Friday, June 15, 2012

Angel Feathers

 Illustration "Angel Feather" 
Photo by Joao Estevao Andrade de Freitas 
courtesy of wikimedia commons.

This is the account of Bjørn in Oslo and his girlfriend Eva, this happened to them back in the winter of 2009.

My girlfriend Eva has always been a big believer in Angels, collecting all sorts of Angel art, items, pictures and so on. In the winter of 2009 she fell in hardship and were not feeling well. The strange thing was that she swore there were angels with her each time she go to the doctor she say how she could see their feathers around her. At first I just thought it was in her mind.

Then we started finding small white feathers around in the home, each time she go to the doctor and return we would notice more feathers floating around in our apartment. And each time this happen Eva would get more high spirited and feel slightly better.

Then I found out where the feathers came from Eva's winter jacket with feather filling had a small hole in the back, and whenever she put it on or off for her doctors visits more feathers would come out. Eva were still not felling all that well and I could not get myself to let her know that the angel feathers she noticed around were from her jacket, since it seemed to make her better I let it go.

By the time spring came Eva were well again and donned her winter jacket. I silently patched it up for her. She still feel the angels are with her even without the "angel feathers" floating around.

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  1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, the rift in the Jacked could been a way they could reach her, knowing that the feathers alone would be what she needed to strenghten her own faith and belief in the power of her gurdian angels. Interesting angle you bringing up Jose, I would have to contact Bjørn and ask if she saw the angels beforehand or only the feathers.

  2. I was wondering if you could add my blog to a blog list if you have one. thank you!

    1. Sure Mort Atticus Amsel, we do have that, and I will add your blog to it right now!