Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Cliff Where Babies Cry

Diamond Head as seen from Waikiki. Photo by PJ 2008

This happened to my friend Loa a few years ago over by the Diamond Crater on the Island of Oahu, Honolulu.

A long time ago, a few of my friends and I were drinking at a cliff near Diamond Head. We were sitting on the wall with our back facing the ocean. All of us were drinking and enjoying ourselves. As I was smoking a cigarette with my one friend, she finished her cigarette and flicked it off the cliff, but the cigarette came right back up and hit her in the head. We started laughing and didn't think anything of it. Then maybe 20 minutes later, she did the same thing and this time there was no wind. We were stumped because there was not any wind and what is the chance of that happening twice in a row. My friend and I started feeling a little scared so we told our friends to be quiet for a while. As we told them of what had just happened, we all listened and off in the distance we could hear the faint sound of babies crying. We got spooked out and decided to leave.

The next day, we told my friend's aunt of what had happened. She explained to us that back in the old Hawaiian days, Hawaiians would marry their family members to keep their bloodline strong. Unfortunately, the babies were sometimes born with birth defects and mental retardation. The Hawaiian people would throw these babies off that very cliff. She said that was probably what we heard and the cigarette was a sign for us to leave because the spirits of babies probably thought we were there to cause more harm to them. I feel positive that our spirits can stay earthbound for a good while after the death of our physical bodies, even more so the spirit of a newborn child that has not had the chance to experience life and to fill it's purpose  for being born and brought into this world.
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  1. Thats not it. The cliffs and rocky shore near Kahala is where petrels breed, they dig holes in the ground and their calls sound like crying infants. The Hawaiians did not throw babies off the cliff. They had a 50% infant mortality rate which pretty much took care of sick children...