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Astral Vampire (Dangers of the Astral Realm III) by Jose Prado

As I mentioned in the second post about the dangers of the Astral Realm, a Dream Walker is a person who has Semi Shamanic abilities and can thus enter another person's dreams. The most powerful was a teenage Occultist I once met who had attacked a friend she was angry with by entering her dreams and causing her to suffocate. She didn't think anything of it because she was awake when she entered the sleeping girl's dream. She also had no intention to harm her, she was simply mad and visualized hurting her friend.

Her friend reported being attacked by a spirit the next day through suffocation. She was so frightened of what she had done to her friend that at first she asked me to bind her. I refused, explaining to her that she has these gifts for a reason and instead encouraged her to join a Coven with the family's permission *.  This dream walker posed little threat as she was not properly trained. A fully trained dream walker can be a menace to society like the following individual.

A few years ago on Facebook I saw a status posted by a friend who's identity I will omit. She was a Wiccan and an Army wife living in a military base in South Korea. We had begun to develop a friendship. One day she wrote in a status that she had become so sick she was wearing a blanket, soaking her feet in hot water and having horrible nightmares that made her body shake.

Something about this scenario struck a chord with me. It just didn't sound normal especially with how violent the dreams were. I sent her a private message and we began to talk. She said for weeks she was receiving horrible dreams about her ex lover (a man of means and power), who had seduced her in graduate school. The man was her professor and they began a passionate affair but he became too controlling. Eventually they went in different directions vowing to just be friends. When she married, he had given presents to her children which she accepted.

Unfortunately she made a big mistake. She forgot that anything can be 'worked' or 'fixed' (in witch terms, enchanted or bewitched) and accidentally brought cursed objects into her home. They were beacons for him to find her wherever she was. It opened the threshold, the mystical force that protects a house, to him leaving her vulnerable to attack. According to her accounts, her nightmares featured him insanely laughing in her face.

She was breaking down and was forfeiting her will to this man. That was until I gave her the crucial piece of the puzzle she had been missing. The effects on her body, including the lack of vitamins from the nightmares. All pointed to one thing: he was an Astral Vampire. In my studies of the Occult and Demonology I read, among many other books, Jonathan Maberry's Vampire Universe(1), an amazing book which I highly recommend.

Maberry's Vampire Universe mentioned that Astral Vampires were the more evolved and powerful version of Psychic Vampires. A regular Psychic Vampire has to be around a person and either touch them or look at them to drain energy. Those who are truly skilled can drain energy at a distance via crowd energy; taking a little bit from everyone to be satisfied (others can do it remotely via the internet).

Most Psychic Vampires are good people lacking the chemical component to energize themselves and require energy from others to survive, otherwise they grow ill and die. They often have friends who willingly donate their energy or use crowd energy to drain tiny portions from large amounts of people. Usually the people are left unharmed.

Some people however are so parasitic that they develop Psychic Vampirism by nature; being nasty, obsessive, or conflictive. In some legends according to Maberry, those are the personality traits that allow a person to actually curse themselves after death and become a demonic vampire in the first place. Psychic Vampirism therefore can be done even by people who are not born as Psychic Vampires, but even this is only the best case scenario.

The worst case are warlocks or selfish witches who intentionally develop it for greater power in the Black Arts (usually Satanists). Crowley (2) even spoke at length about using it to drain people of their powers. My original master was a Black Mage who tried to corrupt me during my novice years. He said Crowley wanted to create an army of Mimics; Psychic Vampires who could not only drain people but copy their powers, grafting them onto their own spiritual bodies.

They could 'mimic' any power or energy. But I digress. According to Jonathan Maberry there were Warlocks so powerful that they completely superseded being around a person at all to drain their energy. Instead, they could Astral Project to a person in their sleep as a Dream Walker or simply hover above their resting bodies where they could not only drain energy from their victims but also infect their dreams with nightmares, steal information from them, etc...The victim would be helpless and if the vampire were smart, no one would be the wiser. Luckily for her, he was not smart.

He was arrogant. He wanted her to know that he had her and that there was nothing she could do about it. But nothing is insurmountable. I told her what he was and with psychic sight I was able to tell her that the 'gifts' he gave her were cursed. I told her to sprinkle Hoyt's cologne (3) on the gifts to cleanse his energy out completely. I also instructed her to use her own magic to fight him. I had to psychically break the bond between him and her and re-energize her myself before she could do this, otherwise none of her magic would have worked. Once a Psychic or Astral Vampire drains you, there is a connection that weakens the person's powers and any spell cast by victim, no matter how powerful is weakened or does not work at all. I then summoned a powerful spirit to find and bind him.

She then performed an Expurgation (banishing) ritual to banish his energy from the premises. She cleansed the home with Sage and then created a few enchanted satchels to ward him off permanently. I also advised her to sleep with scissors under her pillow (4) to prevent him from attacking her in her sleep again. Needless to say he stopped contacting her after that. Almost immediately he fell ill. Without a person to drain, he was not be able to feed. I felt sorry for him and asked the spirit to allow him to drain crowd energy.

He got well but was never able to harm anyone again. It reminded me of an old Bible text, Psalm 94: 4-11 :

"4 They pour out arrogant words;
all the evildoers are full of boasting.

5 They crush your people, Lord;
They oppress your inheritance.

6 They slay the widow and the foreigner;
they murder the fatherless.

7 They say, “The Lord does not see;
the God of Jacob takes no notice.”

8 Take notice, you senseless ones among the people;
you fools, when will you become wise?

9 Does he who fashioned the ear not hear?
Does he who formed the eye not see?

10 Does he who disciplines nations not punish?
Does he who teaches mankind lack knowledge?

11 The Lord knows all human plans;
he knows that they are futile,"

Whether you believe in Karma, only one God, or many Gods and Goddesses, everyone in the end gets their fair share of the poisoned crop. It never fails. It's the Law of the Universe.

* The girl in question is now a proficient Exorcist, Pagan Demonologist, and a very wise and learned woman. At 15 she could already bind Demons and use the Seals of Solomon. At 18 she is now one of my best and closest friends as well as a powerful ally in all matters pertaining to the Occult.

1. A Book not only on Vampires, but on Witches, Warlocks, and Faeries. It mostly focuses on Vampires and other Demons. Well worth the read. The man is a true scholar. You can order his book here :

2. Crowley spoke at length not only about Psychic Vampirism but energy manipulation. He also spoke about how all Demons are parasitic in nature and often used blood placed in a demon trap to attract a demon through the life force in the blood. He would then enslave the Demon. I am not posting any links to Crowley here. No black magic allowed.

3. Hoyt's cologne is a cologne used in Hoodoo (Voodoo Folk Magic) that is used in cleansings. Similar to Florida Water, it's primary use is cleansing but it can be used for many other spells as well. I told her to order it from the states so that she could cleanse out the work he had done on the gifts. More on Hoyt's Cologne here :

4. In my article Hags: Demon Witches, I explained that placing scissors that are opened and pointed toward the headboard of a bed prevents evil spirits from attacking or sorcerers from casting their spells on a person in their sleep. Before she could cleanse the cursed objects I told her to use that to block his Astral Visitations and attacks. It worked.

You can read about Hags and the use of Scissors for protection here :


  1. I am glad I wasn't the only person to experience this. Though, this is scary. Makes you rethink who you evolve yourself with.

  2. "Not only drain people, but copy their powers" This sounds like me. I'm a crystal child AND astral vampire. However i feed from my self after absorbing peoples negativity. Get back to me on this please.