Monday, December 14, 2015

My Experiences About The Jin by M. Mughal

Submission for the Paranormal Corner. From M. Mughal. I am a Egyptian and would like to share with you about my experience about Jins.

I was sixteen years old when I had to visit my village, on my uncle's death, where I was born. My uncle who died, was living in the same 4000 sq. meter home with his family which we had left, long ago. It was a beautifully constructed house with dark memories.

At the age of 10, when I was sleeping in a corner room, which opened could outside toward the jungle, I heard suddenly the walking horse with a chain sound. I ran to the window and saw a big horse walking through the street, all alone ,in the darkness of the midnight at 2 am. In the morning I asked my mother who the horse belonged to after telling her the whole story. She mentioned that there was a women and 'The JIN or Ghost" taking over her body. The horse had belonged to her husband. After that incident I did not sleep in that room ever again and the sound of horse trotting was heard daily. After six months, we moved to the city. That day when I visited my village, upon my uncle's death, again same room was allotted to me but there was nothing to be heard at night.

But in the next day, when a lot of people were visiting our home to offer their condolences, I saw a creepy lady sitting at the corner and so I inquired my aunt about her identity. The reply of my aunt stunned me. She was the same lady of Horse and came to offer her condolences. She stayed there till night fell. Between 5 pm to 6 pm, I heard a scream and rushed towards it. I saw the same woman, lying down with her hands and feet twisted. Many women were sitting around. Then suddenly showers of rice were thrown over us by some one, we weren't able to see. Then every body start saying that the 'JIN ' has arrived. Every body was quite when the woman start mumbling in manly voice that he was the Jin of that women and came here for condolences as the Guy who died was very poise and virtuous. Then within minutes, the women got into her normal condition.

The 2nd day I ran back to my city home. Later people told that after a span of one year the woman died. The JIN was a good one and was merely taking care of the woman. 

Another event of a Jin I would like to share is something that happened to a costumer of mine, the guy told me about something that had happened only 2 kilometers away from were we were sitting at the time. 

He told me that one construction company wanted to build a 5 story building on a land a few months before our meeting. The construction site was known to be the site of a Jin, so local people tried to stop the building project. 

The developers kept sending masons and other laborers to initiate their project on the lot. From the very first day the laborers felt something was watching them. This however did not stop them from doing their job. 

One day their luggage was found spread everywhere in the field. Now they did not want to continue but the owner instructed them to keep on doing the build, but now there were daily something going wrong at the building site. 

After two months, in the evening, a dark storm came and lay over the building site, everyone in the whole neighborhood ran into their homes and had to stay there. They could hear whistling sounds and were all very afraid to go outside. Next day when the storm had finally settled down everybody saw a strange thing which led the owners to stop the building project and leave the place like it was. What they found was that the whole building was nailed with 12mm steel bars which were five to six meter long.

After hearing the story I actually went personally there to check out the building and what I saw was the front and right wall was fully embedded with steel bars it could not been the work human beings.

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