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Interview with Dale from The Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society (MOPRS)

In this blog entry, Paranormal Corner is interviewing Dale of MOPRS.
  • Since you have a paranormal research/investigation team. Do you do this work because you actually believe in the paranormal or, are you one who needs more evidence of the paranormal and that is what you are searching for?
I am a huge believer in the paranormal I got into this work because I was convinced.. When I was a little bit younger in my early 20s a friend of mine was doing paranormal research before I even started. 

He made a bet with me he would take me to a location that was haunted. If we found any evidence of paranormal activity I would have to buy him dinner. I was in the tunnel all by myself alone in the middle of nowhere, the tunnel was dark and damp its walls slowly collapsing. In that tunnel I became a believer. I had a digital recorder with me that I had borrowed from him he explained to me that he had got EVP's from this particular Place. Putting my hands in the air I said yeah right. He told me walked to the end of the tunnel asking questions. And then after about 30 min. Walk back...I did so asking questions and trying to keep an open mind. Then 20 min. into the tunnel I heard someone whisper something near my ear. When I turn around with a flashlight that I had I saw no one. When I looked at the end of the tunnel I could clearly see my friend. So I know it wasn't him. I questioned him where he was when I entered the tunnel and when I got to the and he was clearly seen on camera he was in a different area completely where I was and there were no neighbors in that area the closest neighbor was approximately 15 miles away.

So in the middle of nowhere I heard something... We went back on his recorder and one of the questions I had asked is there anyone in this tunnel with me.. We got an EVP with the simple response of yes... My next question was.. Why are you in this tunnel?... Then I said in a joking manner like I really believe in you... The response was... We believe in you... And then the third question that I was able to gather EVP from.. Was.. Do you know my name?... And the response was yes we do.. And about 20 seconds later the name Dale class a EVP was heard... This is how I started my paranormal journey and why I have a belief that we are not alone... And we never happen our loved ones continue to communicate with us... As well as others who just want their voices heard..

  • Have you ever had a paranormal experience yourself before you got into paranormal research ? If so, can you tell our readers exactly what it was that happened?
Yes actually I actually had him many experiences growing up as a kid but I didn't consider them paranormal nature.. I always thought that I saw things heard things and wish just the type of person that I misinterpreted things..when I was 10 I saw something... And even to this day I have no explanation for.. Your readers can read about it on my new blog I started

  • As a team do you all have to agree on what is evidence and what is not and is there ever any disagreement on evidence?
Sure there are disagreements on what EVP's have said but this is normal.. You can't be a good investigator/researcher without having a disagreement on what is being said.. Each persons ears hear something different.. This is normal via the human condition.. We are not perfect.. We are human and when we leave we will continue to be human...although we may not agree on everything.. We always try to have a mutual understanding.. An understanding that okay this EVP may not be this it may be this but we still have to mark it as possibly this or possibly that...

  • I am one who believes that in time, science will prove the paranormal. Do you agree with that or, do you think otherwise?
I agree with you I think it's just a matter of time before science catches up and everything that we're doing.. Will one day be categorized as a scientific study... It may not happen before my lifetime.. But I believe that science will recognize.. That what we do.. Has some sort of scientific merit.. And the research that we have done will be our future... By studying what is happening.. It might be possible one day be able to talk to a loved one directly.. Wouldn't it be amazing.. That in the future you can pick up a telephone like a cell phone today... Dial a certain number.. Or maybe a certain frequency.. And hear uncle Frank.. Say hello all.. And be able to talk to him for 20 min. 30 min. at a time... I shudder to think what the future holds.. But I'm sure of one thing the future looks very bright.. And the more teams work with each other that future grows.. I am also a firm believer in paranormal unity.. It can be done.. With that being said.. I'm part of something that is trying to do that it's called the pros family.. I truly believe in my heart this is the future.. Of paranormal research unity teams working as one.. And everyone having an open mind.

  • Have you ever encountered a demon in your work?
When I was a little younger I experienced something that I believe was ..demonic. But I can't say for might've been an angry spirit trying to tell me to go away.. But I guess I'll never know until I experience think like it again.. Sadly I have not since then... But I continue with an open mind that one day it may happen and if it does I am willing... And able
  • Can you tell us about the strangest or scary investigation you have done to date?
There's a place here in my hometown that I truly believe is its most haunted location.. I have been to this location probably about 50 times and every single time I go I get EVP's.. The strange part about this location.. at night the location seems to some we go from a peaceful and serenity location... To a dark and mysterious vortex..we have a lot EVP's from this place.. 

And your readers are welcome to listen to the videos on YouTube that state mentor's most haunted location.. Are from that particular case... And every time I go I am always excited to know exactly what i got.. I've invited a few teams to the location all of them had said the same thing... The location is truly haunted... The strangest thing that actually happen at this location.. Was I was alone all by myself scouting the location ahead of time and I picked up the scream.. That screen can be heard on the you tube channel.. In fact I'm going to be redoing the video for it.. That screen was anywhere between 20 and 30 seconds long... And I believe it was a scream from the people that died on the land... I heard the scream but didn't hear the very beginning of it I'll he heard the second part... And it is marked in that EVP with me saying I think I just heard a scream just now... Very odd and what I perceived to be a scream and up being a bloodcurdling scream... To this day I still get chills listening to that EVP...

  • For all the folks that do not believe in life after death or the paranormal..... What would you tell them to maybe convince them of paranormal/life after death ?

What would I tell to all of those who do not believe in the paranormal?.. The answer is very simple come with me on a case... And within eight hours I will make you a believer... For those who you can't come with me I case.. Contact your local paranormal group.. And asked to be a guest.. Let the dead wake you... As I know for fact that they can

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