Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dream Walker (Dangers of the Astral Realm II) by Jose Prado

The following is an experience our frequent contributor to the Blog, Jose Prado experienced while working for a Coven that specializes in helping people with problems of a Paranormal Nature. This coven of witches performs exorcisms, blessings, and the breaking of evil spells by Warlocks (selfish or unethical witches). This is the second part in a series of Blogs he will be contributing on the dangers of the Astral Realm.

Dream Walker (Dangers of the Astral Realm II) By Jose Prado

At the time of this encounter, I was working with a coven known as Forest Moon Grove. Forest Moon Grove doubles as a paranormal investigation group. We used science as well as sorcery to help people with supernatural issues. We've helped Christians, Buddhists, even the occasional Atheist (of course they didn't stay Atheist for long), but in this experience it was a Wiccan woman who needed help. She had been involved with another practitioner for years before finally breaking up with him. I am not sure what he practiced but this man clearly misused his knowledge for sinister purposes.

Wicca is a revival of old European beliefs inspired by older religions. While the name Wicca and some of its rituals may indeed be 'new age', it is all based on much older faiths and practices. There are good people out there who practice Wicca, but there are also individuals who become intoxicated with power and use them for sinister purposes. I have seen Wiccans bless and I have seen them curse.

As with any faith there are good and bad apples so neither should one be prejudiced and say all of what we do is all 'devil worship'. Unfortunately this individual, as sad and disgusted as I am to say this, was actually involved with diabolical spirits. I actually wondered if perhaps he was working with Aleister Crowley's magic.

It felt like a Goetic Demon* to me. This man was so accomplished in sorcery that he was able to develop psychic abilities and astral projected to this woman in her dreams. This is called Dream Walking; it is a semi-Shamanic ability where one is able to enter a person's dreams telepathically. This man walked into this woman's dreams every night, tormenting and terrorizing the poor woman giving her no reprieve.

She attempted to ward him off with her amulets and spells but to no avail. Something more powerful than a human warlock was at work here. So after many inquiries in the community she found and sought us out. I was brought into a Facebook chat at the time and the woman described a hideous nightmare she had. She dreamed this man had become a demon of some sort with horns and razor sharp teeth. He raped her in the dream and then said, "Now you are mine forever. You'll never escape me."

As she described the dream I began to get sick and I realized that something was on her. It was an Enviacion or Sending in English (1). This time he didn't just dream walk, he came into that dream with a demonic spirit and when he raped her in her dream, he actually placed an energy inside her that acted like a wire tap.

Not only could he locate her wherever she was but he could also know her every move because the spiritual parasite within her was being used to listen in on her conversations. I secretly sent a posted message to the Reiki Master in the group, told him of my suspicions, and he decided he would take care of her personally and remove the energy stain on her himself. With it gone, powerful spirits were summoned to protect her, and after an intense spiritual battle, the warlock finally gave up. He wasn't going to go battle a whole coven of expertly trained witches that could match and counter everything he knew how to do. Today that client is well and fine but her distrust in men, especially those of power, stayed with her.

This was the second time I faced a Dream Walker, though I would have to say this was definitely the most violent experience.

* The Lesser Key of Solomon is a book of Black Magic in which a person uses Prayers to God from Ancient Hebrew sorcery to invoke demons. These are Aleister Crowley's perversions. In the Testament of Solomon, a book of the Bible removed by the Church, Solomon was a Sage (Master Mage, Enlightened Master) who received the power to control even the greatest spirits from a ring he was given by St. Michael the Archangel baring the Pentagram. The word Yerusalem (Jerusalem) was on the Pentagram. With it, he could control even Demonic Gods like Beelzebub. Satan himself and a small minority of Demonic Deities were the only ones immune to the ring. In those days Judaism was Pagan and sorcery was a natural part of the religion. They worshiped the Elohim (Hebrew Gods). When Solomon lived he put his knowledge down in a Grimoire (book of advanced sorcery) and after his death, his followers continued adding spells as late as the Middle Ages. It's believed his followers formed a secret society that some claim became the Order of the Free Masons. The book was called the Key of Solomon and was translated by an author named Macgregor. Aleister Crowley however perverted the spells and used them to control demons and enslave them for his own petty whims. His version of the Hebrew magic, which he divided into two books are the Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon but these are impure versions of King Solomon's magic. Demons from the Keys are called Goetic Demons. Suffice it to say the Crowleyean version of the book and the actual Key of Solomon are very different at their core.

(1) In Santería (literally 'Saintry' or ‘Holiness’ in English) is an Afro Cuban religion similar to Vodoun. We believe and are taught about ‘enviaciones’ or ‘sendings’. It's a magical operation where a conjurer (sorcerer who can summon spirits or instantly manifest spells) will summon a spirit, any kind of spirit depending on what he needs, and with its help cast a spell on someone. In the very moment the spell is cast, the spirit is bound to the spell, therefore the spell cannot be reversed until the spirit is banished, and the spirit cannot be banished until the spell is reversed. Both either have to be taken apart at the same time or they must be paralyzed and then dealt with separately by another sorcerer. Although the term is unique to Santería, the same method is found in many different cultures and faiths (from European witches, to Judeo-Christian mages, to African practitioners and Native American shamans). If a person is tormented by a spirit and there is no spirit gate open or spiritual stronghold, the only other reason for a cleansing, banishing, or exorcism to not work is when a Sending has been performed. The Sending however always requires a sorcerer, a human element to perform. A spirit cannot make a Sending. It's important to note that not all Sendings are for evil. Some conjurers summon good spirits and cast protective spells to keep someone safe or use negative Sendings only in retaliation for being cursed. Some Sendings have even been used to heal the sick where a healing spirit is called forth and together the conjurer and spirit cast a healing spell.


  1. Goddamn that is some scary ass shit if I don't say so myself.

  2. I often dislike reading about demon attacks because of my own personal experience, but being informed what can happen to you on the Astral Plane, is important since many newbies (Astral Travelers) may not fully comprehend the spirit world. Funny how reality isn't what it seems & those brave enough to explore the unknown do need to prepare themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now I lay me down too sleep, I pray too Source my Cord too keep. If I should die before I wake, pray the Light is at my feet. Turn the darkness of the night, into a star that shines so bright. Know I loved you with all my might.