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Dangers of the Astral Realm by Jose Prado

Illustration "Teheran Night Sky" by Hamed Saber from Tehran, Iran
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Dangers of the Astral Realm
By Jose Prado

There are many dangers to the Astral. But there were some things that I was never taught about before hand and so I learned by Trial by Fire. 
Since I was a child I had the gift of Astral projection via Shamanic abilities. I traveled the realms and believed I was actually dreaming. It was nothing out of the ordinary for me. My family would hear me murmur words or have outright conversations in sleep. Sometimes I would awaken still talking to someone. I would laugh out loud waking some of them up but when they checked on me I was still sleeping.

Years later when I began my practice of the Magical Arts, I started Astral projecting at will. I remember the fear I felt at night when I felt as if my whole body was levitating in the air. I felt sometimes that if I were not careful I would float away into nothingness. With that, I told a Gypsy I knew about what was happening to me and she announced that I was in the first stages of Astral Projection.

One day I half woke from a mid-day nap and saw a spiritual, light blue and a white version of myself being created from beams of blue white light emanating from my own body. I read later on in an article on projection that Aleister Crowley mentioned a technique called "The Body of Light" in which one projects light to create an Astral body. When I read it, I realized that I had done something similar. 

Crowley religiously appropriated all sorts of sacred books and texts from various world religions, but especially from Hebrew religion. I started to theorize that maybe the technique he wrote about was Jewish magic, and so the power I inherited may have been tied to that since I am a descendant of the Sephardi Jews of Spain and Portugal . Those are my origins in the Astral. 
I was told more or less about the rogue travelers mentioned in the lesson. What I didn't know was how many there would be. 

The first danger I encountered were toxic Eggun (Ghosts) a Priest of Palo Mayombe had bound in our house when he lived there. The spirits were being captured and placed there to serve the sorcerer. The individual had never taken the spirits with him or sealed the spiritual gate. They started tormenting me and my sister in dreams. Threatening us, scaring us, until I sought out Occult teachers and embraced the magical arts. We cast out what was there. They helped me via Remote Work while I did the physical portions myself with their direction. It was hard because a Demonic entity was there acting as a Threshold Guardian. We had to bind it and send it to Hell.

The second danger was a shape shifter pretending go be a good spirit and which tried to turn me against a colleague of mine who then was helping me in the arts of Exorcism. The entity claimed he was a 'friend' from a past life. He wanted me and my colleague to do things for him, but I had my suspicions. So I inquired from the same Gypsy Seer I mentioned above and she told me what it was I had spoken to and seen. The strange thing is that when he tried speaking to me and I had awakened, I could see a large, faint, sphere of energy. It was orange-red with a bit of yellow thrown in. It moved away from me and went through my door before vanishing. I think it was surprised. I wasn't supposed to wake up, much less see it. It scattered out of the room, possibly hoping I would think nothing of the experience.

My third danger came from a Malevolent Norse spirit. It was a servant of Loki. I had encountered demonic spirits who served Loki before, but none like this. The voice he used was a smooth talker type voice like a stereotypical radio personality.  It forced me to experience my worst fears and I felt trapped till I woke up. Again the Seer told me what it was. By Invoking Hel, the Daughter of Loki, and Thor together, the entity was bound and expelled. This was the strongest entity we had encountered back then. One that with our own powers, we could never hope to bind or even make a dent in it.

 The fourth and most surprising danger came in the form of a Sorcerer, an Astral Vampire, the more evolved form of a Psychic Vampire. It wasn't a danger for me but for a client. I had studied about Vampirism in several articles and from Folklorists. In some of the research I did, I learned about the core of Psychic Vampirism.  While some people are innocent victims of their own nature (lacking the electro-chemical component necessary to sustain life, leading to psychic vampirism), others consciously developed this parasitic ability. They were almost always sorcerers trying to gain greater power. In my research I found that some Satanists developed it as part of their religious practice. But these were specific practices. Based on the study of the Vampire lore, people who engaged in such practices could become Vampires after death. There's many different ways. But I digress. In European Folklore, a dark sorcerer who intentionally developed Psychic Vampirism (as a way to steal or copy magic as well as life force) could become an even more powerful Vampire known as an Astral Vampire, if they evolved strongly enough. The Sorcerer would Astral project and visit their victim in their bedrooms then siphon off vital energy to strengthen themselves and could if they wanted to, project nightmarish images into the person's mind.

In this particular case, the woman was a client from South Korea, both a Pagan and an Army wife. I had seen posts from her online about nightmares she was having that were so bad, she would wake up shaking in cold sweat, and was progressively getting sicker. I had asked her to describe the nightmares and she mentioned her ex boyfriend would appear in all the dreams, laughing insanely and mocking her.  With each nightmare she began to lose more and more of her vitality. 

After I described her former boyfriend in detail (without knowing it was the same person) as the Astral Vampire, she told me he had been her lover before she met her husband. He was a University Professor and at the time she was one of his students. They had a passionate affair, and he always managed to assert his dominance over her without a fight. She eventually ended things with him due to his philandering nature. But she still thought at that point that she loved him. 

I told her he was using Empathy to make her believe she loved him. He was striking her spiritually for leaving him and having a family with her husband. I also realized that some of the gifts he bought for her sons were tainted spiritually and acted as an antenna to extend and strengthen his influence astrally into her home. After helping her realize what was happening, she became more aggressive in how to shield herself from him. She first cleansed and blessed each cursed object, then she began placing satchels with prayers to block him out everywhere. 

I did a deeper Divination and asked what I should do. The Gods replied that he was too dangerous with his powers and that he must be bound. So, I bound him using a Voodoo Doll. In his case his ability was natural so I sent him spirits to do a spiritual operation to help him sustain himself with his own vital energy. Without that he may have died from lack of feeding, and I didn't want that on my conscience. He never tried to contact her much less Astral to her again. Her health recovered, and her obsession with him stopped. All was well.

One thing I would add is that I realised Astral Vampires had one thing in common with regular demonic, spectral Vampires like the Mara/Mare. They can be warded off by some of the same things, including scissors placed open underneath a pillow pointing at the bed's headboard. This was a German Hexxen (Witch) technique that is also used in Hoodoo (Voodoo Witchcraft). It blocks magic done against the person as well.

This is one danger normally overlooked in the Astral.

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