mine experienced all of his fears and phobias turn into black liquid that trickled down his body and went away never to return, even-though he described this happening in his mind the result was real. I have myself also felt something similar but for me the fears, trauma and despair seemed to evaporate and turn into a black mist as it left my body.

I have heard other people describing similar experiences that happened to them, some while asleep and others while awake. It seems to be similar to what has been described as the spirit worlds effect on our mind, among nature people and that they were able to control this trough use of trances, rituals and in some cases psychedelic fungi, herbs and mixtures to induce the state of mind they needed to affect the spirit world that borders our own in our mind and dreams.

In my friends case he was fully awake, and had gone trough a phase in his life that opened up his inner spirituality to new possibilities, and thus gaining the new insight needed to turn his fears and phobias liquid and dispose of them. In my own case I was fully awake also and I had not been on any drugs of any sort, but I was at that time very ill, as the black mist left me I felt fully rejuvenated and was better than I had been for 8 months within almost an instant. And to this day the blackness that seemed to dwell in me just like in my friend never returned.

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