Monday, November 28, 2011

Animals Ability to Sense Paranormal Activity

Photo by PJ 2009 Cattle Farmland on the isle of Hawaii

Most animals have senses that are much more keen than our own human senses, and many of them have senses that humans do not even have. It is well known that many animals know when there is something paranormal with them, from a common house cat hissing or following something unseen passing trough the room. Dogs, horses, birds and I am sure a lot of other animals also have the ability to sense things that most humans never would. I have myself watched as my cat respond to what would been a spectral hand trying to pet it's back making her crunching down and move away.

Felines are well known for senses among these a superb hearing, excellent sense of smell, known electromagnetic sensory abilities, low light vision which probably makes them able to see things even in regular light that we never would. When we surveyed our house for electromagnetic fields (EMF), we found out that the cats preferred to sleep in all the hot spots and all the cold spots in the electromagnetic field much as they love to bask in the sun or sleep close to a warm oven in the winter they also seemed to pick their sleeping areas according to the EMF, EMF is known to spike up with paranormal activity though consistent EMF fields are associated with our electronics, wirings and water pipes, proving that at least cats have the ability to directly sense EMF.

Canines are also well known for a multitude of great senses from their superb sense of smelling, possible electromagnetic sensory abilities and a superb sense of hearing, several polynesians that I know claim that the wetness of a dogs eye make them able to see ghosts and if a human ever would wet their eyes with the dogs eye wetness they too could see what the dogs do.

Avians have very strong electromagnetic sensory ability as this is part of their natural navigation, using earths own magnetic fields as a form of GPS, birds also have a wider field of perception in the form being able to see in the ultra violet spectrum of light, which humans and most other animals do not have, many of them also have a excellent sense of smell.

Equines are naturally skittish and often refuse to cross into areas that have high EMF fields, they have superb senses in hearing and smell, but have a limited sight in low light making them even more dependent on using their other senses.

Bovines are smart herd animals and since I grew up on a farm I always had plenty of opportunity to notice how the cattle handled the paranormal, being a sensitive myself I would already know if I had sensed something and the cows, though mostly seems to ignore things of the paranormal definitely know it is there, and they act protectively of their herd if they feel the entity is harmful or evil. I always felt very safe with the cows around me since they would quickly ward off any evils as a herd, circling around those they want to protect and chase away anything evil.

I am sure all animals exhibits some senses capable of noticing the paranormal and if you have any examples of animals that I did not include in my entry that you would like to share with the blog feel free to contact us at

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  1. We have an Australian Shepard that had starting to not eat or drink, and became very depressed. My husband and I have had spirits following us through 4 residences. Each place our first dog was highly sensitive to them. Unfortunately, because Juliet (our shepard) was becoming affected in our current home....we had to foster her out. Now that she has been gone it seems as though whatever is here, is now targeting our parakeets. My question is it possible for house birds be ultrasensitive about spirits being around. Our parakeets were fine and now they are very nervous, and "yelling" constantly.
    Can you let me know something?

  2. My cat and dog have been acting strangely. I was trying to get my cat to go outside into my backyard at night with my dog, but my cat ended up under a chair growling while staring at something outside. My dog was also staring at the same area. I myself felt very uncomfortable. I kept hearing faint cracks outside in my backyard. I felt like something was watching me from out there. I'm a little paranoid now, and I was hoping that someone could let me know if any of this means something, because I would like to know what is going on.