Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sasha The Spectral Bengal Cat

Photo of Sasha

Sasha the Bengal cat was no ordinary cat in life, and soon proved to be extra-ordinary even in death, being the only surviving kitten of a litter of three he received all the love and care one could imagine not only from his feline parents, but also of his loving owners. This bond were found to be unbreakable even in death. This entry is combined entry compiled from the different experiences the Iversen family had in Norway and Sweden.

Before and around Halloween of 2014, only one month after the tragic passing of Sasha in Norway the cat started to appear to a medium and her psychic children in Sweden, at first just brief miaws, heard by the medium and then by both her daughters. Then when she received a phone call from Norway, it became apparent that it was Sasha in his vocal spectral form to have arrived one day ahead of the owner and member of the Iversen family that were to visit her in Sweden.

Now having one more visitor than they expected, at first Sasha were not bothersome, but after the visiting owner left for a few days to other places in Sweden, Sasha did not follow but stayed in Stockholm bothering the two daughters and especially scared the youngest of them to the point where she got problems sleeping at night. He would knock things over, leave ectoplasmic wet spots on the floor like if he had pee, miaw both day and night and try to cuddle with the scared children.

With the return of the owner from Malmø two days later things in Stockholm were again calm, with Sasha resting on his favorite owner. To ensure Sasha in spirit form were not left behind in Stockholm Iversen called Sasha to return with him back to Norway.

Back in Norway Sasha appeared in a deep dream cuddled up, feeling heavy and cold to the touch, Sasha was described as wearing a neckband of extraordinary beauty, Sasha looked happy but did not want to leave his loving owners. After this return he also appeared in a dream to another member of the Iversen family then as a shining white cat, of which he in a dream picked up at the exact spot where Sasha passed away. With this happening the day before Halloween we knew Sasha had found his peace and just wanted to visit us again before passing into the field of eternal bliss in his new angelic feline form. There have not been any other experiences of visitations by Sasha to any of the Iversen family since this.

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