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H3 Interstate, Oahu Hawaii from the road map site

The following article  was written by: Gabirel Del Aragon & Courtney Kunimura of SpookyKine Investigations. For more reading and Information on all things paranormal, Please visit we thank for allowing us to repost this paranormal experience.

LOCATION: Interstate H-3, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i
DATE: Unknown
I used to work as a parking attendant on the Leeward side of O‘ahu. Sometimes my shift would end late, between midnight and 1:30am. Though nothing unusual ever happened at work, I can’t say the same for my drive home. By the time I finished work, I was pretty beat, and to stay awake on my drive home, I tried different things to keep my mind alert and active. I would usually turn up the radio and sing wildly, not like there was anyone to hear me.

As I cruised towards the Windward side along the H-3 one early morning, I noticed that there were no other cars on the road. In the darkness, the outline of the mountains were barely visible. Feeling extra sleepy and perhaps even a little bit lonely, I turned on the radio and at that moment, Santeria started playing. The popular Sublime song was one of my all-time favorites. I cranked up the volume and sang along.  
“I don’t practice Santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball. . .”
I was getting more and more into the lyrics, and when I hit the chorus, I heard an extra pair of vocals coming from the back seat.  I stopped singing and listened carefully. Being familiar with the song, I wondered if this was a different version of Santeria, one I hadn’t heard before.  
No, it was the same song that usually played on the radio. But that voice. . .

I didn’t turn around because I knew there was no one else in the car. I just sat quietly waiting for the voice to start singing again. Nothing. Attributing it to fatigue after a long shift, I started singing again, “What I really want to know, my baby…”

To my surprise, the other voice chimed in again! This time, I decided to sing a bit longer, pretending I didn’t hear my unseen backup singer.
“What I really want to say, I can’t define...”
When I abruptly stopped, the voice continued on for another line all by itself before suddenly stopping, too. This time I was certain it hadn’t been my imagination, and someone was in the car with me. On the verge of panic, I pulled over to the shoulder and brought the car to a complete stop. Taking a deep breath, I turned on the cabin lights and quickly searched behind me. The seat was empty.

I turned off the radio, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any more unexpected singing and continued on my journey home. I didn’t need to sing to stay awake anymore, as the strange experience had provided an adrenaline rush throughout my body. I never heard the phantom backup singer again. I’m not sure how to explain the voice and where it came from. Perhaps, I don’t “really want to know” after all.

WRITTEN BY: Gabriel Del Aragon
and Courtney Kunimura
for Spooky Kine Investigations

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  1. My thoughts: this was a guardian angel sent to protect you from a wreck by scaring you awake. It has happened to me before.