Friday, July 29, 2011

The Blue Light Cemetery - Spring, Texas

Illustration by PJ "Blue Moon"

It was the summer of 2005, my friends and I were young and daring. I had known for years that there was a supposedly haunted cemetery in our area, but had never gotten around to checking it out. A friend had mentioned that there had been some cult activity their throughout the 70's and 80's, which only made it that more luring. On a typical boring afternoon I managed to talk a friend into making the 30 minute drive into the boonies to check this place out! It was a good thing that we found The Blue Light Cemetery during the day, due to its remote location deep in Piney woods. After a lot of searching, we found ourselves at an overgrown locked gate marked no trespassing. Well then we turned around and went home. No, I am just yanking your chain because this is where our story begins!

The entrance to the place is an unkept dirt road, certainly not used for vehicle access due to it's narrowness and forest intrusion. At night time the forest around the road is pitch black. About half of a mile down, the road opens into a field where you get your view of the cemetery. My friend and I spent a few hours walking around checking graves and the area. It was interesting because some of the graves dates as far back as the late 1700's. There were many older graves in the forest along a network of old trails circling the cemetery. A few creepy things that we noticed during our day trip were a few rope nooses handing from random trees, a very large wooden cross that seemed anything but holy and a erie "alter" like platform high in the surrounding Ponderosa Pines. The platform must have been 100 feet of the ground at a height far to high for hunting or children playing. 

When we returned to the cemetery around eleven it was all dark! We noticed that as we entered the field the darkness lifted as the glow of the cemetery invited us. I don't know if blue is how I would explain it, but there was a fog that seemed to set in as we arrived. I have heard that the moon, swamp gas and bla bla bla can play tricks on the mind, but not here. If there was doubt in my mind, my best friend and my brother were along my side. It was creepy! The one thing that really caught our attention that evening was a small fold out chair that was placed in the corner of the cemetery. This chair was not there earlier! The chair was in a place overlooking the entire cemetery. We didn't see much that evening but should not have returned!

The second visit is not even worth talking about. A few guys wandering around the forest searching for a thrill that can't be explained. When you encounter something that has no logical explanation, it is a rush equal to doing over 150 mph or jumping of a 50 ft cliff. That is what led us back again.

The third visit was a little different. We arrived around 2 AM and decided that the cemetery was not enough. As we were walking through the trails we came to a place where it was still. Complete silence, and then voices..... Loud voices, not our voices! This also happened to be right by that "alter" I referred earlier in the trees. As we split, this thing followed us all the way tot he road. It chased us! chanting all the while. We all made it to my jeep thinking our troubles were over. Again we were in for a treat!

As I turned on my jeep, we instantly noticed that there was a big problem with my stereo. Instead of music there was white noise. The noise changed pitches from low tones to high pitched, back and forth. I kept switching from CD to radio, but there was nothing but white noise. This had never happened before and we were unable to find a logical explanation. At the time I had a very expensive after market stereo which never had any issues. I even asked an expert installer at the stereo shop and he said that he had never encountered an issue like this white noise. The noise continued until we got back into civilization and everything with the stereo went back to normal The noise that we heard was a warning to us for us to never come back. It was clear between the three of us that whatever chased us out of the forest that evening was present in the jeep on the way home. That was our encounter at the Blue Light Cemetery, which was much scarier if you were there.

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