Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Ringing of the Phone

 Illustration by PJ 2011

Back in the early 70's, My sister and her young son moved into an old house down in the southern part of the country. As I said, the house was indeed old but, it was only for a year until her husband would complete his military commitment over seas and then would be back home and a civilian once again. So she figured the old house would suit her purpose for a year and besides the owner was asking a very low amount of monthly rent.

My sister noticed that there was no phone in the house and only one phone jack and that was in the living room. She said she had to wait until pay day to get a phone installed. She had an especially busy day at work that day and was very tired when she got home. later that night, she put her son to bed and she went to get ready for bed herself.  As she was getting ready to turn in for the night she heard a phone ring. She thought she just imagined  it because it only rang once and, she already knew there was no phone in the house. She went to bed and just as she was falling off to sleep she heard a phone ring again. She didn't get much sleep that night because of the sound of a ringing phone. It actually woke her son up and together they searched the entire house for a phone including the basement and attic and there there was no phone to be found.

The next day she complained to the landlady about it and the woman told her why she heard a phone ring all night long. She told my sister the story of what happened in that house several years before. The landlady said that her parents built that house many years ago and that her mom and dad were married 50 years when her mother was murdered in that house. One day her father came home from his doctor appointment and as he walked into the house, he found that his wife had been murdered during his absence. by strangulation. According to the landlady, there were no signs of forced entry so his wife must have let the intruder into the house.

The elderly man's  wife had been strangled. The intruder used the phone cord to kill her. When he got into the living room, his wife was laying dead on the floor with the phone core still wrapped around her neck. A lengthy police investigation ended with no suspect being arrested.

The landlady went on to say that after about two weeks since his wife was murdered, the elderly man had the phone taken out of the house so he wouldn't have to look at it anymore. Once the phone was out, the elderly man started to hear a phone ring in the house at night. He swore it was his late wife trying to call him from beyond and, she would not have known that the phone had been taken out. He told the landlady about all of this and she said it was just his mind playing tricks on him and that it would all go away soon.

The elderly man missed his wife of 50 years very much and he thought his daughter was correct, that the ringing of the phone every hour late at night was all in his mind. Now, I know it wasn't because my sister and her son both experienced the same thing the elderly man did.

A few nights after the elderly man's daughter told him it was all in his mind, the lonely elderly man was sitting in his living room and once again the phone would start to ring on the hour, every hour. Finally, he could not take it anymore and he pulled a gun out and shot himself in the head. The neighbors heard a gun shot and called the police and an ambulance. The man wad dead when the police and ambulance arrived. 

As far as was it the elderly man's wife trying to call him from the other side... I do not know. I often wonder that if that were actually  the case, then why did a the sound of a phone continue to ring long after his death when my sister moved into the house? What I do know is that a sound of a phone ringing happened every night, every hour on the hour even though there was no phone in the house. My sister did indeed move out of that old house. Since then I believe the old house has been torn down along with a few other houses in that area, due to being old and abandon.

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  1. This is a cool story! But...if I'd been the husband, I would've hooked the phone back up and answered it. Just to ease my mind. Maybe his wife could have told him who did it.

  2. We have a phone line to our house that is used exclusively for faxes. Today it kept ringing but no faxes come in. I'm thinking nothing until a cell phone that we had disconnected several months ago and just charged on the weekend so the grandkids could play with it ( they like the sound of the buttons) rang twice four times each time and a real number shows up. When I call back the number it says it has been disconnected. When I did a reverse phone look up it is for a lady that it turns out died in March of this year....

  3. Yesterday afternoon...I was sitting at my computer and exactly at 2:30 my landline telephone rang..It rand about 3 times before I could answer it. I said hello no answer, I looked at the caller I.D. and it was my land line phone number..I quickly said hello 2 more times..then 2 clicks and it hung up...I am freaked it is the next day and I keep checking my phone and the caller I.D. number and I'm very nervous, anxious, and uneasy..I have had other encounters in the past few years, but this is unnerving..