Monday, December 5, 2011

Don't Disrespect The Spirits At Judd Trail

Photo by G. Poole 2011, Mysterious Mist next to the Judd Trail Sign

On the beautiful island of Oahu, there are many breathtaking sights. One of these breathtaking sites is a hiking trail by the name of Judd Trail. This trail runs along the ridge of the Ko'olau Range and ends at the Pali Lookout. The view during the day as one is hiking Judd trail can be breathtaking and beautiful

However, at night, in the dark there is more to the story of Judd Trail then most people realize. A friend of mine, Megan, went to Judd Trail with two of her friends. Her friends sat at the beginning of the trail while Megan decided to take a walk on the trail and see what she could see even thought it was 3 am. Judd Trail is not a long trail by any means, It is just short of a mile. However, at places along the trail there some obstacles such as rock climbing, and at one spot you have to walk on the stones in the creek to get on the other side of the trail.

Megan kept walking until she reached the water fall, well out of sight from her two friends. Once at the water fall, Megan started to feel very strange inside. A feeling of total shock came over Megan. She felt nervous and very afraid because at the water fall, it became bright as day. She explained to me that it was just as light as it would be at 12 noon. Megan looked up to the sky to see what was going on and when she looked back down in front of her she saw an elderly Hawaiian women walking her dog coming in the direction that Megan was standing at. Megan was very shaken up by all this and she started to run away from the woman and the dog back up the trail to her friends.

As soon as Megan reached a spot close to where her friends were it became dark again. This frightened Megan even more. She continued to run  and jumped in her car where her friends were waiting for her. Her friends who were unaware of what just happened asked what was wrong but Megan couldn't even speak. As her friends tried to calm her down, Megan looked out the car window just in time to see this elderly women walk right through the car as if it weren't even there at all. Megan said the lady looked very angry and yelled something in Hawaiian  as she went through the car  Megan and her friends  who were both very afraid and spooked by this elderly Hawaiian lady. They could see this lady and her dog on the other side of the car through the window yelling at them and when they tried to start the car to get away, the car would not start until the Hawaiian lady and her dog just seemed to vanish in mid air.

Megan has told me she will never go to Judd Trail again. I told her that she more then likely did something to disrespect the spirits there. Judd Trail is a very sacred place to the Hawaiians and the spirits that dwell there. Judd Trail is their home and it should be treated with respect just as we would want anyone entering into our home to treat it with respect.

I have myself been to Judd Trail many times and yes, I have indeed seen and heard things there so, I have no problem with believing the experience that Megan had while at Judd trail.

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