Monday, October 10, 2011

My Daughter, A Paranormal Magnet

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this story is from Otterbeme

My daughter has been a magnet for all kinds of paranormal experiences through the years.  The first time I was aware of anything different about her was when she was in first grade.  We were living in a rural area around Cochran, Pennsylvania. There were very few houses around us, mostly fields.  Right after we moved into the trailer, I noticed that my collection of knick knacks kept being moved around the house during the night.

I would wake up and find them in different places through out the living room and dining area. I blamed my daughter and asked her not to play with them, some of them were antique and I didn't want them broken.  She denied moving them, but she was the only one in the trailer with me, except for my partner, and he worked nights.

This went on for a few months and I actually punished her for this, grounding her to her room for a few hours at a time.  She insisted that she hadn't moved them and there was someone in the house at night.  I thought she was making it up, or at least was not going to admit to moving them because she enjoyed playing with them and looking at them when I was with her.

One night I was coming out of the bathroom and started towards the kitchen area, it was raining and seemed much cooler in the hallway as I went towards her room.  As I went past her room, her door slammed shut.  I reached for it and tried to open it.  The door would not open, I became very frightened and called out to her to open the door.

She was crying and telling me she wasn't holding the door.  After a few seconds I was able to pull the door open and found her crying on the bed.  "I told you someone is here," she sobbed.  I looked around but couldn't see anyone and searched the trailer as well.

That night my daughter slept with me and when we woke up the knick knacks had been re-arranged again.  I asked her to tell me about what she saw at night, all she could say was she saw shadows but they were nice.  She thought the door got stuck because I wouldn't believe her about the knick knacks.  After that, I believed that she wasn't moving my things around.  We lived in the trailer for a few more months and I accepted that something was moving things around, but they didn't seem to be hostile, just mischievous.  Since then I've learned about poltergeists and figured that is what it was.

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  1. I can relate. I have lived in houses where things got moved, people heard footsteps, animals acted weird, most of my adult life. But often these houses had never had anything like that happen before I moved in. I've come to call myself a "catalyst medium". And before anyone can say I was imagining things, all the things I'm talking about but one were witnessed by OTHER PEOPLE. The footsteps, disembodied voices, someone walking out of a room and an object is in one place, but when they walk back into the empty room, that object is moved. I think some people just have an energy that allows weak spirits to draw off it and be stronger. Oh, and one thing I'd like to mention. One of the never before houses that I lived in? One day someone tried to rob the house. No one was home so they kicked in the door, but never took anything. A few days later they were caught and arrested doing the same thing at a neighbors. Boot prints on the door matched the boots of one of the guys. When asked about my house, he said that place was scary, they heard footsteps walking down the hall, past them, and going into the living room, but never saw anyone, so they turned and ran.

    1. One time while myself and an old girlfriend were just arriving home from an extended trip to find several of my friends gathered around my house, they were excited and nervous and said they were worried abt us as we had not responded to phone calls or repeated knocks at the door... And minutes before we had arrived some one had yelled very very loudly from inside the house... "To Wait!"... And it did not sound like either of us...And they were prepared to break in and search the house!...They were positive no one had left by any means... And after I secured a few eye's on the outside we searched thoroughly throughout the house ...all zipped up tight.... Nothing!.... Many strange stories abt that house.... Many.

  2. Talking to spirits as early as prayers were taught to me. I never experienced anything until age 14 all tho I felt energies as young as 9 years. I witnessed a magazine fly over my head I was alone at 12:30 PM .. I sat frightened in an adjoining room. since that day I have visions and I hear words some with out some with visions. I have had some evps sessions and paranormal photos so I do agree there is something out there ... Because of my interest in Paranormal I started a team then an internet radio show USA Paranormal Radio and was able to talk with everyone from the field from all over the world. I was very fortunate to have had such giving guests. Now I know that we are not alone like I thought as a child and life will continues after death ... just not as we know it or even learn I feel we get the truth the day we die. If we knew the answers then there would be no more questions. and humans like felines have to live threw there curiosity s and that creates adventures and journeys of spirituality... and life while here on this plain..