Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When People are Haunted Instead of Objects

Illustration by PJ 2011: The St. Louis, Missouri Airport,
In a personal haunting it might follow you where ever you go.

Some months ago I was involved in an investigation at a building that had been reported to have paranormal activity going on. The team I had just joined had entered the building and after checking in with security, we went up stairs to begin our investigation. We were interviewing one of the employees about the reported activity that happens in the area after closing.

This employee was telling us all about the strange noises she heard and how things wold move from one spot to another and of hearing a voice. The lady also said there was activity at her house and she was thinking that maybe her house had a spirit in it also. She was a genuine as they come and we could tell almost right from the start that she did indeed experience activity. She then left for the night, out went the lights and the investigation was underway.

After spending over 4 hours at this location and, not getting any real creditable evidence, we wrapped up our investigation and we were out of there. While the director of our team was going over all the video and recordings and so on, there was really nothing that we could say was paranormal. 

Because this employee could describe her experiences so clearly and so definitive, we all came to the conclusion that it was indeed the employee herself that was haunted and not the building. In other words, we believe that this entity has attached itself to her or followed her around and caused the activity where it wanted to as long as its host was there. Some people are a lot more sensitive to the spirit world then others and we thought that we had come in contact with a person that was indeed sensitive enough to attract spirits to her. To us, it could have only been that she indeed had a spirt follow her around or it could have even been attached to her. That is the only explanation that we could come up with in this case.

There has been many other cases of an entity or spirit attaching itself or following its host around. Usually this type of haunting is not dangerous however, at times it can be.

For more reading and more information about haunted people, I would suggest the following book. Haunted People/Haunted Minds Written by: Bobbie Atristian It is a great book and well worth the read.

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