Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Powers Come and Then Fade Away

Illustration Plumeria Blossoms by PJ 2009
Like the powers in our life blossom and fade away.

This is from Mary
When I was just barley in my teens, I really became interested in all paranormal things. Not because I wanted to do so, rather because even when I was a child paranormal experiences happened to me. As I got older, the paranormal experiences I had would change some. For example, when I was very young, I could always tell when there were spirits in our house or any where I might be. I could not only sense them but they would talk to me. I was so young that I thought that was normal but, I sometimes wondered why they would tell me some of the things they told me because I didn't understand it all. My mom just thought I had pretend or make believe friends.

As I became older, I was very good at seeing impending danger and did my best to warn others of danger or a tragedy. That is when my mom started to take real notice of my abilities. I warned my mom of her sister's death and my brother about a car accident that he was in before it ever happened. I was able to warn almost anyone I was close to about almost anything bad that would happen to them and, I was usually correct.

Now that I am older, I seem to have lost both abilities. For many years now it seems that I can feel when a spirit is around but I cannot talk with it and I can sometimes see someone who has passed on but they never seem to talk. Maybe for some of us that had the gift at some point as we get older it we become less able to tune in to those kind of things.

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  1. I think there a lot in this, as i too seem to be loseing my gift as i age. It comes and goes which is annoying. Im praying it doesent go completly.As i love being psychic, there were times i wished i wasent. But all in all i think its a good thing to have this gift.Maybe one day they will find out if it does fad with age for some people.

  2. I have had basically the exact same thing happen to me,but I can still sense & hear them on occasion,but actual sightings have decreased w/age. I was able to see them all the time as a child,but I had to learn how to block them for my own mental health... I do regret it sometimes. I think we nvr lose our abilities; they either change or lay dormant til needed. If you know about synchronisity, that's the ability that has become the strongest in me,but I don't know why.

  3. To all three of you, I do a little bit of research on psychics. I have in my studies encountered this type of phenomenon on a small scale as my oldest subject is in her early twenties. I think the comings and goings occur in a predictable pattern, probably based on a fractal of some sort. With the stronger moments closer together when you are young, and further apart as you age. The mind of a child is pliable; they are always taking in giant loads of information, and less stress and cares. If you want to strengthen your ability, find a way to practice, or to free your mind of some cares. If the three of you would join my research site,, I would love to work with you to get the answers to all of your questions. :)