Thursday, June 14, 2012

When we were the Living Guardian Angels for a Unknown Stranger in New York City

Illustration: One stranger in the largest city in the world helped by strangers across the globe together in one little chat room. The New York City Skyline by William Warby 2007, Courtesy of wikimedia commons 

Today's entry is going to be more whit in the realm of serendipity, coincidences and synchronicity / unsynchronicity. The events that lead to this intertwined butterfly effect that made us to be there at the very right point of time started long before we even knew we would be involved in an 10 hour long mission of guardianship, protection and support. I will not bore you with all the details of what lead this young 21 year old guy in New York City into a downward spiraling circle of deeper misery, despair and drug inflicted conditions that at a few times were dangerous and having a real a potential fatal outcome.

Around Midnight at local Honolulu time, I woke up finding my roommate in chat with a guy neither one of us had never seen or heard about before. Totally at random my roommate had stumbled into the chat room, of our soon to be mysterious friend, the chat room also had a live video feed. I immediately noticed my roommate seemed quite agitated, frantic and frustrated as he was writing one message after another into the chat window.

As I got closer and got the sleep out of my eyes I realised the guy my roommate was talking with had red marks all over his upper body, and even bloody stripes on his arms. He was obviously very drunk as I heard him saying it itches it itches as he scraped himself over and over again with the open edge  of some green handled scissors.

My roommate kept up the fight for one hour trying to get the guy to calm down, and stop harming himself, of which we learned of all the events that had taken place and what had lead him to this point of time. Now at 1am my roommate needed to get some sleep so I decided to step in and take over, keeping our new friend in NYC safe.

Over the course of the next eight hours I worked on calming him down while also trying to see if we could get him to contact one of his brothers, to help him out which he did not, and also at the same time working on keeping his chat room rolling. He grew agitated and aggressive in behavior whenever someone left his chat and extremely loud and frustrated that there was only two of all the people me and one other unknown stranger that worked on keeping his spirits up and the liquor out, as he described the mess of a life he was in with his fiancee breaking his heart, mixing of illegal drugs and alcohol, and all.  

So perhaps we where the technological angels placed and meant to be there for him synchronised to that very point of time, just to be there for him watching working and protecting one word at a time or just pure coincidence.

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  1. Yes, we added him to our friendslist and saw his as late as 15 minutes ago, he had been drinking but was not showing any negative behavior this night.