Monday, March 14, 2011

To Death Do Us Apart and Then Some

Illustration Photo by PJ 2005. 
We all have light and dark sides to us, and the capacity to do good or evil, who knows what paths could bring you to the brightest light or darkest despair...

This is the true account given me of the event described by TJ as it happened to her in the summer of 2008. After a few decades of marriage to Robert, they were naturally attached even after the separation Robert would not let go of his life partner, and wife TJ. This all escalated trough months after their separation with terror on both sides, involving everything from death treats, attempted suicide and even worse. I knew both of them really well and it is painful to see someone that lived all their lives together now placed into different paths, but still not letting go.

To cut to the chase, after Robert left the asylum before the police was able to inform the hospital to keep him restrained for his own and others safety. His wife felt she would be in grave danger, and took every precautions she could to not end up as the end result of this last chain of events.

After a few days where no one had heard from Robert, she started to calm down some and decided to head to her summer house with a friend, only to spot Robert hiding around the corner, of what used to be their place from years earlier. Naturally TJ panicked and rushed with her friend back to the car, and had the police troopers come over to pick up her once life partner, now deranged and jealous of anyone she would be with.

The police spared no resources as they had been keeping up with the only escalating drama of these once pillars of community, both well respected and never even been caught for even a slightest traffic violation, drunkenness or violence before the separation put Robert on the downward spiral that this point had brought him to.

The police found nothing at the summer house other than footprints and with the help of a few other locals, and friends of Robert they started searching the perimeters, around and towards the House a few miles away that Robert currently lived at. After hours of searching they finally found the lifeless body of Robert in the shores of the sea close to the home he lived at, and it immediately became clear, he had been there for days. TJ had seen a still lingering apparition of her once significant other that still even after his death clinged on to the life he once knew...

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