Thursday, February 9, 2012

Psychic Abilities: Psychic Navigation

Glass window over the West portal of the Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway. Photo by Gerd A. T. Müller in 2005

I have on multiple occasions experienced what I would have to describe as Psychic Navigation, in many ways this seems similar to dowsing as it has been described to me by others, I have never done dowsing other than for water which I know works and felt similar to me to when I use my psychic navigation.

Now before you assume there is no such thing, think about it this way, have you ever been lost and then felt like a prominence or gut feeling what direction to go, and then done so. This is how I the best can describe my own experience but on a grander scale.

Some of the earliest accounts of this was as a child I found myself never feeling lost even the thickest of forests, when in doubt I would close my eyes and focus on where was my destination and then feel where the strongest pull of what I will describe as the energies within draw me. As I grew older I found I could use the same to find lost objects at home, runaway animals and later even people, both lost and just "randomly" pick out whom I wanted to run into on the street.

Photo by Petr Smerkl, Nidaros Domen 2009 for wikipedia  

Back a few years, I had a chance to put my ability to a grand test, I was visiting Trondheim, which is one of the largest cities in Norway, in area it covers the size of Sidney, Australia but in population is only a couple of hundred thousands. I had never been to Trondheim before and after I was done with the days work in the conference I was attending, I wanted to see if I could find one of the most holy sites of the old Roman Catholic Church, the Nidaros Cathedral which was during the middle ages considered the 4th most important holy pilgrimage site after Jerusalem, Rome, and a site in Southern Spain. I closed my eyes focused on the cathedral and the energies that the centuries of pilgrimage to the site would cause, and instantly knew where to head, walked a few blocks and there it was the most magnificent medieval cathedral of Norway, filled with awe the sight touched me to tears, and I said a silent prayer before I entered.

Another example I would like to share happened in Oslo, Norway, I was with my aunt at the time, and after letting her be in the lead we became totally lost, after 3 hours of walking we seemed no where near the 15 minutes walking destination we were supposed to get to. I then closed my eyes focused for a few second and firmly convinced my aunt what direction we were to head, we walked for 20 minutes, and then after my Aunts pleads we stopped to ask a cab to take us the the destination, since it was already getting dark and Oslo is not considered a very safe place to be wandering around in dark side alleys. He stared at us, and said really? I could do that but why don't you just turn around to the left and complete the last 20 yards on your own.

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  1. I also have had always had a super sense of where things are in the world. When I traveled the US about 200,000 miles and I regularly knew where I was.

  2. Your articles don’t beat around the bushes exact t to the point.
    Alissa Monroe

  3. This is a great article on the paranormal. You know what you are talking about. I feel better informed now on the psychic reading level.

  4. okay, so my friend Sarah had helped me find this necklace charm that was very important to me. She located it in a couple seconds in this giant yard. She said that she didntknow how she found it. she texted me later saying: "Okay, i dont know how i did that, but ill tell you about it later. It has to be COMPLETELY private. Im literally too scared to type it" I havent talked to her yet. And im worried.