Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ghosts and Robbers - Protected by Spirit Ancestors

Illustration in courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
 Footprints in the melted snow slit and mud 
Photo by Juan R. Lascorz 

Sometime after my grandparents had passed away and the house was abandoned, our father received an urgent call from Old Arthur, a neighbor to the now old summer house. He reported seeing two people around the house, but they ran off before he had a chance to investigate, so he decided to let it go til morning. In the morning, when Arthur followed through with what he said. He found two sets of muddy footprints leading to the house and to a broken window, and more footprints inside the house. He also noticed a second set of footprints coming from another broken window. These were clearly showing sign of rapid  escape, so he called my father to check if anything was missing and broken. 

My father went to the house with one of my brothers, and Arthur joined them as they entered the house. As they walked into the living room, they saw how the intruders broke into the house from the large living room window and went into two directions, one set toward a two hundred year old fiddle hanging on the wall while, second set toward a different part of our living room where we kept a lot of ancient silverware. These two sets met in the middle of the living room, where we found the fiddle and our family heirloom silver bowls on the floor, and then both sets hastily toward the south side living room window and out. 

Two weeks later, two young men contacted us. They asked us if we were the owners of the home. They told us that ever since they had broken in our house, they have been plagued by haunting dreams, heinous nightmares. They felt that whatever still dwelt in our home was responsible. They pleaded us for forgiveness and offered to pay for any and all damages caused by them. We agreed and settled on not bringing any charges against them, as we felt they had learned their lesson. We never heard from or seen a sign of those guys again. Since then, nobody has ever broken in and entered in on our ancient family home. 

We will never know for sure what scared off the burglars in the way it did, but we have our own suspicions. Our house has always been very haunted, with our ancestral spirits protecting us, and even with us around when my grandparents were still living there, the spirits would show their power whenever they found a new guest to the home to be unwelcome or just kept for closer observation to assess whether they should be told to leave or not. 

Since that time, our family home has been sold twice. Each time the new owners complain of the house being haunted . Cold spots, hearing voices and, things moving from one place to another. So, my uncle bought the house back and it is now back in my family. I guess that is where it belongs. 

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